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2063 a.d. - Secret Desires and Unhealthy Urges.
“God, just look at that!” Tanya exclaimed as she stared at the Tri-d. Her darling little daughter was lying in the middle of the street, gunned down by that psycho who had been chasing her for the last ten terrifying minutes. She lay, naked and gasping though shot-pierced lungs as the recorder panned up and down her obviously dying body, showing the very real bullet holes and the blood pumping out through her wounds.

“Yeah, she’s really made a name for herself in the last couple of years,” Frank mused. “Being a Snuff Girl must really pay well.”

It did. It paid very well. Snuff Girls were stunt girls who would do stunts that the regular talent wouldn’t touch – usually because of a healthy respect for their own lives.

Tri-d had replaced flatscreen technology years ago. But now that a typical viewer could watch a scene from any angle they chose, fake special effects really sucked, especially back when Tri-d was first introduced. Realistic flatscreen effects were easy to produce because the producer controlled the viewpoint of the viewer. The stunt people required for special (read: violent) effects recorded in three dimensions either became very capable or they died – or, more commonly, quit after being seriously injured.

Only two* other women were considered Snuff Girls besides Katie Kelly. One was currently in the hospital with a broken neck caused by leaping from a traveling boxcar – a stellar performance done without any breaks in the recording and showed each and every tumble, tear and laceration of her rather rough landing. The other was currently recovering from grenade shrapnel incurred completely ‘accidentally’ while recording a war scene. The ‘accidental’ scene wasn’t edited out and had actually increased Tri-d sales of that production considerably.

*(Actually, there were always hundreds of girls trying to become famous as Snuff Girls, but most of them didn’t live long enough to become well known.)

“Well, she’s doing better now that Frankie’s paired up with her,” Tanya replied. “At least, he can help keep her healing abilities a secret – not like that ass-hole husband she had…”

“It isn’t polite to speak unkindly of the dead,” Frank admonished her quietly.

“He was an ass-hole!” Tanya insisted. “He had her doing Snuff Porn! If that exploding dildo hadn’t gone off while he was holding it, SHE would be dead instead of him! Damned ass-hole trying to shove something like that up between my baby’s legs! He was going to kill her!

“Why does she do it, Frank?” Tanya implored, almost crying. “Why does she torture me like this?”

Frank reached over and pulled his wife gently into his arms. THen he leaned back, letting her rest her head on his shoulder.

“It’s the same reason that you like playing with fire, Honey,” Frank said quietly. “It’s her heritage. It’s in her blood.”

“Béla’s blood!” Tanya said quietly, but with venom in her voice. “The price we pay…”

“You don’t seem to think so badly of those urges when I’m exfoliating you,” Frank replied, almost whispering in her ear.

“It’s not the same!” Tanya exclaimed, sitting up, now. “I thought she went through that phase when she was fifteen!”

“She never let go of that,” Frank explained earnestly, “and it wasn’t a phase. It’s part of who she is. In order to keep peace between the two of you, I added that bedroom section onto the house, just for her – so she could have the privacy she needed.”

“You hid that from me?” Tanya asked, upset with Frank now.

He shook his head. “No, Darling, Let me explain. She had to grow into her own person. You let Alicia grow with the freedom she needed to explore her sexuality, but you were smothering Katie. All I did was give her the space she needed to grow…”

“I wasn’t smothering her!” Tanya insisted, standing up, now. “I was… I was protecting her! And you stopped that! And now – Now, look at her! She hires herself out to be killed for a living! What kind of a life is that?

“For God’s sake, Frank! What did you let her grow into?”

She was crying openly now, but shoved Frank away when he tried to console her.

Fleeing the room, Tanya hid behind the first door she could put between herself and her husband. Leaning against the locked door, she cried to herself for a moment, then dried her tears. She hated to cry and had always thought that it was incredibly unfair to use tears to win an argument with a man, but this time she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t trying to win anything. She just wanted to understand.

Frank leaned his head against the other side of the door. He knew she was leaning on the opposite side. He could always feel when she was that close to him.

“Sweetheart,” he whispered, knowing she would hear him. “Just open your eyes and look around the room, Honey.”

