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Chapter 4 - Gloria's Introduction
After dinner Myrna hurried to clear the table and take care of the dishes. She was eager to learn more about Mister Gantner, who she'd only just been introduced to earlier that afternoon. Perhaps it was the nature of their meeting, with the black girl wearing an old sun dress a couple sizes too small at the direction of her mother, that had her interest piqued. Maybe it was the way she felt when the handsome older man looked at her young teenaged body. In any case, Gloria had promised to tell her about her own history with Mister Gantner and Myrna was anxious to hear it.

At last, Gloria sat on the couch in the living room. Myrna took a seat in the easy chair where only a few hours earlier, Mister Gantner had sat, checking the black teenager out.

"I answered every question 'bout sex you ever asked," Gloria began. "An' I tol' you plenty you didn't ask about. So, I figure you're ready to hear this an' now that you met Mister Gantner, maybe you're ready to understand it."

"Now, it didn't start with Mister Gantner who was here today. It started with his daddy, Ol' Mister Gantner. I didn't actually get involved with Mister Gantner, junior, 'til later on."

* * *

When I was a girl there'd be times when your aunt Donna an' me would come home from school or from a friend's house an' find a fancy car in the driveway an' my daddy sittin' on the porch smokin' a cigarette.

"You girls stay out here wit' me," he'd say. "Yo' mama's in dere wit' da boss man an' ain't to be disturbed."

"Why they workin' here 'stead o' the office?" I'd ask.

"They ain't gonna be much longer," he'd say, not answerin' the question.

And, sure enough, after a bit an older white man would come out. That man turned out to be Mister Gantner's daddy. He'd be wearin' a neck tie an' pants wit' suspenders like he really was workin' at the office so I never thought nothin' of it. He'd smile at me an' sometimes pat Donna an' me on the head an' sometimes give us candy.

"You two is growin' up pretty, jus' like your mama," he'd say wit' a big smile on his face.

We'd get all shy an' bashful an' jus' say, "Thank you, sir."

He'd usually say somethin' to my daddy 'bout the weather or somethin' an' go get in his car an' leave. We'd go back in the house an' sometimes Mama'd be there puttin' glasses away or sometimes she'd be in the bedroom. Usually, Daddy'd tell us to go play outside 'til dinner or somethin'.

I guess I was in junior high school when I started to figure out that they wasn't really workin'. Sometimes after Mister Gantner's daddy left Mama'd jus' be wearin' her housecoat an' it got me wonderin' why. Sometimes, it was all kinda sweaty smellin' in the house after he'd been there. Now, I know that was how sex smelled.

I used to wonder why Daddy didn't ever do nothin' 'bout it 'cept for wait out on the porch while Mama an' that white man was doin' what they was doin'. One time when they sent Donna an' me outside after one of ol' Mister Gantner's visits, I came back in to use the bathroom. Their bedroom door was shut an' the bed was creakin' inside an' bangin' against the wall an' I knew Daddy was doin' the same thing to Mama that ol' white man done to her.

One day in the summer when I was jus' thirteen, Mama tol' me to stay home 'stead of goin' over to my friend's house. Donna was stayin' at another friend's place an' Daddy was already gone to work.

"You turnin' into a woman fast, girl," Mama tol' me. "I been noticin' it fo' a time an' now Mista Gantner been noticin' it, too. He wants to see jus' how growed up you is, so he be comin' here in a bit to check you out."

"How is he gonna do that?" I asked her.

"You is gonna get naked fo' him so he can see how you fillin' out," she tol' me.

"Naked?!" I asked all surprised.

I was pretty shocked that Mama'd be tellin' me somethin' like that or that she'd 'spect me to get naked fo' ol' Mister Gantner. It'd be too embarrassin'.

"That's right, girl. How else is gonna see?"

"But..., he'll see... everythin!" I tol' her. "Even my... privates. You tol' me not to let boys touch 'em or even get a look at 'em!"

