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CAW7 writers contest
This story was written especially for the CAW7 writers contest. The entries in this contest are judged by the quality of the story and the skill of the writer. If you like a well written story, I promise you won’t be disappointed. But if you are primarily interested in a story with a lot of erotic content, you may want to choose another story to read.


by Hardrive

The city streets were dark and empty except for the rapid movements of three teenage girls. They were running for their lives. Frightened and confused they darted between parked cars in an effort to elude a very determined predator. Their stalker was their pimp, Jack Badwing, whose resolute goal was to sell them into the sex trade. Horrified by that prospect, the girls were equally determined not to get caught; so when they saw his car coming, they hid among the dim recesses of the parked vehicles and prayed their pursuer wouldn’t spot them. With their hearts beating wildly, the girls waited as their stalker’s shiny black car came closer and closer. Sweating from every pour, they held their breath and stood frozen in place while they watched the car they called the black Mariah go slowly pass them and proceed down the street.

After the car passed, the girls decided that it was time to make their move. One at a time, they broke cover and scurried across the dark road. Gloria was first and she sprinted directly to the other side, followed by Lynn who hesitated twice before making the crossing. But when Ellen made her move, the full moon peeked out from behind a dark cloud and spotlighted her carefully choreographed dash. That’s when they heard the piercing screech of the pimp’s big black car coming to a sudden stop.

The girls froze in place, but when the black car’s backup lights blinked on, Ellen cried out, “Oh Shit! We’ve been spotted.” And they ran up the street in a panic, with their stalker in hot pursuit.

Their situation was perilous. On the left side of the street was their pursuer, who was rapidly advancing on them. On their right was the very long and tall wooden fence of an old abandoned drive-in theater. They couldn’t outrun the car or climb over the fence so their only option was to find a loose board in the fence and try to escape into the drive-in theater’s lot. Luckily, they found a wobbly plank and using their combined strength they desperately pulled on the board with all their might.

With his car in reverse, Jack moved in on his prey. He could see the girls frantically trying to pull a loose plank form the wooden structure and chuckled. That fence was built to keep out intruders so there was no way these three little girls were going to breach that wall, however, when he saw them dislodge a part of the enclosure and throw it onto the street, he cursed under his breath and floored the accelerator.

It wasn’t a very large hole, but it was sufficient for them to squeeze through. A quick glance up the street told them that Jack would soon be upon them so they moved quickly. The first two girls made it to the other side with ease, but Ellen, who was a little plumper than her friends, got stuck just as the pimp’s car came to a screeching halt. The loathsome flesh peddler wasted no time in throwing open the car door. Seeing his chance to nab at least one of the girls he bolted from the vehicle and ran full speed towards the fence. He reached out for the youngster and slammed into the boards just as the girls pulled Ellen through the barrier. The impact made a loud sound and shook the fence so hard that the girls screamed and fell to the ground. Frustrated but still determined, Jack quickly reached through the opening and made a grab for Ellen’s leg. He almost got her but the terrified teenagers shrieked and moved out of his reach.

When he pulled his arm back, the girls sighed in relief, but their respite was short lived. Jack was determined, so he put his leg in the opening and tried to muscle his way through. Initially the young women just crawled back a few inches, but when they heard his loud grunts as he push hard to get his fat ass through the narrow slot, they jumped to their feet and ran from him in a panic. They were probably no further than 50 or 60 yards away when they heard Jack kicking the fence and cursing at them. The exhausted teens stopped running and took long labored breaths while they listened to the pimp’s threats.

“I’ll kill you, you fuckin’ little cunts. There’s no place for you to hide in there and you can’t outrun my car.” A few seconds later they heard his car door slam and listened as he burned rubber half-way down the street and then screeched around the corner before disappearing into the night.

After a minute of silence, Gloria asked, “Do you think he’s gone?”

“Are you crazy?” Lynn replied. Jack is out there. He’s hiding in the dark waiting for us to make a wrong move. We’ve got to stay here and find a way to call for help.”

“But there’s nothing around this old drive-in but a bunch of run down factories. No one’s going to hear us. We’re fucked!” Gloria said as she put her face in her hands and began to sob.

