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It was Thursday morning and Myrna had been patiently waiting to hear from her mother whether or not she'd be home for Mister Gantner's usual weekly visit. However, Gloria hadn't said anything about him since Saturday night when she'd told her daughter the story of her introduction to Mister Gantner's father when she was a thirteen year old girl some twenty years earlier.

Now that Myrna had actually shown her body off a little for Mister Gantner, she figured she'd be invited to be there for her mother's usual Thursday session with him.

Myrna was especially interested in another session with Mister Gantner since Dylan had been away with his family for the past week. After so much time spent wanting attention, she was suddenly getting it and now she wanted even more. She wished she could talk to her boyfriend about it, but there wasn't any way for her to get in touch with him. Besides, it wasn't like she was actually going to do anything with the older white man. She'd just be... showing off.

However, Gloria said nothing about changing from the usual Thursday routine and Myrna realized that she was to be left out. Somewhat relieved and maybe a little disappointed, the colored girl went to visit her friend after school that day. When she got home, her mother was cooking dinner as if nothing special had happened that afternoon.

Myrna wanted to ask if Mister Gantner had come by and when he'd want to see her again, but she didn't want to pester her mother about it like some kid. Gloria said nothing about it until after dinner.

"Mister Gantner's gonna be comin' by again on Saturday," Gloria started. "We're gonna go shoppin' for what he wants to see you wearin'."

Mother and daughter headed for the mall. Myrna felt more than a little self-conscious shopping for clothing that was specifically for Mister Gantner's enjoyment.

Gloria ultimately picked out a white light cotton blouse and a very short skirt. Myrna was spared her the embarrassment of coming out of the dressing room wearing any of the clothes she tried on. But still, she couldn't help blushing as the young woman at the counter put their purchases in a bag and she imagined that she knew what the clothes were for.

* * *

Back in her room, Myrna put the new clothes away and tried to imagine what Mister Gantner would have her do while she was wearing them. The story her mother told her about her first encounter with the senior Mister Gantner had her thinking she wouldn't spend much time in them.

* * *

On Saturday Myrna felt apprehensive and a little anxious when she got out of bed. At breakfast she could hardly eat anything. Her mother seemed much more relaxed as she sipped her coffee.

"What's wrong with you, Myrna? Ain't you hungry?"

"Thinkin' about what's gonna happen is makin' me too nervous to eat."

"Mister Gantner ain't like his daddy," Gloria explained. "He ain't gonna have you strip an' stand there like a slave girl on display. Not right away, anyways. He likes a little more teasin' than ol' Mister Gantner. It'll start off more like last time, 'cept you're gonna be givin' him more to look at an' you gonna end up showin' him everythin'."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll be dressed in the the blouse an' skirt. He'll jus' be talkin' to you an' you'll be givin' him a nice look up your skirt an' 'tween your legs. When you get up an' move around, you're gonna make sure he gets a eyeful. Find ways to have to bend over to give him a peek down your top or up your skirt. Maybe he'll tell you to do somethin'. If he does, you jus' say "yes, sir" an' do it."

"That sounds so embarrassin'!"

"It is embarrassin'! It's s'posed to be that way. Mister Gantner loves embarrassin' nigga girls. It gets him all worked up."

"I thought he jus' liked seein' what I got," said Myrna.

"Oh, he likes that plenty," agreed Gloria. "But, that ain't all he likes. Seein' is good, but bein' shown is even better for him. In that way, he's jus' like his daddy. So, you gonna be showin' him what he wants to see. An' if he wants to touch anythin', you're gonna make it available."

"Okay..." Myrna replied.

"Listen, girl," said Gloria. "The Gantner family been takin' care of us since before I was born. My mama was right when she tol' me how we oughta be honored that we got a rich white family takin' a interest in us. You oughta be glad of the fact that Mister Gantner likes you an' wants to come visit. He's been usin' me for twenty years, an' it makes me proud that he still wants me after so long."