"Girl, you ain't got nothin' private from no white man like Mista Gantner. You gotta un'erstan' that everythin' we got is 'cause o' him. You got a roof over yo' head, an' clothes on yo' back, an' food in yo' belly, all 'cause o' that man. He been takin' good care o' us since 'fore you was born an' he gonna keep doin' it long as we's alive. Least we can do is 'preciate that an' 'preciate him takin' a special interest in us, an' that includes you, Gloria."

"I guess so...," I said.

"Mista Gantner's a big man in this town," Mama went on. "He could be spendin' time wit' any nigga he wanted, but he's choosin' to spend it here wit' us. Them other colored girls at work know he's spendin' time wit' me an' they's jealous 'cause he ain't wit' them. You oughta be proud that he takin' a special interest in you. I sho' is."

I kinda knew what she was talkin' 'bout already. I seen how some of the colored ladies from Mama's work looked at her, but I didn't understand what they was mad about.

"I do like it that a important man like Mista Gantner is takin' a interest in me," I tol' her. "It's jus that havin' to let him see me naked is so embarrassin'."

"I know it is, chil'," Mama said. "But you gotta do it anyhow. It ain't like you gonna be alone wit' him. I's gonna be there wit' you the whole time. An' you ain't gotta worry 'bout him doin' nothin' to you, neither. He knows you is too young fo' that. I be takin' care o' his needs, not you."

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"You know what I mean, girl," she said. "I tol' you 'bout how a man gets an' what a woman's gotta do already. Mista Gantner's a man an' seein' a pretty girl's woman parts is gonna get him worked up an' he's gonna need some relief. Now, I ain't know how he's gonna wanna get it from me an' I ain't want you gettin' all bashful when it happens. You jus' keep doin' what you doin' an' showin' off yo' stuff fo' him no matter what I gotta do fo' him. You un'erstan' me?"

I was pretty sure I understood that she meant, but it was gonna be kinda weird havin' ol' Mister Gantner doin' it with my mama with me right there with 'em.

"I think so...," I said.

"I figured you would," she tol' me. "I's gonna be doin' things no white lady'd be doin' jus' like you gonna be doin' what no white girl'd be doin'. But, a man like Mista Gantner got his needs so he's gotta use colored girls to take care of 'em. We lucky he wants us, chil'. Don't you forget it."

"I won't," I tol' her.

"Good girl," she smiled at me. "Now, let's get you cleaned up an' ready fo' him."

Mama took me into the bathroom an' had me get undressed an' get in the shower. She looked me up an' down.

"Damn, girl, you got a li'l jungle goin' on down here," she said. "Lemme get the scissors an' razor out an' get yo' coochie cleaned up the way Mista Gantner likes it."

I was shocked that she was actually gonna shave my coochie bald for that white man. She snipped the hairs short with the scissors an' put shavin' cream all over it. She got the razor an' shaved it smooth. Afterwards, she soaped my whole body up an' washed me with a cloth. It was kinda embarrassin' bein' naked like that even with her, but she jus' paid attention to what she was doin' like it was nothin' special. She even toweled me dry after I rinsed off.

She spent quite a time braidin' my hair up in little braids all over my head like she used to when I was little. I figured ol' Mister Gantner liked it like that, since everythin' else she was doin' to me was for him.

"You jus' 'bout ready," she said. "Now, go put yo' new night gown on an' wait in the front room fo' me. I gots to get ready, too."

Mama took the gown she was wearin' off 'fore she got in the shower. I couldn't help but look at her standin' there naked an' I saw she ain't have no coochie hair either. She saw I was lookin' an' I got kinda ashamed for doin' it.

"Hurry up an' get goin'," she said while was shakin' up the shavin' cream can.

I went right to my room an' found the gown she was talkin' 'bout. It was pink an' had li'l ribbons on it. Mama jus' got it for me a couple weeks before, an' now I was wonderin' if she got it for ol' Mister Gantner as much as she got it for me. I put it on an' went out to the front room to wait for her.

It was only five minutes before Mama came out wearin' her housecoat. She looked me over an' had me turn all the way around before she sat down.

"You look real pretty, Gloria," she said. "Mista Gantner's gonna love what he sees. How are you feelin'?"

"A little nervous," I tol' her.