“Come on girls, we’ve got to keep our heads.” Ellen urged with a strain in her voice that betrayed her own anxiety. “Let’s just stay here until morning. When our parents discover we’re not home, they’ll come looking for us or call the police.”

“What if he comes back and gets inside the fence? Gloria said almost in tears. Like he said, there’s no place for us to hide in here.”

“So what are we going to do?” Lynn asked. “We can’t just sit here and wait for him. Oh God please, I just want to go home.”

Then Ellen pointed into the darkness and said, “Look there’s a light in that house.”

“What house? Lynn shouted in frustration. “There are no fuckin’ houses in here. We’re in the middle of a god damned fuckin’ drive in…” then she stopped talking and her mouth fell open when she noticed the dim light Ellen was pointing to. There was indeed a light but it wasn’t a house. The light was coming from the drive-in’s concession stand. For a long silent moment, all three girls quietly looked on as they saw a shadow walk across the lighted window. Then Lynn said, “Let’s check it out.” And all three girls started moving towards the structure.

The door of the concession stand was open, but to the girl’s surprise, the entrance was covered by a beaded curtain. As they made their way into the room, it seemed like they were walking into a strange world of opposing contrasts. The left side of the room was long, dark and dingy and the floor was littered with broken fragments of multi-colored plastic chairs and tables. The right side was a clean and well ordered oasis compared to the chaotic rubble on the left. The area was lit by rows of small red and yellow lights that hung from the ceiling and gave that side of the room a soft warm glow like a campsite lit by dying embers. All the walls were covered by old movie posters from the 1950s and 60s and in the far corner of the room there was a table with four chairs. One of the chairs was occupied by an old man who was smoking a white clay pipe. He was dressed in a bright red Chinese robe and his long white braided beard and ponytail made him look like a character out of an old kung-fu movie.

“Welcome to my humble home.” The old man said while making a slow graceful bow. “You honor me with your presence.” Then he smiled an impish smile that revealed a gold capped tooth.

The girls were puzzled by his greeting but their nerves were soothed by his friendly smile and his soft reassuring tones. Somehow they felt calmed by his presence, but they hadn’t forgotten the reason they were there. Speaking in a chorus they simultaneously asked, “Do you have a phone?”

“Today’s youth forgets the pleasantries of polite conversation and they come to the point far too soon.” The old man said as he walked towards them. “I know why you are here, but first come the introductions and then we must share some tea and talk about why you need this phone you seek. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Pak Sing, from the house of Chow.”

“You don’t understand,” Ellen said with some urgency. “There’s a man after us that wants to kill us. We have to call the police before he comes back and finds us.”

“You needn’t worry about this man.” The Chinese sage said with a smile. “He will not disturb us until it is his time. Meanwhile you can do me the honor of telling me your names and then we can talk about how you came to be the target of this man’s rage.”

“We don’t have time for this.” Ellen said while trying to restrain her frustration. “We have to call the police right now. Please, I beg you; let us use your phone.”

“I’m so very sorry,” The Chinese man said. “I do not have a phone to share with strangers.” And then he started to walk away.

“Wait, wait, wait…” Ellen said. I’m sorry. “Let me try again.” Speaking very slowly and deliberately she said, “My name is Ellen and these are my friends, Gloria of the house of Berkowitz and Lynn from the Curry clan. We need to use your tele-a-phone so we can call the po-lice.” Ellen paused to let the old man fully grasp her meaning. Then she continued. “We need to tell them our problem and ask for their help. Do you understand?”

The old man smiled and said, “That is much better Miss Ellen. I am very pleased to meet you and your friends. As for your request, I would be very happy to let you use my tele-a-phone, but I’m afraid I don’t have one.” Noting the stunned look of disappointment on the girl’s faces, Pak Sing continued. “However, you can tell me your problem. I love a good story. You see I used to work here as the projectionist. Over the years I have seen many good stories played out by excellent actors. Those were wonderful times, but alas, that all ended when the drive-in closed about 10 years ago. I have been living here ever since but as you might imagine, I don’t get many visitors.” Then the old man pulled out a tea pot and said, “May I offer you some tea?”

