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Dave didn't know Amanda was a bit of an exhibitionist.
From the day that we met online, Dave and I hit it off. We talked often, and told each other a lot about ourselves and sex. He was older than me; married and lived in another state, the chance of us meeting seemed impossible, although we often talked about it. I didn’t think anything more about it, until to my surprise, he called me one afternoon. He had some business in a town near mine, and if I was free, would love to take me out to lunch, adding that he’d have me for dessert. Now how could I resist a temptation like that, I loved the idea of having sex with him.

I gave him my address, and cell phone number, so he could call if he had trouble making it. Then again, I doubted there would be that kind of mishap. After telling me what kind of car he drove and the color, he said he’d call when he got near my place.

I could hardly wait, it had been too damn long since I had felt the touch of a man. I made a face and exclaimed, “Oh hell let’s face it, I need to be fucked!”

I went to bed that night, masturbating with visions of what him and I would do the next day. Oh my God did I cum hard.

The day of our date, I showered, and picked out a sexy summer dress to wear. Applied the right amount of make-up to be alluring and perfumed all the right places. I then looked in the mirror whistled, “Damn girl you’re look sexy! Look out Dave, here I come.”

He picked me up promptly around 10am. When he knocked on the door, I nearly passed out from anticipation. When I opened it, Dave took me into his arms kissing me deep and hard, and already I was primed for fucking.
“Hungry Doll?”

“Yes I am.”

“Okay, just remember, I’m having you for dessert.”

I blushed, smirked, and answered, “That my dear can be arranged, with or without whipped cream.”

He escorted me to the car, being a perfect gentleman opening my door for me. As we drove off I instructed him to drive to a little out of the way café for lunch. It’s a place that offered privacy so we could talk about anything. We pulled into the parking lot, and he escorted me to the door, and a waiter led us to our seat.

We ordered something light and refreshing to drink, as we looked over the menus. The waiter returned and took our orders. It wasn’t long until we were talking like long lost friends. However, our conversation took an unexpected but delightful turn towards our sexual fantasies.

Dave looked around the room, then leaned over and asked. “Do you like to masturbate?”

My body responded before my lips did and I felt my nipples harden and my clit swell with arousal. Thinking back, I could remember the age when I discovered that touching certain areas of my body made me feel good. Many a night, I spent, fingering my nipples and cunt, until I quivered with excitement.

I blushed, giggled, and confessed, “Why yes, doesn’t everybody?”

Before he could respond I flashed him a sultry look and asked, “Do you like to masturbate?”

He blushes and replied, “Yes, especially when I am talking to friends like you online. You are one sexy hot redhead and you make my blood boil. I just had to have you.”

I shifted in my chair feeling the wetness accumulate on my panties, and asked, “Dave, when did you have your first sexual experience with a woman?”

I could tell by his reaction, that he was hesitant in telling me when. I took a hold of his arm and looked him straight in the eyes. “Baby, nothing you say will alarm me, because I have a varied sexual appetite that includes some taboo subjects.

Dave’s, eyes came alive with excitement and he replied, “Oh really? God that is so hot." He paused to watch my reaction. "Then you won’t be surprised that my first experience was incestuous in nature and happened when I was twenty-two.”

My body trembled and I admitted, “Oh my God, I would love to hear about that.”

Dave lowered his head, shifted in his chair and answered, “Maybe some other time, doll. Right now, my dick is too hard for me to think straight.”

I grabbed his arm, smiled, and calmly answered. “Sure, honey, why don’t you send me an email about it?”

He kissed my cheek, put his arm around me, and admitted, “That’s a great idea. I can turn you on when you cannot sleep, and you’re hot and horny.”

I winked and cooed, “Looks like someone is reading my mind.”

He laughed, “Well baby, great minds do think alike.”

I took a sip of my cola and squirmed in my seat, and noticed Dave watching me closely.

He flashed me a devilish grin and suggested, “Looks like I am not the only one horny as hell. Let’s get out of here.”

I nodded my head in agreement and the two of us stood up and walked out of the restaurant, making sure my body concealed Dave’s hard on.

He escorted me to his vehicle; the smell of his cologne was enough to make me weak in the knees and get my motor revved up more. When he reached to open my car door, I leaned into him and kissed his cheek.

Dave got into the driver’s side, and I slid over to sit next to him. He looked around, and then kissed me passionately as his fingers ran across the swell of my breast.

I had no idea what was about to happen until he leaned over and suggested, "Let's go for a drive in the country."

I grabbed Dave’s hand and placed it in up under my dress until his fingers touched my drenched panties.

His face lit up with excitement and he said, “Damn, you’re so wet. Keep that thought in mind, I spotted a secluded area near here yesterday, a perfect place where we can go and have some fun."

Dave placed both hands on the wheel and drove out of the city. I lay my head on his shoulder and soon I noticed we were turning off the main road, going down a dusty, country-road.

Once I saw we were off the main road, and driving toward a wooded area, I put my seductive plan into action. I watched him closely as I began unbuttoning my dress. I moved cautiously and slowly as I wanted to surprise him. I’d gotten down to the point he could see my bra and panties, by the time he glanced my way.

Dave almost drove off the road and exclaimed, “Hot-damn! Woman, I never knew you had an exhibitionist side.”

I smiled seductively and replied, “Like what you see baby?”

He nodded his head, and gently moved his right hand up my left leg. Slowly kneading my skin with a touch as light as a feather, closer to my hot cunt with each passing second. My hand instinctively went to his hard cock tenting his jeans. Just as his hand reached my soaking pussy, I quivered with an approaching orgasm.

Then to my frustration he removed his hand quickly and ordered. “I don’t care who is looking baby, I want you to take everything off, right now.”

