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This is a story that exist in a universe where slavery was not abolished and blacks are still property; it takes place in modern times. If this offends or use of the N word offends you then do not read this story.
"Fucking nigger whore!", Tommy shouted as he came inside his slave. It was bent over the the couch dressed in it's maid's uniform as Tommy filled it's ass with his cum. Tommy withdrew walking around the couch and shoved his cock into it's mouth. Once he was clean he wiped himself himself in it's hair, pulled up his pants and told it to get back to work leaving for work. Sobbing it pulled up it's panties and went back to dusting the living room.

It had been 6 months since that day Tommy had walked in on Cynthia using his slave. He had fun punishing her for not asking permission first. Afterwards a relationship developed and eventually Cynthia moved in. They were madly in love and shared an appetite for dominating slave girls. As a doctor Cynthia was able to treat it's wounds and even managed to fake a medical need to give it a hysterectomy. Now there was no danger in impregnating it and if it tried to tell anyone how it was being treated it would be this things word against two highly respected white people.

Today was a special day, today was the day Tommy and her were going to take possession of a second slave! An old family friend found himself in a bind with too many mouths to feed so she had offered to take one of the young children off his hands. The best part is Tommy didn't know yet. He didn't get back from work for four hours when the van pulled up. Cynthia waited at the door as it made it's way up the walk and stood in front of her new mistress. After signing the paperwork Cynthia ushered it inside. It was 8 years old with skin as dark as night. It stood just 3 1/2 feet tall and weighed around 57 pounds. It's hair was a shoulder length curly mess and it had a cute little bubble butt. Cynthia sat on the sofa and ordered it to stand in front of her and remove it's dress. It shivered as it stood there in nothing but panties. When it was ordered to remove it's panties it looked questioningly at Cynthia who just slapped her hard across the face. "Take of your panties you worthless bitch". Sobbing and shaking it did what it was told. Cynthia found herself angry at this thing. How dare it question her. She quickly went through the house rules making sure it understood and then announced punishment for disobeying.She grabbed the tiny thing by it's nappy hair and threw it over the couch. She began assaulting the tiny things ass with blow after after blow. it screamed but that was OK because they had long ago outfitted the house with sound proofing. Out of the corner of her eye Cynthia saw the other slave watching. Cynthia stopped and stared at the older thing peering from behind a corner, it tried to leave but Cynthia ordered it to stop. She ordered the little one to stay put and went to speak to other slave. She grabbed it by it's hair and dragged it to the back bedroom. Cynthia had a devious idea and after explaining to it what she wanted it broke out into tears. Cynthia slapped it so hard it was knocked to the ground yelling for it to get up she kicked it a few times until it began to get up. Cynthia ordered it to strip and sent it to complete it's task.

Trepidatiously it walked into the living room and stood there looking at the tiny body draped on the couch. It just stood there until it felt a push from behind, "Go on!" It walked up behind the tiny thing and bent down. The small thing winced and that is when the older thing realized the head of the 10 inch strap on dildo her mistress had ordered her to put on was already nudging at the entrance of the tiny virgin hole. 'Do it!", Cynthia ordered. In one quick thrust the older slave shoved the massive faux cock into the tiny slave. As ordered it grabbed the tiny things hips and kept pumping even as it screamed and thrashed. Blood ran freely down the little things legs and stained the carpet. No doubt she would get punished for that later. She looked toward her mistress to find her nude and lying on the love seat masturbating furiously to the scene before her. When the little thing passed out the older one stopped. It hesitated to do what was ordered in this situation but when it's head was kicked by it's mistress it found there was no choice. It withdrew the strap on from the little ones tiny vagina only to shove it hard into into the even tinier puckered asshole. It screamed louder than anyone Cynthia had ever heard scream and she came instantly upon hearing the first scream. It was awake now and Cynthia positioned herself on the couch in front of the 8 year old slave's mouth. She screamed over it to lick but it didn't open it's mouth when placed at Cynthia's pussy. Cynthia slapped it several times until it stopped resisting and stuck out it's tongue. Cynthia grabbed it's head and moved it's tongue over her dripping pussy. She looked down at it and laughed at it's tear streaked face as it licked her pussy. After Cynthia had cum a few times she ordered the older slave to stop and carried the little one in tot he bath where she cleaned it and treated it. She dressed it in some special clothes and placed it on the bed in the bedroom to await Tommy. This was going to be a good night.

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2013-01-20 00:38:46
this story sucks dude...

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2011-07-13 00:04:04
way way way way too short

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