“This is crazy,” Gloria whispered to Ellen. “Jack could break in here at any moment and we’re talking about having tea?

“It is rude to refuse honorably offered hospitality.” The old man said with furrowed brow. “I have already assured you of your safety. You are my guests and as such you are under my protection, however, if you have no faith in my promise, you are free to go.” With those words the old man stood and pointed to the door.

“No, please… that’s not what we want.” Ellen apologized. “We didn’t mean to offend you. We are just…” With pleading eyes she turned to her friends for help but they were just as much at a loss for words. Turning back to Pak Sing, Ellen continued. “We are concerned that this dangerous and very violent man may come back and hurt us all.”

“Your fears are unfounded.” The old man said with a firm voice. “I fully intend to address your concerns but first we must observe the amenities as proscribed by custom and good manners. We will take our tea and converse about the events that have brought us to this day. Then we will deal with the events that are yet to come. The reels of this feature must be played in their proper order and at the proper time.”

“Pardon me?” Ellen posed a rhetorical question. “This feature? Tell me you’re not comparing our real life problem to the plot of some old movies?”

“Why yes,” the old man responded with obvious glee. “Yes I am indeed. You see old movie plots can often take complicated human problems and reduce them to their simplest form. I prefer the older black and white movies. Their message was always clear with no complicating shades of color to blur the distinctions between good and evil. In those old movies you could always tell the good guys from the bad because when put up on the silver screen, the heroic always shines while the craven hides in the darkness.

Lynn tugged at Ellen’s arm and whispered in her ear. “I think we’re dealing with a real crazzzy. Maybe we should leave and take our chances on the street.”

“I don’t know about you,” Gloria said, with firm determination, “but it’s a jungle out there and there’s no way I’m going back out on the street.”

“I’m with Gloria,” Ellen said. “I’d rather deal with this nut than the one that wants to kill us.” Lynn thought about it for a few seconds and nodded that she concurred. Then all three girls sat at the table and picked up their tea cups.

“Excellent,” the old man said as he picked up the steaming pot and poured out the tea. “As we begin the second reel, I visualize a close-up of your faces that blurs and refocuses to reveal that you are in a new location. This introduces the flashback. I see you engaged in a conversation that explains how you three came to be in your current predicament.” Then he pointed to the girls and shouted… “Action!”

The girls looked at each other, not quite sure how to begin, but after a few seconds of silence, they began to tell their story. It all started several days ago when they were sitting on the steps of their building talking about how they could pay for a trip to Europe they’d been planning for years. They needed about five thousand dollars each to cover the cost of transportation, food and lodgings, yet here they were just weeks before graduation and they didn’t have a penny. The problem was that they didn’t have jobs and no way of raising that much money before the end of the summer.

After discarding several ideas, Gloria came up with something she thought might work. “Girls,” she said, “you may not have ever realized this before but we’ve been sitting on a gold mine.” The other girls seemed puzzled so Gloria went on to explain that she’d recently read a book called ‘The Mayflower Madam’ which said that high class escorts could earn as much as 5 thousand dollars a night.

Ellen wanted to know what a high class escort was and Lynn told her it was an expensive prostitute.

“What!” Ellen shouted in disbelief. “You want us to sell our bodies?”

“Why not? Lynn answered. “We’ve all had sex before and it’s no big deal. You let a guy get on top of you. He huffs and puffs for a few minutes and viola, $5,000.” The other girls looked at her like she was crazy, so Lynn continued. “Come on girls, we’ve done it for a hamburgers and a movie, so why not for a trip to Europe.

“I don’t know Lynn. We’re talking about prostitution here. I don’t want to be a prostitute.”

“No, not a prostitute,” Gloria corrected her friend, “a high class escort. And we only have to do it once.”

The girls argued about it for hours but in the end they agreed that it was the only way they could raise the money they needed in time. The next day they all got into their sexiest outfits and applied enough make-up to make them appear older and more sophisticated. Then they piled into Ellen’s old VW bug and headed for the part of town that was known as the red light district.