Tanya had taken sanctuary in her own private playroom. This was where her toys were that Frank had purchased for her over the years. Against one wall was a waterwheel where she had spent many torturous hours of pleasure while Frank hosed her down or spun her upside down so her head was underwater while he dropped lit matches or dribbled hot wax between her legs. A wide massage table in the middle of the room still had the six-inch wide magnifying glass to shine concentrated sunlight from the mirrored skylight onto her sensitive flesh. She loved it when Frank would literally ‘cook’ her clitoris with it. Sometimes, he would make her crazy by drawing decorative little scorched circles around her nipples before they made love.

Through the door, Frank heard Tanya take a deep breath as though she was trying to recover some semblance of self-control.

“She's her mother’s daughter,” Frank whispered. “She wants, the same way you do… She's the next generation, so she took it a step further, that’s all.”

After a quiet moment, he felt the door handle move beneath his hand and stepped away. Tanya’s tear-streaked face was visible through the slight opening. She gazed into Frank’s eyes for another minute, then opened the door wider, silently inviting him in.

Turning away and not looking back to see if he was following, Tanya walked to the massage table in the center of the room, then turned around and leaned against it, half sitting on it. Frank was right behind her and put his hands on her shoulders when she turned around. She let him hug her head against his chest.

“I didn’t know it would be like this,” Tanya murmured. “I… I don’t know what… what I expected, I guess.”

“You’re not responsible for what she does with her gift,” Frank told her. “Frankie’s with her, so he can protect her if she needs protecting.”

“I guess,” Tanya admitted. “We should be glad he was interested enough in the difference between our family and everyone else to want to know more about it. That ambition got him through medical school. Being a doctor, he should understand more about us than we do.”

“Frank will protect her,” Frank Senior promised. “And I’m certain that if Katie gets into trouble, our son will be able to get her out of it, or at least call for help.”

“I suppose,” Tanya admitted, trying to get over her upset. “She's with him like I’m with you, huh?”

She looked up at her husband, suddenly concerned with a new thought.

“You don’t suppose they’re having sex, do you?”

“What?” Frank asked, surprised. “You mean with each other?”

He laughed, then suddenly looked serious again. He gazed down into his wife’s pale blue eyes.

“There’s something else you don’t know about your daughter,” Frank said quietly.

“What, she’s gay?” Tanya asked jokingly.

Frank didn’t laugh. Tanya sat up straighter and stared at him. Frank still didn’t react.

“No!” Tanya exclaimed. “I don’t believe it! She's had boyfriends all her life!”

“Yeah,” Frank admitted. “She's had boy friends all her life. But somewhere along the way, she discovered she prefers girls. So I wouldn’t worry about Frankie and Katie making nook-nook with each other.”

“But why did she marry that ‘Zeus’ guy?” Tanya asked, needing to understand.

“Probably for the same reason that Béla chose Jake,” Frank replied, a sour look on his face. “He provided what she thought she needed.”

“How do you know so much about her?” Tanya asked, sounding belligerent.

“She called me,” Frank said simply, “about a year ago.”

“Where the hell was I?” Tanya wanted to know. “On Mars?”

“Well,” Frank said, wondering how to tell her how close he’d come to nearly killing her. “You were tied to the waterwheel, unconscious. Katie called because your body monitor set off every alarm in the house when your heart stopped.”

“My heart stopped?” Tanya asked, her eyes wide open, like her mouth at that moment.

“I’m sorry, Hon,” Frank said quietly and sincerely. “I kept you underwater for just a few seconds longer than I should have – but you were… well, I was inside you and you were really convulsing… and, I just couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop. I nearly killed you…”

Tanya stared at him, remembering the incident. She didn’t remember that she nearly died. What she did remember was that it was the most incredible orgasm she’d ever had in her entire life. It was so powerful that she’d passed out completely. Then, for hours afterward, she’d felt incredibly languid – weak as a kitten, in fact – almost completely unable to move at all. Frank had lovingly carried her to bed because she was so weak that she couldn’t even walk.

“My heart stopped?” Tanya murmured, almost to herself. “How about that…”

“I rolled you back out and hung you upside down so the water would drain out of your lungs and did CPR on you for a minute, then you started breathing again. A few minutes later, Katie called, scared to death by the alarm.”