"At work, the colored girls there know what he likes an' they bat their eyes an' wiggle their asses for him hopin' to get his attention. They'll get it, an' he'll use 'em sometimes, but I'm the one he keeps goin' for an' they know it. He could have any nigga he wanted, but he chose you an' me to spend his time with. We're lucky."

"I know, Mama. I do like that. It's jus' so embarrassin' knowin' what I look like while I'm doin' it."

"You're gonna look like a nigga pleasin' a white man, girl. An' that's nothin' to get embarrassed about. Showin' your stuff off for a gentleman like Mister Gantner is a honor. There ain't nothin' shameful about it."

Though her mother's words weren't really easing Myrna's apprehension, they were starting to give her a tingling between her legs.

"Let's get you ready," said Gloria. "Go get yourself cleaned up."

"Um... are you gonna... uh... shave me?" asked Myrna bashfully.

"Not this time. Mister Gantner wants to see you with a little bush on you. But, he'll want you shaved some other time, so I'll do it then. Right now I want you to go take a shower an' get nice an' clean for him. Hurry up 'cause I'm gonna braid your hair for him afterwards an' I want it done long before he gets here."

Myrna went to the bathroom and stripped off her clothes before getting in the shower. She was very aware of the common theme of the day's activities. Getting clean for him. Braiding her hair for him. Dressing in embarrassing outfits for him. Showing herself off for him. Everything was for Mister Gantner. She kept picturing the look on his face and the bulge in his pants while he was looking up her skirt the last time. She wanted to see that again and was determined to do everything she could to make it happen.

Gloria was waiting for her when Myrna came out of the bathroom.

"Go put the blouse an' skirt on," instructed Gloria. "White panties. No bra."

Heading into her room, Myrna donned the items her mother told her to. Without a bra, her brown breasts and nipples showed through the light weight material of the blouse. The skirt was so short that if she bent over it would reveal the bottom half of her panties. Sitting down, it would provide very little cover at all.

When she came out of her bedroom, Myrna found her mother waiting by the kitchen table. Like her daughter, Gloria was dressed for the occasion, too. She wore a low cut white tank top, with no bra underneath. The top showed off plenty of cleavage and her heavy breasts pushed against the fabric. Her thick nipples were prominently poking against the material. The older woman was also wearing a skirt that was almost as short as the girl's.

"Sit down so I can do your hair," Gloria directed her daughter.

Myrna sat quietly while her mother brushed her hair and started braiding into two braids, one on either side of her head. The teenager was aware that the effect of this hair style was to make her look even younger than her fifteen years.

"When Mister Gantner gets here, you're going to answer the door," said Gloria. "I want you to greet him properly and respectfully. You will always call him "sir" when you speak to him. Keep your eyes down and give him some privacy if you notice that he's enjoyin' the view of your body. You don't want him feelin' embarrassed lookin' at you."

"But, I'm the one who's gonna be embarrassed!" protested Myrna. "I'm the one that don't have no privacy."

"Yes, but that's the way it should be," Gloria explained. "Maybe I haven't spelled this out in so many words before. He is our better, Myrna. He's a white man an' we're jus' a couple of niggas. He's got every right to look at us an' see everythin' we got an' even use us if it pleases him to do it. An' we is lucky if he does, 'cause it makes us better, too. We're still niggas, but we been chosen by a fine white man. Plenty of niggas can't say that an' plenty wish they could. Do you un'erstan'?"

"Yes, I do."

"You do? Good."

For reasons she didn't understand, Myrna found herself getting aroused by what her mother was saying despite the seeming unfairness of it all.

* * *

When the doorbell rang a short time later, Myrna rose to answer it. Gloria stopped her before she'd taken a couple of steps.

"Undo another button, Myrna."

"Mama! They're about to bust out!"

"Do like I say, girl."

Myrna unbuttoned the second button on her blouse. She could already feel her unrestrained breasts bouncing with each step and now it felt as if they could burst free. Blushing with embarrassment, she opened the door.

