I grew up in a family with 8 other kids. My father was a no-good lazy ass drunk who almost never had a job. Mom was pregnant all the time, so she never worked outside the home.
One summer my parents took me to the Mans house to work for him so that they could make a little money. I was to be there for 4 weeks. They dropped me off and after Mom got back in the car my father grabbed me by the neck, pulled me close and whispered so that Mom couldn't hear " You do whatever he says, or I'll bust your hide when you come home." I got a lot of beatings from him, especially if he was drinking, so I knew better than to disobey.
I know the Man could hear, he was standing right next to me with his hand on my shoulder.
We went out to his barn and he had my start cleaning stalls. It was real hot, so I took my shirt off. So did the Man. We worked for several hours, and finally I had to stop to pee. He walked out side with me and stood next to me as I was peeing. Then he unzipped and pulled his cock out and started peeing too. I had never seen another mans cock before. It looked huge compared to my little 4" hairless cock. It was long and thick and dark, and covered with hair part way down the shaft and the head was dark and fat like a purple mushroom. I know I must have been staring at it. I heard him laugh a little, then he asked me what I was looking at. I was super embarrassed to get caught looking at a Mans cock. He Started stroking it and I was amazed to watch as it grew longer and fatter. He told me to put my hand on it and touch it.
No way was I gonna do that! I said "No, I don't want to."
I've never seem anything move so fast. He hit me in the side of my head and knocked me about 10' into the side of the barn. I was dazed, too scared to move when he came over, grabbed me by the neck, pulled me up and said "Look you little bitch, I paid your dad good money for you. You better do as your told or I'll beat you till you can't walk. Do you understand me boy?"
I was scared and crying and begging him to please leave me alone. He smacked me in the face and said "Shut up bitch. Do as your told. Now take your fucking hand and get a hold of my cock before I hit you again." I had to. I didn't have a choice.
I reached out and touched his cock. It was silky smooth, yet firm and I could feel the veins under the skin. He told me to move my hand up and down the shaft. I started rubbing and he told me to go faster, then slower then he told me to rub around the head. Precum (I didn't know what it was yet) started leaking out the pee hole. I thought he was peeing in my hand so I pulled away. He reached out with one hand, grabbed my throat, and squeezed it. He said "Who the fuck said you could stop? When I tell you to do something you better fucking do it! Now you're going to get a spanking."
I was sobbing, tears and snot running down my face. He dragged me back into the barn, sat down on a hay bale and told me to hurry up and get my pants down. I pulled my pants down around my ankles, but he said to just take them all the was off. He didn't want them in his way. I pulled them the rest of the way off, then he pulled me across his lap. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my side. His hand was resting on my ass, slowly rubbing it then he lifted it up and brought it down hard. It hurt bad. He hit me on my ass over and over. Every time he would stop for a few seconds and rub my ass cheeks, before hitting me again. This went on for what seemed like hours, but probably was 10 minutes or so. Towards the end every time he hit my ass I could feel his cock throb. My side was all wet from his precum. And as he rubbed he got closer and closer to the crack of my ass till finally he was rubbing down between my cheeks and around my asshole.
He stopped after awhile. I heard him say "That's for later." I didn't know what that meant, but I was really scared. He pushed me off his legs then took a handful of my hair and pulled my face back up to his lap. He said " If you don't want to jack me off, you can suck me off. open up bitch." I didn't understand. He slapped my face and said "Now slut, suck my cock." I had never heard of anything like this before. I couldn't believe this man wanted me to suck his cock. He hit me again and said "Do it now. You won't like it if you don't."
I was really scared now. I didn't know what he would do if I didn't suck his cock, so I timidly brought my lips up to his cock and touched it . He told me to open a little wider and let it slide in. I opened my mouth and felt the silky smoothness as it slid between my lips. I tasted his salty precum and you know what? I loved it. This was what I was meant to do. I knew it a soon as his hard throbbing cock entered my mouth. I was a cocksucker. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have his cock in my mouth.
Soon I was moving up and down his shaft, sucking and slurping up his juices as he told me what to do to please him. He held the back of my head and told me to relax. He pushed my head down and I felt his cock pressing into my throat. I was gagging and choking, but he didn't care. He just kept slowly pushing more and more of his cock into my throat. He would pull out and let me breath then start again. Soon I had the whole thing in my mouth. Me nose was pressed against his belly and I couldn't get any farther down. He held it in there till I almost passed out. He was telling me how good I was at sucking cock and that from now on I would be his very own cocksucker to use whenever he wanted. I would have said yes, but I couldn't breath, let alone talk. He pulled part way out and told me he was gonna cum in my mouth. I didn't know what that meant. He said "Here it comes bitch. Swallow it all. Don't lose any."
I felt my mouth flood with hot thick stuff. I didn't know what it was. I just remember him yelling "Swallow it. Swallow now. Don't waste it." So I swallowed as fast as I could, but there was too much. I couldn't keep it all in. I was gagging and choking, trying to swallow as he held he head down on his cock. I know I swallowed a lot, but there was cum all over his crotch, down my face and neck and on his pants.
When he finally let me up, he told me I did pretty good for a first timer, but he would have to punish me for not swallowing all of his cum.
I got punished, I might tell you about it later.
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