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Young cock
I was spending a week at a friends cottage on a lake in northern Michigan. The weather was warm and I spent a great deal of time enjoying views of the lake from a lounge on the front porch. Directly across the small channel in front of the cottage was a house filled with a vacation family. Every morning the teen girls and boys would pour from the cottage and make a beeline for the water. A raft floated a short distance off shore and all of the kids congregated there. The boys in their baggy swim trunks and the girls in their two piece suits would jostle for position on the raft, pushing and shoving until all of them had fallen in or been pushed off several times. Soon, they would get tired of the fight and lay down on the raft to dry off in the sun and get a tan.
Day after day I would watch this interaction between all of the kids and would often retreat inside the cottage where I could lube my cock with astroglide and slowly stroke it while I watched the tight bodied young boys and girls wrestle with each other. Inevitably, I would end up shooting a rope of cum across my chest and, sometimes, enjoy a splash of my own cum as it made it's way into my mouth. The sensation of my cum as it sprayed across my face and into my mouth made my climax that much more extreme. I would arch my back and shake as my cock pumped out my cream.
On about the fourth day, a boy and girl from the cottage across the channel unexpectedly entered a two person kayak and made their way to the shore in front of my cottage. The boy was 14 or 15 and was about five feet nine inches tall with sun bleached blond hair over his ears and curling down his neck. Blue eyes and a very muscular thin body completed the package. The girl was about the same age and also had sun bleached blond hair, but she wore it very short and it accentuated her high cheek bones and large green eyes. They made their way up to the covered porch where I was sitting and intoduced themselves as Carol and Silva. I introduced myself and asked them to join me on the porch.
Carol suggested we go inside, since it was warming up outside and was becoming a bit too warm even in the shade. I led the way into the living room where the sofa I so often had watched them on the raft was located.
I asked them if I could get them something cold to drink and Silva suggested cold beer. I was taken back by his boldness and suggested that he and Carol were too young for alcohol and that I could go to jail for serving them. Carol leaned forward, her small tight breasts peeking through her bikini top, and her now lowered voice whispered, “We have watched you as you watch us on the raft and stroke your cock. Silva and I figure that you owe us at least a few beers for all of the cum you have shot in the last few days.” Silva just smiled at me. I was in shock. I had thought that there was no way anyone could see into the living room as I stroked my cock.
“Look, Silva said, We understand that you just needed to get your rocks off. Once we saw you we decided to add to your pleasure. In fact, seeing that beautiful cock turned me on. I would love to stroke it for you. Carol would love it too. We just thought that we should all get something out of the situation and Carol and I love to get a buzz on. What do you think?”
With that said, Carol reached over and unzipped my shorts. I was stunned and didn't really know what to do or say. Silva got up and headed to the kitchen while Carol slipped out of her bra, revealing beautiful hard nipples and small, tight breasts. She quickly slid between my legs and engulfed my cock before I could offer any resistance. With one hand deftly caressing my balls and one wrapped firmly around the base of my cock, she started moving her mouth up and down the length of my cock as it started to swell in response. Silva walked back into the room holding three bottles of beer and immediately pulled his swim trunks off. A beauiful 7 inch cock sprang from his crotch and was placed directly in front of me. Without hesistation, I put both hands behind his firm butt cheeks and pulled him to me. Opening my mouth, I slowly took his stiff cock into my mouth and down my throat. I felt his balls hit my chin and my nose buried itself into his pubic hair. Without prompting, Silva started to fuck my mouth. Slowly, he moved his cock in and out in a rhythmic motion. Each time his cock reached the back of my throat he would let out a slight grunt and his hips would lurch slightly. Carol matched the rhythym with her mouth on my cock and used her tongue to massage the sensitive bottom of my cock. We moved like this for several minutes until Silva, almost groaning, let me know he was going to cum. I grabbed his tight ass with both hands and pulled him into my face. His cock buried itself in my throat. His body convulsed as he shot load after load down my throat. As he came, I swallowed as much as I could. Not used to the sheer volume of cum, some of the precious liquid ran down my chin. As if by command, Carol slid my rock hard cock from her mouth and quickly licked the excess cum from my chin as Silva backed away and sat on the couch. Without missing a beat, Carol slid my cock back down her throat and started sucking me with a vengeance. Two of her fingers found their way up my ass and she fingered me as she sucked me. Soon, I was unable to hold back the load and I pushed my hips up towards her. My cum shot in streams as she sucked and fingered me. I lay back down on the couch, my cock on my stomach, as Carol licked what cum had escaped her mouth from her hands and chin.
Without hesitation, Carol slid her bikini bottoms off to expose a perfectly tanned pussy, devoid of any hair. The pussy lips were glistening with her juices. She ran the middle finger of her left hand through the slit and greedily licked them clean. She climbed onto the couch and straddled me with her tanned, long legs as she grabbed the back of my head and buried my face into her swollen pussy. While I prefer a stiff cock to a pussy seven days out of seven, the feel and emotion overcame me and I forced my tongue between the swollen lips and found her clitoris. Sucking and licking, I quickly had Carol in the throws of an epic orgasm. Her hips pushing into my face, her pussy wet with nectar, I continued to tongue her until she lay back from me and sat on an adjacent coffee table.
Looking to my left, I saw Silva with a beer at his lips. Half of the bottles contents were already gone and he was quickly draining the rest. His cock, to my delight, was already back at full staff. I got up and moved over to him. Grabbing his stiff cock, I straddled him and forced his beautiful member up my ass. Silva quickly sat the beer down and grabbed my hips. Within a few seconds, he was burying his entire cock up my ass. I could feel the pressure as his cock reached far inside me and started to match his motion with my own. Soon, my own cock was starting to stiffen. Silva reached around with one hand and started to stroke me as he fucked me from behind. I looked across to see Carol taking Silva's empty beer bottle and sliding it all the way up her wet pussy. She barely had enough bottle left to hold onto as she frantically slid the longneck home. Her free hand grabbed her breast and began to tug at the hard nipple. I was transfixed as I watched her hips gyrate and her nipple stretch. She watched us as we fucked and soon both Silva and Carol were in the middle of orgasms. Silva squeezed my cock so hard I thought the head would pop off and Carol thrust her hips so high she almost lost the beer bottle. Groans and moans filled the room and I too shot a load. We all collapsed onto the furniture and just gasped for breath for a good few minutes.
Without my ceremony, both Carol and Silva got up and put their suits back on. They thanked me for the beer and asked if they could come by again. I told them that I was only there for a couple more days and they assured me that another visit would be forthcoming. They weren't lying. The next two days were filled with fucking and sucking. It turned out that Carol and Silva were cousins that spent summers together and were anxious to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences. I can't wait until next summer...
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