Mister Gantner, dressed in slacks and a polo shirt, smiled at Myrna and his eyes immediately went to her chest. The colored girl quickly lowered her eyes so he wouldn't see her looking at him while he took in the view of her exposed cleavage.

"Well, hello, Myrna," he said without looking up.

"Hello, Mister Gantner..., sir," she replied bashfully.

"Welcome, sir," said Gloria, rising from her place on the couch. "Thank you for comin'."

Mister Gantner strode into the living room.

"Please sit down, sir," said Gloria. "Can my girl get you somethin' to drink? Coffee?"

"Coffee would be fine," he replied. "Black."

"Go fetch the nice man some coffee, girl," Gloria directed Myrna.

Myrna went to get the coffee while Mister Gantner sat in the same easy chair as last time. When she returned with the steaming cup, the colored girl bent over to hand it to him. Her breasts hanging under her blouse actually made it easier for the white man to see them. He took his time getting the cup out of her hand and she remained in position until he did, her face flushed from the unabashed attention he was was giving her young mammaries.

"Thanks," he said finally, accepting the coffee cup.

"You're welcome, sir."

Slowly, Myrna straightened up, carefully avoiding eye contact with the man staring down her blouse. She went over to the spot on the couch opposite Mister Gantner and sat down, making sure to keep her thighs parted. She had no doubt that he was getting an eyeful of her panties and he made no effort to be discrete about looking up her skirt.

Blushing, Myrna simply sat there, her eyes downcast and her pussy buzzing, serving as eye candy for their guest. Glancing over at her mother, she saw the hint of a smile of approval. Gloria encouraged her daughter with a subtle nod of encouragement. The colored girl moved her legs a little further apart and her mother's smile grew perceptibly.

"So, Myrna," said Mister Gantner, slowly bringing his eyes up to look her in face. "We've got a lot of catching up to do. You said you were in ninth grade?"

"Yes, sir."

"I wonder if a pretty girl like you has a boyfriend."

"Yes, sir."

"Really? What's he like?"

"Um... well..., he's just a boy, I guess...", Myrna stammered.

"I see." smiled Mister Gantner.

"It's a white boy she's datin', sir," Gloria spoke up.

"Excellent!" he responded.

Myrna blushed again and quickly looked down when she saw the white man's eyes leisurely roaming over her young body. When his gaze was between her legs, she felt her pussy twitch. The colored teen was embarrassed and a little aroused by Mister Gantner's words and actions.

"Come here, Myrna," he directed her.

"Yes, sir," she replied, standing.

Myrna's level of anxiousness rose with each step she took closer to Mister Gantner. She stopped and stood in front of him, looking everywhere but at him.


Swallowing hard, Myrna took another step. She was practically standing over him now.

"Lift your skirt," he ordered her.

Stunned by his request, Myrna stood motionless. She took a quick look back at her mother sitting on the couch behind her.

"Do like the man says, girl," said Gloria.

Her face burning, Myrna took hold of the hem of the skirt and lifted it up, exposing her panties. She bowed her head and waited for whatever was going to happen next.

After savoring the young negro's humiliation, Mister Gantner reached out with one hand and hooked his finger under the waistband of Myrna's panties.

"Let's see what we have here," he said.

The white man pulled the waistband towards him and leaned forward to take a peek down the front of the colored girl's panties. The teenager just stood there and let him do as he pleased.

"Nice bush," he remarked. "Nice an' woolly. Nice aroma, too."

Mortified, Myrna's face was hot with shame. How could he comment on her private parts so casually?

"Myrna...," her mother spoke. "What do you say?"

"Th... th... thank you..., sir," blushed Myrna. "I'm... uh... glad you... like it, sir."

Having him take such liberties with her was bad enough, but having to thank him for it was beyond humiliating. Nevertheless, her pussy was twitching at the attention.

"Gloria, come here," he ordered.

Immediately, Gloria rose to her feet and walked over to stand next to her daughter.