By that point, I was so damn horny, I complied with his request without hesitation. He slowed the car down to watch and soon there I was sitting there naked, with my hardened nipples in view of anyone who drove past us.

Dave licked his lips hungrily and said, “Masturbate for me baby.”

With one hand I caressed a hard nipple as my other one, slipped between the folds of my steamy cunt.

I watched his reaction as my touch turned me on. I quivered and squealed, “Oh fuck, I just love playing with my hot naked body! My cunt is so wet!”

Before I knew it Dave shouted, “I want you to cum for me baby!”

I closed my eyes, rubbed my clit ferociously, and pinched my hardened nipple. I gasped. “Oh God, I am cumming!”

In all the commotion, I had no idea that Dave had pulled off the dirt road onto a barely used pathway. That was until the car stopped and he opened his car door.

I knew Dave had been waiting a long time to have hot wild sex like this. It was time for both of us to experience what he had been missing.

Dave ordered me to get out of the car and to come around to the driver’s side. Once there, I saw him pull off his shirt and jeans, and I gasped, because he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

When he was completely naked, he pulled me close, kissed me hard, as our tongues did the dance of lovers.

With a devilish smirk on his face Dave commanded, “Give me a blow job!”

I knelt on the grass before him without hesitation. I put my mouth down around the head of his cock, gently, swirling my tongue around. I then began licking the whole length of the shaft as if it were and all day sucker. When I engulfed his cock, and began swirling my tongue around it, Dave moaned with pleasure.

He started thrusting his hips up to meet my lips, fucking my face, and I knew that he would cum soon.

Dave ran his fingers through my hair. All of a sudden, he grabbed my head, holding it against his pubic hair as his cum exploded down my throat.

Afterwards I stood up and licked my lips. “You taste so fucking good baby!”

Dave told me to move so he could get out of the car. He stood up, pulled me close, and kissed me deeply.

“Thanks baby, you know just what I need!”

Next thing I did was lay down on the seat and purr, “It’s your turn.”

Instead of taking care of me, he told me to get dressed. I was a bit surprised, but did as he said. Dave smiled at me with a devilish smile, probably thinking about what he had in mind. There was just something incredible between us………it was electrified.

I didn't know what he had in mind, but I didn't care. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and was having a time of my life.

He glanced over and saw that lustful look in my eyes, and said, “What?”

I smiled at him, leaned over, and started to rub his cock through his jeans.

“I love doing this,” I whispered in a sexy voice.

His cock got immediately rigid, even though he’d just shot a load down my throat when we were parked on the dirt road. By that time, we’d pulled out onto the busy Interstate.

“Ooh, that big-boy’s awfully hard,” I purred, as I pulled down the zipper.

Lust was written all over my face as I freed his member. I studied it for a moment, jacking it slowly with my hand, squeezing a drop of pre-cum out the end.

Then lowered my face and licked it off, while he drove down the middle of the Interstate. Dave had to concentrate on driving, and my oral attention was making it difficult to do.

He glanced across at my legs sticking out from under my dress, desperately wanting to feel the wetness with his fingers. While I sucked him in earnest, he reached over and pulled up my dress so he could slip his hand between my legs. When his fingers found my sex, I was dripping wet.

All of a sudden, he ordered, “Take off your dress!”

I was so hot by now I could care less about modesty. I didn’t even release his cock from my mouth, as I slid my panties off, and kicked them onto the floorboard of the car. I then reluctantly let go of his cock so I could pull my dress over my head, and then tossed it on the floor as well. Momentarily, my bra joined the rest of the clothes, leaving me naked in the broad daylight as we headed down the Interstate.
I spread my legs, so he could finger me without any encumbrance. I immediately engulfed his cock again.

Dave looked over at my drenched cunt, and he shivered with desire. He then reached over and began finger-fucking me, the harder he did that, the deeper I sucked him.

I noticed that Dave was aroused and that he wasn’t paying close attention to the road. He’s able to keep the car on the road, but I bet he wasn’t thinking about what others might see as we passed by them. The harder I sucked him, the faster he drove. It’s a wonder he didn’t get stopped for speeding.

When he passed an eighteen-wheeler, I bet he never thought about the fact that the driver would have a great view of my naked body. When he pulled up alongside the cab of the truck, the driver quickly let Dave know he approved of the show, by honking his horn and speeding up, so he could stay along side of us.

That got my attention, but instead of letting it bother me, it only made me hotter. I waved my naked ass at the trucker while I concentrated on sucking Dave’s cock. He stopped me from sucking his cock and started to speed up to get past the big-rig.

I stopped him and cried out, “I want him to watch me!”

Still frantic with desire, I rolled over on my back in the seat and reclined so the trucker could watch Dave finger me. I spread my legs lewdly so he could see everything, and fucked Dave’s fingers, lifting myself up off of the seat. Dave was unable to see the guy’s face, but I sure could. I watched him until I quivered and exploded around Dave’s thrusting fingers. At that moment, I bet that he never realized how much a little exhibitionism turned me on.

As soon as I came, my attitude changed, I sat up and covered myself with my dress, telling Dave to hit the gas. I put my panties and bra in my purse and helped him stuff his manhood back into his pants.

Dave pulled away from the trucker and he honked his horn one last time. I bet he wondered how long it will take the guy to get his cock out of his pants, after the show we gave him.

It wasn’t long until Dave pulled up in front of my house. He once again pulled me close and kissed.

“Wow doll, I didn’t know you were such a hot number. I love it! Damn why can’t you live close to me, we’d be fucking like rabbits every time I could get away.”

“If you think that was hot baby, wait until we get into the house.”

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I do not need to tell details IT A TRUE STORY..........duh KG

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