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The fifth Chapter to my story. Dad gets into the action in this one.
I last left you with having spent the night at John’s house. His mom and dad were away for the weekend and they were not to return until Monday afternoon. Kim had called John Sunday morning and he had told her that he had a new girlfriend which was I.

John and I got out of bed seeing how we were awake now. John pulled a tee shirt out of his dresser drawer and tossed it to me. He told me here you could slip this on for breakfast as he tossed it to me. John got into his dresser drawers again and he slipped into a pair of shorts.

John told me he was going to freshen up a bit before making us breakfast. I got up and slipped his tee shirt on it was big on me. However, my big tits did fill it out nicely I thought as I looked at myself in his mirror. I walked around his room checking it out.

John had trophies all around his room they ranged from flag football all the way up through High School. There was a big multi picture frame hanging on one wall. I walked over to it and I saw it had pictures of John and other girls in it. Most were of him and Kim but I also saw him with three other women.

Well two of them were sluts from our school and the third was an older red head woman who I did not know. Nevertheless, I must say she looked very sexy and hot in her two-piece hot pink bikini standing there beside John. It looked like to me that John had his hand on her ass as well. I did not know who she was and I made a note to ask John about her.

I also spotted a photo of John and I we were sitting on a picnic table and he had a football in his hand I remembered that John and I were talking football that day back in high school when Kim had taken the picture. I felt special just to have been included in the picture frame.

“See anyone you know?” John asked as he walked back into the room.

“Yes but who is that older sexy red head woman with you?” I asked turning to him.

“Huh why don’t you go freshen up while I make us breakfast,” John replied as he hurried from his room.

I freshened up a bit then walked into the kitchen just as John sat down a plate at the table with scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Dam I thought he can cook too as I sat down and dug into breakfast as I was a little hungry. John joined me with his plate and we talked a little.

“John I was serious about Kim, if you still want to see her it is OK.” “But there will be only one rule and that is you can only have sex and fuck her when I am there as well,” I said looking at him with seriousness in my eyes.

John looked back at me and he replied, “How about we just leave her out of our life for a while,” “I mean don’t get me wrong it is nice of you to offer that to me but for now I only want you.”

I got up, I walked over and sat down on his lap, and I said, “What ever you want John I will always give it to you.”

I put my arms around him as we locked into a long and deep passionate kiss. I squirmed a few times in his lap causing him to get a hard on. I could feel it poking me from time to time. I slipped from his lap as I got down onto my knees on the floor in front of him. I reached up and freed his throbbing hard cock from his shorts.

With his cock in my hand I said, “Time for my morning protein normally Kevin my brother would have given it to me,” I smiled up at him and added, “But I guess you will have to do for now.”

I saw a smile come across his face as his cock throbbed in my hand when he heard me tell him that. I pumped my hand on his cock but once before I took it into my mouth. I took about half of it then started to bob my head up and down on it. I would suck at the head of his cock each time I was at the up stroke of running my mouth up and down on it.

“MMmmmmm nothing finer than some head in the morning,” John said as he leaned back into the chair.

I started to work my mouth all the way down his cock and back up. I used one of my hands on his balls as well. I massaged his balls with my hand as I sucked on his cock. I was now taking all of his hard cock into my mouth and I loved every second of it. I removed my mouth from his cock and started to pump it with my hand.

I looked up at him from my knees as I said, “Your cock is so much bigger and harder than Kevin’s,” “I can take his all the way too but yours really fills my mouth full.”

I jacked on his cock with my hand while I told him how I would suck on Kevin’s cock. I showed him how I used my mouth on his cock as well. I took my tongue and I used it to lick at John’s pee hole flicking it back and forth. I told John how Kevin would loose control when I poked my tongue into his pee hole.

“Aaahahhh,” John moaned out loudly as I poke my tongue into his pee hole.

I started to suck on the head of his cock after working my tongue on it. I got a good taste of his pre cum as I sucked on it. I felt John’s hands go to the back of my head. John started to force my head down onto his cock working more of it into my mouth. John finally got my head all the way down onto his cock.