“The house alarm went off?” Tanya asked, still confused. It was difficult to assimilate this much new and unbelievable information in less than a minute.

“Yeah,” Frank admitted. “Good thing, too. I was completely crazed with sex and you would have drowned.”

“I didn’t know I was drowning,” Tanya admitted. “It felt so good I never wanted it to end…”

Then she got mad again. “You almost killed me, you fuck-head? You don’t have my permission to do that!”

“Sweetheart, it was a year ago!” Frank admonished her. “I didn’t kill you! Everything is fine! I even got my own body monitor so I can keep track of your vital signs. It can’t happen again!”

She remembered! Frank had suddenly changed his mind about getting a body monitor implanted in his neck. Now she knew why! Tanya turned away, trying to get away from him, again. Frank grabbed her arm.

“Please, sweetheart, let’s not fight,” he implored her. “I’m only trying to explain to you how alike you and Katie are. You both push the envelope. On the video, didn’t you see the look on Katie’s face when that psycho shot her?”

Tanya was silent. She’d seen it, and she knew that look well. She’d gotten wet between her legs while watching her own daughter get shot down in cold blood. She almost felt the orgasm that those bullets must have caused as they tore through Katie’s slender, fragile-looking, immortal body.

Frank held Tanya tightly against him, almost like he could see in his mind the mad turmoil and the horrible denial that Tanya was torturing herself with. They were both quiet for several minutes before Tanya spoke again.

“We aren’t really human any more, are we?” Tanya asked, her voice sounding a little tired and ragged. It was more of a statement than a question. “Human values don’t apply to us.”

“I suppose they don’t,” Frank agreed, hugging her gently. He was glad that she seemed to be putting her earlier upset behind her. “I do things to you that would appall most people. But that’s because what we do for fun would injure most people – maybe even kill them.

“It took me a few years,” he continued, “but I’ve accepted the fact that you… that we’re… immortal for all practical purposes. You like being whipped, burned and nearly drowned. We can indulge ourselves because it won’t kill you or maim you or give you permanent scars that might need to be explained.

“Katie likes being shot and stabbed,” he concluded. “She knows that violent penetration won’t kill her and she’ll be good as new in a day or so. On some level, I imagine, it satisfies her needs. So in that respect, I guess you’re right – at least partly. We’re still human, in spirit, anyway, but some human values don’t apply anymore.”

Tanya reached up and put her arms around her husband. He always knew what to say to make her feel better – almost like he could read her mind. It was because he loved her so much, she knew.

“Let’s go watch the Tri-d again,” Tanya murmured. “I think I’ll be alright, now.”

They started the feature over again and were watching an earlier part where Katie was tied up and being tortured by her captor before she escaped. This time, Tanya allowed herself to feel what the Tri-d intended for her to feel, despite the fact that it was her own daughter being so erotically cut with that bastard’s knife.

Tanya looked over at Frank. He had a hard-on that he was trying to conceal under his pants. The cruel torture of his daughter was turning him on, as well.

“Screen off,” Tanya said. The Tri-d darkened and Katie’s bleeding torso faded. The room was eerily quiet after being filled with tortured screams.

“Why’d you do that?” Frank asked, his attention ripped back into the room from whatever fantasy he’d been immersed in.

“I want you to do that to me,” Tanya replied, her throaty whisper barely audible.

“You don’t like raw pain, Honey,” Frank reminded her. “Scorching your tits is about as far as we’ve ever gone.”

“I want you to cut me,” Tanya insisted, rising up from the couch. “I want to know what it is my daughter finds so alluring about being carved up.”

Frank sighed. This wasn’t going to be pleasant. His wife wasn’t thinking straight. She was upset about her daughter and her daughter’s lifestyle. She was also too horny for proper reasoning to work right now. He knew that after a few orgasms she’d probably be more reasonable. He rose from the couch to stand next to her.

“We should do this in the Jacuzzi,” he said, hoping he could shock her into seeing reason. “Less of a mess to clean up afterward.”

Tanya smiled nervously and said, “Okay, I’ll get a knife out of the kitchen. You go start running the water.”

Standing in the kitchen a moment later, Tanya gazed down into the knife drawer, her eyes focused on something only she could see. After a moment, she swayed dizzily and remembered why she had come out here.

