I hope you enjoy!
“Ok, put that laser engraving system over there.” I said to Clovis in the villa’s workshop. As Clovis moved the engraving system with a hand-truck, Jenny stepped in with a crate in her arms.
“The materials you ordered have come in, where should I put them?” She asked.
“Fantastic. Just put them on a table.” I said, lying down under the workbench.
I was installing the system of computers that I would be using to control my most advance power tools. They included a laser engraving system, a 3D scanner (not a 3D projector, this isn’t Iron Man), and even my own Adroid. The workshop was being updated with new machinery and tools, all top of the line and able to perform with surgical precision. The computer system had several monitors all built in a semicircular formation on the workbench, and could be given voice commands.
It was early in the morning, and everything I had ordered had finally arrived. The workshop was filled with open boxes and crates.
“Alright, I’m finally equipped to begin production.” I said with excitement as I got out from under the workbench and stood up.
“Great, I can’t wait to see how far you get. I got to go, my first class at the university is going to start soon.” Jenny said before giving me a kiss on the cheek and grabbing her purse. Until she had been caught up with the public classes, she would be meeting with a private tutor.
“I’ll see you tonight.” I replied. She gave me another kiss and walked out. I turned to Clovis.
“That will be all.” I said. He nodded and left me alone. I walked back to the workbench and sat down in the comfy new office chair.
“Oh how I missed this.” I said with a small smile as I turned on the computer system.
All of the monitors lit up, and with them came all of the power tools hooked up to the system. Before doing anything, I turned on the computer’s voice command system. I reached into the manila folder that I had been given at the Illuminati headquarters and pulled out a flashdrive. It held the measurements and scans of Medici’s arms. I plugged it into the computer modem and a flashdrive symbol appeared in the bottom-right corner of the monitor in front of me.
“Open extension: Flashdrive 1. Download all files.” I ordered.
A folder window opened up and all of the files were quickly downloaded.
“Upload files to desktop.” I said calmly and clearly.
A different scan of Medici’s arms appeared on every computer monitor, granting me measurements, muscle structure, rate of degeneration, and all of the information I required. There was just one more thing I needed. I reached into one of the open boxes and pulled out a CD case that I had ordered. On the cover was a diagram of the human body, and written on the disk inside was a software application holding a 3D diagram of the human body and a whole library’s worth of medical information. I put in the disk and the symbol from the box appeared on the main screen.
“Open extension: Human Map Disk. Download all files.” I ordered.
For several minutes, the computer downloaded the vast amount of data on the human body. While the information was secured on the modem, I opened up the box of materials Jenny had brought in. It was filled with solid blocks of lightweight metals, fiberglass, and very durable plastics. Along with the pure materials, I had also ordered countless small parts for the internal mechanisms of the hand, such as screws, hinges, gears, cogs, springs, and countless other clockwork ingredients, all so small that they needed to be installed with tweezers.
“Open file on 3D Sketch: Human Map<Right Arm<Bone.” I said as I sat back down. On one of the monitors, a 3D diagram of a human right arm appeared made only of bones.
“Synchronize Data: Medici File 1.” I said.
Taking measurements from the scans Medici supplied, the application 3D Sketch began adjusting the bone sizes of the 3D images from the Human Map files, creating a detailed copy of the bone frame of Medici’s right arm.
“Copy file: Human Map<Right Arm<Bone (Altered). Save to Desktop.” I ordered. The computer copied the image and saved it, making it so that I could create another version later.
“Monitor 5: Open 3D Sketch Tools: Scalpel.” I said.
On the computer screen, the cursor turned into a miniature scalpel.
“Now the real fun begins…” I said as I put my hand on the mouse.
For the next several hours, I worked tirelessly on the computer, carving away at the bones of the digital hand with the scalpel, almost as if I were whittling down a wooden hand. I was carving down gaps in the digital finger joints, hollowing them out for the mechanisms I would be installing. The bones of the virtual hand would be carved out of the plastic I had ordered with the laser engraving system. Now I needed to digitally create the mechanisms.
With all of the miniscule clockwork parts I had ordered, I moved my chair over to the 3D scanner and opened it up. The interior of the scanner was lined with reflective glass, with laser transmitters and receivers behind every pane. Once the machine was activated, the box would be filled by infrared light, being shined on and bouncing off every object inside. Once the data was received, 3D digital copies would be created on the computer and I could combine them with my digital hand.
I poured the pieces into the scanner case and spread them out, making sure that the light from the lasers would be able to reach every angle of every piece.
“Activate 3D Scanner.” I ordered.
The computer followed my command and the 3D Scanner turned on, instantly filling the case with light. The lasers behind the panes of glass were moving back and forth, scanning every exposed micrometer of surface area. The receivers of the scanners recorded the light bouncing off and being absorbed by the pieces, and a grid with all of the pieces was brought up on one of the monitors. Every gear tooth, screw groove, and piece size was recorded in flawless detail.
Using the mouse, I began moving the pieces around and putting them together into the actual mechanism. It was difficult to get a sense of perspective with just the mouse and screen, but I needed to create the hand digitally before I could make it in real life. The computer’s software was top of the line, with detailed compensation for the laws of nature and physics. If the hand wouldn’t work in real life, then it wouldn’t work on the computer.
I put together the mechanism with the utmost care and detail, making sure that it would be able to fit into the hollow spaces in the bones of the digital hand. Every gear, cog, screw, hinge, spring, and wire was arranged with the same precision as the creation of a Rolex watch. I made sure that the inner metal mechanism fit inside the outer plastic casing down to the smallest millimeter, ensuring that the fingers would move without being jammed or stopped by friction.
By the time I was done, it was late in the afternoon and Jenny would be coming back from the university. I stood up and stretched, sore from sitting in one position for so long. I looked down at the computer screen. The digital blueprint for the right hand was completed, far faster than I first anticipated.