Having been warned not to park their car in that seedy neighborhood, they parked five blocks away and walked until they found a woman that looked like she was in the trade. The woman was standing on the corner, smoking a cigarette and wearing what was obviously a blond wig. She had on a very short mini skirt split up one side, fishnet stockings and a very tight sweater that showed off her ample bosom. But the real tip off was that she wasn’t going anywhere; she just walked back and forth and smiled at all the cars that went by.

Sure that they had found the right place, the girls set themselves up on the opposite corner and tried to imitate the posture and conduct of the prostitute that was working across the street. They strutted their stuff and smiled at every car that drove by, but though they got a lot of nibbles no one took the hook. After hearing their asking price, all their prospects drove away. Some of the johns laughed, some gave them the finger and some yelled out. “You must think your pussies are made of gold.”

After about an hour, without snagging a single customer, it was obvious this high class escort gig wasn’t working out so the girls decided to pack it up and go home. That’s when Jack Badwing showed up. He was driving a big expensive looking black car with a fancy gold colored decal that read, ‘Black Mariah.’ The girls were impressed when he dropped his extra dark power window and flashed them a big toothy smile. He was a handsome man and obviously very rich because he wore a ton of gold and diamond jewelry and the inside of his car was upholstered in zebra skin.

“Hi girls.” Jack said in his best sexy voice. “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” Without waiting for their reply he continued. “Are you girls ‘high class escorts’ cause you sure are pretty enough.” The girls giggled and looked at each other with big smiles. “I’d like to talk to your agent so I can book you for a high paying job.”

The girls were interested but suspicious. After confiding that they didn’t have an agent, they asked Jack how he knew they were ‘high class escorts? Jack confessed that it just so happened that he was looking for some classy chicks to do a job. A friend, who had stopped and talked to them earlier, told him that three classy looking girls were working this corner. So, he came to ask them if they’d be interested in doing the job. When the girls hesitated, Jack added that the job would pay them $5,000 each.

Gloria, Ellen and Lynn looked at each other, their mouths open in shock. They couldn’t believe their good fortune but didn’t know what to say. After a half minute of silence, Jack told them that he needed an answer right away or he’d have to find some other escorts to do the job. That’s when the girls said yes and jumped in his car. Within 10 minutes they were standing in the pimp’s apartment.

The apartment was beautiful and expertly decorated. Jack had a fully stocked bar trimmed in black and white leather to match the zebra striped upholstery of his car and his living room sofa. Looking around, the girls were impressed by everything they saw, starting with his ultra shag rugs to the full sized pool table in the middle of his living room. The walls were super cool. He had several black velvet paintings of Elvis and two glass framed paintings. One featured a bridge with blinking lights and the other had a waterfall that actually looked like the water was moving. It was the most beautiful thing the girls had ever seen and it was obvious that Jack was a class act and a perfect host.

He treated the girls like celebrities, giving them lots of liquor and cocaine just like the rich and famous people they read about in the tabloid press. This was all so much more than they expected. None of their friends from school would ever believe that they got to snort coke through a rolled up hundred dollar bill, or that Ellen pulled one of her Klutzy moves by sneezing on a glass tray and blowing away over $400 of primo coke. It was all so much fun and they all laughed and laughed while Jack called his high roller friends and booked a party for them that very night.

A few hours later, six drunken men came to the apartment. They didn’t look like rich celebrities. They looked more like common white trash. They were dirty, greasy and sweaty, and they were dressed in shabby clothing. When the girls whispered their concerns, Jack took them aside and through clenched teeth he warned them not to say anything that would offend his guests. “These are paying customers,” he said, “and as long as they have money, it doesn’t really matter what they looked like.”

Leading the girls into his bedroom, Jack pointed to the twin beds and said that one of them was going to have to service her clients on the floor. As he continued, the girls witnessed a change in his demeanor. Jack went from being a suave and charming agent to a menacing pimp. He began by telling them that he expected them to comport themselves like pros. That meant that he didn’t want to hear any complaints about them not wanting to be fucked in the ass or letting the men cum in their mouths. He also warned that his guests paid extra for tender young virgins so he wanted them to act shy and cry out in pain when the clients put it in their cunts.