“Did Kevin fuck your mouth like this?” John asked me as he started to hold my head while he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

I would have answered him no but he would not let me take my head off his cock. Therefore, I just kept sucking and bobbing my head on his cock as he fucked upward with his cock. I started to squeeze his balls with my free hand my other hand I was rubbing and fingering my own pussy from time to time.

I felt John tense up and his cock swelled in my mouth. He left go of my head and I removed my mouth from it. I took hold of his cock and I pumped it for all I was worth. My hand was a blur as I moved up and down on his cock.

“Give me your cum,” “Feed me,” I screamed out as I pumped on it.

“AHhhh,” John moaned as he rocked in the chair.

His cock pulsated in my hand. Then a big heavy glop of cum shot from his cock. It shot high into the air but I did not see where it went. I was to busy shoving my mouth down onto his cock, as I wanted to taste his cum again. I sucked at his cock as hard as I could. I felt his cock fire off three more shots deep into my mouth.

Suddenly we heard a deep male voice as it said, “What the Fuck is going on here. “

John jumped up pulled his cock from my mouth and he replied, “Dad your home.”

“Yeah and it’s a dam good thing I dropped your mom off at her sisters first or she would be busting your ass instead of me,” John’s dad yelled.

I slowly got off my knees hoping that maybe he did not see me. I sat down at the table in a chair. John’s dad walked to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup as he turned toward us.

John said, “We were just having breakfast, we were not doing anything.”

John’s dad looked at me with a smile then back to his son John and he replied, “Well son it looks like to me your girlfriend there got a little breakfast in her hair.”

I reached up with my hand; I found that big glop of cum that had shot out of his cock. It had landed right on the top of my head. I put my hand in it and I could feel it smear down through my hair. I pulled my hand from my hair and my hand was a white sticky yucky mess.

“JOHN, you got it in my hair,” I yelled out. I realized I might have yelled it out to loud as silence filled the room as they both looked at me as I used my hand to get it from my hair.

Both of the men were silent for a second or two. John’s dad was the first to break out laughing followed by John. I also joined them in a good laugh.

John’s dad got a towel from a drawer and he tossed it to me. “Here miss wipe that food from your hair,” “And son come help me carry the luggage in.” “I swear your mom took enough for the whole dam month and we were gone for only 2 days,” he added.

I wiped John’s cum from my hair as they went out the door. Great I thought the first time I met his dad and I am on my knees sucking cum from his boys cock. John and his dad returned as I turned red, blushing from my embarrassment.

“Son your girlfriend is so cute when she blushes,” John’s dad said as he looked by way.

“Dad this Janet and yes she is my new girlfriend,” John replied. John added looking at me, “Janet this is my dad Albert.”

“Nice to met you Albert,” I replied as I stood up extending my hand to shake his.

Albert shook my hand but he did not let it go. Instead, he took his hand to the corner of his mouth and he wiped at it a few times. I just rather stared at him and he did it again. Then it hit me I must have some of John’s cum at the corner of my mouth. I pulled my hand from his and I wiped the corner of my mouth.

Albert looked at me and he said with a wink, “GOT ya.”

We all laughed aloud again. I told his dad that I now knew where John gets his playfulness. Albert held his arms open and I went over where he gave me a quick hug.

“Welcome to the family Janet if you think I am bad wait till you meet mother,” Albert said to me.

“Son another thing great fucking game the other day mom and I were proud of you,” Albert said to John.

“Thanks dad,” John replied as they had a quick hug themselves.

John and I went back to his bedroom where we got dressed. I told John I did not feel right meeting his dad like that. However, John told me hell my dad loved it. We started to walk through the living room as his dad seen us.

“Dam son you got yourself quite a looker there,” his dad said to him. “As to you Janet lets keep your food out of that lovely hair of yours,” He added with a wink to me.

“Bye dad,” John said as he hurried me out the door.