Jenny stepped through the front door and was greeted by music. With a small smile on her face, she stepped into the lounge where I was playing the piano. The afternoon sun was shining through the colored glass windows, radiating with a vast cascade of different colors and hues, all blurred and mixed together after being reflected off the water fountain on the other side of the room.
Jenny stood behind me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the top of the head.
“How was your day?” I asked, continuing to play.
“Wonderful. My tutor couldn’t believe how smart I was, I had him staring in disbelief in just twenty minutes. He said that with my intelligence, I will be able to learn in one week what it took three months for everyone else to learn. I can’t wait to start the real classes.” She said giddily. As she sat down beside me on the bench, she winced.
“Are you alright?” I asked.
“Yeah, I just stretched the wrong way this morning and the chair that I was sitting in didn’t help.” She said, trying to work the tension out of her neck and back.
“I know the perfect way to take care of that.” I replied.

A gentle breeze wafted through the den from the open windows as Jenny and I watched TV. We were figuring out the channels, arranging the TV settings, and looking for any interesting shows and stations. Almost everything was in Italian, so while we needed subtitles, we would be able to learn the language before the end of the week.
“Ok, so take off your shirt.” I said.
With a coy smile of her face, Jenny unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra. She winced from her tight muscles as she removed her shirt and lingerie, but teasingly kept her breasts hidden from me. She laid down on couch and looked back at me.
I leaned over and placed my hands on her shoulders, squeezing them softly. Jenny hummed in pleasure at my touch as I gave another squeeze, easing a bit of the tension out of her muscles. I began massaging her shoulders, working my fingers as if I was preparing dough for baking.
I could feel every muscle, vein, and tendon beneath her soft skin with just the tips of my fingers and the slightest bit of pressure. I eased her tight muscles with little more than a soft press and the warmth of my hands. I moved my hands from her shoulders to the sides of the base of her neck, rubbing the tension away.
As I moved my hands down her back, Jenny hummed in bliss. With the soft breeze from the windows gently kissing her body, the smell of flowers from the gardens outside swirling around the room, the cool leather of the couch against her chest, and the warmth of my hands as I took her pain away, she could not help but purr like an affectionate cat.
With my hands on the middle of her back, I could feel her heart beating and the expansion of her lungs with each soft breath. I was fixated on the beauty of her flesh, from its softness that was on par with flower petals to the flawless shade of tan. It was less like I was giving her a back massage and more like sculpting molten bronze into a statue of a goddess.
I pushed my hands up the sides of her back, working out the tension like wet cement beneath a steamroller. Jenny’s whole body stretched in jubilation as the muscles in her back expanded from the blissful pressure and warmth. Not stopping the motion, I brought my hands back up to her shoulders and squeezed, completing the circuit of pleasure.
I moved my hands down once again, pressing down on the sides of her spine with my thumbs. As I reached her lower back, my hands separated and I moved the pressure to her hips. I moved my hands up and down, massaging each muscle while I leaned forward a kissed every square inch of her back and neck.
Very slowly, I hooked my fingers underneath the waistband of her skirt and slowly down. Jenny giggled coyly as I pulled away the skirt, revealing her round tight ass. Her blue panties were barely holding the curved cheeks.
I pulled off her skirt and continued bringing my hands down her body, massaging her smooth thighs. I ran my hands down her long legs and began rubbing her feet. Jenny moaned as I pressed down on the muscles, working out tension that she had never even knew existed.
“Oh Adrian, you are a god.” She groaned.
The pressure from my hands nearly caused the sinew strands of her muscles to come undone, almost like a tight sneaker opening up and stretching once it’s laces were undone. The strain I was taking away had been with her for so long that she had never even noticed it, but now the feeling of it being taken away was almost orgasmic.
“Did you know that the nerve endings in your feet affect every area of your body? Different areas of your foot stimulate different parts of your body if that area itself is stimulated. For instance, pressing here affects your spine…” I said as I pressed down on the inner-sides of her feet.
“Doing this affects your sinuses…” I said as I ever so gently bent back her toes, just enough to stretch the muscles but not enough to make her uncomfortable.