Reaching into the drawer, she pulled out a serrated carving knife. She stared at it, fascinated by all the little pointed edges and wondered what it would feel like, going in. Putting a finger up against the sharp pointed end, she pressed gently until the point disappeared into her skin, then she lifted her finger back off. A tiny trickle of blood appeared and ran down toward the palm of her hand as she stared at it.

By the time she put her finger in her mouth to suck off the blood, the tiny cut had healed. Putting that knife back, she pulled out a long, smooth bladed knife. She looked at it a moment, then put it back, as well. She didn’t want to be gutted; just sliced up a little.

Frank went into the bathroom. “Jacuzzi. Ninety-eight degrees.”

The water came on and he went into the bedroom and got undressed. Despite the fact that he was concerned about not only his wife, but his daughter as well, his hard-on refused to go down even though he wasn’t being stimulated right now. He knew that it was because of the desire he’d felt for Katie ever since she’d confided her secret feelings to him when she was seventeen. The only thing that had prevented him from taking his lonely, tortured daughter in his arms and making sweet, tender love to her right then was the fact that the grown up version of Katie was waiting for him in his bedroom.

Because of his wife’s immortality, wife and daughter didn’t look that different. But he knew that, at seventeen, Katie was too immature to know what she wanted yet and he wasn’t about to mess up her mind by offering an unhealthy father-daughter relationship that she would fixate on. His daughter’s immature, untried emotions could easily destroy their entire family if he did something that stupid.

He wondered what Tanya, the grown-up (but almost as emotional) version would bring to this little cutlery party and hoped that she wouldn’t be disappointed. He knew Tanya wouldn't sexually appreciate being carved on like their daughter obviously did. But his boner believed that she was Katie and refused to relax its painful insistence even a little.

Frank had to work hard to keep a straight face when he returned to the bathroom and found Tanya waiting for him. She was standing naked, looking a little lost, holding a paring knife in her hands. Forcing himself not to smile, he took the offered two-inch long knife and climbed into the warm water. Tanya followed him in, carefully watching his hand with the little knife in it.

“Have you changed your mind?” he asked, hoping she’d say ‘yes’.

“No,” she murmured and slid down into the water. “I just want to make sure… you know.”

“That I won’t slice you in half?” Frank grinned. “Okay, I promise I won’t. Where do you want the first one?”

“What?” Tanya asked, so nervous that she jumped at the question. “Oh, um…”

Where do I want cut? Oh, God...

“You choose!” she said flatly.

Frank smiled, more gently now. Tanya was in virgin territory and nervous as hell. She couldn’t see the knife now because Frank was warming the blade under the water so any damage he did wouldn’t feel so traumatic. But she didn’t know that – she only knew that there was a sharp little blade somewhere close and it was going to stick her. She shied away as Frank slid across the Jacuzzi and put his arm around her.

“Hey, relax, Hon,” Frank grinned, trying to sooth her. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

“Ha!” Tanya laughed, trying to act light-hearted. “I heard that the day I lost my virginity!”

“Well,” Frank replied, and looked her in the eye. “Did you want him to?”

Tanya was quiet for a minute, remembering, then she smiled, “Oh, yeah, I wanted him to…”

She let Frank pull her in close for a slippery, wet kiss on the lips, then worked around so that her legs were straddling his as they sat facing each other. Then she noticed his hard-on again.

“You still carrying that weapon?” she said, on more familiar ground, now. “You should sheath that before someone gets an eye gouged out.”

Without waiting for a response, she slid forward and, taking one hand, pressed the engorged head of his cock against her pussy lips. She trembled at the sensation of pressure against her vulva mixed with the bubbling, comforting warm water assaulting her from all sides. Then Frank pressed forward at the same time as she did and buried himself inside her. They both groaned in pleasure. Oh, yeah!

“That’s much better,” Tanya sighed. With his nice, hard cock where it was, she wouldn’t have to worry about any knife going anywhere near there…

Frank grinned and thrust forward a little more, putting some pressure on her hard little clitoris. After a few slippery ins and outs, Tanya was horny enough to again consider why she’d come in here.

“Okay,” she whispered, unable to keep her voice from shaking. “I’m ready. Cut me.”