I spent the rest of that Sunday with John we drove to the lake and to the park. We kissed and made out at the lake. I had him fuck me under that tree I had watched him have sex with Beth that day in the park. John drove me back home around 7p.m. that night.

“I really do not want this day to end Janet but I do have some studying to do before school tomorrow,” John said.

“I understand,” I replied as we locked into a final deep kiss before getting out of the car.

John walked me to the front door where he kissed me good night. As our lips broke apart John said, “Oh wait a second I forgot something,” John ran back to his car and he got the game ball from his car.

John returned to me and he handed me that ball as he said, “Hey about you just hang on to that for me,” after giving me a quick kiss he returned to his car.

I was hugging that football as he pulled out of my driveway. I gave the ball a little toss into the air catching it as I walked to the door. My first trophy from him, I thought as I entered my house.

I was just so happy and full of love. I walked into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. My dad was in his chair across from me reading.

“So John brought you a football I see,” My dad said as he closed the magazine he was reading.

“No it’s the game ball from his game on the weekend,” I replied as I tossed it to him.

Dad checked the ball out and he said, “Nice you know I gave your mom one of these once.”

“I know,” I replied looking up on the mantle of our fireplace for that was where they kept it now.

Dad smiled at me as he tossed the ball back to me as he said, “Take care of that ball and of your man.” “Speaking of which you going to tell me just what you guys did?” my dad asked me with a smile.

“DAD,” I replied giving him that evil little smile of mine.

“Hey I was just asking, that‘s all” dad said with a little laugh.

I walked over to him with the football tucked under my arm. I bent over right in front of his face. I know my tits were hanging down in my sweater and that he could see every inch of them right down to my hard fucking nipples. I gave them a slow little shake as I put one arm around his neck and I kissed him again fully on his lips.

It was not a quick kiss but one that lingered on, I touched my tongue to his lips just before I broke the kiss and I started to walk away. I got a little ways from him then I turned back around and I said, “Night daddy sweet dreams,” I turned and I made sure that hot little ass of mine shook in my tight jeans as I walked to my room.

Monday morning came and I was not in any hurry to get to school. I knew Kim would be there and I would have to face her. I was shocked and surprised when Kim did not say a word to me as she walked by.
Kim saw me all through school that day but she never even looked my way. I really could not blame her as I did take the love of her live from her. I figured I would give her some time before I talked to her about what I had in mind that would make us all very happy.

Soon Friday night rolled around John had told me he would pick me up after practice at my house and we would go out for dinner. We talked through our dinner about this and that. I told him that Kim had not talked to me or even yelled at me all week at school. I did not tell him the plan I had for the three of us, as I wanted to make sure Kim would be OK with it first.

John drove us out by the lake after dinner. John and I started to kiss and tongue kiss for a while. I was starting to get very horny from all the kissing. John started to unbutton my shirt that I had on and he started to caress my tits.

“You know you are not getting anything tonight from me,” I said as I buttoned up my shirt.

“What do you mean,” John asked with a concerned look.

“No sex for you the night before a game,” ‘You need all your little guys for strength and power during the game.” I added with a smile, “You can have all the sex you want after the game.”

“Oh I see so that’s how it is going to be,” John replied as he kissed me deeply.

I saw nothing wrong with him and me just necking like that. Soon I felt John’s hand creeping up under the skirt I had wore that night. John gently rubbed his hand on the top of my thigh. His touch on my thighs was making me very horny as we kissed.

“MMmmmm your touch feels so nice,” I purred breaking our kiss then planting my lips back onto his.

John started to slip his tongue into my mouth. I felt his hand slip down between my thighs. I parted my thighs giving him more room for his hand. John started to run his fingers lightly on the very inside of my thighs. In no time, he had me spreading my legs wider. I was just going to tell him to finger me.

“Oh that’s right no sex I forgot,” John said with a smile removing his hand.

“JOHN,” I yelled.

“Hey you were the one who said no sex so that is how it will be,” John replied giving me a little laugh as well.