"Well, that's natural, girl," she said. "I was real nervous my first time when I's yo' age."

"You done this, too?" I asked, all surprised.

"Course I did," Mama laughed. "An' my mama did, too. She got me all ready fo' Mista Gantner. He was younger then an' still real handsome. I was excited that a white man like him wanted me, but I's nervous an' embarrassed, too. Jus' like you is now. But, I was fine an' you'll be fine, too."

She got a serious look on her face before she went on.

"He is our better, chil'," she tol' me plainly. "Don't ever forget that. He's a real nice man an' he treats me good an' I knows he be treatin' you good, too. But, he's a white man an' we is jus' niggas an' we gotta remember that. So, be respectful an' do like he says. Don't say nothin' 'less he asks you somethin' or give you a compliment. When you do say somethin' always call him "sir". Keep yo' eyes down while he's lookin' at you an' give him his privacy when he be usin' you. It's important to make sure he enjoys hisse'f and feels welcome here. Like I tol' you already, there's plenty o' niggas what wishes he'd be comin' to their house 'stead of ours."

Then she smiled at me.

"Don't worry none, Gloria, 'cause he's gonna like you," she went on. "It's okay if you nervous or shy or bashful. I think he kinda likes that wit' a young nigga like you. He likes 'em slutty when they get older an' he's already done it to 'em some. One mo' thing he likes is hearin' a colored girl talk like some down home country nigga. If you ain't know what I mean, jus' listen to me talkin' to him an' you'll get it."

It was a lot to think about and I was even more nervous 'n I was already. At the same time, I was kinda excited, an' I was gettin' a funny feelin' in my tummy an' 'tween my legs. I think what I really wanted was for ol' Mista Gantner to get there so I wouldn't have to keep waitin' like this.

"Relax, girl," Mama smiled. "Jus' do like he says an' do what I tell you an' everythin' 'll be fine. I'll be right there with you."

It seemed like a long time before I heard knockin' on the door, but it was prob'ly only a few minutes. Mama got up an' went for the door.

"Stan' up, chil'," she said 'fore she answered the door.

I stood up an' waited there while she opened the door up. Ol' Mister Gantner came in an' stood there lookin' at me with a smile on his face while Mama closed the door. She came an' stood in front of him with her head bowed down.

"Greetin's, boss," she said.

I figured this was the kinda nigga talk he liked hearin', but since Mama tol' me not to say nothin' I jus' stood there tryin' to keep my eyes on the floor. Course, I couldn't help but look up to see what was goin' on.

"Mornin', Ernestine," he said.

Ol' Mista Gantner jus' put his hand out an' opened up Mama's housecoat like it was nothin' to take those kinda liberties with her. She jus' stood there like she was with her head bowed, 'cept now her titties was out an' he could see everythin'. He squeezed on her titties some an' put his hand 'tween her legs. She kinda squatted down a little when he did that so he could get a good feel of her coochie.

I never saw Mama actin' like that an' jus' lettin' a man do like he pleased. She sure wasn't ever like that with Daddy. Ol' Mista Gantner was lovin' it. I ain't have much experience in this kinda thing at the time, but from the way that white man was lookin' at her, it was like she was the sexiest thing he ever saw. That funny feelin' in my tummy an' 'tween my legs was gettin' stronger watchin' 'em an' right away I knew I wanted that white man look at me like that an' touch me like he was doin' her.

After a minute, he stopped an' turned towards me. Right away I started feelin' all shy an' my heart was poundin'.

"So, I see you got your baby girl all ready for me," he said.

"Yes, sir, boss," she said. "I gots her all done up the way you like, sir."

"You done a good job, girl," he went on. "She looks real pretty like that."

"Thank you, sir," she said. "I's glad you think so."

He started walkin' towards me an' sat down in Daddy's favorite chair.

"Get your housecoat off," he tol' her. "Gimme a nice slow look at you."

"Yes, sir, boss," she said right away.