“And I can even…” I began as I squeezed the front of the bases of her feet.
Jenny’s whole body jerked as an erotic shiver ran through her pussy. The area I had touched affected the genital area, and because Jenny was completely in tune with her body, she had actually felt the stimulation, which otherwise would have not been noticed.
I squeezed again and Jenny gave a soft moan. She reached underneath her body and I could tell she had just slipped her hand into her panties. I continued to massage that area of her feet, causing Jenny to roll onto her back so that she could rub her pussy with more ease. Her nearly naked body caught the dim light from the windows brilliantly and her firm breasts refused to droop to the sides.
As I rubbed her feet, Jenny would stroke her pussy with a soft moan, desperate to both augment the uncontrolled stimulation and to almost stop it, as if it were a hand tickling her and she was trying to grab it. Her panties were wet with arousal within seconds, her chest heaved with every deep breath she took, she was blushing all over, and her moan was becoming more and more shrill as I shocked her nerves again and again.
Finally, she shrieked and held onto the couch for dear life as she had a climactic orgasm, soaking her panties with pussy juice. She closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath with her whole body trembling. While she recovered, I took off my clothes and crouched down, with my face just inches from her soaking wet cunt.
I held myself steady, sampling the sweet smell wafting from the lips. After a few seconds, I reached out and flicked my tongue between the lips of her cunt, sending a bolt of electricity through Jenny’s body. I licked again, savoring the orgasmic juices that oozed onto my tongue.
Jenny gave a loud moan, running one hand through my hair and her other hand through her own. With my own hand, I inserted my index and middle finger inside her pussy, exploring her body with both my fingers and my tongue. Jenny could not help but moan as I pressed every unexplored corner of her hot slippery cunt with my tongue, licking up the juices and humming to further stimulate her.
It didn’t take much to force Jenny over the edge. She had a second orgasm after just a minute of licking and my face was coated in juices. I began moving up, covering her flat stomach and chest in kisses and wrapping my tongue around her nipples, sucking on them with gusto. As I licked her tits, Jenny reached down and began stroking my throbbing cock, making sure that it was as erect as possible.
I brought myself up to her face and pressed my lips against hers, kissing her softly. Jenny wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close as she slipped her tongue into my mouth and wrapped it around my own. As we kissed, I pushed my dick up into Jenny’s cunt, but Jenny’s reactive moan was unable to escape our kiss.
Thrusting with only my lower body, I drove my manhood into Jenny over and over again, stretching her pussy as far as it could go. Jenny gripped my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist, moaning shrilly as I rammed her. With every thrust, Jenny’s large breasts would bounce and roll against my chest.
Jenny had to pull her lips from mine, because she could not moan and kiss me at the same time. She rested her chin on my shoulder, moaning and gasping in my ear as I thrust my cock into her wet cunt so fast and so hard that the clapping our flesh could he heard all throughout the house.
Finally, we both had a simultaneous orgasm, splashing even more genetic material on the couch. I pulled my quickly deflating penis out of Jenny and laid down beside her, kissing her beautiful body as we both tried to catch our breath.
“Nothing like a happy ending after a massage.” Jenny said with a smile as she rolled over and kissed me.

“So what are you studying at the university?” I asked as Jenny and I prepared dinner. There were several cookbooks, spice jars, and ingredients sprawled out across the counter and island table.
“Philosophy, psychology, art/history, quantum and astrophysics, engineering, applied sciences, and botany.” She replied while stirring the shrimp she was grilling in a skillet for Peppered Shrimp Alfredo.
“Botany? I didn’t know you were interested in plants.” I said with a smile as I marinated focaccia bread with olive oil for chicken and sun-dried tomato bruschetta.
“Well after I graduate, I’m hoping that maybe I could work at a botanical garden, open up a flower shop, or even create a line of perfumes.” She said excitedly.
“Well we have enough money to bring any dream you have into reality. I can just imagine you running a flower shop in the beautiful city of Rome. I’ll always know where to go if I want to bring you a bouquet of roses.” I said with a smile.
“What about you? Are you ever going to go to college?” She asked.
“I don’t think so. I’ve already done enough reading in my free time to qualify for five different degrees.” I shrugged.
“I guess, plus I figure you’ll already be busy ruling the world.” She said as she kissed me on the cheek.