"Let's get your tits out," said Mister Gantner.

Grabbing the bottom of Gloria's tank top, he yanked it up over her breasts, baring them and leaving them quivering slightly. Myrna was shocked at the abruptness and brazenness of his actions. At the same time her pussy jumped at seeing her mother treated this way.

"Now pull your little slut's panties down so I can see her nigger cunt properly."

"Yes, sir," said Gloria.

Myrna stood motionless as her mother squatted and took hold of her daughter's panties. In one motion, she pulled them down to the girl's knees. Mister Gantner admired the teenager's exposed mound and brushed the backs of the fingers of one hand against her pubic hairs.

"Very nice," he observed. "The bush is a little thick, but I can still see the gash in there. You can go ahead and shave it for next time."

"Yes, sir, I'll shave her fo' you, boss," said Gloria.

Mister Gantner moved his hand down slightly and started to slip it between Myrna's legs.

"Squat fo' the nice gen'leman, baby," Gloria instructed her. "Let him have a good feel o' yo' stuff."

Her panties stretched as Myrna opened her legs and squatted down. Mister Gantner reached between her legs and cupped her vagina in his hand. The teenager's face burned with shame at being handled this way.

"Nice an' soft," the white man remarked. "Just like her mama's. You know, she's actually quite wet. She really is a little slut, isn't she?"

"I ain't know 'bout that, sir," replied Gloria. "I know she likes showin' her stuff off to you, sir. She's a good nigga."

Myrna turned her head so she couldn't see either her mother or Mister Gantner while they talked about her in such degrading ways. It was humiliating to the extreme. What the girl couldn't understand was why her body was reacting the way that it was. It was taking a conscious effort to keep herself from trying to rub her pussy on the white man's hand as he cupped her sex.

"Tell me, Myrna, do you let boys touch your cunt?" he asked.

The word "cunt" sounded so crude, but it felt good to hear it with the white man's hand pressing up between her legs.

"No, sir, I don't," she answered.

"Why not?"

"'cause that's my private place, sir. Ain't nobody s'posed to touch me there."

"I'm touching you there."

"I know, sir. You... you ain't the same as them... You... got the right to do that... to touch me like that."

Mister Gantner pressed his hand against Myrna's crotch and slowly moved it against her pussy.

"What gives me the right to do that?"

Myrna noticed that she'd started rubbing her pussy on Mister Gantner's hand. It felt good. She tried to stop but couldn't.

"'cause you're white, sir. Mama says you're our better, sir."

"Do you believe that?"

"Yes, sir."

"Why?" he asked.

"'cause we're jus' niggas, sir," she answered.

Mister Gantner was rubbing Myrna's pussy more firmly now and the young teenager couldn't help but hump back at his hand.

"Open her blouse up," he ordered Gloria.

"Yes, sir," Gloria responded.

Myrna kept humping at the white man's hand while her mother unbuttoned her blouse and held it open for him, exposing her teenaged breasts. The colored girl knew she had to look like a slut standing there holding her skirt up with her panties down and her mother holding her blouse open, but it didn't matter. All her attention was focused on the pleasure she was feeling between her legs against Mister Gantner's open palm.

"Nice tits for a fifteen year old," said the white man. "Just like her mama's were. My daddy was right about niggers fillin' out early."

Mister Gantner used his free hand to squeeze on Myrna's exposed breasts. He kneaded the soft fleshy mounds and even pinched her nipples now and then. The teenager moaned in response and, to her shame, felt an orgasm starting to build.

"Don't you cum yet, girl," said Mister Gantner. "Niggers don't cum before their betters. Got that?"

"Yes, sir," whimpered Myrna.

The sudden change in the white man's demeanor took Myrna aback a little, but she was so worked up at the moment all it did was further fuel her arousal. She tried to stop humping at Mister Gantner's hand and avoid cumming against his wishes, but it wasn't easy.

