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Second to last part. Enjoy and comment!
My Uncle’s New Wife; Part 5 Call Me Jill

“I think that’s a great idea Mrs. Johnson” I told her….. right before she kissed me.

Her lips were soft against mine as her body pressed to my chest. When my lips parted, her agile tongue found its way into my mouth where it hungrily explored its way until it encountered my tongue, which had darted up to meet it. The two entwined and wrestled with no victor but instead ending in a happy draw. Her fingers ran through my hair as we kissed and I could feel the rapid beating of her heart against me as I held her close.

We continued to kiss and I could feel the increased urgency in her actions. Mrs. Johnson sucked hard on my tongue now while her slim hand caressed my cheek. Her body was constantly shifting on my lap as well, with her round ass subtly rubbing against me in a circular movement stimulating my erection even further.

One of my hands pressed firmly against the small of her back holding her body close to mine while the other ran along the satiny skin of her leg. It continued upwards until it ran beneath the material of her dress where it then reached the barrier of her panties. I brought my other hand there as well and seized the material with both hands and ripped it apart at the leg.

Her gasp was audible even thru our kiss which she now ended. Reaching down she lifted my shirt up and I raised my arms so that she could remove it from my body. My hands immediately returned and pulled her dress up. They then ripped the other leg hole and I pulled her torn panties from her tossing them aside so that her bare, wet pussy made contact with my pants.

“Unbutton your dress before I rip it off you” I practically growled at her.

Mrs. Johnson’s slim fingers trembled as she unbuttoned the front of her dress revealing her fair skin down to her cleavage. A surprisingly sexy black brassiere cherished while uplifting her full bosom. I pulled the sleeveless dress from her shoulders and tore at the closure of her bra, releasing it.

Without thinking my hands moved up cupping each breast making Mrs. Johnson shudder. My mouth closed on her left nipple as my tongue flicked against it back and forth repeatedly driving her crazy. Mrs. Johnson pushed her breast forward while gyrating her bare flesh on me in a show of lust. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and nipped her lightly. Her body recoiled from mine and she backed off of me.

“Stop torturing me Jim. I can’t take any more of it. Get those fucking pants off.”

To tell the truth I was shocked by her cursing and she seemed mortified as well but her hands continued tugging at my pants. I assisted her in unfastening and pushing them down my legs freeing my rock hard dick which sprang up as soon as it was freed. She had gotten what she wanted but seemed frozen on seeing it. My hand went to her head and I pushed her toward my erection.

“There it is Mrs. Johnson why don’t you suck it and get it nice and wet. Then you can sit on it. Isn’t that what you want to do?”

“Oh it’s so big Jim. Mr. Johnson’s wasn’t nearly so large. I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Sure you can Mrs. Johnson. That’s why you get it nice and wet first. Trust me on this Mrs. Johnson.”

“I trust you Jim, well I guess you should call me Jill if we’re going to go through with this.”

“Jill’s a lovely name” I said as I guided her head down to my waiting prick.

The touch of her white hand on the hot flesh of my cock set my nerves aflame. The fire was far from quenched when her mouth swallowed the engorged head. Her hand worked the shaft up and down as her mouth stretched around my thick root. Jill managed to work a little more into her mouth as I leaned forward. As she stood bent over in the minivan with her mouth attached to me I reached between her legs and rubbed the side of my finger to her pussy.

Jill’s legs spread wider as I probed her wet pussy. My finger slid between the lips outside her hole as my thumb rubbed her button in a slow motion. She tried to take me deeper but misjudged things and when my head hit her throat entrance Jill gagged a little. She pulled back, her head leaving a stream of saliva on my skin which I encouraged her to rub into my flesh.

As both Jill’s hands stroked me now I slid my finger between her lips and inside her core. Her body responded by moving forward until her head was resting against my chest although her hands continued to slowly pump me. When I increased the tempo of my finger and thumb she started moaning uncontrollably. Forcing a second finger inside her proved too much for her overwrought sexual nerves. Both her pussy and legs clamped on my hand imprisoning it as it was bathed in her liquid love.

She had a death grip on me now but Jill managed to bring her lips to mine. When we kissed she trembled from the intensity of her passion. Removing my fingers from her wet womanhood I assisted Jill to my lap where she put her arms around my neck. Taking my shaft I rubbed it against her sopping pussy smearing her juices on my head until it was coated.

“Guide it in you Jill. Take my big dick into your little tight pussy.”