After an early dinner, Jenny and I sat out on the balcony and watched the sunset. We were each holding a cup of decaf coffee that was more smooth and delicious than hot cocoa. We breathed deeply, savoring the fresh cool air of the evening and the cascade of aromas from the Vatican Gardens.
Once starlight replaced sunlight, we climbed up the spiral staircase and stepped onto the roof, where the illuminated pool was waiting for us. We took off our clothes and dove in, swimming laps around each other and enjoying the feeling of the cool water. We would have made love in the pool… but we had to swim in this water. You don’t crap where you eat and you don’t cum where you swim. Those are words we can all follow.

We were in the hot tube/shower of the master bedroom’s bathroom, washing off the chlorine from the pool. We were on the porcelain floor with me on my knees and Jenny on all fours. I had my hands on her hips and was plowing her asshole with my throbbing cock, ramming her as hard and fast as I could. Jenny had her face buried in her elbow like a pillow and was using her other hand to rub her pussy.
“Oh god Adrian, that feels so good! Don’t stop darling, don’t stop!” She moaned in ecstasy.
The torrential downpour of hot water bombarded us endlessly as I rammed her over and over again. The clapping of my thighs against her round ass was louder than the shower and her tight anus was squeezing my manhood like a vice grip. But regardless of the tightness, I was able to drive my cock up in her without any trouble.
After ten minutes of violation, I emptied my entire semen reserves in her asshole, ejaculating so many times so quickly that I lost count. I pulled out my aching cock, which was deflating by twenty percent every second. Jenny and I passed out and I wrapped my arm around her.
“Thanks for that, I know you’re a little shy when we’re… overly… physical.” She said coyly before kissing me.
“It’s funny, with other couples, this conversation happens with the genders switched.” I chuckled. Jenny laughed and kissed me again.
“Funny that the man I fell in love with, the man who at one time was more robot than human, is now so emotional. I love you so much Adrian, I love that you love me, and I love that you know how to love me.” She said, wrapping her fingers around my placid cock.
“I just want to make you happy; emotionally and physically.” I replied.
“Well you sure are good at that.” She laughed as she climbed on top of me.
“Do you want me to carry you back to bed? I know that anal makes you lose feeling in your legs.” I asked as I ran my hands along her beautiful body.
“Yes please, but not yet. I want to stay in the shower a little longer and clean myself off. I don’t want to go to bed with my ass filled with sperm.” She said, making me laugh.

Once Jenny had washed up, I put one arm under her knees and the other behind her back and picked her up. I carried her back to the bedroom and laid her down in the bed. I went back to turn off the lights and shower, then climbed into bed beside Jenny and wrapped my arm around her. Jenny turned off the bedside lamp, pressed herself against me, and we fell asleep.

It was the third day of my work and the designing phase was completed. I had finished the blueprints for both the left and right prosthetic arms, and now I could finally begin assembling and production. I had a block of durable plastic secured in a moveable brace in the laser engraving system, and the blueprints for the right prosthetic shell was on the computer’s main monitor.
“Activate laser engraving system.” I ordered.
The computer did as it was told and initiated the engraving. The machine kicked to life and the brace holding the plastic lock began shifting in controlled movements while the laser carved away thin strips. As the laser shaped the hand’s plastic shell, I went to work putting together the internal mechanism.
Using tweezers and a mounted magnifying glass, I began assembling the fingers of the hand. The metal pieces were as lightweight and mass efficient as possible, ensuring that the hand’s weight would be no more than absolutely necessary.
Like a real hand, there were three joints; the carpal joints, the proximal phalanges joints, and the intermediate phalanges joints. The joints of each finger were similar to links in a bike chain, but the links were put under tension with elastic strips to that the fingers would always return to a straight formation when not in use.
Each pivot had a metal gear with two wire loops around it, one to the previous gear and one to the next gear. If one wire loop were pulled, it would turn the gear in the joint, which would pull the other loop, which would turn the next gear, and so on. However, each gear was larger than the one before it. The wires on the carpal joints did not form a loop, for they were linked to the mechanism that would control the fingers.
Each joint acted like the gear system on a bicycle. When the wire on one of the carpal joints was pulled, the proximal phalanges section of that finger would move, and the wire loop on the joint would turn, causing the next section to move by pulling on the wire. But since the gear on each joint was larger than the previous one, the wire being pulled would cause less of a full rotation and the next section would bend less than the previous one.
Once all of the fingers were built, I secured them to the palm and added the thumb. The thumb had a similar pulley system, but instead of causing the digit to fold up, it pulled it towards the middle of the palm. With the five digits complete, I began to reinforce them. I reinforced the braces, added more gears, strengthened the wires, and made sure that the prosthetic could handle most of the strain that a regular hand would experience.
Once the hand itself was created, I constructed the part of the forearm that would be amputated. Inside of the palm and forearm, I placed five of the smallest electric motors money could buy. Each one had a switch that would turn a small wheel when pulled. The wheels could only make a quarter rotation and go no further, and the wires from the carpal joints were all hooked up to the wheels.
In the forearm, I put three small lithium batteries that would power the electric motors. It was what would charge the batteries that was pure genius. The whole time I worked, the laser engraving system carved out the prosthetic hand and forearm, with the brace constantly adjusting and flipping it over so that the laser could reach any spot at any angle.
At last, the carving was done. I pulled out the prosthetic hand, which had been cut up into all the joints and pieces. I brought them back to the workbench and put together the hand, creating metal joints for the plastic casing to take all unnecessary strain off of the mechanisms. Once the two hands were completed, I joined them together, locking the mechanism into the plastic shell.
Hanging out of the forearm were wires leading to the tiny electric motors. With my hands shaking with excitement, I pulled on the wires. The switch on each motor was pulled, and they in turn pulled on the wires in each finger joint. Each joint did as it was supposed to, rotating less than the one before it and ensuring that the hand didn’t close into a premature fist. I balled the hand and opened it back up, feeling the elastic strips in the joints pulling the fingers back into a rigid shape. I flexed each individual digit, admiring my creation. After only one try, it was flawless. The fingers didn’t lock up, none of the plastic shells were loose, and each movement was easily controlled.
“It’s beautiful.” I heard.
I turned around in surprise and was face to face with Jenny. I didn’t even hear her come in. I had lost all track of time and hadn’t even noticed the hours flying by.
“I can’t believe you created that, it is an absolute work of art.” She said proudly.
“Thank you, I almost want to chop off my hand so that I can be the one to use it.” I joked.
“Come out onto the balcony, I think there is something you’ll enjoy.” She whispered in my ear.