When the girls said they didn’t like the idea of lying, Jack told them to shut the fuck up and do as they were told. He explained that if the clients were disappointed, they wouldn’t get paid and then he reminded them that they owed him a lot of money for all the coke and liquor they consumed earlier in the evening. When Gloria protested and said they assumed all that stuff he gave them was free. Jack laughed and said that nothing in this world was free.

After Jack left, the girls realized that this escort thing was not the glamorous job they thought it would be, but their discussion was cut short when their drunken clients walked into the bedroom. The first thing they did was to divide the girls amongst them. They only paid for one hour so they decided to double team the girls and do a round-robin so they’d all get a turn with each girl.

Not wanting to waste another second, the men strip the teenagers naked and made crude remarks about their tender young bodies. The girls felt like cheap pieces of meat as the men groped them with their dirty hands while they laughed and talked about all the revolting things they intended to do. It was humiliating and shameful to hear, and the girls hated themselves for letting these men use them that way, but it was too late to back out. They were just going to have to submit themselves to their fate and hope the trip to Europe would be worth it.

As the men prepared to fuck the young escorts, two of them laid Lynn on one bed and two laid Ellen on the other. They tried to kiss the girls but the young women turned their heads in disgust. The remaining pair had Gloria on her hands and knees. One spread Gloria’s butt cheeks as he got ready to fuck her in the ass, while the other tried to put his cock in her mouth…. and that’s when it happened.

Gloria gagged on the man’s cock and threw-up all over his lap. The dude was pissed. He pushed her away and called her a filthy whore while he tried to wipe off the vomit. Gloria began to cry but she wasn’t going to let this pig get away with insulting her. As she picked up her clothes she angrily told him that he smelled like a wet dog and she’d rather eat shit than let him put his filthy cock in her mouth again. The irate customer stepped forward to slap her but slipped on the vomit and fell on his ass. That made the other men laugh and while the drunks were distracted, Ellen and Lynn got off the beds and ran to their friend’s side. Soon all three girls were crying and trading insults with the men.

“We’re not virgins, you stupid clods.” the girls shouted as they cried. “We’re not even real escorts. We just wanted to raise some money for a trip to Europe. Jack told us we could earn the cash by partying with his rich friends, but he lied to us. You guys are just smelly white trash and we’ve changed our minds. Leave us the fuck alone and get the hell out of here.”

The evening ended with Jack having to return the $200 each man paid to party with the teens. He was very apologetic and good natured as he assured his clients that he didn’t know the girls weren’t virgins or that they would act in such an unprofessional way. As he said goodbye, he promised his clients that he’d make it up to them next time around. After they left, Jack’s mood changed. The full extent of his anger was written all over his face and he turned his wrath on the girls. He called them every name in the book and told them they were going to stay and work for him until they made up for all the money he was out, and that included the $1,200 he had to refund the men that just left.

The girls cried and said they were through with the escort business. They thought it would be fun, glamorous and exciting but it wasn’t any of those things. It was degrading and disgusting and now they just wanted to go home. In a rage, Jack told them that they were never going home again. He was going to make money with them one way or the other. Grabbing them by the hair, he dragged the girls into his bedroom and locked the door. Once they were secured he began making phone calls. The girls could overhear him talking and what they heard really scared them. Jack said he had three teenage girls for sale and agreed to take $50,000 for all three. Then he told the buyers that they could pick the girls up in an hour. By then he’d have them sufficiently drugged so they’d be easy to transport.

Desperately looking for a way out, the young women found an open window and claimed down the fire escape. But as they descended, the rickety metal ladders made such a racket that Jack took notice and looked out the window. The girls had just set foot on the street when he angrily ordered them to stop. When they ignored him and ran away, he dared out of his apartment and ran down the stairs. By the time he got down the steps, the girls were two blocks away and moving towards the old drive-in theater. Checking his gun to see that it was loaded, the pimp got in his car and drove after them. There was no way he was going to let $50,000 get away from him.