"Get back on the sofa, slut," he said. "Sit down and keep those legs open so I can see your nigger cunt. Make sure your tits are showin', too."

"Yes, sir," she replied.

Myrna walked back to the couch with her panties around her knees. They fell to her ankles as she shuffled along. She sat down on the edge of the seat cushion and spread her legs apart, her feet together with her panties draped over them. She pulled her blouse open so that her breasts were completely exposed to him.

"You," Mister Gantner addressed Gloria. "Present your holes."

"Right away, boss," said the older woman.

Gloria was still on her knees with her tank top up over her breasts. She got down on all fours and turned around until she was facing away from him. Lowering her head and chest to the floor, the black woman spread her legs and thrust her ass up.

Mister Gantner rose and quickly dropped his slacks. Myrna saw that he was fully erect, the tip of his dick glistened with pre cum. Embarrassed, she did feel a twinge of pride knowing that she'd been at least partly responsible for his state of arousal.

Without a word, the white man got on his knees behind the kneeling negress, flipped her skirt up onto her back, and jammed his hard dick into her pussy, and started humping at her so hard that her breasts swayed. Myrna watched gape mouthed as her mother's eyes and mouth opened wide.

"Play with yourself, nigger," growled Mister Gantner. "But don't cum without askin' first. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Myrna responded.

This was unbelievable, though Myrna through the warm haze of arousal. A white man addressed her as "nigger" and not only did she respond as if it were her name, she found herself becoming overwhelmed with sexual excitement in a way she'd never experienced. Despite the humiliating nature of the act, she put her hand between her legs and began playing with her pussy as he'd instructed.

"Take charge of your girl, nigger," Mister Gantner told Gloria as he humped her. "Make her do better 'n that."

Gloria looked up at Myrna from her hands and knees as Mister Gantner continued to pound her cunt, her tits jiggling with each thrust.

"Do like the gen'leman say," Gloria told her daughter. "Play wit' yo' coochie fo' real, girl. I knows you know how."

It was difficult for Myrna to masturbate with both Mister Gantner and her mother watching her. It wasn't that she wasn't aroused or even that she didn't want to touch herself. Actually, the most humiliating thing would be to get so carried away that she couldn't hold back.

"Put your fingers on your clit an' rub on it," her mother instructed her.

Myrna did as she was told and soon felt the pleasurable sensations that until now, she'd only enjoyed in private.

"Don't that feel good, baby?"

"Yes, Mama."

"Keep it up like a good girl."

"Have her play with her tits," Mister Gantner directed.

With her free hand, Myrna started squeezing on her breast. Her nipples were hard. This wasn't part of her usual masturbation routine, but she already knew that this wasn't for her pleasure. It was for the white man's entertainment. She could see that Mister Gantner was enjoying the show by the way he increased the tempo while fucking her mother there on the floor in front of her.

"That's it, sweetie," said Gloria, breathing heavily. "Play wit' yo' titties for the nice man. Can you lick your nipples for him?"

"I dunno."

"Try, baby."

Myrna lifted her breast up and bent her head down, pushing her tongue out as far as she could. She could just touch the nipple with it and started flicking at it. She looked to her mother for a sign of approval.

"Good girl," gasped Gloria. "You lookin' real sexy doin' that. Now, get them panties off an' spread yo' legs wide as you can an' show yo' coochie off for the gen'leman."

Kicking her feet, Myrna shook the panties off. She put one leg up over the arm of the couch, obscenely splaying her legs open. Her pussy lips parted and she felt as if Mister Gantner and her mother could both see right up her vagina.

Mister Gantner was glassy eyed and red faced as he continued slamming into Gloria's pussy. The wet slapping sound of flesh on flesh rang in the teenager's ears. Masturbating while watching her mother getting fucked in front of her was pushing Myrna to the brink of orgasm.

"See how she creamin' up fo' you, sir?" Gloria asked Mister Gantner. "Her little coochie is all wet for you. Ain't she a good nigga, boss?"