“I love it when it get’s like this, I absolutely love it.” I said in amazement as I looked up into the sky.
A huge thunderstorm was moving over Vatican City, with clouds almost as dark as night. There was a crystal-clear border around the storm, with sunlight shining down from the clear sky in the distance. The clouds were a mixture of dark blues, violets, and greys, all shifting and swirling with incredible speed and beauty. Watching the spiraling banks of the clouds was like watching an explosion of colorful smoke in slow motion. It almost looked like the sky itself was falling and the cloud was so close that you could send ripples through it with a bottle rocket. The combination of darkness and light and the endless swirling of deep colors were so beautiful that no human art could ever compare to it. It almost looked like a watercolor painting made by a god.
“I love summer storms, they are just so beautiful. They are almost passionate.” I said with a smile on my face. I had to speak loudly, for there was a powerful wind blowing across the landscape, and every tree in Vatican Gardens was rustling loudly in the breeze. The breeze was so fresh and moist that it was like breathing in a lovely perfume.
Standing behind me, Jenny wrapped her arms around my neck.
“I love them too. I used to think our home in Maine had the most beautiful storms, but here in Rome, it is absolutely breathtaking.” She said.
As the words passed her lips, it began to pour like a hurricane. Thick heavy drops fell from the sky, slamming down on us like hailstones. The drops felt like they were as large as shot-glass servings. Jenny and I quickly rushed inside as the rain picked up, spraying Vatican Gardens like a fire hose.
Jenny and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the library. We were sitting in the two lounge chairs, drinking delicious coffee and watching the sheets of rain slam against the vast window before us. Halfway through her coffee, Jenny got up and moved over to me. She sat down in my lap and I wrapped my arm around her.
“This is so nice.” We both said at the same time.

