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This is a fantasy of ours. I hope you like it.
The New Hole

I have always considered myself a straight guy and am very attracted to girls and women of all ages. I am married to a sexy attractive woman and we are both 30. We have very similar likes and dislikes when it comes to sex and are both turned on by the same things almost all the time. My wife is a little over 5 feet tall and has a curvy build with huge tits and a nice round ass.
We were surfing for porn on the internet one night and were getting bored by the same old stuff we always watched, so we decided to click a tab on the website labeled “categories”. It had a lot of things that we both find interesting like pregnant, shemales, teens, small tits, and so on. We came across one that said “gloryhole” and we haven’t really seen much of that type of stuff so we decided to click on it and see what it was all about. Just clicking on the first link gave us a great idea of what it meant. A very attractive, but amateur looking girl came into a porn video viewing booth that had a hole on one side of it about waist high. She put some money in the machine and selected a porn to watch, then she peeked through the hole beside her. When she bent over you could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her short denim skirt. She was totally shaved and already visibly wet. Although noticeably nervous, she reached her hand through the hole a little bit as she knelt down beside it. As she pulled her hand back through the hole a nice sized cock came along with it. She started rubbing the cock with her hand and whispered something to the camera operator that we couldn’t make out, but she was smiling, so I think she liked it. My wife, Rebecca, was starting to moan as I heard her vibrator turn on. I didn’t say anything to her, but I could feel my cock getting harder as I slowly started stroking it. The girl in the movie took her hands off the mostly hard dick to remove her shirt and bra revealing sweet little, perky tits with slightly puffy nipples and a soft belly. She then went back to the dick slowly putting it in her mouth while stroking it with one hand. Again, you could tell she was happy, yet really nervous to be doing it. As the guys cock started to get even harder the girl reached down with her free hand and lifted her skirt and started aggressively rubbing her bald pussy.

It was getting me so hard thinking about being in this type of situation myself, not being able to see what’s going on behind the wall, or knowing who or how many people were on the other side. I asked Rebecca if she liked what we were watching and she moaned “Yes, I wouldn’t mind being that girl in the video right now either”. This shocked me because she is normally fairly reserved even though she is into pretty kinky things. I just replied “Oh yeah, would you like to be there by yourself acting like a slut or would you like me to be there to watch?” She said “If you want to watch you can, but either way I would love to be a slut with a total stranger like that!” We both continued to watch the movie and saw the girl take a huge load in the face after a few minutes of giving the guy a great blowjob. What happened just before I clicked off the movie to go to another one surprised the hell out of me. The girl started making out with the camera man, still having the cum load on her face. You could clearly hear the camera man tell her “Share that hot cum with your husband you kinky little slut!” Then they both started moaning as they furiously kissed and the husband licked it off her lips and cheeks. Rebecca and I instantly started to cum at the same time. I shot cum all over my stomach and I could see her back arching as she pushed her pussy into the vibrator as hard as she could and moaned out “I’m fuckin’ cumming!” As was pretty normal after a good masturbation session I folded up the laptop and put it beside the bed, then we both cleaned ourselves up and rolled over and went to sleep.

I slept very well that night as I normally do after cumming really hard, but the next morning while Rebecca was in the shower I got the computer out to do a little research to see if there were any gloryhole spots in our local area. I found a forum that had a few people talking about a local adult bookstore that had coin operated private video booths in the back of it. The writers said that most of the booths had gloryholes cut out in them and most of the reviews seemed very positive. My mind started to wander as I thought about how good it would feel to have my cock sucked by a complete stranger. But I did have some reservations about it, there are obviously safety concerns as well as the high likelihood that it would mostly, if not exclusively, be all guys there…two things I would have to get over if I was going to go and try it.