She hadn’t expected my dirty talk and paused until a light slap on her ass galvanized her into action. Jill gripped me with one hand and settled herself onto me, pressing the slick tip between her petals. I grabbed both her hips and raised my pelvis a couple of inches spreading her open as more of my manhood slipped inside her. She was moaning louder as I began to thrust the first few inches of my cock in and out of her long neglected wetness.

“Jim oh my goodness, it is so large, I can feel it stretching my little hole wide.”

She buried her face on my chest as she slid further down my pole taking me deeper into her pink. We would pause as Jill would adjust for a minute, then we would start moving again with me thrusting from underneath as she hunched up and down on my cock. She was easily the tightest woman I had experienced in my week of unbridled hedonism and I had to fight to prevent my cumming. I squeezed my shaft at the base as hard as I could plus I stopped all my movement and it managed to avert my orgasm.

However Jill continued and even increased her tempo as she began to bounce up and down on me like a pogo stick. Her eyes were tightly shut and her breathing ragged when I managed to attach my lips to her bouncing breast and suck it. Jill threw her head back and arched her back as her body stiffened. Her internal muscles milked me then, coaxing a mighty orgasm from me. My cock swelled right before the first shot erupted deep into her. My hands pushed her hips closer to me as I continued spurting in her wet canal.

The next thing I knew we were passionately kissing, my hand in her hair and our sweaty bodies pressed together. Her full breasts flattened against my chest and I felt her little heart beat like a jackhammer inside her ribcage. Our kisses became slower and sweeter now in the afterglow of our passion but she partially reignited mine by shaking her moneymaker while I was still buried in her.

“Mrs. Johnson, I mean Jill” I said.

“What is it baby?” she purred with her green cat’s eyes looking at me.

“I’m having a great time but isn’t it kind of dangerous, I mean we could be discovered at any time by someone.”

My words seemed to awaken her sense of propriety as she realized the precarious location we were in. A delivery truck or a supermarket worker might have come upon us lost in our passion. Kissing me a final time Jill pulled her dress up and slipped her arms into the short sleeves. She gasped when she rose from me as my prick slipped from her and our combined fluids began to leak from her now empty hole. Opening the glove compartment Jill removed some wipes with which she dabbed at her tender pussy stemming the flow.

When she wiped down my sensitive cock I shook from the sensation. Jill smiled at my reaction as she sat in her chair and turned the ignition. The engine turned as the minivan purred to life. Fastening her seatbelt she then turned my way.

“Jim pull on your pants and buckle up” she said slipping back into Mom mode.

“Your wish is my command” I answered while complying. “What I was going to suggest was that since my parents are out of town and the house is empty that perhaps you might be interested in coming over, that is if you’re interested.”

My hand reached out and touched the bare skin of Jill’s upper arm when I said this. I felt her tremble and saw the goosebumps form on her flesh.

“You mean so that we can…. again? Are you up to it?” she began to say until she saw the tent in my pants.
“You want to again Jim?”

“As many times as you’ll let me Jill” I told her while raising an eyebrow.

She giggled nervously as she hit the gas and started to drive. “What’s the address Jim?”

“321 Sycamore Avenue” I replied as I watched the houses pass by. Most were dark though lights twinkled in some scattered windows. My block was quiet when we arrived and Jill parked in front. I had already texted my Uncle to tell him I wouldn’t be going to his place that night. Silently we headed up the walk to the porch. She had an expression of nervous anticipation on her face as I unlocked the front door.

As soon as the door closed Jill was all over me again, kissing me and wrapping her arms about my back. I swatted her ass then pushed her back a step. Her eyes met mine and I saw confusion in them making me smile.

“Sweet Jill” I said as I walked into the living room “come with me.”

She followed me, her face unsure of what I had planned. When we reached in front of the couch I stopped and she followed my lead. Unbuttoning her dress I then slid it off her. When it pooled on the floor Jill gracefully stepped out of it and I forgot to breathe for a minute as I beheld her figure. She reached up and gently touched her breasts with her fingertips and gave me a sultry glance. I practically tore my clothing off in a frenzy.

“Do you like what you see Jim? You know that it’s all for you.”

Jill tweaked a pink nipple with her thumb and forefinger driving me mad with lust. My hands circled her waist as my mouth again found her pink nipple. I alternated licking and biting it until Jill went weak in her knees. My arms held her as I guided her to the couch where I laid her down on her back. Kneeling on the floor next to her my mouth continued kissing and sucking at her pale bosom as my hand stroked the soft skin of her belly and flanks. My lips traced down her soft stomach to the v of her delta.