“Greetings gentlemen.” I said as I sat down at the dining room table. Professor Medici and Dr. Alfonse were sitting at the other side.
“I trust that the prosthetics have been built and are ready?” Medici asked as politely as possible.
“Of course, I created a deadline and I am a man of my word. While they are ready for use, I want to make it clear that they are not waterproof and shouldn’t be used for strenuous activities. They are durable enough for you to drive, write, type, teach, and even cook. But heavy-lifting such as carrying multiple books at once or moving furniture will break them. If you would like, I can build another set that will be safe for use while wet and much more durable, however it will take time and they will be heavy.” I said.
“I would greatly appreciate it. However, I would prefer to first become used to the ones you have prepared. May I see them?” He asked.
“Of course.” I said. I reached under the table and brought up the two prosthetics. I could see looks of amazement in the men’s eyes.
“Take a look for yourselves. I call them the mechthetics.” I said as I handed them over.
Using Alfonse’ hands in place of his own, Medici inspected the mechthetics carefully. He examined every joint and detail, though the plastic shell held the mechanism’s secrets.
“Each finger is controlled by a tiny electric motor, with lithium batteries powering them. Connected to each motor is a wire that will activate it. Once we amputate your arms, I will secure the wires to the tendons which formerly controlled your fingers.” I said.
“But if you plan on using my tendons to control the mechanisms, why do we need the electric motors? Can’t I just move the fingers with the tendons themselves?” Medici asked.
“I wish it were that simple. While they hold muscles to bones and allow us to move, tendons can be very delicate, especially if they are outside of the body. In your hands, your tendons are kept moist and are continuously regenerated, plus they work with your muscles to operate your body. The fingers of the mechthetics lack those muscles, so if you tried to use these, your tendons alone would feel the pure strain of the muscles.
I plan on hooking your tendons up to the wires controlling the electric motors, while making sure that they stay in your arm. In order to do this, I will sterilize the wires, create a protective shell around your tendons, and secure them while making sure the wires won’t just cut through the tendons given enough time. I’ll also apply lids to your arms that will keep your body sealed off, as you would receive with any prosthetics.”
“You said that the electric motors were powered by lithium batteries, well what charges the batteries?” Alfonse asked.
“That is the most ingenious part of the design…” I said as I held up to plastic disks.
They were the lids that would be secured in Medici’s arms after his hands would be amputated. There were five small holes around the center with plastic membranes, the wires connected to the tendons would pass through these holes, but the membranes were tight enough to make sure dirt and contaminates would stay out.
With each disk, there were three wires protruding out of one sides that would be hooked up to the lithium batteries, but over thirty long strands protruding from the other side.
“These strands are made of a thermoelectric material. That means that they absorb heat and convert it to electricity. I’ll run these strands through your arms and they will convert your body heat into usable energy, constantly charging the batteries.
I know that you are very concerned as to how safe this operation will be. I assure you that not only is it perfectly safe, but the benefits of these replacement hands are impossible to ignore.”

Medici was unconscious on a table in a surgical room of the local hospital. Alfonse had just finished removing the dead half of Medici’s right arm and was following all of my instructions. Jenny was beside me and we were both wearing surgical scrubs. On a stainless steel tray next to the surgical cot were five short plastic tubes bent into U’s and the lid with the thermoelectric cords that would act as a plug on the stump.
“Ok, I need you to cut away some of the muscles around the ends of the tendons. The tendons will be threaded through those tubes and we need to make room. Tubes like these are used to replace heart valves, so they’ll easily be able to protect his tendons when we hook them up to the wires.” I said.
Alfonse did as he was told and cut away thin strips of muscles at the stump around the tendons. He then threaded them through the plastic tubes and tied them back on themselves. With them looped through, the tendons length was shortened and they were tucked in the arm.
“Good, now thread the wires from the mechthetic through the small slits in the lid and tie them to the plastic tubes. Before we secure the lid to the bones, make several incisions up along his arm and insert the thermoelectric cords. They will draw in heat and convert it into energy.” I said.
“How do you know that his body won’t just reject the cords or try to destroy them with antibodies?” Jenny whispered in my ear.
“While this may be grim, he’ll die before his immune system can do anything about them. He’s immune system will never be able to damage the cords enough for them to stop working or fully reject and expel the cords.
These hands are actually just prototypes. I would have built better ones if I had more time and my clients were younger. The risk of the damage these mechthetics could inflict on the arms and tendons and the risk of infection being caused by the openings in the lids make it incredibly dangerous.
I plan on creating better and safer versions eventually.” I replied, speaking very softly so that Alfonse could not hear.
Once Alfonse finished running the cords through the incisions along Medici’s arm, he bolted the lid to the bones in his forearm and secured it to the stump. With the wires connected to the tendons and threaded through the tight plastic membranes of the lid, they were hooked up to the switches of the electric motors. The mechthetic was locked into place on the lid and the procedure for the right arm was complete. Now there was only the left.
“Ok, I know how to do this on my own. You two may leave.” Alfonse said. Jenny and I stood up.
“Good, call us after he tries out the new hands. If he finds them satisfactory, I’ll begin production for the rest of the Illuminati members that have his disease.” I said.

Jenny and I were lying in bed after having a big dinner. Jenny was reading a textbook for school, but with her mental prowess, she would flip the page once every seven seconds. I was using my laptop to maneuver through comment sections of political articles and crush Internet trolls. Hunting trolls and literarily incinerating them was a very entertaining hobby; it let me hone my arguing skills, it killed time, and I was performing a valuable service to the online community.
As I posted another scathing and witty reply to a troll’s inappropriate and offensive comment, my cell phone began to vibrate and shake on the bedside table.
“Hello?” I asked, already knowing who it was.
“Ah, Adrian, it’s Professor Medici.” A raspy voice said.
“I imagine you’re holding the phone on your own.” I asked. Both Jenny and I gained a smile.
“That is correct, your mechthetics work like a dream. There is a little friction with the wires and I’m still trying to get used to it, but they are phenomenal.” He said.
“The friction is from the thick plastic membranes in the holes of the lids. They had to be tight around the wires to keep contaminants from getting into your arm. I’m sure that Anthony will be able to find you a sterilizing lubricant that you can apply to the wires.” I said.
“Well I’ve already contacted the other members, and after telling them about my new hands, they are desperate for mechthetics of their own. Once they get their new hands, you and Ms. Donovan shall be made full members of the Illuminati.”
“Thank you for the news. I shall begin production tomorrow.” I said before turning off the phone.
“All according to plan, huh?” Jenny asked with a smile.
“All according to plan darling.” I replied.