The young women finished their story by describing what happened after the pimp chased them down the street and they escaped through the hole in the drive-in’s fence. “Then we came in here,” Ellen said, “and you know the rest.”

After a short pause, Pak Sing stood up. “A truly thrilling tale.” He exclaimed as he walked around the table. “Your story has lots of drama and just enough comic relief to tone down the tempo. I think the chase scene could have been longer and the sex scenes will have to be edited so only a hint of what actually happened is shown, but all in all, a very auspicious beginning.”

The girls were left speechless by the old man’s reaction. This kook obviously didn’t understand how serious their situation was and Ellen was about to tell him when suddenly Jack burst thought the beaded curtain and looked around. As soon as they saw him, the girls jumped to their feet and screamed. Jack looked in their direction, pointed at them and made his intentions clear. “There you are you little fuckin’ bitches. You owe me a lot of money and I’m taking you back until you work off every penny.”

“Aha, just in time.” Pak Sing exclaimed as he rubbed his hands in delight. “The final reel has arrived.” Then he turned to the girls and said, “Now comes the exciting conclusion.”

“Who the fuck are you?’ Jack asked the old man. “You better get the fuck out of my way if you don’t want to get hurt.”

“Oh good, the menacing threat.” Pak Sing explained. “That lets the audience know that he is the bad guy. Now we need a gesture to show his threat is real. Wait for it, here it comes.”

“What the fuck are you talking about you old fool.” Jack said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a straight razor. “Get the fuck out of my way or I’ll cut your fuckin’ balls off.”

“Perfect,” the old man told the girls. “Now it’s my turn, but my weapon will be courage and witty banter.” Then Pak Sing turned to the pimp and said, “These young women are my guests and, as such they are under my protection. You will not harm them… you villain.”

Jack was a little disconcerted by the old man’s demeanor, but he didn’t have time to play games so he took a step towards the bold senior only to be stopped by a low growling sound that came from behind the interfering old fool. Then, he saw a set of glowing yellow eyes that turned into the face of a snarling dog as the animal stepped out of the shadows and into the light. The k-9 was obviously a pit-bull but it looked young, no more than a year old, so Jack wasn’t intimidated.

“You better get that fuckin’ dog out of here if you don’t want to see him cut up.” The pimp warned the old man. “All I want is the girls. Give me the girls and nobody will get hurt.”

“A man who threatens young girls and puppy dogs is not very nice.” Pak Sing told the girls. “The audience will not feel any sympathy for him when he meets a bad end.”

“That’s it you old fart. I’m not putting up with anymore of your shit.” Jack said with a determined sneer. Then he took another step forward only to be deterred by an even deeper growl as yet another set of glowing yellow eyes emerging from the shadows. This dog was a lot bigger and looked like a cross between a rottweiler and an alligator. He was one scary looking dog, but Jack nervously stood his ground. Picking up the razor he threatened the old man again. “Look you old piece of shit. I don’t care about your dogs. I may get bit a little but I’ll open them dogs up like ripe melons and spill their guts at your feet. After that, I’m coming for you.”

Just as Jack finished his sentence a strange look came over his face. His mouth opened wide and his face contorted into a painful grimace. Pak Sing took advantage of his opponent’s distracted state and jumped into the air, made a full 380 degree spin and kicked the razor out of the pimp’s hand. Jack didn’t move nor did he attempt to retaliate. Inexplicably, he just stood there with his mouth open. Confused by the turn of events the girls looked behind their pursuer. Standing behind Jack, with a jaw full of the pimp’s right buttocks, was a very large and mean looking dog.

Pak Sing follow-up with a kick to Jack’s head. The bewildered pimp took several steps back before falling to the floor in a daze. When his head cleared, the pimp looked out of the corner of his eye and with a voice filled with terror, asked, “What the fuck is that?” Obviously he was referring to the line-backer sized mastiff that was drooling all over his neck.

“Oh, where are my manners?” The old man apologized. These are my dogs. That’s Cujo, standing on your chest. The other two are Rip and Torn. I named them after one of my favorite character actors. And Cujo, well of course you know where he got his name.”