“Then kiss me you fool,” I said as I wrapped my arm around his neck.

By the time, John dropped me off at my house that night I was so fucking horny. I should have just fucked him. However, I would have felt very bad if he did play poorly during his game. I entered my house to find dad asleep in the living room and my brother was spending the night at his friend’s house.

I figured I would just get to bed myself. I got naked and I climbed under my covers. I tried to close my eyes but my pussy was burning up it needed some action. I took my hands and I started to rub my thighs very lightly as John had done earlier that night with one thigh. My light rubbing of my fingers across and around my thighs felt good as it sent tingling feeling through my whole body.

I slipped a finger up between my pussy lips. They parted as my finger slipped in my very wet pussy. My pussy had been dripping all night long, as I really wanted some of John’s cock. I ran my finger in and out for a while then I added another finger to my pussy.

I threw the covers off me as I placed my feet down onto the bed. I rose up a little to spread my legs giving my fingers more room to play. I dug my two fingers deep into my wet pussy. I closed my eyes as I thought of John’s cock. I curled my fingers up touching my special spot.

“AHhhhhh,” I moaned lightly as my fingers started to caress my spot.

I took my other hand and I rubbed my clit roughly with it. I curled and uncurled my fingers at my spot. I was soon squirming in bed as my orgasm rushed upon me. I dug my fingers deep in my pussy; my clit was big and hard as I started to beat my clit with my hand.

“OH John,” I moaned out as my orgasm took over.

My pussy sucked at my fingers and my clit tingled as my pussy squirt its love juices out onto my sheets. I removed my fingers but I stayed pound on my clit with my hand. This caused my squirt to spray out in little bursts. Each time my hand hit my clit I would squirt.

I was rolling my head from side to side calling out John’s name. My orgasm started to slow as I went to just lightly rubbing my clit with my hand instead of beating on it. I moaned lightly as I returned to earth from my wet orgasm.

I opened my eyes to find that I was not alone in my room. My dad was beside my bed pulling on his cock his eyes were also closed. I was shocked but also turned on as I watched him pulling on his cock. Dad’s eyes opened and he stopped pulling on his cock.

“Sorry honey I heard you moaning and I thought something was wrong,” my dad said.

I was just staring at his hard throbbing cock. My dad’s cock was just about the same size as John’s cock. The only difference I saw was John had bigger balls. I watched his cock throb a few more times.

“I was just horny from being with John tonight dad, I had to play with my pussy,” I replied.

“I seen that, I suppose it was the ole you can’t have any before your game deal am I right,” my dad questioned me.

“Yes I did not want to be blamed if he has a bad game,” “But I was just so horny I had to do something daddy,” I replied as I gave him that sexy evil little grin of mine.

“Well maybe daddy could help you,” “I mean I am not John but I think I could help,” dad said.

I just looked at him as I spread my legs wide and I lay down in my bed. Dad took that as an OK. He practically dove onto my bed with his face landing right between my legs. Dad dug his tongue at my pussy for a few seconds.

“OHhh daddy,” I screamed out.

Dad started to lap at my pussy wildly. I placed my hands onto the back of his head pushing his face harder into my pussy. Dad now had his tongue buried in my pussy. I started to pump my pussy at his face.

“AHhhhh yes eat me daddy,” I screamed out loudly.

Dad did just that he used his tongue deep in my pussy and he started to rub my clit with his thumb. I started to thrash around in the bed as I was about to go over the edge. Daddy pulled his tongue out and he replaced it with two fingers. I tensed up as I felt him jab then up into my pussy; he started to rub my spot.

“OOOoooooohaaah,” I moaned as my thighs started to shake.

My pussy left go a quick solid stream as it squirted. My dad just removed his fingers and he buried his face into my pussy. Dad licked, kissed and sucked at my pussy. I started to push his head away from my pussy, as it was getting a little sensitive to his licking.

Dad removed his face from my pussy. My dad’s face looked like a glazed donut with all my juices over it. Dad just ran his tongue over his lips as he scooped my long legs up onto his shoulders. With my long legs on his shoulders dad started to poke his cock at my pussy.