For the rest of the month, I built mechthetics for all of the crippled Illuminati. The instant one was created, one of the members would snap it up like the first hyena to a fresh kill. With Alfonse and myself providing instructions, personal doctors were attaching them to their clients the second one was in their possession. Jenny helped me whenever she could, building the mechthetics beside me. It was nice having a project we could work on together.
Once all of the members had been outfitted with their replacement hands, they began preparing the initiation ceremony in the Vatican City Illuminati outpost.

A silver Ferrari came to a halt in a parking lot, filled with similar sports cars and limos. The entire parking lot was hidden beneath a vast canvas tent for privacy. The passenger-side door opened and a woman stepped out with her high-healed shoe. Her red sequin dress had a slit running up her smooth tan thigh and her long blonde hair was tied up in a bun.
I stepped out of the driver door and stood up. I was dressed in a tuxedo with a rose in my breast pocket. I looked over to Jenny and she gave me a coy smile. I smiled in return and walked over. With her clinging to my arm, we made out way to the Illuminati building.

The Black Tie event was filled with Illuminati members from all across the globe. Most of the caterers and waiters were high-ranking Freemasons, hired because they had already been sworn to secrecy as to the identity and existence of their superiors. A regular catering service and even regular Freemasons couldn’t be trusted.
Security was extremely tight; members and agents were searched for listening devices, radios, and transmitters, and everyone in the building had been brought inside with their faces hidden so that no one could identify them. It was impossible to tell how many enemies the Illuminati had and everyone had to be protected.
Regardless of the prison-like security, the mood in the building was light. Here, the most powerful and intelligent people were talking, laughing, making business deals, and socializing as friends. Among everyone, members with my mechthetics were the celebrities. While they were still in wheelchairs, they had mastered use of their new limbs. Everyone wanted to shake their hands and see them in action.
Jenny and I received harsh glares and faux manners from most of the people we talked to. Many members thought we were a pair of rich kids who had bought their way into one of the most secret and powerful groups in the world. But after seeing my work with the mechthetics and learning of our IQ levels, their view of use changed. We went from conniving teenagers to young prodigies.

