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This Story has been updated because of the spelling ang grammer of the the original was bad and was hard to follow. Please give me some feedback.It will help me with my other stoires
This story is about my second experience with a boy. I was twelve years old at the time and just started Jr. High School. Since this was a new school I was meeting new friends. One of the boys I met name was Derrick. Everyone called him Little Derrick because he was so short for his age. Derrick was thirteen years old but looked more like eleven or younger. Derrick and I started hanging out almost everyday along with my other friend Tommy (from my first story). I always wonder if Tommy ever told Derrick about what happen between him and I because Derrick started doing things that Tommy was known to do.

We use to play around and hit each other in the dick and balls to knock the wind out each other We even use to grab each other in the crouch area but always hit the person who was grabbing hand off. I don't know if was gay but these were the things we did just fooling and playing around nothing sexual about it until the one day Derrick changed all that.

We use to all hang out at the Fast Food Burger Joint by were we all lived. The place had a playground and in this playground there was a ball pit. ( A small pit with over 1,000 small yellow, blue and red plastic balls and whenever you jump in you will sink.) One day Derrick and I were playing around in this ball pit when Derrick grabbed me in the crouch area I moved his hand and punched him in the shoulder and continue to play. Then later back inside the ball pit I went to grab Derrick in the crouch but instead of moving my hand or pushing me away Derrick stood there and said "Ooh yea grab it, that fells good, keep your hand it"

I was shocked but I kept my hand on his crouch since we were in this ball pit and no one could see what was going on because the balls were covering everything up. He was wearing loose fitted basketball shorts so as I grabbing him I could fell that his dick was hard. He was getting turned on and so was I. Then he whispered to me "that feels good I'm getting hard let me fell yours now" He grabbed my crouch and started stroking my hard on and said "damm you fucking have a big dick" I was so turned on and had a raging boner that I was unable to get out of the ball pit because I didn't want to expose my hard on I was trying to hide inside my pants. We ended up getting out because some other little kids started jumping in. After that Derrick and I just went home because it was getting late and it was a school night. That night I couldn't sleep because I just kept thinking what just happen.

The next day Derrick, Tommy and I were hanging out. It just got dark out and we decided to walk to the local convenience store near our house. On the way up there Derrick pulled down his shorts while walking and said "Hey look at this!!" Tommy and I turned around and Derrick had his semi hard dick exposed in his hand. I was very surprised to see Derrick dick because Derrick is very short. He was only around 4 and half feet tall and he had pubic hairs on him and his dick was almost 6" and that was only semi hard. His dick looked even bigger because of his height. We all laugh about it but I was really turned on.

On the way back from the store we stopped by one of our other friend Robert's house to see what he doing. Tommy went to knock on his door and Derrick and I stood in the front yard waiting. It was very dark around Robert's house. You couldn't see nothing and we couldn't see the front door because there were a bunch of bushes covering the front door walk way so I went for it. I was around 10 feet away from were Derrick was standing so as Tommy went to knock on the door I kneeled down and called out to Derrick then opening my mouth. Derrick quickly pulled out his dick then ran up rubbed it on my cheek and inside my mouth and put it back away and ran laughing. Then Tommy came back out and said "Robert can't come out his mom said it' too late let's go to my house" so we all went to Tommy's house. We kicked back for a half an hour until Tommy said it was getting late and he was going to sleep. Then Derrick said he was going home and left I then left right after Derrick. I ran to the corner on the street and called back Derrick. He was already at the other corner but turned and walk back and asked me "what's up" I told that I was going to walk him home. He said "you don't have to" I told him that it won't be a problem. He said "are you sure because you live the other way from me" I told him yea let's go so we started walking.

We got to down the street and came upon a house that no one was living in. I told Derrick let's go inside that house He said "why, what for?" I said in a very low tone voice come on lets go in there and maybe I'll suck your dick thinking that he didn't hear me clearly. So I lead the way and Derrick followed right behind me. We walked to the side of this house and got to the back gate. The gate was locked then I heard a noise coming from the house next door. They had the windows open and you were able to hear the TV inside the house. I got scared so and kneeled down trying to hide. Then Derrick came around the corner of the house and since I was already kneeling down he already out dick out in his hands. I told him shit there are people next door be quiet and hide! But Derrick didn't care and stood right in front where I was kneeling and said " so what's up?" Now with Derrick standing in front of me with his dick out I didn’t answer him but froze for a few seconds. Derrick took a step forward and said " are you going to do this or what?" I then reached out grabbed his semi hard dick in my hand and started stroking him off. His dick felt amazing in my hand it was warm, hard but soft in my hand. His dick became real hard had stiff and grew even bigger then it was already. This boy had a dick that was over 7 and half inches not too fat but perfect. This shorty was hung like a horse. Derrick began to moan and said "that fells good but come on put it in your mouth, come on suck it" then he took another step forward.