Mama took the housecoat off an' jus' let it drop on the floor. She went over to where ol' Mister Gantner was sittin' an' stood in front of him with her legs apart. She lifted up her arms an' put 'em behind her head with her elbows pointed out the side. Then she started turnin' around real slow while he looked at her naked body. I couldn't believe I was seein' this happenin' an' I wondered if this was what was goin' on every time he come by to see her.

When she was facin' away from him, Mama bent over with her butt up in the air. I couldn't see what he was seein', but by the way he was lookin', he liked it. I saw his hand go 'tween her legs an' Mama gasped. I wished I coulda seen her face, but her head was still bowed down.

He gave Mama a slap on the backside an' she stood up, still with her hands behind her head, an' kep' movin' until she was facin' him again. I could tell she was breathin' hard an' I knew it weren't from bein' out o' breath. I think she liked it. I wondered if he'd make me do that, too. I kinda hoped he would.

"Very nice, girl," he said. "Good nigger."

"Thank you, boss," she said.

I couldn't believe she was thankin' him for callin' her a nigger. Course, he didn't say it like a insult or nothin' hateful. It was jus' like that's what she was an' he was jus' sayin' it an' by the look on his face, he liked niggers jus' fine.

"Let's have a look at your girl, Ernestine," ol' Mister Gantner said.

"Yes, sir, boss," said Mama.

Mama moved around so she was standin' next to his chair an' got down on her knees on the rug.

"Come here, girl," she tol' me. "Stand in front of Mista Gantner so he can have a look at you."

Now that they was payin' attention to me, I started blushin' an' gettin' all shy. But, I didn't wanna embarrass Mama so I went over to where she said an' stood there. I bowed my head down like I seen her doin' an' waited.

"You're real pretty, child," ol' Mister Gantner tol' me.

I was real embarrassed an' couldn't hardly speak.

"Thank you, sir," I managed to say real soft.

"Lift your gown up some so I can see your little cunny," he ordered me. "Do it nice an' slow for me."

Well, this was it, I thought. I was really doin' this now. My face was hot an' my heart was poundin'. I started liftin' my gown up slow, like he said. I wanted to look at his face real bad, but I remember how Mama tol' me to keep my eyes down an' give him some privacy while he looked at me. I kep' goin' 'til I had the hem up to my belly an' I knew he could see my bare coochie. I never been so embarrassed 'fore then.

"You've got a real pretty little cunny, girl," he said.

I was even more embarrassed hearin' him talkin' 'bout my coochie that way. Nobody but Mama an' the doctor ever seen it 'fore then an' now it was all bald like a little girl's. I could feel my face burnin' up.

"The nice white man gave you a compliment, girl," Mama prodded me. "What do you say?"

I felt bad for not thankin' him right away. I wanted to do everythin' right for him.

"Sorry, sir," I said quickly. "Thank you, sir. I... I's glad you like it, sir."

"I sure do," said ol' Mista Gantner. "Niggers got the cutest little slits. I jus' love 'em."

He looked at me for little while longer an' then he reached his hand out an' touched me on my mound. He slowly ran his finger down to my slit and traced along the lips, going further an' further down. I could feel my legs shakin'. He tried to go further, but I had my thighs together too tight.

"Open yo' legs up, baby," said Mama. "Let the nice gen'leman at yo' coochie so he can have a good feel."

I had a hard time squattin' down to let him touch my coochie. See, I could tell I was wet an' I was ashamed for him to know it. But, I had to do like he wanted an' make my stuff available to him so I done it.

"Sorry, sir," I 'pologized.

"It's okay," he said, sliding his hand between my legs. "It's natural for a nigger to be shy the first time she gets used. It takes a few times to get more used to it. Your cunny is nice an' soft. Wet, too."

I wasn't sure if that was a compliment, but I ain't wanna do nothin' wrong.

"Uh, thank you, sir," I said.

"What's your name, girl?" he asked.

I was surprised he hadta ask an' kinda embarrassed seein' as how he had his hand up 'tween the legs o' some girl whose name he ain't even know. It shamed me 'cause it made me feel like my name ain't as important as my coochie to him. I guess Mama was right that we ain't nothin' but niggas to a white man like him. 'Course, I ain't jus' any nigga. I's the nigga what he's enjoyin' right now.