After work that night I walked in to see Rebecca dressed up in sexy lingerie waiting for me to get home. I barely got in the door and she was ripping my clothes off. She didn’t even wait to get my pants all the way down before she started to gobble up my quickly growing cock. She was looking up at my face while she sucked and I told her how hot it looked, which made her go deeper. After a few minutes of getting me good and hard she stood up and I could see how sexy she really looked. Her huge tits were pushed up very high by the bustier she had on and her thick ass looked amazing as it was hanging slightly below the hem of the lingerie. She walked off toward the bedroom and strutted in a way that made her ass bounce back and forth, probably caused by the 6 inch stripper platform shoes she had on. As I followed her I tore off my remaining clothing leaving a trail behind me. I got to the room and saw her in the doggy position on the bed with her ass pushed way up in the air. Her pussy was swollen and wet and I could tell she had been playing with herself while she was waiting for me to get home. I reached up and slid one finger in and licked it after pulling it out. She always tasted so great and tonight was no exception. She looked back and gave me a half smirk, half smile that gave me the hint that she wanted me to finger her and get her ready for a great fucking. I slid two fingers in this time and her pussy easily accepted them since she had gotten so prepared for me ahead of time. She moaned and bit her lip as I pumped harder and harder and I could feel the pressure building around my hand as her pussy juice was flowing without hesitation. She screamed for me to fuck her as I slid my ring and pinky fingers in at the same time. I pulled all four fingers out and gripped my raging hard-on with my dripping wet hand. As I pushed the tip of my throbbing eight inch dick onto her swollen cunt she pushed back fiercely and I slid all the way in as she screamed “Slam that huge cock into my pussy!” I fucked her so hard that with every stroke she was being pushed lower on to the bed and by the time I knew it she was laying almost totally flat on her stomach. She looked back and barely able to speak said “I want to ride on that sweet cock right now and make you cum deep inside me!” We never used protection as I had a vasectomy a few years earlier. I dismounted from her and laid down on the bed and as she got on top of me her huge round tits hung in my face and I reached my tongue up to lick and suck the sweat off her very large areolas and nipples. As I latched on to her tits she reached back and slid her pussy around my cock. It was all I could do not to cum as I could feel a lot more of her wet pussy in this position and her girl juices were dripping down onto my thighs and stomach. She loved to whisper in my ear when she rode me and this time was no exception. She leaned down as I slowly fucked her and whispered “I have been thinking all day about that movie we watched last night and I’ve been so turned on all day that I had to go in the bathroom and finger myself so the kids wouldn’t see. Do you still want to see me suck a strangers cock like a slut in a dirty video booth?” I replied “I never said I wanted you to” and she said “I could tell you wanted me to since you didn’t say yes or no. I could be your sexy little slut and share some cum with you!” With her saying that I shot a load harder than I had in a long time deep inside of her and I could feel her juices pumping out of her pussy all around my cock. She knew saying that would make me cum. Before I could say anything she jumped off of me and threw her mouth around my shaft which was covered in a thick mixture of my cum and her sweet juices. She loved it when I came in her mouth, but very rarely did she take my cock in her mouth after it had been inside of her. Just as I thought she was done cleaning me off she spun towards me and kissed me. What I didn’t realize was that she had not been swallowing any of what she had collected in her mouth, yet was saving it all up so she could swap it into my mouth. It was a sweet, but salty tasting goo that had a texture I had nothing to compare to. After I had enough in my mouth to satisfy her fetish, she unlatched from my lips and again whispered in my ear telling me to swallow the load. As I swallowed she grabbed my cock and my body uncontrollably jerked and a small shot of cum came jetting out of my cock head. She laughed and said “I didn’t know whether you would enjoy that or not, but now I know you love the taste of cum!” I just smiled and said “I didn’t think I ever would either, but it’s great.” As we both rolled over in exhaustion she told me that one of the things that made her so wet that afternoon was that she looked at the history on the computer and saw that I had done some searching that morning. She said she wanted to do it soon and had already got a sitter for the kids for the next night! I was speechless, but managed to say okay and laid there with my mouth hanging open. She had really thought about it that day and really wanted to do it, wow! She kissed me and told me thanks in the sweetest little voice she could and told me to sleep good. We both did!

