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This is the story of guys who just wanna fuck some nice cunts, and cunts who just wanna be fucked.
The Heart of Saturday Night

Joey was getting frustrated. After an hour or so of making out with one of the little skanks they'd picked up randomly while putting together tonight's regular party, he was getting nowhere fast. He had made it to tit sucking and he was licking and sucking the bitch's tits to his heart's content. After letting him feel her up, he'd slowly popped one tit out and quickly sucked on it. When he heard her moan, he quickly popped out the other tit so both were now fully exposed and hanging out with her low cut top pushed under both of them.

He kneaded and sucked both tits while he pointedly ground his oh so hard dick into the skank's crotch. She wore a tiny little short short skirt and from his one successful swipes at her ass before she'd pushed his hand away, he knew she was wearing a thong. Talk about a slut. Even so, she was giving him a real hard time and it wasn't as if he couldn't do better if he wanted to. She was young though, they all were, and he liked that. He supposed he liked the challenge too; how to get inside a sixteen year old slut who really wanted some dick, but wasn't sure she should do it, especially in a dark apartment with others all around making out and fucking too.

Joey thought that maybe if someone else got the ball rolling, like actually putting dick into cunt, actual fucking in front of everyone, then probably his slut would fall too. He looked around a little while he concentrated on noisily sucking on one of the slut's tits and saw that Jason was fingering his cunt but good and he could tell by the way she was moaning that it wouldn't be long, and then watch out, one by one they'd put out the way they were supposed to.

Saturday nights at Jason's apartment had become a tradition ever since he'd gotten his own apartment when he turned 18 and had an income from his crappy restaurant job. The other guys would chip in for booze and pot which Jason's older brother was happy to buy for them in exchange for sometimes partaking in the party treats as he called them. It was a fair trade and by this time of the night, everyone was totally wasted and getting down to what mattered most, getting laid. Joey looked forward to having his own place someday, but his current job didn't pay enough, so he'd have to be content with using Jason's place for fucking chicks until he could do better.

They found and invited girls to the party for the whole week leading up to it. Girls were everywhere, and the younger ones were especially eager because they wanted to party with older boys and be cool, so they were easy to get. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but enough booze and enough making out was usually all it took to transform the girls into the sluts they really were. A few left the party but most were more than happy to be drinking, partying, and eventually fucking older boys. Really cool, and really slutty cunts were asked back and most of them came back for more.

The only light in the room came from the low light in the kitchen. It was nice and dark and perfect for fucking in semi-privacy. Chick music selected especially for the parties played to get the cunts in the mood. Joey was in a corner with his chick, on the floor on top of a few pillows, and most importantly, on top of his girl. He started making out with her again as he continued to knead her tits, and now very determined, began to move one hand down her body, resting it on her thigh, right under her cunt.

Music played on in the room but Joey could now also hear some slut being fucked. The sound was unmistakeable as were the grunts coming from the guy fucking his dick into some sweet little cunt, while the girl panted as she parted her legs as far as she could to get that dick deep into her. Joey was so turned on, and started sucking and biting hard on his girl's nipples while he spread her legs using his own and at the same time slipped a finger into her cunt.

The chick gasped and Joey started talking to her in a low voice, saying to her, “ Baby, let me in, oh please, baby.” He told her how much he liked her and wanted her and how good it would be, and didn't what he was doing right now feel so good. He then pushed two fingers deep into her wet cunt, then pushed in and out a few times for emphasis, moaning and sucking her tits again while he fingered her, and when she didn't protest he undid his jeans and pulled his oh so sensitive, oh so hard dick out and stroked it out once, then lined up while holding the slut's thong to one side, then pushed in slowly while he sighed into her mouth as he kissed her, and his dick thanked him for finally filling a cunt.

The fucking sounds from across the room were getting louder, the participants more vocal, as Jason fucked into his girl, balls deep, and hard, skin slapping hard against skin, the girl moaning now, crying out her approval, encouraging him to fuck her harder, and Jason obliging, fucking all the way in, over and over, telling her what a great cunt she had, how he could fuck her cunt all night long, pumping her as hard as he could. Joey thought he heard another couple or two start up for real, dicks in cunts now all around him, everyone getting what they wanted.

Joey was in too. He was in! His hands had grabbed hold of his girl's inner thighs when he lined up and pushed into her cunt. Once in though, he moved them to her ass which he hung on to tightly as he pulled out a little then fucked in again, sliding in and out easily in the hot, wet cunt. The slut was so wet, she obviously wanted to be fucked, and Joey wondered vaguely why it had taken so long, but didn't dwell on it since he had what he wanted now, a wet cunt, tight around his aching dick.

