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Marty and I play doctor
It was a warm spring afternoon as I got home from school and went to my room to do my homework.
I wasn’t there but a few minutes before my oldest sister, Marty, came in and said she had something very secret to tell me. I said, “What is it?” She said to meet her over in our fort.
Across the street from our home was a very large wooded space in which we kids had built a fort. We used some trees that had fallen over each other as a base and filled in the open spaces with other branches and some pallets that we found out on the golf course that bordered the woods on three sides. While the fort wasn’t completely enclosed, it did offer lots of shelter. Marty left and I followed a few minutes later.
When I got to the fort, I was shocked to see Marty was completely undressed and laying on the pieces of rug we had laid as a floor. She told me to take off all my clothes and to lie down next to her and she would tell me the secret. I was a bit hesitant but Marty egged me on, so I took off my shirt and pants and then my underwear.
When I had stripped, I lay down and Marty said that a friend of hers at school had told her about playing doctor with her brother and that it was very exciting. I asked what did they do and Marty told me that they examined each other and then sucked on their privates. I said that she was lying and Marty said no she wasn’t and that Eve had got her brother to come tell me the same thing. Well being a healthy 14 year old boy by this time my penis was stiff as the tree we were laying under.
Marty said that she was going to examine me first and she started feeling my head and shoulders and moved her hands down my abdomen and to my legs. Then she moved her hands up my legs and put them on my balls and penis and I immediately climaxed in her hands. I was embarrassed and tried to cover myself with the clothes that I had taken off just minutes before. Marty said that was alright because that’s what Eve’s brother had done also. Then Marty took my penis in her mouth and began sucking on me. I don’t think it was a minute until I ejaculated in her mouth and she just swallowed my cum like it was nothing.
To say the least, my legs were weak and my breathing rate had increased a lot. All I could do was just lie there trying to figure out what had just occurred. Marty didn’t wait long before she told me to examine her. I placed my hands on her head and let them move down her arms then to her abdomen and down her legs, just like she had done to me. I then began the upward journey to her privates and stopped not knowing just what to do next. Marty said to spread the two sides of her privates and rub there. I did and she told me to move my fingers higher to a little nub that I would feel and rub her there. I did as I was instructed and when I began rubbing this little nub she got very excited and told me to lick her there. I did and in a very short time she began to writhe around and her breathing got rapid and she began to shake so much that it scared me. She kept raising her hips up and pushing her groin into my face. She let out a gasp and fell back down on the rugs and just lay there.
She sat up after a few minutes and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss like never before. I asked her what had happened to her and she told me that she had a climax like I had had when she touched me and sucked me. She said that Eve had told her that is what would happen if a boy would suck on what Eve called a clit. She said that Eve called her privates a pussy and her brother’s a cock or dick. Eve told her that we should do that all the time.
I wasn’t too sure about all of this and told Marty that our daddy would kill us if he knew what we just did. Marty said that we wouldn’t let him find out and that we had to do this more because she wanted to have the climaxes more and more. She then pushed me back so that I was lying down and she again took my cock in her mouth and began sucking me again. I have to admit that it was a very good feeling as she sucked me and moved her head back and forth on my dick. Thankfully it took a few minutes this time before I had another climax and I didn’t want to take my cock out of Marty’s mouth but as my cock got soft it slid out on its own.

Marty said we should exchange places and for me to suck on her pussy again. We swapped places and this time I was excited to lick her pussy. I spread the lips and saw the little nub or clit as she had called it and began to lick her again. While I was licking her, she said to stick my finger in the little hole below the clit. I felt around for a bit and found the hole and stuck my finger in her while I sucked on her clit. She said to move my finger in and out as I continued to suck her and it wasn’t very long at all before she began the same kinds of moving around she had done the last time I had sucked her only much stronger this time. Marty was moaning and moving around a lot then suddenly she arched her back up so that her pussy was fully pushing into my face and she stiffened and let out a groan. She stayed like that for a minute or so and collapsed back on the rugs.

I wasn’t totally ignorant about what sex was and knew that a guy was supposed to put his cock in a woman’s pussy to put seed in there for her to get pregnant. Marty said that she wanted to do that but I told her it wouldn’t be right for her to get pregnant from her brother She said that Eve and her brother did it all the time and that Eve wasn’t pregnant. I said that was fine but that I wasn’t going to put my seeds in her and that was that. Marty said she wanted to do what Eve and her brother did so we were going to have to find another boy to come play doctor with us.

We had a neighbor down the street that had a son that was my age, Ronnie. I told Marty that I would ask Ronnie if he wanted to learn how to play doctor with us. A couple of days later I asked him and he said that it might be fun.

A couple of days later I told Marty that Ronnie and I would meet her in the fort in fifteen minutes.
He and I got to the fort to find Marty already there and nude. Ronnie’s eyes got big as dinner plates. Even though he had two sisters, he had never seen them naked and I could see his cock getting hard in his pants. Marty told him to kneel down between her legs and to lick where she told him. She spread her legs and then her pussy lips and told Ronnie to lick her there. He didn’t hesitate at all and dove for her pussy and started lapping her pussy. Marty told me to find the little nub at the top of her pussy and suck on it. Ronnie did that and Marty reacted just like she had when I sucked her. She told him to stick a finger in her and he found the right spot for that. Marty had another orgasm with Ronnie’s finger in her and she just collapsed on the rugs.