“He bit me.” Jack complained. “He bit me in the ass.”

“Yes I know, but you should consider yourself lucky. Cujo could have ripped your butt cheek right off and wolfed it down in one gulp. Now my question to you is this. Have you learned you lesson and are now ready to leave peacefully, or will you persist in your villainy and stay to become dinner for my dogs?”

“I’ll leave!” Jack promised. “I’ll leave… and I’ll never come back. You have my word.”

“And what about the girls?

“I’ll leave them alone. I’ll never bother them again.”

“That’s understood my friend, but I’m talking about the money you owe them. You promised them $5,000 each.

“What, are you crazy?” Jack shouted, but he knew he made a mistake as soon as he mouthed those words,. The dogs moved in and began growling and snarling as they brought their snouts so close to his face that he could smell their putrid breath. “Okay, okay I’ll pay them, I’ll pay them.” When the dogs stopped growling he asked, “Can I reach into my wallet?” The old man whistled and the dogs backed away. Jack patted his behind and looked at his hand. There was no blood. Then he pulled out his wallet and threw about a thousand dollars towards the girls. “That’s all I got, I swear.”

“No, you have more.” Pak Sing said as he pointed to the pimp’s jewelry.

Mr. Badwing ripped off his gold chains and threw them next to the cash but the old man’s face remained unchanged, indicating that he was sill not satisfied. Reluctantly, Jack pulled off his rings and then the diamond studs from his ears. He rolled them towards the girls. “That’s it.” He said, “I got nothing left.”

“You are wrong Mr. Badwing. You still have your life… and you may leave with it if you don’t cause any more trouble.

Jack nodded begrudgingly and Pak Sing whistled again. The animals withdrew and sat quietly by their master’s feet. The pimp sat up slowly, turned and started to stand, but as he did he reached for his ankle, pulled out a gun and came up shooting. Bang, bang, bang… The gun blasts filled the room with a thundering boom that startled the dogs and sent the panicked animals scurrying out through the beaded curtain. Simultaneously, the girls screamed, held their ears and cowered behind their protector who stood firm and unafraid.

Sweeping the room with his gun, Jack looked around nervously to make sure the dogs were gone. Then he turned to Pak Sing and said. “Okay fuck wad. Now I want you to meet my dog. His name is Colt and when he bites he leaves a big fuckin’ hole.” Pointing the gun at Lynn, he ordered her to pick up his money and jewelry. Then he told her to put it all in her pockets and go stand with the others. When they were all together, he waved his gun towards the door and herded the small group outside where his car was waiting. The vehicle was still running and the driver’s door was wide open allowing the car’s interior light to cast a glowing path on the ground.

Cautiously he moved the group towards his vehicle and signaled the girls to get in the car. Softly sobbing, the girls headed for the back door, but Jack stopped them. “You’re not getting in the car.” Jack snarled at them. “You’re riding in the trunk. With that, the pimp popped open the trunk and ordered the girls in. Then he closed the lid while the young women begged and pleaded not to be locked in the dark cavern. “You see old man, that’s what happens when you fuck with me.” Then he got in the car, dropped the tinted glass and leaned out of the window. “Now its time for you and me to settle accounts.”

Pointing the gun at Pak Sing, Jack puckered his lips and threw the old man a goodbye kiss. With a smile on his face the pimp started to squeeze the trigger but suddenly his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. His expression was one of total surprise as his body was violently pulled from his seat and dragged to the back of the car where three large figures descended on him.

The stillness of the night was broken by the vicious growls and horrible screams that came from the violently quaking car. Pak Sing moved quickly to open the trunk and the three terrified girls leaped from the dark confines and fell into the arms their savior. It was all smiles and tears until the girl’s attention was drawn to the horrible sounds that were sill coming from the back of the pimp’s car. “Come with me.” The old man commanded as he directed the girls away from the carnage that was being played out in the back of the vehicle. “It’s time for you to go.”

