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Kaya gets drug raped after a party...
As she slowly regained conciousness, Kaya opened her eyes and tried to figure out what was happening. She didn’t see much at first, but as soon as her eyes got used to the shadowy darkness in the room, she noticed five or six guys standing next to her, naked. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all. Her senses became a little clearer and suddenly she realized there was a guy sitting close to her, hammering his enormous cock in and out of her shaven pussy. She wanted to get up and run away, but she couldn’t move a muscle. Parts of last evening began to come back to her, and she remembered dancing with a whole bunch of guys. One of them had given her a drink, and after that, she didn’t remember anything. They must have drugged her to take her home and rape her. She couldn’t believe it, she was really being raped.

Kaya still laid down on what appeared to be the kitchen table, as more guys walked over to her and started touching her naked body. One of them took his dick in his hand and stuffed it into Kaya’s mouth, fucking her throat like she was nothing but a tiny little slut. She felt she was being lifted and one of the guys took place below her. Without any warning he placed his cock on the edge of her butthole and slammed it inside of her. Kaya wanted to scream, but nothing happened. She couldn’t make a sound or move, but she was fully concious and totally realized what was happening. One cock was now sliding up and down her ass, one was touching the very back of her throat and one was pounding inside and out of her pussy. That fourway didn’t take long, as the guy who had his thing in Kaya’s mouth quickly took it out and spit his juice all over her pretty face. Seconds later, the guy inside her pussy didn’t even bother to take it out before coming and shot his entire load into her body. As the guy took his cock out, Kaya felt the warm cum dripping onto her thighs.

It appeared to be changing time. A few other guys had now put Kaya on top of one of the others, and she felt her body jumping up and down. It hurted badly, and that became even worse because the one with the biggest dick of all, a huge muscular black guy, had taken place behind her and was now fucking her way too tight asshole like there was no tomorrow. And the guys weren’t done yet. Kaya realized they were far from it actually, because one of the others took his cock in his hand, walked over to her and stuffed his big thing inside her pussy as well. She now had en enormous dick inside her ass and two pounding her twat at the same time, while a fourth guy started facefucking her again and another one got himself a boobjob. Although a gangbang was in fact one of Kaya’s secret dreams, this wasn’t exactly the way she had pictured it. Every part of her body hurted like hell, and all she could do it stay where she was, without moving or making any sound.

As the guys came closer to their climaxes, one after another started cumming. The black one, who had been nailing her butt for the past couple of minutes, was first to arrive. He as well didn’t want to take his cock out first, and Kaya felt a warm load entering her butthole. She finally had a moment of breathing as the guy pulled out at last, but it didn’t take long. Within a minute another one had already filled the empty whole and was now fucking her ass roughly. At that point, the boobjob-guy now came all over her cute tits, and at the same time the one who had been throatfucking her shot his load all over her face. Every part of her body was now drenched in cum, but she still had two cocks inside her pussy and one pounding her ass. The ones on the front came at pretty much the same time, filling Kaya’s pussy entirely. At last, the guy nailing her ass now reached the final orgasm and after a few last hip movements he pulled out and unloaded everything into her hair. After that last moment, Kaya saw the guys putting on their clothes again and walking out of the room. There she was, on a kitchen table, with huge loads of cum dripping out of every body hole.

As soon as she was able to move properly, she looked for her clothes, but the only things the found were the hotpants and the bra she had been wearing that night. Without the ability to clean up, she slipped into her pants and put on her bra, before walking out of the room. She realized she just had been raped in a basement in some of some emoty appartment, and it was such a long way home. All she wanted to do was take a cab and shower for hours, not only to wash the dirty feeling off of her, but also the cum, that had now hardened up and scraped over her body. She felt everything dripping out of her pussy at every step she took, and she realized her face was still covered in man juice. This was by far the worst day of her life, and she really hoped this would never ever happen again.

Disclaimer: although my stories usually are pretty much true, this one is just a dream I had a couple of weeks ago.

Check out my profile, it has some nice links to my Facebook page and Wordpress sex blog. Enjoy!

@ Kaya Lindgren

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2014-09-17 21:53:02
Assbandit nomeenzno

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2012-08-18 02:29:07
Good story! thanks for sharing. :)


2011-10-30 12:14:01
ur dream was intresting. thanks 4sharin it. that anonymous joke is funny as hell. they should post it. keep writing.

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2011-09-16 03:01:11
Yea I'm glad it was a dream. I always want a willing participate. not into GHB i mean what's the fun if she's not enjoying it to? guys are always complaining about a dead fuck that just lays there. and then those same guys want to drug someone to get off. of course if that's the only sex with a female you can get probably couldn't afford a pro had to chip in to buy the drugs. you have some kinky dreams. reminds me of a joke. Johnny was asked by the teacher if there are five birds on a fence, and you shoot one. How many are left? Johnny answered none if you shoot at one, the rest will fly away! Teacher says no the shiv answer is four, but I like the way you are thinking. Johnny was kinda mad so, he says to the teacher. Three women are eating ice cream cones, one is licking hers, one is sucking on hers, and one is biting hers. Which one is married? well the teacher turns red and finally says I guess the one sucking on hers. Johnny says no, the one wearing the wedding ring, but I like the

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2011-07-13 02:25:09
Great story, write more!!!

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