Frank brought the little blade out of the water. Tanya trembled as she stared at it. Instead of using the knife, Frank leaned forward awkwardly and began sucking on her left nipple. Closing her eyes, Tanya stretched up to give him easier access, sighing with nervous pleasure while her favorite man in the whole world sucked and tortured that tiny nipple into an erasure-sized nub of pure sensation.

Then he stopped, and Tanya felt something hard and flat press against that sensual little nub. She flinched and her eyes flew open to stare down at the little blade pressed flat against her breast. Her heart leaped and she sucked in a breath, almost hissing in anticipation, as Frank turned the blade edgewise against her sensitive nipple.

Frank touched Tanya’s nipple with the sharp edge of the blade and watched as her nipple grew even harder. Despite the fact that she was scared to death that it would hurt more than it would give her pleasure, she was getting excited. Although she was holding perfectly still above the water, her pussy was quivering as it surrounded his hard cock. He knew she was very close to orgasm.

As gently as possible, barely moving the blade at all, he began to slice downward. As the blade traveled slowly downward, the sharp edge disappeared from sight as it almost lovingly sliced into the hard nub of her nipple.

Tanya hissed a sharp breath in through clenched teeth and her pussy was suddenly convulsing against his invading cock as she came. Unable to stop herself, she pressed forward against the knife-edge, causing it to slice deeper into her breast.

They both jerked backwards, Frank pulling the knife away quickly, not having intended to go that deep that fast and Tanya in shock that she’d actually pressed forward to force the knife deeper. A little trickle of blood ran out of the tiny slice in her nipple, then stopped as the cut healed itself. Tanya nervously splashed water over her breast to wash away any traces of what they’d done.

“I felt that all the way to my balls,” Frank said, smiling at her and trying to get her to relax again.

“So did I,” Tanya admitted and laughed nervously. “All the way to your balls.”

They both scooted their rumps a little closer together, enjoying the fucking/not fucking sensation of being sexually coupled together in the middle of the foaming Jacuzzi. Frank’s cock was throbbing inside her. She squeezed him back in return.

“Want to do it again?” Frank asked.

She’d survived a tiny, single cut and seemed to enjoy it. He’d seen her take a lot more serious damage over the years. Usually when some serial killer was foolish enough to just wound her, Frank would have to physically pull her off the poor guy before she killed him. He had always suspected that her special adrenal rush was sexual in nature and was violently suppressed most of the time. Now he was finally finding out for sure.

Not speaking, Tanya nodded, then lifted her right shoulder, wanting him to do the other nipple. Frank leaned down and began sucking on her offered breast. In no time at all, her right nipple was harder and longer than her left one had been.

'She's looking forward to this,' he realized as he touched the knife-edge to her ultra-sensitive flesh.

Tanya flinched ever so slightly at the touch of the warm blade. Then, without waiting, she took a deep breath and pressed forward. Frank held the knife steady, this time, and let her move up and down against it, his cock throbbing inside her cunt as he watched her slowly carve her nipple open on the little knife.

Then she pulled away, her pussy convulsing around his cock as she came again. This time, he joined her, spurting his cum deep inside her hot, quivering pussy. Both their bodies shook as they came together. Frank was sure his cock was bursting, and only her tight, convulsing pussy was keeping his cock from rupturing.

For Tanya, this wasn’t a screaming orgasm – this was a gut wrenching, grunting orgasm, barely contained in her exploding torso. She imagined that this is what her daughter would have felt if her late, ass-hole husband had succeeded in shoving that deadly dildo into her cunt. That fleeting thought made her come again, clenching down tightly on Frank’s spurting, throbbing cock.

After several moments, they were both breathing more easily. Frank murmured, “I think we’ve found a new toy.”

Tanya gazed at him, then stretched forward and kissed him gently on the lips. “I think so, too.”

She thought he meant the little paring knife. She secretly meant the sensual feeling she got while watching her little ‘snuff girl’ get snuffed. But in truth, they both meant the same thing. Their darling daughter had unknowingly become part of their sexual fantasies.

“Next time, let’s reenact the part where Katie gets shot…”

“Shot? Absolutely not! Are you nuts? I’m not about to shoot you!”

“We could order another BB gun…”

End Part 1.

Well, we’re caught up, now. It’s time for Part 2 – What happened to Béla, anyway?

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