"My name's Gloria, sir," I answered him.

"That's a nice name," he said. "How old are you?"

"I's thirteen, sir," I tol' him.

"Thirteen, huh," he said to hisself.

Ol' Mister Gantner started rubbin' on my coochie, an' it was feelin' pretty good. I started humpin' at his hand before I even knowed I was doin' it. It was real embarrassin'.

"You like that?" he asked softly.

"Uh huh," I said without thinkin'. Then, "I mean, yes, sir. Thank you, sir. I like it, sir."

"Good," he said. "Your girl is very responsive, Ernestine. I like that."

"I's glad she's pleasin' to you, boss," Mama tol' him.

He took his hand away, but I kep' humpin' in the air. I was so embarrassed I wanted to cover my face, but I jus' stood there holdin' my gown up showin' my bare coochie to ol' Mister Gantner.

"Turn around an' bend over for me, nigger," he ordered me.

I can't 'xplain why, but when he called me "nigger" like it was my name, my coochie jumped. I felt like a animal gettin' checked out. An' shameful as it was, I was real worked up by it. I done like he said an' turned away from him an' bent over.

"Lift your gown up so I can see your black ass," said ol' Mister Gantner. "Slowly now."

"Yes, sir," I said.

I lifted the hem of my gown, slow, like he said. Bendin' over that way an' showin' some man my bare butt was real embarrassin', too; Jus' like everythin' else he made me do. Still, I done it an' tried hard to do it like he wanted me too. I got my gown up over my waist so I knowed my butt was all showin' for him.

"Get yo' legs apart, girl," said Mama. "Let the nice white man see everythin' you got fo' him."

I moved my feet as far apart as I could without fallin' over 'cause I wanted to do it right fo' him. I knowed my coochie was soaked an' showin' 'cause I could feel the cool air on it. I kinda jumped a little when I felt his hand on my butt. He was movin' his finger down my crack real slow. He went over my butthole an' down to my coochie, pushin' his finger 'tween the lips an' all up my slit. My legs was shakin' an' I couldn't help but make a noise when he touched my clitty. It was all poked out by then an' feelin' his finger on it felt real good. He started playin' with it some an' I couldn't help moanin' even though I tried to hush up."

"Feels good, don't it, girl," he asked me all soft.

"Yes, sir, it sho' do," I tol' him.

He started movin' his finger back the way he came, but when he went over my coochie hole, he jus' stuck it right in.

"Oh!" I cried out.

"You gotta nice tight little cunny, nigger," he tol' me.

"Thank you, sir," I said. "I's glad you like it."

"Some day, I'm gonna pop your cherry," he said. "You know that, girl?"

Well, I didn't know that, but I didn't doubt it neither. The way I was worked up, I wished he was gonna do it right then. He moved his finger in an' out of me 'til I couldn't help but hump at it. Then he did it a little more an' stopped an pulled it out.

"Yes, sir," I said between breaths. "I can't wait, sir."

"Eager one, eh?" he chuckled. "Well, I'm afraid you're still a little too young for that. Just you save it for me. Okay?"

I was a little disappointed right then, an' it kind of cooled me off a little. It helped me think a little clearer, though, an' I thought of talkin' more like Mama said he liked.

"Yes, sir," I tol' him. "I be savin' my cherry fo' you, boss."

"Good girl," he said. "That's what I like to hear."

"Thank you, sir," I said.

I hoped I was doin' the nigga talkin' right by callin' him "boss". I was pretty sure he was likin' hearin' it from me. He inhaled real deep.

"Your girl sure smells fine, Ernestine," he tol' Mama.

I was mortified thinkin' he could smell my coochie. I wanted to close my legs up, but I knowed better 'n to do it.

"Thank you, sir," Mama said. "I got her all cleaned up fo' you, boss, so she's nice an' fresh."

"Perfect," he said. Then to me, "Stand up an' turn around."

