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I tried to visit my sister Tina at least two or three times a year. Whenever I visited her
and Greg, she and I would find a time and place to make love just like old times. Even after two kids she still had a great body with firm tits and her pussy considering Greg's size was still firm. On one of my visits Greg had broken his leg skiing and was laid up in Bed. Tina was sleeping on the couch because of Greg’s leg. That night Tina crept into my bedroom and we made love. After fucking for about twenty minuets Tina whispered she wanted me in her ass. She said she hadn’t had any there in over a year. I smiled and ran my tongue into her hungry mouth and we french kissed as I took my cock and inserted it into her annual cavity. I new she had pre-oiled herself because of the easy way it slipped in. I fucked that wonderful ass for about two hours coming twice, and Tina bless her, came so many times that when she got up to go back to bed her legs collapsed and she had to take a minuet before she could walk. Greg never suspected that Tina and I were still fucking each other occasionally, and Becky never new about Tina or Mom.
Becky’s Mom got remarried and moved to Venice California. I did fuck her Mom
twice after college. Once when I went home for a short time when Dad had his first
stroke. I went over to say hello and tell her how Tina was. She came to the door in just her robe. She said she had just gotten out of the shower. We sat down to talk and she let her robe slip open exposing those big tits a little. She offered me a drink and we sat there talking. After the third drink she opened her legs some and I could see her hairy pussy. My cock got a little hard but I remembered what Becky said. Jerry got up and put on a
record and said come dance with me. We began to dance and the robe came apart and my cock got hard as she rubbed up against it. She then reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and knelt down and put it in her mouth and began to suck. It felt real good. I said what the hell who will know. We went into the bedroom and I
remembered to close the shades this time. I began kissing her mouth first running my
tongue over her lips and inside her mouth. I had never kissed her before. I would always
just fuck her. She really responded by running her tongue back into my mouth in a french
kiss. I kissed her on the eyes and neck and I began kissing those huge tits all over, sucking her nipples. Jerry was breathing hard when I ran my tongue down her belly to her waiting pussy. I started licking the lips around her pussy. She was really breathing hard now and her stomach began to convulse. I let my tongue filter over her clitoris that reacted like a miniature penis and her ass jumped. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into that wet hairy cunt and moved it in and out. She came immediately. I then moved back to her clitoris and began to gently suck on it. She had a big clitoris almost an inch long. As I sucked on it her stomach and abdomen began convulsing rapidly. She was moaning and groaning as I changed back and forth, first sucking on her clit and then running my tongue in at out of her wet throbbing cunt. I put two fingers into her ass. She was moaning “fuck me Jason fuck me.” I raised her up and inserted my cock into her. She shoved her body up to meet me. I fucked her nice and slow and she was tossing all over the place. I could feel her cum time and time again and I began to fuck her harder and faster and she raised her body up to meet me each time I shoved it deep inside. I raised her legs and spread them wide as I began to thrust in and out. I could feel her uterus when I hit a special area. I placed the end of my cock into that uterus and pushed. I could feel it stretch and I enter into it about a half inch. I held my cock there at the entrance and continued to gently push into it. At first she pushed me away because it was hurting, but I persisted and kept pushing and then the uterus began to stretch some more and I went in another quarter inch. She let out a half scream half moan and yelled oh God. I slowly pushed down and my cock went in another quarter inch. She started coming again, one after the other as I gently pushed the head of my cock in a rocking motion so it felt like it was moving in and out without coming completely out of the uterus. I didn't want to lose the effect I was having on her. Her pussy was gushing from inside her. I stopped pushing and just held my cock in that position. Suddenly her uterus seemed to relax and my cock went in another half inch. I began again to move in and out of the uterus and I thought she was going to pass out on me. She was wiggling her ass and trying to lift her cunt higher toward my cock, but with her legs stretched out above her head she couldn't move, and she just kept saying “Oh my God” over and over. I kept it up for about twenty minuets and then I came straight into that uterus with a full load of sperm. Jerry start coming again and she couldn't stop until she let out a big moan and partially fainted. We laid there for quite a while with my cock still in her. She sat up and said I thought I had felt every possible sensation after you fucked me so hard in the ass. But there was never anything close to the sensations you just brought out of me tonight. She leaned over and kissed me with her tongue hard. We had a bite to eat and I called Becky and told her I would be home in a couple of days. I told her I stopped by and said hello to her Mom. I said she looked good and seemed happy. Jerry was grinning from ear to ear when I hung up. We both laughed and had a glass of wine. Jerry said now it’s my turn. She pushed me back onto the bed and took my cock and put it into her mouth. She began to suck on it and gently moved my cock in and out of her mouth running her tongue along the tip. After about four minuets she positioned her shoulders directly over my cock and began to shove my cock deep into her mouth. With each downward motion she would shove another inch or two into her throat. When she moved my cock out of her throat she would take a breath and then shove it back deeper into her throat until she had my entire cock in her mouth right up to my balls. No one had come close to doing that since my Mom did it when I was a young boy. What a sensation as she moved my cock in and out of her throat I couldn't control myself and let a stream of cum shoot down her throat. It was a good thing I had already cum once or I might have choked her. She moved my cock out of her throat and swallowed a couple of times to get the cum into her belly. She kept kissing and licking my cock and after the tenderness went away she shoved my cock back into her throat and took all seven plus inches. She was moving my cock in and out of her throat at the same time she was sucking on it too. It took hardly any time and I came again, shooting small amounts of cum down her throat. Afterwards I asked her where she learned to do that. Practice she said, and smiled. Later she said she had seen a porno movie called Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace and it fascinated her. She said she bought a rubber eight-inch dildo and would practice on it. She said she almost choked to death a couple of times before she mastered the technique. What she didn’t tell me but I found out later was that she had been a porno queen when she was young. One of the best they said. A friend of hers that I met years later, showed me one of her old films, it was torrid. I then realized why she was such a fantastic fuck. We rested for about an hour when Jerry said fuck me like you did that first night. I said OK but promise not to shit on me like you did then. She laughed and said I promise. I lifted her legs and spread them like before, shoving my cock deep into her anal cavity. I pulled out to the tip and again plunged downward as hard as I could. She grunted and let out a moan because I think it hurt a little bit. I kept going shoving my cock as deep and as hard as I could. Faster and faster I went driving my cock into her. She began to cum and I could see some of her cum ooze out of her pussy. I fucked her for about thirty-five minuets until my legs started getting shaky so I faked an orgasm and slowed down running my cock in and out of her ass for about a minuet and then pulled out. I got up and we went into the shower. I told Jerry that Becky must never find out about this, and Jerry promised she would never tell her. I said this may be the last time? She said, if it is she would remember it until the day she died; and said fuck me again here in the shower, laughing, one for the road you might say. We fucked like there was no tomorrow. She thanked me for a wonderful time and for treating her like I cared instead of a peace of meat. I said it was a wonderful experience for me too. Then I went home to Moms place. I was dead tired and fell asleep immediately.

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Wham bam thank you, maÂ’am, my qesutions are answered!


2008-04-13 00:06:19
Continue fucking Jerry, get her pregnant. I fucked my mom for over 12 years and gave her 4 children. This was the best fucking I've ever had.


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no comment hmm leme write some pretty good ok i guess

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