“Many people believe that the Illuminati control the stock markets, but I believe otherwise. The fluctuations are too illogical.” Jenny said. She was speaking with a Canadian businessman who ran a vast pharmaceutical company. She had no problem showing off her intelligence to the adults.
“So you think that changes in value are just random occurrences?” He asked, obviously impressed.
“Oh heavens no. Humans may not control it, but it is not random. If you compare the histories of different national stocks, you will find an algorithmic pattern. It’s pretty complicated, it took me over ten minutes to figure it out. I don’t know if it’s a random computer encryption created by the accumulation of bits of scrambled data, but half of the world stock market is controlled by some force that is unaffected by human involvement.” She said smugly. I tried to keep my smile hidden, but even my will wasn’t strong enough.
“But if you were able to figure it out with your genius intelligence, then isn’t it more likely that someone of equal intelligence created it?” The businessman asked.
“If someone was controlling the stock market, they wouldn’t use a pattern. They would keep it random so that no one could figure it out and no one else could make a profit off of it. With a random sequence, only a handful of people or even just one will know what will happen next and can use that information in their favor.” She said.
“Come on honey, stop bragging.” I laughed. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around, facing Dr. Alfonse.
“It’s time.” He said. I nodded and wrapped my hand around Jenny’s.
We followed Dr. Alfonse to a stage in the back of the main hall. My “clients” were seated at a two-part banquet table on the stage with a podium between them. On the podium was a laptop computer with a USB surge protector. As Jenny and I climbed up the stairs and onto the stage, Medici began clinking his empty wine glass against one of the exposed pieces of metal in his left mechthetic. The whole room instantly fell silent, with all eyes on us. Medici pulled his wheelchair out from behind the table and retrieved one of the microphones. The whirring and clicking of his hand was picked up and emitted through all of the speakers in the room.
“Greetings, my fellow People of the Light. As many of you know, I Professor Medici and I have been a member of this glorious organization for almost twenty years. It is a rare occasion that so many of us risk being in one place at one time, almost always for an initiation. I sure we all remember our own initiations. This however, will be a very special one.
We are welcoming two new members, neither of which has even left adolescents. Under normal circumstances, we would never associate ourselves with such young individuals. However, I believe we should make an exception. Not only are they two of the smartest people in a room full of geniuses, but they have much to offer. Adrian and Jenny have given several of us our lives back. Thanks to them, I can go back to teaching.
I believe that these two are a sign that this next generation has a chance of surpassing us. But enough of an old man jabbering on, I would like to introduce our replacements; Adrian Ashford and Jenny Donovan…” He said, motioning to us. Many of the Illuminati members stood like grim statues, but most applauded as we stepped up to the podium.
Medici reached under the podium and pulled out a rosewood box. He opened it up, revealing two USB keys on a bed of velvet. They were each gold plated and had a small black screen.
“As members you will gain access to the greatest power in the world; knowledge. Before the digital age, new members were given keys to our libraries. Now that our archives are stored on connected servers, we can grant you safer access. These USB keys will hook up any computer to our archives and they hold the most accurate retinal scanners, ensuring that only you and you alone will be able to use them.
Adrian Ashford and Jenny Donovan, do you swear to work with and for the Illuminati for the rest of your lives? Do you swear to follow any order or mission assigned to you by the Illuminati? Do you swear to put your lives on the line for the protection of knowledge and the betterment of the human race? Do you swear to use your power and the power of the Illuminati for only good and to only act in the face of extinction? Under punishment of death, do you swear?” He asked us.
“We swear.” Jenny and I both said.
Medici nodded and opened the laptop on the podium. He plugged in the two USB keys along with his own. The glass panels of all three were lit up and Medici held his face over his own. A beam of light shined in his eye for several seconds and a window opened up on the computer. On the window were two buttons with the word ‘RECORD’. Using his USB key, he activated the other two and set them up to receive user data.
“Hold your faces above the keys and they’ll record your retinal patterns.” Medici instructed.
Jenny went first, holding her face over her key the way Medici had. A beam of light shined up from the pane of glass and into her eye. After a few seconds, the beam of light ceased and the key deactivated. I did the same with the other key and our retinal patterns were recorded. Medici pulled out the keys and handed them to us.
“By the power of enlightenment and for the sake of the human race, I welcome you to the Illuminati.” He said. We took the keys and again, (almost) every one applauded.

As Jenny and I stepped into our Ferrari, Medici rolled up to us in his wheelchair. He placed his prosthetic hand on the driver-side door.
“We’ll be expecting more from you, as long as you’re with the Illuminati, we’ll be expecting more from you.” He said sternly. After he rolled away, Jenny and I climbed back into the Ferrari and drove away.
“Poor fools.” Jenny chuckled.
“If only they knew that they were in the palm of hour hands.” I replied with the same maniacal tone.

Jenny and I were lying in bed with my laptop between us. Jenny’s USB key was plugged in and we were reading the files from the Illuminati archives.
“No… fucking… way…” Jenny said in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it either.
“THAT’S what landed in Roswell?!” I exclaimed.
“How does something like that even land and make a crater? Who would take that off the ground?!“ Jenny said with her hands over her face.
“You just can’t un-learn stuff like that… you can’t forget that stuff…” I sighed.
“Let’s see who killed Kennedy.” Jenny said as she scrolled through the files. She opened up the Kennedy assassination file and we instantly burst into laughter.
“Is that a man or woman?!” Jenny laughed.
“I don’t know, people have been trying to figure it out for years. He… she… it… has always been the one that the paparazzi could not get. Who would have thought?” I asked with a smile.
“Reality really is the greatest joke.” Jenny said.
“I know, you just can’t write this stuff. You really can’t write this stuff.” I replied.
As we scrolled through the archives, our eyes both fell on the same file, labeled SOVIET NUCLEAR BOMBS. Jenny grabbed my hand and held it tightly, for both our hands were shaking. I opened the file and we read the wall of text as fast as we could. We reached the end of the document and both gave a shaky sigh.
“So that’s where they are.” I said softly.
“You were right, they do exist.” Jenny said, looking at me with disbelief.
“And they’re all within reach, thousands of nuclear weapons up for grabs.” I said.
“So what now?”
“Now I need time. I know where they are, I can get them any time, and they will still be operational. Handling and distributing these weapons in the right way and with the right timing will require surgical precision. One false move and the plan will shatter and the whole world with it. I have to take every preventative measure possible, and even then, the chances of failure will be phenomenal.” I replied.
“I know you can do it. You are one of the smartest –if not the smartest- man in the world. If there is anyone who can do this, it is you.” Jenny said reassuringly.
“Thank you Jenny. With you at my side, success is guaranteed. Soon my love, we shall deliver the world to peace.”

I hope you enjoyed it. The tenth and FINAL piece will be up soon.

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