Still blushin', I stood up an' turned back around to face him. His face was kinda red an' his eyes was kinda glassy. I looked down quick so he ain't think I's disrespectful by lookin' him in the face an' I saw a big bulge in his pants. My coochie jumped when I saw how ol' Mister Gantner got a hard on by lookin' at me.

"Open your mouth, nigger," he ordered me.

I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do that for, but I done it anyways 'cause I wanted to be a good obedient nigga for him. As soon as I got my mouth open, he stuck his finger in it.

"Suck on it," he tol' me.

I could taste my coochie on his finger 'cause it was slick with my juices. It didn't taste bad or nothin', but it was embarrassin' to be doin' that.

"What's that taste like?" he asked me an' then pulled his finger out.

"It tastes like my coochie, sir," I said, all embarrassed.

"You like it?" he wanted to know.

I didn't know if I actually liked it, but I kinda figured that was the right answer.

"Yes, sir, I like it," I said.

"Good girl," he smiled at me.

I said, "Thank you, sir."

"Now. slowly lift your gown all the way up so I can see your boobies," he ordered me.

I started liftin' my gown up the way he said. That funny feelin' in my tummy an' coochie started comin' back even stronger the further up I lifted it an' the more o' my privates he could see. It was embarrassin' to show my body off that way, but I was gettin' worked up doin' it 'cause I could see how much he liked it. I mean, a growed white man was gettin' excited by seein' me an' it felt good.

He watched me real close, too. Even though I tried not to look, I could see his head movin' up while I was liftin' my gown. I got it up over my titties an' jus' stood there holdin' it under my chin. He reached up an' squeezed on 'em with both hands. My nipples got all hard an' my coochie was really jumpin'.

"You got some pretty boobies, girl," he said. "Only a nigger's gonna have 'em this big at thirteen. You coloreds sure fill out early."

That kinda sounded like a compliment, even though it kinda made me feel he thought I was some kinda animal instead of a person. It made me feel good, anyways.

"Thank you, sir," I said.

"Damn, I ain't gonna be able to take much more o' this," he said. "Ernestine, get my prick out an' get to suckin' on it like a good nigger."

"Yes, sir, boss," said Mama.

My eyes got wide seein' her walkin' on her knees from beside the chair to right between ol' Mister Gantner's knees. He loosened his neck tie some an' I tried not to watch Mama unzip his pants, but I couldn't help but look. That's when I seen it an' it looked huge to me, 'cause I never seen a man's pecker 'fore then. Not hard like that, anyways. I was surprised it wasn't white like him. 'stead it was red an' the tip was almost purple. Course, now I know it jus' gets that way when a man's worked up, but I didn't know that then.

"Get that gown off, nigger," he said to me.

"Yes, sir," I said an' pulled it off over my head real quick an' dropped it on the floor.

Mama was on her knees 'tween ol' Mister Gantner's legs an' she was holdin' his pecker in her hand. She barely got her fingers 'round it. Then she moved her head down an' took the top part right into her mouth! I was shocked to see it even though I heard him tell her to suck on it. I mean, that was where pee come out an' she had it in her mouth an' she was suckin' on it. I could hear the slurpin' sounds an' everythin'.

"Put your hands behind your head like your mama was doin' for me before," he tol' me.

I remembered it, so I done it the same way as Mama; with my elbows back an' everythin'.

"Come closer," he said. "So's I can get my hands on you."

Thing was, Mama was kneelin' on the floor right in my way. Only way I could get closer was to kinda stand right over her. But, I knowed that's what Ol' Mister Gantner wanted, so I done it. He reached out an' started gropin' on my titties some more an' it felt good.

He was breathin' pretty hard like he couldn't catch his breath. I was pretty sure it was 'cause he was real worked up from Mama suckin' on his pecker like she was an' maybe, jus' a little, 'cause o' seein' me an' touchin' me.

"You like showin' your stuff for me, girl?", he asked.

"Yes, sir, I sho' do," I tol' him. "I like showin' my stuff fo' you, boss."

I still felt a little funny sayin' "boss" to him, but Mama did it an' I seen how much he liked it when I done it before.

"You sure are a good nigger, Gloria," he said.

"Thank you, sir," I said to him.