The next day my mind was in a daze as I thought about what was going to happen later in the evening. I was both really excited and hesitant at the same time. When I got home I was greeted by our fifteen year old babysitter, Candice, who by the way is one of the prettiest and sexiest girls I have ever known. Her tits are just starting to bud as she is a late bloomer, while her legs are long and slim and she has a smile that any girl would be envious of. Since she is a late bloomer she isn’t very confident and she isn’t super popular in school, all of which makes her so attractive to me that I get a boner every time I see her. Anyways, Candice told me that Rebecca was still upstairs getting ready, but that she could get me a drink if I wanted. I told her no thanks and that I was headed upstairs to change as well. She smiled at me as I looked back at her as I went up the steps, I think she knew the affect she had on me. When I got upstairs the bathroom door was closed and I knocked, but my wife said I couldn’t see her until she was totally finished because she wanted to surprise me. I got changed and went back downstairs and sat on the couch and flipped on the TV. while I waited. Candice walked in and brought me a tall glass of iced water and as she bent over to set it on the coffee table I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her training bra and I could see her perky little tits as her tank top hung open. She caught me looking at her, but didn’t seem to mind and just grinned and said “Here you go”. I replied “Thanks, you sure do know how to take care of me don’t you?” As she spun around to go check on the kids I spotted the bottom of her ass hanging out of her cotton Soffe shorts. Not even thinking I reached out and spanked her lightly but briskly on her tush and again said “Thanks Candy“. I thought she was going to be mad, but she just giggled and leaned over the back of the couch and kissed me on the cheek and cutely said “You’re welcome Brent”. Just then Rebecca came down the stairs and looked stunning. She was wearing a flowing skirt that went about two inches above her knees making her legs look so sexy, especially with the five inch wedge shoes she had on. Her blouse showed off her curves in a very flattering way while still hanging low enough to show off her DD tits that were pushed up and staring me in the face. Candice looked up and said “Wow, you look so sexy miss Rebecca. I hope I look half as good as you someday!” With that she blushed and said “Thanks, but you’re already off to a great start, at least that’s what Brent says every time you come over.” Candice and I both blushed, but I ignored her comment and told my wife that she looked absolutely sexy and that we should be going so we don’t miss our reservations
We got in the car and I said “I had to hide my boner in there! You looked so sexy that I want to rip off all your clothes right now and we haven’t even left the driveway!” She said “You didn’t do a very good job of hiding it because I saw it and so did Candice. I caught her looking. Besides I didn’t know whether it was for me or her. She looked very hot today and told me the other day that she has wanted you since she started with us over a year ago!” I just grabbed her bare leg and told her that as hard as that made me, it was our night and I was going to concentrate on her from then on.

We skipped dinner and went straight to the porn shop. I went around to let her out of the car and as she spun out of her seat she made sure her skirt lifted up just enough for me so see that she had no panties on. Her pussy glistened and I could tell she was already a little wet in anticipation of events to come. We went in the front doors and each went separate ways as we didn’t want to rush straight back to the video booths. She went to the milf DVD section and I went to the jailbait magazine section. As we were both browsing in our respective sections we instinctively looked up at each other at the same time and smiled and nodded and walked and met up at the front counter. She asked the guy if we could buy some video booth coins and he handed them to her and winked at her and said “Just make sure you both don’t go in the same booth together.” We both knew he was telling us the rules, but he didn’t care if we broke them.
As we walked back I could hear her voice getting shaky as she nervously smiled and quietly said “Wow I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.” I replied simply “Me neither.” We walked through a double swinging door and into a dark room filled with a bunch of booths that had doors covered by cloth curtains. Each booth on the first row had little hangers that said “occupied” on them, but we went around the corner to the back of the room and saw a few that weren’t occupied. The first one she opened she quickly closed and said “Woops I’m sorry!” The person in the room didn’t reply at all, but she got up to my ear and said “Wow, that guy was stroking his cock really fast and it was pretty big too!” Then without giving me time to respond she whisked away to the room to the left of his and went in. As I followed her in I noticed that this room was vacant and inside it had a TV screen with what looked like an atm in it and a glory hole on the opposite side of the wall. She put the coins in and told me to pick a video and quickly sat down on the seat. Then she stuck two fingers through the hole in the wall just like the chick in the movie did. She was so horny! I turned around and just picked a random video from the list and pushed the enter button as quickly as I could. I turned to look to see what she was doing and she already had the guys huge, probably 10 inch, cock in her mouth! I couldn’t believe she was actually doing it! I could hear the guy faintly moaning on the other side, but it was muffled by a mixture of the porn playing in our booth and the half inch wooden wall separating us. She was moaning and gobbling up his cock. She took it out of her mouth long enough to tell me to take my cock out. Just as I unzipped my pants and pulled it out her eyes got really big and she pulled away from the guys dick. I could see a string of cum hanging between her mouth and his dick. He clearly liked what she had done, but couldn’t hold back since he had been feverishly stroking his cock for a while before we got there. She swallowed his load forgetting that she wanted to share it with me and we heard him zipping his pants up and leaving. As we looked at the hole we saw a wad of money drop through. I thought that was a little weird, but picked it up and it was a fifty dollar bill wadded up in a ball. I looked over at her and stuck it in my pocket just as she was taking her shirt off. Her tits looked great in her bra while she reached back and unhooked it with one hand. Her mom tits fell out of her bra as she threw it un the cum stained floor atop her blouse. “I’m so damn horny now! I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next cock to come!”, she quietly, but excitedly said. I had no way to reply other than to step over and put my cock in her face to imply that I wanted her to take it in her mouth. As she put in in her mouth as quickly as she could she looked up at me again so that I could see her beautiful eyes again.

