Dave and Catherine had come to a point where they were beginning to get an understanding of each other.
“I need a shower and a shave if I’m going to be able to stand next to myself, much less go out in public,” I said to her as we lay on the bed. I was idly twisting her long black hair around with my fingers.

“I’ve been in it … bet we could get both of us in there if we were real friendly.” She smiled up at me.

“That sounds like something I should know about this rig. Let’s give it a try.”

We got ourselves into the bathroom and I started the shower. There wasn’t any undressing to do, but the water warmed up quick. We stepped in and I shut the door behind us.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Catherine said as she huddled under the shower. I was behind her, admiring the way her marvelous shape flowed from her raven-black hair that hung down to the middle of her back. Her smooth skin going from her shoulders down her arms and back to her waist, then flaring out again to her hips and the little indentations right above her ass, around its smooth curve to her legs, knees, and finally down to her little feet. I shook my head at the sheer beauty, and not just a little bit at how lucky I felt being with her.

“Get under there! It’s wonderful!” She hugged me and we shuffled around so I was in the water.

“Oh, wait a minute! This shower has a couple optional features.” I leaned out the door and hit a couple of buttons to start the overhead shower and the side nozzles. The wall nozzle shut off and a little panel opened overhead, and two long ones on each side wall. The water started up again, soaking both of us at the same time. Catherine looked at the new sprays in amazement.

“I’ve never seen a shower like this! This is so cool!”

“First time I’ve ever used it. This is great!” I agreed, feeling the warm water washing down my back. I grabbed the soap and told Cat to turn around so I could wash her back. I did so, using the slipperiness of the soap to help me massage her shoulders and back.

I soaped her down, then wet and soaped up two washcloths to use on her. The roughness must have done the trick because she started almost purring. “mmmmm. That feels good.”

I scrubbed good her from behind, from her neck, down her back and her firm ass cheeks, and down her legs to her ankles, and then got down on my knees and had her raise each foot so I could wash them. Still behind her, I started back up the front of her legs. I stood as I got to her trim thighs, slowly running the washcloths over her skin as I began to kiss her shoulders and nuzzle into her neck, biting it gently.

She tasted a little soapy because I hadn’t rinsed her, but I didn’t care. Her hands came up and caressed the back of my head. I reached the top of her thighs and dropped the washcloths while I continued scrubbing the sides of her hips with my bare hands.

She was writhing against me now, her mouth open and silently panting. I moved my hands around to where her hips joined her legs, slowly moving them toward her trimmed black bush. I rubbed between her legs and her labia, slowly dragging the edges of my hands back out to lather her pussy hair, alternating hands to cup her mound and massage it with each one.

Her legs were getting weak; she was involuntarily squatting into my hands every time I got between her legs with my hands. I moved on up to her belly, spending time between it and her sides at her waist before moving up to her ribs, barely touching the swell of her breasts. I came around to her lower ribs again, hesitating just slightly before cupping her full breasts with my soapy hands. I rubbed them slowly, flicking my thumbs across her nipples and squeezing gently, rolling her breasts and pressing them and moving on to her upper chest and then her neck as she raised her chin. If she had been an animal, exposing her neck like this would have been the ultimate demonstration of trust.

I was beginning to think she was an animal with the way she was purring and even softly growling. I washed under her chin, stroking her jaw, then her cheeks making circular motions with my fingertips to her nose, then up between her eyes to finish at her forehead. I ran my hands down her neck, over her shoulders and down her arms to hold her hands in mine as I leaned around to kiss her.

She turned her head to meet me halfway and raised her lips to mine. Still holding her hands, I wrapped my arms around her and just held her close to me while we kissed. She turned in my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck and rubbed herself against me. I rubbed her back and her butt to rinse the soap from her and then kneeled down to rinse her legs. I stood up again, took her by the shoulders and spun her around to face away from me. I jerked her shoulders back into my chest and bit her ear as I began to rub her upper chest to rinse the soap. She seemed to be enjoying it, so I was being just a tiny bit rougher with her, squeezing and rubbing her tits while pinching and pulling on her nipples. I moved my hands down and held her to me while I started almost dancing with her, as we swayed from side to side together while the water played across her.

She reached back to wrap her arm around my neck and whispered, “Are you going to fuck me again? If you think you’re starting that engine before you do, you’d better think again, mister, because you’ve already got mine running.”

“Now it’s your turn. Give me the soap.”

Now I’d been career military and knew an order when I heard one, so with a “Yes, ma’am,” I handed it over.

She soaped her hands and then started at my forehead with her fingertips and then drew a line down my nose with one finger. She cupped my face with both hands and rubbed her thumbs lightly across my lips while she scrubbed my cheeks. Her hands went down to my neck and carefully wrapped around and then moved to my shoulders. She caressed them and then soaped me up real good from my chest down to my hips. She put the soap in the tray and reached around to grab my butt. She then molded her body to mine, undulating, squirming, and sliding herself up and down, washing my body with hers. She turned around, sliding her back and that marvelous butt up and down on me.

My dick, which had been about half-staff, hardened rapidly as the cleft of her ass slid up and down on it. She leaned forward, put her hands on the shower wall and pressed her butt into my now iron-stiff rod and rotated her hips. If this were a lap dance, we’d both have been arrested. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tighter into me, gyrating my own hips in synch with hers. I pulled back a little, getting my cock between her legs, then rubbed her slit with it as I began humping her cute little behind.

She reached one hand down and held my bone, pushing it up and into her hot hole. I bent my legs a little, allowing a straight thrust into her pussy.

“Aanngh! Oh, Dave! Yesssss! Oh! Uhngh!” Her hand went back to the wall, bracing herself as I thrust my cock into her pussy again and again. I pushed all the way in, grinding my dick into her and reached around to start rubbing and pinching her clit with my finger. “Dave! Oh! Ah! Mmmmm! Oh! OoooOOO!” I felt her pussy quiver and then spasm hard as she came, and that was all that was needed to put me over the top as well. She grunted each time I yanked her hips into me to pump five or six hot blasts of cum, finally grinding hard into her while I finished myself and her.

She stood up and leaned back against me as my dick softened and fell from her pussy. She turned around again and held onto me tightly.

“Oh, Dave. You can do that to me all day, every day, as much as you want, whenever you want.”

“Cat, honey, I really believe I could do that all day with you. You get me hotter than I ever thought I could be.”

I kissed her again and we held each other, rubbing our hands up and down each other’s back.

Right about then water went from pleasantly warm to damn near ice cold as the hot water tank finally emptied. Cat screamed and headed for the door. “Wow!” I yelled. I could feel every pore on my body slam shut as the cold water splashed over me. I reached for the spigots and shut them off, then got out and wrapped a towel around me.

She had a towel wrapped around her and handed one to me. “Oh my god that was cold! I thought it would have gone from hot to cold a little slower than that!” As soon as I had it, she stepped into me and I wrapped my arms around towel-covered body while she shivered.

“Me, too, but I guess I’m a little surprised it lasted as long as it did. I’m gonna have to get into the book and find out just how big that tank is. Here, let me get you dried off before you freeze to death.”

We dried each other off, then I shaved while she blow-dried her hair. She went to her room to get dressed and I went to mine. We met at the front and I grabbed a soda for me (she likes water) and we headed forward. I showed her the map and said, “I figure we’ll get to Raton about lunch time. Doesn’t look very big. We might be fixing lunch here in the coach.”

“Well, if it’s not all that big, how about if I fix lunch and we just keep going?”

I looked at her and realized she liked the open road as much as I did. “Works for me!” I said, and we buckled up and took to the highway.

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