Ronnie just knelt there watching and taking it all in. When Marty sort of recovered she told Ronnie to take off his clothes and he stripped. He was standing there and Marty knelt down in front of him and began to rub his cock in her hands then took his cock in her mouth and began sucking and moving her head back and forth on his cock and it didn’t take but a minute before Marty had another mouthful of hot cum to swallow. It was Ronnie’s first time to cum in a girl’s mouth like it had been mine also. After a few minutes I told him that I wanted to taste what a cock tasted like and he said sure. I switched places with Marty and took Ronnie’s cock in my hand. This was the first time I had felt another cock but my own and it was exciting to me. I jerked his cock like I had done my own and he began to get hard again. After a minute or so, I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him like Marty had done and Ronnie shot off in my mouth and I tasted another guys cum. I thought that it was fun.
We all just sat there and talked about the new experiences we had just had and Ronnie said that he wanted to suck my cock and taste my cum. He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and began to suck me till I shot off in his mouth. As he pulled his head back with a mouthful of cum, Marty leaned over and gave him a big kiss and sucked some of my cum from his mouth and let it dribble out on her chest and stomach. We had been in the fort now for maybe an hour or so and decided it was time to get dressed and get back home. Marty told Ronnie to meet us back here the next day.

The next day, Friday, arrived lots sooner for us than past Friday’s did. Marty and I went over to the fort and found Ronnie already there and nude. We both stripped our clothes off and Ronnie said that he wanted to suck Marty first. She lay down and he got right to it and in short order Marty had her climax. When she stopped her shuddering, she told Ronnie that she wanted him to lie on top of her and to put his cock in her pussy and to move in and out. Ronnie didn’t need any time to think about that and was there in a flash.

Marty helped him to get in her and he began to pump his cock in Marty’s pussy and it wasn’t long at all till he became stiff as a board and let out a loud gasp as he filled Marty’s pussy with his cum. Marty hugged Ronnie very tight to her as he was shooting off in her and they stayed locked together for several minutes. As they relaxed, Ronnie rolled to one side and his now limp cock slid out of Marty. I could see his cum began to drip from her pussy and went down and began to lick it from her hot pussy. I switched back and forth from licking her cum filled hole to licking her clit and it wasn’t long till Marty had another orgasm with my mouth covering her pussy.
Over the next few weeks, Ronnie, Marty and I met at least once a week at the fort for more “doctor play.” I enjoyed it a lot and I’m sure the others did also. We had been doing this doctor thing now for almost a month and Marty came home from school this one particular day and said that Eve’s mother wanted us to come over to their house to talk with us about “playing doctor.” Eve told Marty that next Friday would be good after school.
Marty came home after school to get me and we walked across the golf course to the other side where Eve, her brother and mom lived. When we got there, Eve and her brother Sam were both naked and their mom, Julie, was wearing a robe. Julie offered us some iced tea and we sat around the kitchen table and she began asking us questions about what we did and how we did playing doctor. Marty began to tell her exactly what we had done and how we brought Ronnie into our doctor play and that she had let Ronnie fuck her several times now. Julie asked if the two of us would like to play doctor with Eve and Sam and Marty jumped in, “For sure.” Julie told us to take off our clothes and go for it.

Marty and Sam immediately began sucking each other and Eve came over to me and knelt down and began to suck my cock and in just a minute or so, Julie came and took over from Eve and as soon as she took my cock in her mouth I released a very large load there. Julie then gave Eve a kiss and shared my cum with Eve. Julie then stood up and removed her robe and I saw a grown woman’s pussy for the first time.
She was a beautiful natural redhead and I right then and there became a redhead worshiper. Julie asked if I would like to suck her pussy and I didn’t wait a minute. She lay up on the table right there and I sat in a chair and dove into this gorgeous red hair covered very wet pussy and couldn’t stop. Julie had a climax and I continued to lick and suck her all the while as she continued to orgasm for what seemed like an eternity to me.

In the meantime Eve had joined Marty and Sam and the three of them were have a great time.
While the threesome was at play, Julie took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She asked if I have ever fucked a woman and I said that I had not. She said it was my time.

She lay on the bed and told me to lick her bit first, then to get on top of her and insert my cock in her. As I moved on top of her, she guided my cock into her pussy and I was in ecstasy. I had never felt anything like this feeling before in my life. She told me to draw my cock out and push it back in slowly. After a very short time of pumping her, my balls gave it up and I shot my cum into her. This was my first time to fuck a woman and I can still remember it to this day. As I grew limp and began to slide out of her she told me to suck my cum from her pussy and I did.

Sam then came into mom’s bedroom and Julie told him to fuck her sloppy pussy. Sam didn’t need to be told twice and jumped at the chance. It didn’t take him very long to cum in mom. Then Julie said she wanted to do something different. She told me to lie on the bed and she mounted me and moved up and down on my cock a few times then leaned over me and told Sam to fuck her in her ass. As Sam was inserting his cock in mom’s ass, I could feel him rubbing against my cock in her pussy and this was an incredible feeling for me. Julie then told us to start fucking and both Sam and I fired up our engines and began to pump her. Neither of us could last very long and it wasn’t very long at all before Julie had cum in both her secret places. We all just lay on the bed for five or ten minutes to rest.

Marty and I went to visit Julie, Eve and Sam at least once a month over the next year.

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2011-07-17 02:38:20
I liked this story, its your business if you did not fuck your sister, you did everything else to her. I will just assume you got Eve.

Why! Did you stop after one year?


2011-07-12 05:21:28
no comment on that shit. i jut can;t get down like that.


2011-07-11 17:03:53
I have no regrets about not fucking my sister and letting Ronnie have her. The mother, Julie, was my first fuck and I can still feel my cock sliding into her fire red haired hot, wet pussy for the first time.

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2011-07-11 11:06:47
Started out pretty good and deteriorated quickly...Could have been sooo hot....Lousy ending....I went limp....
3 out of 10 at the end.....Thumbs and dick down!

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