Hi, my name is Jack, and I'm 15 years old. A funny thing happened to me last year, my dick started getting hard all the time! I mean all the time, when there weren't even any girls around. It was torture, especially when you realize that I'm not one of the cool kids. As a matter of fact, I'm not one of the kids at all, I hang out with myself and my computer. I like to make movies, independent type movies. A guy like me can't even score with a fat, ugly, drunk chic. Not that I ever even knew about parties, but you know what I mean.

It was even worse that my little sister was popular, pretty, and loved by all. My parents constantly went on about why can't I be more like Jen. To make it worse she was at my school now that she was in the seventh grade. God I hated her, so perfect and pretty, with her long red hair, fair skin, straight white smile, little titties poking through her shirt, that always showed off her flat tummy, and her soooo cool lowriders around her little hips, just above her tight round ass. Yeah thats right I was checkin out my sister, you would too. Having her around only added to my torrment. At night I would jerk off thinking about her thighs spread for me, showing me that perfect little pink pussy, wet and glistening, ready for my dick. I never acted on it at all though, I just cursed my bad luck. Little did I know, my luck would soon change.

One day I was walking behind the bleachers with my new 8 mega pixel digital camcorder when low and behold, the was Jen with some of her friends. They were hiding obviously, but why? I turned the camera on and zoomed in on them. HA! They were smoking a cigarette! That's an immediate expulsion, not to mention big trouble for little miss perfect with mom and dad. I taped them as they passed it around, then they left. I wandered home in a daze, what could I do with this? She was gonna be in so much trouble, I couldn't wait to rub it in her face before I told on her.
I went home messed around online with the webcam and waited for Jen, when she got home I showed her the tape.

"Oh my god, you're not gonna tell mom are you?" she asked.

"well no first I'm gonna tell the Principal, then mom", I replied.

"But I'll get expelled, that means I can't be on the cheerleading squad" she almost shouted at me.

"Yep, lifes a bitch ain't it" I said.

"No please you can't, I'll do anything you say" she said.

Hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm. Anything huh? The possibilities were endless, I looked at her in her little tank top and short pink skirt and asked "Anything at all?"

"Yes anything, just please dont show anyone that tape", she answered.

"Okay then, for starters take off your shirt" I replied.

"EEEEEEWWWWW, NO WAY YOU PERV" she screamed and turned to stomp out.

"Okay then I guess it's no cheerleading, cute boyfriends, or college, just Adult ed and pregnant at 15 for you" I called after her.

She came back in with tears in her eye's, "Please Jack don't make me do this"

I shut the door behind her, my dick was rock hard already " Do it, take off your shirt" she pulled her shirt over her head, showing me her firm new little breasts standing against her tight little blue bra as the tears ran down her face. "Now the bra, take it off"

" I I I... I can't.......please" she sobbed.

"DO IT NOW DAMNIT" I yelled. she jumped and slowly reached behind her to unhook her bra.

"Please Jack" she stammered out.

" I'm only gonna tell you one last time, do as I say and do it now Jen" I said coldly.

She unhooked her bra showing me her tiny little round tits. They were perfect, round and upthrust with big bown nipples. My dick was at full attention now. Her head was down and she was sobbing softly to her self as I stepped forward and cupped them in my hands, squeezing them, softly first, then harder as I took her nipples between my finger and thumb, pinching down.

"OOOOWWWWWW" she cried out and turned running from the room, leaving behind her shirt, bra, and horny dazed me. I went into the bathroom and began to stroke my cock, but it didnt take long and I had spurted everywhere. I went back into the bedroom and began to mess around with my computer, when I noticed it. THE WEBCAM HAD BEEN RUNNING THE WHOLE TIME!!! There was no sound, and from the angle you could only see that she showed me her beautiful little titsnow I really had her! I let a day go by, I must have jerked off 20 times thinking about her perfect breast, when finally the next afternoon she came in and asked meekly "It's done right? I mean it's over now you're not gonna tell right Jack?"

" Oh no, it's only begun" I replied with a sly smile.

" What I did what you asked, I dont care, tell then" she shouted.

" Maybe you should come and take a look at this first there Jen" I said, showing her the saved footage from yesterday. " Oh yeah, you probably wouldnt want that to come out ever would you? Or should I just go ahead and put this on the school website?" I said as she stood there in shock. When she didn't reply I walked over to the door, shut it, and said "You know what to do". She had a dazed look, she was still staring at the computer, so i took her shirt and lifted it over her head, she didn't resist at all, she was totally out of it, so I unhooked her bra. Still no response, so I sat down on the bed in front of her and undid her jeans, then slid them down to her ankles, she had on white cotton panties with a little pink bow above her twat. I was shaking as I pulled the panties down, showing me her sweet little pussy, just dusted with auburn hair just over the top.

"What are you doing" She asked.

"Whatever I want, your mine now, as long as you do like I say, I wont tell anybody" I said while I went to pinch her nipples again.

"Okay, as long as you dont tell, but dont pinch them hard like yesterday" Jen replied. I could tell she was still out of it, but whatever. I began to rub them softly. "How's this" I asked her, when i got no reply I looked up to see her eyes were closed and her lips were parted." You like that don't you?" I said, kind of shocked myself.

"No you perv!! I'm just trying to get it over with" she said, but I knew she was lying as I slid my hands down her slender thighs I cupped her ass in my hands. It was so tight and firm, I brought her little cunt up to my face and gently kissed just above her little mound. She let out a soft moan so I took my thumb and ran it acrossed her clit, which was sticking out hot and pink. " Ooooooohhhhh" she moaned as her kness gave way.

I stood up and pushed her head up to my zipper " take my pants down Jen" She meekly unzipped my fly and pulled my pants and boxers down at the same time, letting my rock hard cock spring free. She immediatly took it into her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it greedily, it only took about 7 or 8 times and I came right in her mouth, I couldn't help it, it was so hot and moist.

"EEEWWWWW gross you fucking sicko" she screeched as she hopped up, spitting my cum out everywhere. She gathered her clothes and ran from the room sceaming "thats it you wierdo, we're even now".

I was standing there dumbfounded, I knew she liked it, but she said that was it? Oh well She was in for a surprise.

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