Now Derrick's dick was right in my face and under my nose as I'm still stoking him. I could smell his manhood coming from his balls and dick. The smell was flooding all my senses since the head of his dick was right under my nose. That smell was amazingly crazy and made my mouth water and turned me on even more till this day I will always remember that smell. Then Derrick started to lean forward moving his dick closer till it made contact with my lips and said "Oh that is feels good, come on put it in you mouth now" as Derrick's now started to tighten his ass cheeks muscles I had no choice but to open my mouth and let the head of his dick rest on my lip. I then slowly started moving my head down towards him and his dick. The head of his dick now was in my mouth and the bottom of the head was riding on my tongue. I was able to fell the veins and the small piece of skin that connects to the bottom of the head shaft and to his dick rubbing on my tongue. The taste of Derrick's dick was even better the than smell. Then Derrick tighten his ass muscles forcing more of his dick into my mouth and almost down my throat. I then started moving my head back and forth down his dick. Now Derrick starting to moan even more and saying some crazy things "Oh yea!! That feels fucking great!! You like that dick, you bitch!! Put it all the way in mouth now bitch" Derrick moaned out. I could not believe I was doing this shit again and Derrick has a fucking big dick that testes fucking good and I wanted more. I moved my hand from the base of his dick and placed it on the side of his hip I moved my head all the way down and put most of Derrick's dick in my mouth. I moved my head up and all the way back down about 8 minutes . Derrick moaned out "oh fuck yea!! That feels so fucking good!! Damm bitch your fucking good at this!! Take all that dick in your mouth you hoe!! as he started to shake a little now.

I stopped for second just to adjust his shorts and boxer since his dick was sticking through the fly hole of both of them. I pulled them half down to his thighs the placed both of my hands on his ass cheeks. It looked like he got kind of scared because he tried to move my hands but I kept them there. "Open your mouth bitch so I could put my dick back in" Derrick said as he grabbed his dick and shoved it into my mouth again. "Suck that dick bitch!! Oh fuck yea!! That's it keep going!! All the way down!! Go deep on that dick!!" Derrick demanded. So I did what he asked and went all the want down his dick and with my hands on his ass I pulled him in even more. I felt his dick go down my throat and I did this about 25 times deep throat his big dick then he placed his small hands the back of my head then started moving his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. His balls was hitting the bottom of my chin and his pubic bone and hairs was hitting my upper lip and nose. He was going so deep and moving so fast that I started to gag. "Oh fuck!! Oh you fucking suck dick so fucking good" Derrick now is moving even faster and pulling my head harder. I couldn’t take it no more I had to place my hand back on the base of his cock because he fucking me up with it. Then I started to fell and tasting some sweet sticky stuff on my tongue so I stopped because I thought he was cumming but it was his pre-cum. I asked him do you like it, does it fell good? He said "Why the fuck did you stop for? Yeah it fells good Now put my dick back in your mouth" So I did. His dick was oozing out his pre-cum and it was all over the head and starting to drip down off it when I put it back in my mouth. The taste Derrick's pre-cum was great. It was a little sweet, a little salty and mixed with the taste of Derrick manhood, fucking amazing. "Move your hand off my dick" Derrick said. So I moved my hand away from the base of his dick. "Fuck Yea! Go deep again bitch" Derrick said as he now place both his hands back on my head and started fucking the shit out of my mouth again. "Oh yea bitch!! Fuck yea bitch!! Go deeper bitch!! You like that!! Oh you like me calling you a bitch haw!! Oh my god! Fuck Yea all the way deep!! Derrick moaned out. I was taking it all the way in and loving it all the way but I didn't know what was going to happen next. "Oh fuck go all the way deep put it all it you mouth!! Deep throat that that dick!! Oh come on!!" Derrick moaned out. So I put it all the way down my throat and as I did he pulled my head all the way down and held it there and didn’t let go. "Here it comes you ready for it" Derrick said as he buried his dick down my throat than begin shooting his hot, sticking load of cum down my throat. I tried to move but he didn't let me. He completely emptied his load down my throat to my stomach. I really get to taste it at all I just felt his cum sliding down my throat. Derrick then let go of my head, pulled his dick out of my mouth and pulled up his boxer and shorts up and ran to the front of the house laughing. After getting myself together I ran and caught up to him as he was still laughing. I begged him not to say nothing on what just happen. He said " Don’t worry I won't say anything" so I thanked him even though he never thanked me. We got to the corner near his house and he said "This is cool enough you don’t have to walk me to my door bitch" I just look at him and thought what did I get myself into. Derrick looked at me with a big smile and said "Hey your my bitch now see you tomorrow at school"

I will never get this story out of my mind. I sucked Derrick's dick sevral more times and he also fucked me in my ass a few times before we stopped. We grew up started fucking with more girls and had one more encounter then stopped for good and never talked about it. I moved away had a family and lost touch of him. I always wonder if it could ever happen again.


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this story made me cum

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