He fucked in and out slowly at first then started going faster. It felt so good and he knew he wasn't going to last for long and he debated whether to try and prolong the fuck or just do it fast and pulse his cum into the slut's cunt. He tried to slow down a little but he lost it when he heard Jason coming way across the room. The sound was unmistakeable and Joey was so turned on he barely had enough time to pump up the volume and pump hard into his girl's cunt, just slamming into her as hard as he could while she wailed away, until he felt his body stutter as the release started, moving down his spine and out of his dick as he drove in deep one last time before pumping his cum deep into the slut's cunt and he muttered, “Oh, fuck, yeah.”

When he was done, Joey collapsed on top of the girl and just lay there panting. His dick was having little aftershocks so he left it in her cunt while he listened to fucking going on all around him. He finally lifted his head up and saw that Jason was making out with his girl again and knew he'd soon be fucking her again. Joey felt his dick twitch and knew he'd be hard again soon too so he started sucking on the cunt's tits to keep her in the mood, and he knew he'd have his way when she moaned a little. What a slut she was, and ready for more already. Joey grinned against a tit as he pulled out and pulled the slut's thong off, tossing it aside. It would just be in the way for real fucking He saw his cum glistening in the low light as it dripped out of her cunt. It made him want to fill her again, and his dick twitched in anticipation of squirting into another cunt.

A couple of the guys came while Joey got ready for more fucking. Another shouted out, “Fuck, gonna come, fuck it.” Jason was already way into his girl again, deep in and fucking her hard. He'd flipped her over and was fucking her like a dog while slapping her ass again and again. Joey smiled while watching him, then got back to his girl's tits. He didn't want her to change her mind again. When he pulled himself away from tit sucking for a moment, he saw how wet the slut's tits were, how they glistened in the low light. He grabbed both tits and jiggled them a little, entranced by their movement. He might just fuck her tits later. Before he turned back to sucking he watched Jason a little more.

Jason alternated between fucking his girl fast and slow. Either way, her heavy tits swung wildly, untamed, and God, Joey really wanted to suck them too. Maybe later he'd get a chance. He realized he really was a tit man and happily dived back into slurping on his slut's tits, moaning along with her until his dick was hard as a rock again and twitching, begging to be dipped into a wet cunt.

His girl's cunt was hot, and still full of most of his cum when he drove back inside with one easy push as he spread her legs wide and pushed them back so that he owned her cunt while he fucked it. He watched as he pumped his dick in and out of her, watched her cunt envelope and squeeze around his hard dick, saw cunt juice and cum squeeze out of it as he fucked her. It was a beautiful sight and apparently others thought so too because he saw a couple of the other guys watching him fucking his girl.

The second time around he lasted, his dick stayed hard, and he fucked the slut for a long time. He fucked her on her back, then like a dog. He even fucked her face for a while, just wanting to see how far he could get his dick down her throat, which turned out to be quite deep. Joey loved holding on tight to her head and slamming his dick into that open mouth over and over, forcing her to stay put while he used her, making her gag and cough.

Next he lay on the floor and made her sit on his dick, moving her up and down on it until she got the idea, then he grabbed both tits, kneading them as he bit and sucked on her reddened nipples, and using them to push her up and down while they fucked on and on. When Joey tired of that, he flipped her on her back, pushed her legs back and slammed hard into her over and over. Then he stood up while still inside her, held tightly on to her ass while she gripped her legs around his waist. He fucked her while he stood, hard and fast, watching her tits shake and jiggle wildly as he slammed into her cunt, before finally tiring and falling back down on top of her, pushing her legs far apart as he continued fucking into her cunt.

It was a marathon fuck. Joey sure had stamina, and finally was so into the fucking that he totally forgot what was going on around him and just honed in on the slutty cunt taking his dick. He didn't bother to kiss her, why bother when he could just fuck her all he wanted to. He even got some help toward the end from a couple of his friends who were currently fucked out. They held his slut's legs up and wide so everyone could get a better look and someone sucked the cunt's tits as Joey fucked into her over and over again.

Joey finally hit the right tempo and started to feel the orgasm build which just made him fuck the slut harder. This was going to be one great orgasm, building slowly, but building hot in his groin as he held on to the slut's ass and watched her tit's jiggle as he drove hard into her cunt, relentlessly, tirelessly, finally grunting as he watched his dick pumping into that hot cunt, and felt the unmistakeable moment when the world tipped and his dick twitched as the orgasm rocked through him. He went balls deep as his body shuddered and trembled as he fucked in one last time, his dick pumping his cum into the slut's cunt.