By the time the tiny band arrived at the opening in the fence, the screaming from the Pimp’s car had stopped. Pak Sing whistled and three dark shadows ran out of the car and back into the concession stand. The nightmare was over and it was time for them to go. The girls thanked the old man for saving their lives while he graciously said that it was nothing. Then Ellen hugged him goodbye and Pak Sing moaned in pain and fell to his knees. Ellen looked at him in disbelief and then looked down at her hands.

“Oh my God, he’s been shot! Ellen shouted as she demonstrated her blood stained hands. “Why didn’t you tell us you were hurt?” She scolded the old man while helping him lay on the ground. ”Don’t worry; we’re going to get you to a hospital.”

“I’m afraid it’s too late for me, I’m already dead.” Pak Sing said as he coughed out a stream of blood. “I’m too old and too badly hurt to be saved, but you’re still young and have your whole lives to live. Take a lesson from what happened tonight and resolve never to do anything so foolish again.” The girls promised. “Good, now you’ve got to get out of here before the police arrive. They’ll ask questions and uncover everything. How will you explain this to your families? The prostitution, the drugs, the killings…” Pak Sing stopped and moaned in pain. “Please let me die with the satisfaction of knowing that at least you girls will be alright.” Again he moaned in pain. “Go now, make new lives for yourselves. Tell yourselves this never happened and don’t look back, you must never look back.” Then he smiled his impish smile, closed his eyes and his body went limp.

The next morning Lynn and Gloria met at the front porch of their building. They sat on the steps and waited for Ellen. When their friend arrived they asked her how she slept. The answer was that she didn’t sleep very well. None of them slept well. Then Gloria asked if it was possible that what happened last night was just a dream. Lynn admitted that it was possible but added that they’d have to find a way to explain all the cash and jewelry she found in her pockets.

After a long silence, Ellen told them that she heard a news story that morning. The news man said they found a body at the old drive-in theater downtown. Lynn said the news guy must have gotten that wrong. He should have said they found two bodies. Then Gloria suggested that maybe Jack got out alive. That was a troubling thought and the girls agreed they had to go downtown and check it out for themselves.

When they arrived they saw a police car and an ambulance parked at the entrance to the old drive-in theater. There was also a photographer taking pictures. He did several flash shots of a body that was covered by a clean white sheet and then he packed up his gear and got ready to leave. As he walked by, Ellen stopped him and asked what happened?

“They found this guy dead in that car.” The photographer pointed to the Black Mariah. “He was a pimp with a rap sheet the size of a phonebook.”

Ellen looked puzzled as she scrutinized the body covered by the clean white sheet. “Who cleaned up all the blood?” she wanted to know.

“What blood?” The photographer said. “The guy died of a massive heart attack.” Ellen was surprised by his answer but she was even more surprised by the photographer’s next answer. In response to her query, he claimed they only found one body. Ellen’s astonished look prompted him to ask if she knew something more about this case.

“No, it’s just that I heard that some Chinese guy died here too.”

“Hey Bob,” the photographer called the cop who was doing the investigation. “Did you hear anything about some Chinese guy dying here?”

“Oh yeah,” The cop said. “I sure did. Some old Chinese guy died here. That was about 10 years ago. He died in the fire that started in the projection room. Seems he ran into the burning building to save the watch dogs and a bunch of old movie reels. After the fire they found him and the dogs burned to a crisp.”

“What’s the matter?” The photographer asked. “You girls look as white as ghosts. Must be all this talk about dead people. Maybe you should go home,” he said with an impish smile that revealed a gold capped tooth. “Go home and don’t look back. Never look back.”

The girls looked thunderstruck as they stumbled back away from the photographer. They remained speechless for several seconds before turning and walking away as fast as they could. They walked and kept walking, each girl remembering the events of the precious night and wondering what it all meant. When they were almost a block away they heard the sound of dogs barking in the distance and they slowed down. Then they heard a whistle and the dogs stopped barking. That’s when they stopped dead in their tracks and stood frozen in place. None of them dared to move until Gloria started to turn her head. But Ellen reached out and stopped her.

Looking deep into Gloria’s eyes she said, “No, don’t look back. Don’t you understand? We can’t look back. We must never look back.”

The end

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