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just a fun day...
It had been three years since Brooke and her mother left. The relationship between my ex and I was always tumultous, and the sex had always been hot. Unfortunately we had some major parenting differences, the most of which concerned Brooke, my stepdaughter. The sixteen year old girl personified what you might call a ‘beautiful bitch’. She was a lying little conniver who loved to stir up shit, and then batted her eyelashes to stay out of trouble. When her Mom and I split it was a relief just to have the little tease out of my hair.
She appeared on my doorstep late last night, crying that she had nowhere to stay and begging me to let her live with me.
“Please!”, she begged, batting those big eyelashes.
“Not a chance in Hell”, I told her and slammed the door in her face.
She sat on the porch crying for a few minutes before knocking again.
I sat inside listening to her sobbing and recounting how much trouble she had been to me. I was always bailing her out ofa tough situation, which her mother would later accuse me of causing by being a poor stepfather.
I opened the door again.
“What?!”, I demanded. “Are you stupid or something? I said ‘No’!”
“Please, please…” she sobbed.
“Why should I let you stay here after all the trouble you caused me?” I asked angrily.
“Because I have nowhere else to go…nowhere to stay” she said.
“Like I care” I said. “You’ve made your bed, now sleep in it” I said angrily, slamming the door in her face again.
“Wait!” she yelled, stomping a heel in frustration.
“What?” I asked from inside the closed door.
“You said I made my bed, and I have to sleep in it. You’re right. If they find me, they’ll kill me” she said.
“Not my problem” I countered.
“Wait Jack!” she yelled again, jumping and stomping both heels like a spoiled brat.
“What the fuck do you want?” I asked as I was walking away from the closed door.
“You said I made my bed, and I have to sleep in it…what if I slept in yours…with you?” she said.
“Nope…” I said, this time with a bit of gentleness in my voice. I have to admit the thought of fucking her hard for being such a troublemaking bitch had ran through my head more than once.
“Please!” she begged again.
Considering the possibilities, I turned, slowly walked to the door, and unlocked it.
Brooke attempted to walk in, and I stopped her.
“The answer is still no”, I said.
“Please…” she begged, dropping to her knees sobbing.
Tears rained down onto my boots as she cried.
She looked up at my eyes, and without a word reached up and tugged the zipper down on my blue jeans.
Pulling my boxers open, she engulfed my prick with her warm mouth and started sucking my cock.
When my shaft was fully erect, she smiled up at me. It was that same wicked grin I’d seen her use when she knew she was about to get her way.
She had a talented tongue, but it was evident she hadn’t learned the fine skill of deep-throating.
“That’s nice”, I said, “But your offer isn’t good enough. I can get a blowjob any time I want. Hell, your mother is better at that than you”.
Her face flushed red with anger and frustration. She had always felt a need to compete with her mother about everything, so it wasn’t surprising that the competitiveness included sex.
“I know”, she said, bowing her head in disgrace. “That’s what my ex-boyfriend told me. She had been sucking him off every chance she got. That’s why I moved out. He said he like a suck-n-fuck from an experienced old cougar better than from me”.
I laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” she demanded angrily. “I’m better looking! I’m not old and wrinkled, my tits and ass are much better than hers!”
“Yeah, but she knows how to use all of her body better. It’s called ‘experience’…”
Brooke pouted.
“There’s only one way you will ever stay here” I said.
She looked at me carefully. There was a twinge of fear in her eyes.
“You will do EXACTLY everything and anything I tell you” I said.
She smiled, trembled slightly, then answered, "Yes sir".
I'm not sure if the trembling was fear, excitement, or both, but today would mark a new era in our relationship together.
"Come in", I said flatly. "You have to finish what you started, but not on the porch".
"Go to your bedroom", I said.
She complied.
Once inside I stripped down and laid on the floor.
"Take all of your clothes off", I commanded.
As she peeled off the clothing her beauty was revealed.
I had stroked my cock back to full erection while watching her strip.
She was gorgeous, with nice tight nipples and small areola, and a cutely trimmed bush with just a whisp of hair leading to her clit.
"Come fuck your stepdaddy", I said.
Straddling my waist, she lowered herself onto my cock, rotating her hips slowly until her pussy lips had engulfed all of my prick.
I have to admit, for a young lady she rode me like a pro.
She would start out slow, then after a few minutes of slow grinding she would pick up the pace until she was slamming down on my cock as I thrust upwards into her.
She moaned loudly and talked raunchy, telling me how it made her hot fucking my thick cock.
I rolled her onto her back and pounded her pussy mercilessly for the next several minutes.
When it appeared she was close to climaxing, I pulled out.
A look of frustration instantly arose on her face, and I straddled her chest, placing my cock between her nice c-cup titties.
I stroked my cock between her breasts as she squeezed them around me, fucking me with her tits.
When I came, long, thick streams of white goo shot all over her face.
I stood up and said, "Now play with your pussy, but don't you dare cum!" and walked out of the room.
I poured myself a good, stiff drink then went outside and had a smoke.
When I came back in the house I walked by the room and she was moaning and rubbing her clit ferociously.
"Slow down!", I ordered her.
"But I need to cum!". she begged.
"Not yet", I said, "Or you go back out the door".
A look of fear shown in her eyes as she slowed her rubbing to a snail's pace.
I returned to the room a few minutes later and told her to get on her knees.
I shoved my flaccid cock in her face and told her to get me back up.
She did as instructed.
Damn, this was beginning to be a great day.
Once she had me hard again, I laid on the floor and had her resume showing me her oral talents.
I whistled loudly and it scared her, momentarily stopping sucking.
"What the hell did you quit for?", I demanded. "I didn't tell you to stop".
I grasped her arms at the elbows firmly, holding her pinned to the floor as my big Rottweiler, "Bennie" entered the room.
Bennie hadn't had any pussy in a while, and his nose, picking up the scent led him straight to Brooke's sopping pussy.
When he licked her the first time she jerked back.
"Whaaa....?" she screamed.
"Shut up and keep sucking my cock", I said.
"But he's...", she started.
"You might as well relax and enjoy it", I said.
"You're gonna be here for awhile, and he WILL have his way with that pussy!", I smiled.

To be continued...Don't you just love my cliffhangers? Now go fuck your partner...


2012-09-03 11:54:33
I gave a neg strictly because you waited too long to post the next...


2011-09-06 13:56:46
Wow, that is a great start. I will definitely look for followups. Thanks for sharing your erotic talent.


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2011-08-21 16:40:17
Looks like you guys bashing the author killed the story. It says its a cliff hanger.

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2011-07-13 13:53:10

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2011-07-10 20:29:01
and while you're having fun fucking us around, take a peek at your rating. Pay heed to your readers. .... In the meantime, go fuck yourself. You're lucky I didn't give you a negative vote, too.

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