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The fire Within.

The woman walked down the curved staircase into the tavern proper. There at the tables the men stood. Turning at her entrance they looked her up and down. Her red hair swept up held back with diamond studded combs fell in curls down her back.

Her low cut gown showed off her breasts as if nothing there at all. She watched the eyes of the man closest to her stopped at them as he licked his lips. Looking into his sparkling ocean blue eyes...she felt she was drowning in them.

Smiling she offered her hand to him. As he took her hand and dropped a kiss to the back of it she moaned. The heat that filled her down to her center...where she felt warmth and excitement.

Setting in his lap she lowered her lips to his. Moaning she spoke. "Hmmmm I think you will be mine today." She gasped as his hand freed her breast and he began to rub her nipple.

"That my lady will be an understatement. You will be mine." He said as his other hand curved over her hip and rubbed gently.

The heat of his breath brushed over her breast as he lowered his lips to her nipple and sucked gently. Her pussy grew wet between her legs as he slowly licked her nipples one then freeing the other to lick. Sucking it with in his mouth his tongue flicking it as it stiffened. Moaning she arched with in his arms feeing her insides flutter and beg for more.

"Do you wish to do this here or some where more private?" He asked as he slid his hand down between her legs and brushed his fingers over her lower lips. Feeling her wetness he slipped his fingers inside. Rubbing her clit as he watched her eyes flutter closed.

Moaning she opened her legs for him to have ease of movement....Looking in his eyes....she laughed..."Here or privacy...what a decision." Kissing those lips she felt his hand pull her skirt up as his fingers brushed her thigh she gasped...the fire building with in her.

Moving his fingers from her she stood up...taking his hand she pulled him towards the stairs.

Laughter and calls came from the other tables.

"That one is a tiger in bed...beware friend!" She heard as they entered her room.

Falling into his arms...their lips their bodies caressed. "Hmm please...I need..I want. She gasped as she felt his hands opening her gown then pushing it to the floor.

Standing before him in nothing but her panties she dropped to her knees before him and reached up to ease down the front of his pants.

Looking up at his face as she did so she saw raw passion there. tugging his pants down she watched as his cock was freed. Standing out and pointing at her mouth.

Looking up she licked the tip of his cock as he watched her, his eyes flutter closed.

Growling deep in his throat he brushes her hair from her face...and presses her closer till he slips down her warm throat. Moaning about him as her lips slide up and down his cock. Sucking softly she moans as she tastes him. Slowly sliding up and down the length of him.

Hearing his breathing grow horse she slipped off him and stood up as his eyes opened. Taking his hand she pulled him to the bed.

As she lay back he lowered his face to her sweet pussy. Slowly licking over her pink lips. "You are delicious my lady." He whispered as she gasped. His thumb rubbing her clit where she had opend for him. He dew covering his lips as he sucked hers. Moaning she grasped the back of his head as he shoved his tongue with in her pussy.

Her body heaved as she came for him...moaning he sucked her pussy till she lay her eyes opened he licked his way up her body till his cock lay at her lips.

As she reached up to his face she felt him slide with in her....crying out she smiled. "Yes fill me love...fill me." She cried out as he dove in as deep as he could. Moaning she arched as he pushed deeper.

"Yes my lady. As you wish." He whispered in her ear as he moved quicker...their bodies meshing.

Giggling she tugged his arm and he landed on his back. His eyes wide...till she slowly impaled herself on his engorged cock. His breath stopped as she sat flush on his hips.

His cock fitting deep with in her as she slid up and down and back. Her pussy tight about him. As she began to move faster she leaned over for his hands to grasp her breasts. His lips sucking her nipple. her clit jerked with every flick.

Moaning she eased back up his hands on her breasts as she slowly let him free. Looking down in his eyes she slowly moved forward. The head of his cock gently brushing her anus. As she lowered herself he began to enter her. Moaning deep in her throat she listened as he growled out his pleasure. Taking every inch with in her rectum she knew he was surprised. Slowly rising then settling back. She started a movement so intoxicating. Cumming she ran her fingers through it and rubbing it on his cock as it filled her.

She could feel him tighten. Lifting up she eased him back with in her pussy. Rolling once more with him on top between her legs. Buried deep with in her.

As his body stiffend he felt the first spirts of cum filling her sweet womb like fire filling her from within. She ground her hips as she cum for the second time. Milking him of all he had and more. As he slumped over her he threaded his fingers through her hair.

"Sweet Red, my lady. You are a tiger as he says." Knightwolf gasped as he smiled at her and kissed her smiling lips.

"As you would know, my lord." She chuckled as he settled next to her in the bed holding her close.

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2011-07-26 04:57:31
dramatic.makes interesting reading.


2011-07-12 06:30:06
Thank you Arizona, That is high props from you!

Your most welcome my dear Knightwolf. I had fun writing it. I did after all have to top last year!


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Now that is a birthday present to remember!!

Thanks a lot dear, I think the story is amazing!

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love it!!!

lucky Knightwolf!!!

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