Even though standin' there naked like that with Mama kneelin' on the floor under me suckin' on him was real embarrassin', I couldn't help smilin' 'cause I knowed I was makin' that white man happy an' he was praisin' me an sayin' nice stuff to me.

"Damn, that feels good, Ernestine," he said to Mama. "You are the best cock suckin' nigger I had yet."

Mama ain't say nothin' back 'cause... well.. 'cause her mouth was busy. It's kinda funny that mostly when somebody would say somethin' like that it was really mean. Fightin' words mean. But right then, it seemed like a real compliment an' that white man was praisin' her.

Ol' Mister Gantner moved one of his hands down over my belly an' down 'tween my legs again. They was already spread wide 'cause I was standin' over Mama so he got his hand right in on my coochie an' started rubbin' on it. I couldn't help humpin' on it, but since he kep' rubbin' I figured he liked me doin' that.

"You like bein' my nigga, girl?" he asked me.

"Oh, yes, sir, I sho' do!" I tol' him all happy. "I love bein' yo' nigga, sir."

He liked that an' rubbed on me even harder. It felt really really good, too.

"Is this my cunny here?" he asked me.

"Yes, sir, boss," I said. "It's yours, sir. It's yo' cunny."

I ain't never called my coochie a "cunny", but if that's what he wanted to call it, I was gonna do it, too. He was sweatin' an' gruntin', but he looked like he was still enjoyin' hisself.

"Whose gonna pop your cherry, nigger?" he asked me in a raspy kinda voice.

"You is, sir," I tol' him. "You the one's gonna pop my cherry, boss."

"Yeah," he said, breathin' real hard. "Tell me again, nigger. Tell me quick."

I wasn't sure 'xactly what he wanted me to say so I jus' started sayin' what I already done said to him again.

"You gonna pop my cherry, sir," I said to him. "I's yo' nigga an' my cunny's yours an' my cherry's yours. It's all yours, boss. All for you."

"That's it...," he gasped. "Keep goin'..."

Mama was movin' her head up an' down really fast then an' workin' her hand up an down on ol Mister Gantner's prick.

"I's all yours, boss," I tol' him. "Everythin' is yours, sir. My cunny... My boobies... My cherry... It's all fo' you, sir. I like you touchin' me an' seein' me an' poppin' my cherry, boss, 'cause I's yo' nigga."

"Shake your boobies for me," he groaned.

"Yes, sir," I said an' started shakin' 'em for him like he wanted.

It was really embarrassin' standin' there naked with my legs wide open an' my hands behind my head an' shakin' my titties for ol' Mister Gantner. Mama kep' on slurpin' on his pecker with her mouth while she stroked it with her hand around it an' moved her head up an' down. It's like the both of us was nothin' but somethin' for gettin' that ol' white man off.

"Oh, fuck!" he cried out real loud.

That white man slumped back in the chair an' stopped rubbin' an' gropin' on me. Mama stopped strokin' his pecker, but she kep' on suckin' on it. Ol' Mister Gantner grunted and gasped for a bit an finally stopped. He had a big ol' grin on his face. Finally, Mama lifted her head up an' I could see his pecker was all shriveled up an' shiny wet. She kissed it on the tip an' I could see long thin clear string of somethin' from his pecker to her lips an' there was some white stuff on her chin.

I stopped shakin' my titties, but I wasn't sure what else to do 'cause Mama couldn't get up with me standin' over her like that. My arms was gettin' tired from holdin' 'em up, but I didn't wanna do put 'em down or nothin' 'less I got tol' to.

"Step back, girl," Mama tol' me.

I took a couple steps back an' Mama backed up a little, too, but she stayed down on her knees. Ol' Mister Gantner got up from the chair an' his face was still red an' sweaty an' I could see wet spots on his shirt under his arms. He looked at me an' smiled while Mama put his pecker back in his pants an' zipped him up.

"You can put your arms down now, child," he said to me.

"Yes, sir, boss," I said. "Thank you, sir."

"Well, I best be leavin' now," he said.