My cock squirmed as she deep throated me and we both looked over at the hole simultaneously and saw a limp, but thick cock and balls poking through the hole. She stopped sucking me, but kept her hand on my now throbbing cock as she stroked the new guys cock with the other. Just then, our video went silent and showed a message that we needed to load more coins, so I deposited the correct amount in the machine. During the momentary silence I heard a surprising sound coming from the booth that the new guy was in…it was a female voice! There were actually other couples that thought this would be fun, or at least one other than us. By this time my wife was licking the length of the man’s growing cock and was saying out loud how big and nice it was. It was a little thicker than mine and about an inch shorter, but it was a nice looking cock and that’s saying a lot coming from a straight guy. He had a thick head that she was jamming down her throat as far as she could penetrate. She was stroking my cock with one hand and holding/rubbing her huge tits with the other. It was making me so hard to see my wife suck another man’s cock all while not forgetting to take care of me at the same time. After a few minutes of sucking the guy pulled away and we didn’t see anything for about 20 or 30 seconds, so she put her eye up to the hole and quietly told me that there was a couple, probably in their early forties. She also told me that the woman was totally naked and had a nice milf-like body with smaller tits and the man was average built and had just a shirt on. She jumped away from the hole and said the girl was coming. We didn’t see anything come through the hole and just assumed that she was checking us out in the same way. After a few second I saw a pair of manicured hands come through the hole. My wife looked at me then looked down and put my cock in the lady’s hand. She gently pulled me through the hole and started stroking my cock more gently than my wife ever had, which made it grow instantly. I could feel her mouth gently open around my growing member and she was sucking it almost as if she was making love to it with her mouth. She was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had and she was obviously a woman who had practiced cock sucking a lot because she was amazing. If I wasn’t careful I was going to cum in a hurry, and I think she could tell because she pulled her mouth away and held it in her hand for a minute. A second later I felt a foreign object that wasn’t a pussy, or a mouth, or a hand…just then it hit me, it was the other guys cock! I could tell she had our heads touching and was licking them both at the same time. Something was keeping me from getting totally creeped out and pulling back, it felt really good. I couldn’t talk at all, but loudly moaned as she stacked our cocks up and stroked the with both of her hands. I turned my head to see my wife vigorously fingering her cunt with her eyes closed. She had a puddle of pussy juice under her as she squatted in the corner. She was cumming from the whole experience. I couldn’t control myself anymore after seeing and feeling all of this and blew my load all over the other guys cock. The lady in the other booth lapped up my cum form her man’s cock while they still touched, but just when I thought she was done I felt a hot load of cum squirt all over my cock. It was the gayest, yet most amazing thing I had ever felt to that point and I almost fainted because I was so light headed. She licked every drop of our man juice that was mixed up and gave my cock a last little kiss. I pulled it back through the gloryhole and turned to kiss my wife who had just finished cumming herself. She said “Oh my gosh, that was amazing!” I replied “ Ya, I know and I’ll have to tell you what happened to me in the car. As we were cleaning ourselves up and getting dressed I saw a note drop through the hole. I reached down and picked it up and opened it. It read “We saw y’all go into the booth and thought you were both very sexy and couldn’t wait to play with you! We are Mike and Betty and we’d love to meet with y’all sometime.” It also listed their phone numbers and an email address. After I read it I looked back through the hole and they were already gone. We went out and got in the car and I told Rebecca what happened while she was finger fucking herself and gave her the letter. After she read it she reached up and put my right hand on her crotch, which was still soaking wet, and said “This is all going to become very interesting, isn’t it?”

To be continued……..

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Gloryholes were big in the 60's, 70's & 80's. I took my first wife about 6 times. She loved cum in her mouth. She took 12 loads one trip. I also had a high school teacher friend in her early 30's, who I took for 7 loads. I also took my brother's wife twice who took multiple loads both times. Got to love those cocksuckers.

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If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kowbanuga, dude!"

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very good cant wait for part two

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Articles like this are an exalmpe of quick, helpful answers.


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I'm working on part two. Let me know what you thinkofthis one orwhat you want to see next time.

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