"Yeah," he gasped, sweat dripping off his face and onto Gloria's ass. "She's a little fuckin' slut."

"That's right, boss," grinned Gloria. "She's a slutty nigga fo' you, sir. Showin' her stuff off jus' for you, sir." She looked up at her daughter, "Tell him, baby. Tell him what you are."

Myrna was pretty far gone, but was still able to respond.

"I'm a slutty nigga, sir," she told him. "I hope you like seein' my stuff, sir. I'm showin' it off jus' for you, sir. I like showin' my pussy off to you, boss."

"Pussy?" he grunted. "Niggers don't have pussies. White ladies have pussies. Niggers just got cunts."

That bit of degradation almost had Myrna cumming that instant. Why did this all turn her on so much? It was so shameful, but it felt so good. Seeing the effect of what she was saying on Mister Gantner was also acting as encouragement.

"Sorry, sir," Myrna apologized breathlessly. "You're right, sir. It's jus' a cunt 'cause I'm jus' a nigga. I like showin' my cunt off to you 'cause you're a white man an' you're my better."

"That's right, girl...," gasped Gloria. "You're doin' good..."

Myrna felt herself getting to the point of no return. If she didn't stop, she was going to cum. She knew she had to ask, but it was just so embarrassing that it was hard to get the words out.

"I'm gonna...," she cried. "I'm gonna... cum..., sir. Can I, sir? Please, sir?"

"Yeah, you can cum you little slut," groaned Mister Gantner. "Do it, nigger. Cum for me."

"Ohhh!" Myrna moaned animalistically. "Ohhh..."

"Fuck!" grunted Mister Gantner. "Here it comes, nigger. Take it, you fuckin' whore."

"Yes, sir," whimpered Gloria. "Thank you, sir. Thank you for cummin' in me..."

The white man thrust hard into the kneeling negress and ejaculated deep inside her. Gloria could feel the semen blasting into her well used vagina.

Seeing what was happening in front of her, Myrna felt herself experiencing a second orgasm right on the heels of the first one. The young teenager was overwhelmed by the sensations and felt herself gushing on her fingers as she continued to work her pussy.

"Ohhh..." moaned Myrna. "Ohhh..."

Mister Gantner rose to his feet, his dick dripping a long strand of semen. Gloria glanced up at Myrna before getting up onto her knees and facing the white man. Without a word, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it clean, kissing the tip when she was finished. He pulled up his pants and zipped up.

"Your girl is turning into a real fine nigger, Gloria," he told her. "Just like her mama."

"Thank you, sir," replied Gloria. "I'm glad she's pleasin' to you."

Gloria got back down on all fours and crawled to where Mister Gantner stood. Lowering her head she began to lick the white man's shoes. Myrna watched the thick white liquid oozing out of her mother's vagina and running down the inside of her thigh.

Remembering her mother's deion of her own introduction to Mister Gantner's father, she got down on the floor herself and crawled beside Gloria. She could see her pink tongue lapping against the brown shoe leather. She understood that this is how one paid respects to their better. Lowering her head to the white man's other shoe, she began licking it, just like her mother.

"Good girls," Mister Gantner smiled down at them.

Gloria got back up onto her knees and smiled up at the white man. Myrna sat up, too, and waited for whatever was going to happen next. After a moment, Mister Gantner walked to the front door and let himself out. Mother and daughter were left kneeling in the middle of the room.

"You did good, baby," Gloria smiled at her daughter. "Mister Gantner was real pleased with you. I can tell, 'cause he came really hard. I ain't felt him shoot off like that in a long time."

Myrna just smiled and said nothing. Her head was still spinning from sensory overload. So much had happened and it was hard to process it all. Gloria got up and pulled her top back down over her breasts.

"I'm gonna go take a shower," she announced and headed for the bathroom.

Myrna stood and went to her room to change her clothes. When she came out, she heard the sounds of the shower still running in the bathroom mixed with her mother's moans of pleasure. At last, they all had their relief.
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