Positioning myself so that I was between her legs I arranged one so that it was resting on the top of the couch and the other was on my shoulder. For the first time I gazed upon Jill’s glorious womanhood and I was entranced. Her pubic hair was a pale, golden shade and grew lightly around her womanly treasure. Her pink lips were narrow and glistened from the juices that she had produced and I had deposited in her.

Being a little squeamish about eating my cum I gingerly licked at the outside of her lips. Since discovering the joy of sex one of my favorite things to do was eat pussy but I decided tonight I would hold back a little. My tongue found her clit and it circled outside it lightly a few times before I sucked it between my lips. Jill arched her back and pulled my hair in response telling me she liked it. A moan escaped her mouth as I slid two fingers into her wet hole and began to explore for her g-spot.

She gasped when I found it and I wasted no time in curling my fingers and beginning to coax an orgasm from her. It took a couple of minutes of fingering and licking until I felt her body tense. My eyes looked up and I saw a rosy hue come over her face and chest and all of a sudden Jill’s body was bucking and a copious amount of clear fluid squirted onto my hand. All through her orgasm I continued to work her over, pushing her past her comfort zone and into sexual nirvana.

“Oh stop it Jim, I can’t take any more” Jill said while violently pushing me away from her sweetest treasure.

Reluctantly I backed off as her body started to come down from its high. My hand stroked my cock a few times ensuring it was rock hard. Then my body sprang into action. Her legs were already spread wide for me. Holding her right leg with my left arm I swiftly placed my body on the edge of the couch and drove my prick into her waiting pussy. It sank halfway in with a wet sucking sound as her pinkness opened and swallowed it greedily.

Jill’s eyes rolled back and she bit her lip as my unexpected penetration sent her over the edge again. I waited as she trembled like a leaf beneath me and when her climax subsided I started to slowly work deeper. Jill’s hands grabbed my ass and she encouraged me on.

“That’s it baby, give it to me good. Fill me good Jim, it’s been so long baby. Come on give it to Momma.”

Resting my arms on the couch I began to slide it as deep as she could take it. Though she was tight and her walls squeezed at my shaft, Jill could actually take me pretty deep.Sliding long, deep strokes we built up a slow rhythm that increased the longer we went at it. We were bathed in sweat as our bodies continued their coupling. I managed to push her legs to her chest and onto my shoulders as I now slid deep and fast into Jill.

“Yes, yes baby that’s it, give it to Momma good, baby. Oh it’s so big in me. Are you going to give me what I need baby, what Momma needs? Fill Momma with your baby making sperm honey.”

Her hands pulled on my ass hard now keeping me buried inside her. Jill craned her neck upwards and bit my neck in her passion. The combination proved too much for me as I erupted inside Jill’s pussy. The intensity of this orgasm blew me away. It felt like my balls emptied inside this milf until there was nothing left in me. Feeling totally spent I sank down and rested on top of Jill as she stroked my hair and soothingly whispered in my ear.

“Good boy Jim, you made Momma feel so good. You filled me up with all your little swimming sperm, didn’t you baby.”

I felt her lips kiss my head as she continued to stroke my hair. Why was she talking about my sperm like that I wondered? It made me realize that I had been firing off a lot of rounds with no thought of what they might do. Jill was the fourth woman I had cum in the past week without protection and she seemed to desire a result that could mean trouble for me. Did she really want my baby and didn’t she realize I was only seventeen with still a year of high school to go?

The best thing to do was ask her what was up. With a groan I managed to disengage myself from her body and sat next to her on the couch. Jill pulled herself up and rested her head on my shoulder. She took my softening cock in her hand and gently squeezed it. Just before I spoke the chime of the doorbell sounded in the house. It came so unexpectedly to me that I practically jumped from shock. We looked at each other wondering who it was when the chime sounded again followed by an insistent knocking on the door.

“Hello Jim, Mom are you guys in there? Hello it’s Stacy. Mom the lights are on and your minivan is here. Please answer the door. Hello?”

We started to scramble grabbing at our clothes in a frenzy when my cell phone went off as well.

End of Part 5. Sixth and final part to follow.

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This guy experienced all in a week!!

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This is way better than a brick & mortar esatlbismhnet.

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2013-04-24 17:24:23
holy crap man! this guy gets a lot of action!

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I often get up at 4 AM for long runs this year. Last summer I have to get up at 3 AM most long run days, so I ceplmetoly understand that feeling of things being unappetizing so early.I haven't eaten nut butters too much before long runs, and after reading your experiences maybe I don't want to because I love them too much. Don't want them to become a "negative"!Thanks for sharing your experiences (or re-sharing) for TiaRT!

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