“AHhhh,” I moaned out as his cock missed its mark a few times.

Then his cock slipped fully into my pussy. Dad started to run his cock in and out. Dad was not taking his time at fucking me. He started to hammer my pussy deep and hard it was probably a good thing my pussy was so wet or it may have hurt for how hard he was pounding my box.

“Fuck me daddy,” I yelled out.

I no sooner got the words out than dad grunted as he yelled, “Going to cum,”

Dad pulled his cock from my pussy as my legs dropped from his shoulders. He moved forward a little and aimed his cock at my big tits. I watched him give his cock a few more pumps before he moaned again as his cock let go with a big blast of cum.

His heavy cum started to land all over my tits, his cock gave about three quick jerks as more cum flowed out onto my tits. Dad removed his hand from his cock and he looked at his cum all over my tits. Dad buried his face into my tits with his tongue a licking.

I moaned softly as my dad licked his own cum from my big tits, He had my nipples rock hard by the time he had cleaned his mess up. Dad got up off me and he slid over to the side of my bed with his back to me. I looked at him but he would not turn to face me.

“Its OK daddy I wanted it and I did enjoy it,” “You do not have to worry I will not tell anyone it will be our secret,” I said as I touched him on his back.

“Honey I shouldn’t have done that but I could not stop myself,” dad said to me with a long face.

“It’s alright daddy but you could go get me a towel for my bed,” I replied as I pointed to the big fucking wet spot on my bed between my legs.

“Dam girl you sure do squirt a lot,” dad said as he got off my bed.

Dad returned with a towel and he handed it to me. I took it and I laid it on the wet spot as I got up off my bed. I went up to my dad and I put my arms around his neck. I gave him a big long kiss, which he returned.

“Thanks daddy I needed that,” I said.

“No thank you,” dad replied as he gave my butt a smack.

“Oh by the way I will tell John that you fucked me daddy,” I said looking right at him.

Dad got a worried look on his face and he replied, “But….”

“Don’t worry daddy John is into stuff like this it makes him fuck me so good, he loved hearing about me fucking Kevin,” I said cutting him off before he could finish.

“You’re fucking your brother as well,” dad said with a smile. “I always thought you guys were up to no good,” he added.

“Yes daddy now all of us can be one big happy family,” I replied with a smile as I told him good night as well.

Dad left my room and I crawled back into my wet soaked bed. I lie there thinking about what I had just done. I know it was wrong but hey it is just sex it is not as if I loved my dad or anything. It was the same with Kevin sure I fucked him but I did not love him.

There was only one person I loved I thought as I lie there on my bed. I closed my eyes to think about John. However, it was not John I saw when I closed my eyes. My thoughts and my visions in my mind were not of John but of Kim. I tried to get my mind back onto John but Kim would not leave my mind.

Was it because of my guilt for taking John from her? Was it because I thought John still loved her? I closed my eyes tight to try to think of why she would not get out of my mind. It was then that I realized that not only did I have great and special feelings toward John but also toward Kim.

After all Kim was truly my first love. I had fallen in love with her years ago when we first started playing with each other. I rather drifted off to sleep as a dream took over. I woke up wide-awake suddenly with the answer to it all, I had the vision in my dream. The three of us had made a good team even if I was the odd girl out. Now I was the new Janet all I had to do was get Kim back, I decided I was going to talk to her even if she did not want to listen.

I closed my eyes once more but awoke again almost instantly as another figure came to me in my dreams. No, it was not my brother; no, it was not my dad. It was that dam older woman in that dam sexy pink bikini in that picture with John the one he had by the ass. Just who is she I thought as I drifted back to sleep this time sleeping until morning.

That is all for this chapter. Another new one will be out soon. Will Kim come back into our life? What about my dad where is he going to fit in all of this. Just who the hell is that red headed woman in John's life? You will have to wait for my next chapter to find out. Let me know if you are enjoying my story.

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