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A young boy with his first sexual experience..
"Mom do i have to",i asked my mother as she just delivered the news that i would have to stay the night at my aunts for the night
'Yes you do she replied", she replied
"But i hate Aunt Trisha"
"You mind tour mouth son. You're lucky that she would have you over anyways. She doesn't have to do this",she lectured.
Sometimes i wasn't sure if whether or not i hated my mother. She always treated my like i was a child. I was 13 years old and and i demanded to be treated as the young teen that i was.
"Your bags are in your cousins room", she in formed me.
"Alright", was all i gave her and she departed to go see grandma.
Sure having to stay over my bitch of an aunts was not my idea of a good time but the plus side was her two children, my favorite cousin Toni and his gorgeous sister Tiny.
i know that is wrong and sinful with her being my cousin, and incest being so taboo, but i have a strong sexual desire for Tiny. She was 15, stood at 5'8", had nice full breast,36C, and a mouthwatering ass so magnificent that i had a hard time hiding my boner as i looked at it.
i was 10 o'clock and i was tired so i went to my cousins room to get my toothbrush. after i dug around my bag for a while and found it i looked up. There stood Tiny in a lace nightie that was so enticing. it hugged every micro curve of her and i made me gasp. i immediately sported a boner. tiny looked down at my pants. i saw her eyes widen and she giggled. She then turned around and walked back to her room, swaying her hips with each and every movement.
After i heard her door close i ran into the bathroom and looked down. My dick was so hard that it hurt. I released it from the confines of my .
I didnt have the biggest cock in the world but i felt that i wqas pretty well hung for someone me age, a average 6 inches and thicker than most.
Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door so i quickly put my penis away.
"You almost done in there", my cousin Toni yelled from the outside
"Yeah almost", i replied
"Well stop beating your dick and hurry up",he said with laughter in his voice
"Whatever", i said
i quickly brushed my teeth, rushed out of the door to my sleeping bag that lay next to Toni's bed. i lied down and reflected on the boring day that was now behind me and i quickly drifted off to sleep.
"Wake up", i jolted awake to my cousins whisper in my ear
"What's wrong" i asked Toni while rubbing sleep from my eyes
"Just shut and and follow me"
I got up and together he and i slipped in the hallway and stared walking straight towards Tiny's room.As we were walking a floorboard creak and i heard my aunt's say something but then went straight back to snoring.
i then looked at my watch. the bright blue LED light read 2 o'clock .
As we continued to walk down the hall i began to wonder what the fuck are we doing. then a idea popped into my head maybe we are going to go and fulfill a longtime fantasy of mine and ill finally fuck my cousin. then another thought occurred, why would Tony be going too. he wouldn't fuck his own sister would he?
As i walked in the room, two things happened. one, i was blinded by light and two, my dick was fully erect as soon as my eyes could take in what was before me.
Tiny was as naked as the day she was born, lying across the bed.
"Are ya'll gonna come in or not", she said seductively
i cautiously closed the door with a flick of the wrist.
"Take off your clothes", she said
i just couldn't keep my eyes off of those beautiful tits of hers. she had the most astonishing tits i had ever seen with a perfectly round shape and silver dollar .
While i was undressing she grabbed her brother, threw onto her bed and took his cock in her mouth. she throated him a good on and he came in minutes. afterward he claimed to be tired a left for his bed.
i stood there naked as Tiny sized up my erection. and then she went down on it.
i always imagined my first blowjob to be nice but this was beyond word itself. the combination of the warmth and wetness of her mouth almost made me blow my load right then and there.
i never had one before but i imagined that this how it would feel if a pro were to give a blowjob.i felt my dick touch the back of her throat and i thought that was it but she kept taking it down until her nose hit my pubic hair . it felt so good having my dick in her throat. then she swallowed and i came. stream after stream of warm sticky cum coating her throat.
that was by far the strongest ejaculation i have ever had in my life but she was done with me yet.
"You wanna eat my pussy", she asked me
"Fuck yeah", i replied even though i had never even better yet touched a real life vagina
she swung her hips over so that pussy was directly over my face. i admired all of the detail of this fascinating thing overhead. i noted how her clit was enlarged and her inner pussy lips lying between the outer ones.
after about 15 seconds of my observation, i dug in, i immediately started to tickle her clit with my tongue like i seen on porn videos. and i was rewarded with an immediate moan from Tiny. and i kept doing this. tickling, biting and sucking her clit. i decided to try and make it more interesting so i stuck my fingers in.
i took turns sticking my fingers in her pussy and stimulating her clit and i searched her pussy with my fingers until i found that G-Spot.
when i found it i fingered it until she was moaning so loudly that im sure her mom couldve easily heard her
the she said, "fuckkkk imm gonnaaa cummm".
the i fingered more vigorously until her body started to shake and her face squirted me with fluids. then she collapsed on me and we both nodded off.

Hope you guys enjoyed fist story...thanks

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2013-12-24 02:43:10
no background no character development no PARAGRAPHS no plot not worth reading delete and never post here again

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2012-10-30 06:42:18
Shit writing story was alright though.

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2011-07-10 20:18:29
Would have helped if you fucked her

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2011-07-10 20:18:16
Would have helped if you fucked her

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2011-07-10 11:15:28
Meh ... I gave it a positive because the concept was good. The grammar and spelling was almost bad enough to stop reading it. And who the heck would spell a boy's name with an "i", or name a girl for a size?

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