He collapsed heavily on the slut, not moving, but feeling every last beautiful twitch his dick made deep in the slut's hot cunt. God that felt good and Joey instinctively grabbed the slut's tits, kneading and pumping them before having one last little suck. He was a tit man for sure. He couldn't remember her name but he sure as hell would remember her fucking great tits. Joey sighed happily and fell asleep with a tit in his mouth and his dick still in the slut's cunt.

Joey woke up a couple of minutes later when he felt hands moving him off of his slut. He was groggy and asked what they were doing. Someone said he was being greedy and hogging her all to himself. Joey saw a few more of his friends that hadn't been there earlier and saw three of them now around his slut, sucking her tits while she moaned, then spreading her legs as one of them lined up and shoved his dick into her cunt and started fucking her. He told them they could have asked permission, but they told him he was fucked out anyway, and shit, man, look how much she wanted more dick.

He noticed she did seem to be pretty happy about having another dick in her, and she didn't seem to mind at all when about ten guys lined up and one after another sunk their hard dicks into that sweet, ready to be fucked cunt. They fucked her fast and hard, not coming yet, just fucking her. She was so wet though, full of cunt juice and Joey's cum, and took the dick well, one after the other, like a pro. A couple of guys fucked her mouth while the others fucked her cunt. They held her head on the floor so she couldn't move and just drove their dicks straight down into her throat, as deep as they could and hard, telling her to open wider, bitch, and laughing when she choked and fucking in harder.

Joey went with the flow and after a long hour or so was ready to stick his dick in some more cunt and found himself balls deep in a different slut who told him to put it in her and fuck her hard, please and thank you. At this point the guys were not going to be coming any time soon, so they took turns fucking the other sluts at the party, those who wanted to. Not all did, and some even left, but there were enough hardcore sluts who kept taking dick and didn't mind the steady, if small stream of new guys and their hot cum streaming into their cunts after fucking them hard.

At about five in the morning, Joey got his wish and fucked the shit out of some fine, large-ass slut tits, fucking in between them as he held them tightly together while he pumped his dick hard and fast. It took him a minute, but he came gasping, as the orgasm rocked through him, and his dick pulsed out streaks of cum all over the slut's face, landing on her eyes, her hair, her nose, and dribbling down her tits. When he was done he put his dick in her mouth dribbling the last of his cum, and made her lick him clean. One of his best fucks ever, and one that made the other guys cheer when he came.

At it's height, in the middle of the night, there were about thirty guys fucking one slut orifice or another, cunts and mouths, and tight slut ass. Once enough cum had been pumped in, slut ass was one of the best holes for fucking since it was tighter. The sluts all had three or more guys doing them at once at some point and some wanted their tits sucked too. Joey was more than happy to suck on some jiggling slut tit.

The guys particularly liked doing cunt and ass at the same time, and someone started taking pictures which later mysteriously appeared on the internet, scenes of dicks and cunts and dripping cum. There was one slut who could take two dicks in her cunt while someone did her ass and that was a sight to behold. It got many guys hard again, and ready to sink into another cunt. Another slut liked to suck two or three dicks at the same time and get her cunt fucked by two or three dicks too. The photos of one slut and six dicks all stuffed deep in her holes became internet classics, as were pictures of her gaping, dripping holes after the guys fucked her and pumped their cum into her.

As it turned out, this would be remembered as one of the best parties ever, the one with the best sluts, the wettest, juiciest cunts, the cunts that loved dick and couldn't get enough. Even as the morning light started filtering in, the sluts were good to go, and the guys were young enough to keep on fucking them, enjoying every thrust into every wet cunt, and happily watching their cum streak into a slut's open mouth. Some of the guys came three or four times which is a real testament to youth. The cunts were fucked for hours straight and seemed to be sated by late morning when the party started to wind down. Yeah, all in all, one for the record books, a party to be remembered, and stories told years later.

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2011-07-27 01:43:47
Simple story of a night of fun? Not as dark or as invoking of emotion, but it makes for a sexy read. The deion is lovely as always.

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2011-07-13 03:36:42
Yo deff da best orgasm iv eva had readin a story n iv been calln guyzz n girlzz n ges whozz hostin a party in bout a week n a half, ooohhhh yaaa lmao, 2 bad ill prob nva fnd dis stry again so i cn tel ya how it went bt fer da ppl who kno wut im tlkn bout, ud ratha go 2 a prty den read bout 1 hahaha i alredy kno, wel duecezz iv gt fone callzz n planin in da near future XP XD

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