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And how it continued
Part II

(Thanks for the votes and the comments everyone. Im not a very good writer so thanks for grinning and bearing it as you read Part I haha)

All of the guys we hung out with or played soccer with made jokes about masturbation and cumming but it was always in joking with absolutely no one ever coming close to admitting they did it. Once me and Taylor discovered it we knew right away that more guys had to doing it than admitted to it. We knew that some of them had to do it since it felt so good. As for me and Taylor, well, we continued doing it every day and we almost always did it together.

Us exploring sex wasn’t planned or anything. It just happened. I guess one of us was always horny and all it took was seeing a boner and the other got horny. We stuck with jerking each other or watching each other jerk for a long time. We dared each other to do thing like taste our own jizz or taste the others. The first time we tasted our own we licked it off each other’s fingers after we jerked. First time we tasted each others was in the shower. We took turns kneeling and jerking the other on to our lips and face.

During the school year we started noticing the other guys bodies and dicks in the shower after soccer a lot more. We thought that our dicks looked about the same as most of the other guys. We weren’t sure how we compared to others with a boner since we only saw one guy get one. That was Tim, and man, was he ever embarrassed when that happened. All of the guys made fun of him and called him gay because he got a boner around guys.

Mike is another guy that we both noticed and talked about because he had red hair on his head and over his dick. Up til then we thought everyone’s hair over their dick was brown like ours. It was in the porns we saw to so seeing Mikes bright red hair was kind of a surprise. As for size, well, we both thought we held our own there to. We weren’t big but compared to nearly all of the other guys our was as big if not a little bigger.

So you know, me and Taylor were about 5'6 and 135 lbs back then. And we both have brown hair and brown eyes. Neither of us had much hair on our bodies then. We had a little on our legs and a little bush right over our dicks, a few whips under our arms and lots on our heads (we both wore our hair long than to) We never measured our dicks but I think they were around 3" soft and 4 or 4.5 boned.

And so you know more lol, Our bodies have changed a lot since then. Now we are both 5'11 and we weigh 155 and our legs are a lot hairier and we got more hair under our arms and happy trails in the right places.

We come from a small community where everyone knows everyone and everyone likes to know everyone’s business. Our high school was small and we only knew of one guy in school who was either bi or gay and we found that out when we were hiking in the woods one day when we were 17. Ill tell you about that later on.

Summer brought us a lot more free time and a lot more chances to mess around. Since we both woke up in the morning with boners we helped each other out every day before we got dressed and if we went biking or hiking in the woods a lot of times we would stop to pee or something and seeing each others dicks always got us going. It was fun to do it outside although we both were a little afraid of being seen or caught.

I remember once we were deep in the woods so we started messing around and Taylor suggested we strip naked. We left just our shoes on and stood and jerked each other for a while. I told Taylor I had to pee and he told he he would hold my dick while I did. He stood behind me and held my dick while I peed UP in the air. The thing I noticed most was feeling his hard boner pressing against my butt crack. I pushed against him and moved my butt around. He told me that felt cool and then proceeded to stroke my dick while he humped his up and down on my crack. I could feel when he shot on my back and as soon as I felt that I shot in the air and on his hand.

It was during that summer that we found out that we could make cum up to at least 5xs a day. The more times we did it we got less cum but we both shot some just the same. We also found out that even when we didn’t get much cum it still felt real good when we climaxed.

With summer came being able to stay up as late as we wanted so we played video games every night until our parents went to bed and then we would get on the computer and look at porns. We liked looking at girl/guy porns just as much as we liked guy/guy porns. They both had the same effect on us. We both got boners and we both got horny.

I think I was the one who had the idea we should try sleeping naked in one bed. That led us to do some real heavy humping with our dicks together as well as humping each others butt cracks. We also tried some kissing. At first it was just a fast smack of our lips but then we decided to try it like we would if it was with a girl (Taylor called it practicing) and thats when we started sticking our tongues in each other’s mouths. I really liked how that felt. I liked when we sucked each others tongues.

Rock, scissors paper. We always used that as how it was decided who would try something first. Taylor lost the time we played it to see who was going to suck first. And once Taylor lost I laid back in the bed and he had to slide down and suck me. He hesitated and played with my dick and then he finally kissed it and ran his tongue around the tip. When he tried to say that was enough I wouldn’t let him stop. I told him that wasn’t sucking like in the porns so he had to do more. He went back down and stroke me some more and then he opened his mouth and took my dick in it and closed his lips and sucked me. He moved his head up and down and did ok until I pumped his mouth and made him choke. I had to promise not to move before he continued so I stayed still and let him do it. He got all my dick in his mouth and went up and down. While he was doing it he played with my balls and rubbed his dick back and forth on my leg. I promised not to shoot in his mouth so when I got close I told him and he pulled his mouth off and jerked me until I shot. Some of my jizz shot on his chest and I felt his cum shoot out on my leg.

I asked him as I laughed, “how was that?’
He played with my dick and told me it was pretty cool.

The next morning right after we woke up he showed me he was boned and told me it was my turn to try sucking him. He sat on is bed and I knelt and after he promised to tell me before he shot I started working his boner with my mouth. I choked a few times but kept doing it. Taylor moaned a little and told me he was getting close but wasn’t going to shoot yet so I kept sucking and before I knew it I could feel and taste some spurts of Taylor’s cum in my mouth. I gagged and pulled away and told him he was a prick for not telling me. He just laughed and said it felt so good he forgot. Liar.

Sucking became one of our favorite things to do. We did it in the shower, in our beds at night or when we woke up and we did it in the woods. After some practice we both were became ok with shooting in each other’s mouths.

(Tristan just had me read what hes written about us. I think he has done a good job so far but I told him I want to write the next part. He is more for me being a co-writer. Typical, he was born 1minute before me and thinks he has it on me. (Just kidding! ) Anyways, he told me I could post this he says maybe co-write the next one.
(LOL sounding like a Rock Scissors Paper thing)



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