Mama didn't get up off her knees. Instead she kinda got down on all fours an' put her head almost on the floor. It shocked me to see that she was lickin' ol' Mister Gantner's shoes. I stood there watchin' for a few seconds 'fore she stopped an' looked back over her shoulder at me.

"Get down here wit' me an' pay yo' respects to the nice white man, girl," she said.

She went back to what she was doin' an' I got down on the floor next to her. Lickin' ol' Mister Gantner's shoes made me feel kinda funny. It was embarrassin' an' real humblin' to get down on my knees an' lick a white man's shoes. It was like we was his pets or somethin' like that.

"That's enough boot lickin' for now," he said, standin' over us.

Mama got up so she was standin' on her knees. I done the same. I could still taste the leather an' shoe polish on my tongue.

"Yes, sir, boss," Mama said. "Thank you, sir."

"You done good raisin' your girl, Ernestine," he said. "She's a good girl an' real pretty, to boot. Nice jiggly boobies an' a real cute little cunny, too. You keep up trainin' her an' she's gonna be a real fine bitch nigger. Mighty fine."

"Thank you for sayin' such nice things 'bout my Gloria, Mista Gantner, sir," said Mama. "You is too kind. I's so glad she pleasin' fo' you."

"You're welcome, girl," he tol' her. "I'm only sayin' what's true. I think I'll be comin' round a little more often." He smiled at me, "would you like that, Gloria?"

"Yes, sir," I tol' him. "I like havin' you visit, sir."

"You always welcome here, boss," Mama said. "You honorin' us by comin' here an' usin' me an' my baby girl. Thank you fo' comin' by today, sir."

"My pleasure, nigger," he said.

Then he jus' went an' walked out the front door leavin' Mama an' me naked on our knees in the middle of front room. She stood up.

"Get on up, girl," she tol' me. "Go 'head an' get dressed."

I went an' got dressed in my room. When I come out, Mama was wearin' her housecoat an' straightenin' up the front front room even though it didn't need it.

"You okay, baby?" she asked me.

"Uh huh," I said.

"You done good today," she said. "Mista Gantner was real pleased wit' you. You oughta be proud o' that."

I still felt funny 'bout what happened, but it was good. What I done was embarrassin' an' even shameful, but that seein' that ol' white man all worked up an' enjoyin' hisself from it made me proud.

* * *

"So that's how it was the first time I was with Mister Gantner's daddy," said Gloria, wrapping up her story.

"That all really happened?" asked Myrna finally.

"That's right, girl. That an' lots more later."

Myrna's head was almost overwhelmed with all that she'd just learned. It was hard to imagine Grandma Ernestine and Gloria doing something so nasty. At the same time, the young black teenager found herself aroused by the story. It certainly wasn't the kind of story a mother usually tells her daughter, but the fact that she'd shared it showed the girl that her mother thought she was ready to hear it which made her happy.

"I didn't actually get with the Mister Gantner, junior that came by today for quite a while after that," said Gloria. "I'll tell you 'bout that some other time. When he comes by, it's gonna be more like what I jus' tol' you 'bout, when I was with his daddy that first time."

Myrna's eyes got wide.

"You mean you an' me are gonna... be with Mister Gantner like that? Naked an'... all that?"

"That's right, girl. He ain't gonna do nothin' much to you but look an' feel on you. I'll be takin' care o' the rest, so don't worry 'bout that. You think you can handle it?"

"I... guess so..."

"Good. Now, I'm trustin' you to keep all this to yourself. It ain't nobody's business but ours. That goes for what happened today with Mister Gantner an' whatever happens with him later, too. You can't even tell Dylan. Un'erstan'?"

"I do."

"We'll talk some more later," said Gloria.

* * *

That night in her bed, Myrna masturbated while thinking about the story her mother mother told her. At first she thought about Gloria and Ernestine doing what they'd done that day, but as she got close to orgasm she imagined herself there, with Mister Gantner's attentions focused solely on her while her mother and grandmother sucked and licked the white man's cock.

After she came, she felt a little ashamed for thinking such nasty thoughts about her own family members. On the other hand, it was possible that some day it would happen for real.

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