Chapter 1 - Let the Game Begin

"Hello all you guys and dolls out there in TV land and welcome to Name That Cock! The game show that tests your biological acumen and your skilled fingers all for cash, prizes, and the pleasure of the audience at home, and possibly your own pleasure as well."

"I'm your host Larry and we have a really great show for you tonight so let's get it on the road. Please welcome our first contestant, the lovely, the curvy, the scandalously dressed, Mary."

The audience bursts into applause as a beautiful redhead saunters out from backstage. She waves and blows kisses to her adoring fans of the moment.

"Now Mary, are you ready to Name That Cock!?"

"I sure am Larry. I've been practicing all week."

She follows her last statement with a conspiratorial wink into the camera. And the crowd goes wild.

"Let's see how well your practice pays off my dear. Now we all know how you play. You'll be given a choice of doors to pick from and then a blindfold and earplugs. You will only be allowed to touch the penis of whatever animal you select and if you can determine what it belongs to you win. Sound simple?"

"Sounds great Lar."

"All right honey, now would you like to try door number 1, 2, or 3?"

"Ummmm, I'll take door number 2."

"Well then door number 2 it is."

A stagehand comes out from backstage with a blindfold and earplugs on a small platter. The young woman eagerly grabs the three objects. She puts on the blindfold and is about to put in the earplugs when Larry's voice calls out.

"Just one second little lady. Before you deafen yourself, let me fill you in. Like I said before, once you are ready, I'll lead you by the hand to your choice. You will have up to two minutes to explore the phallus I lead you to (or maybe more depending on what the producers have to say) and then you must let us know what you think you are holding. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready."

She puts in the earplugs to another round of applause from the eager audience.

"Now that she can't hear us, let's show you all what she's won so far."

With a majestic wave of his arm, the door with the giant number two opens wide to show an enormous reddish-brown stallion. His cock is already erect and jutting out towards his forelegs. His bridle is tied tightly to one side of the stage, but he stomps his hoof and snorts showing his strong spirit. The audience collectively gasps in anticipation as the host grabs Mary's hand. He guides her to the snorting beast and slips her hand under his belly.

As soon as her hand touches the warm horse flesh she lets out a loud moan. The headphones cause her to exaggerate her noises and the audience eats it up. Her fingers flex around the thick member testing out its girth. She smiles when she finds she cannot touch her fingers to her thumb around the swaying pole.

The crowd in the stands inch to the edge of their seats. Their eyes flick rapidly between the monitors showing the close up shot of Mary's exploring fingers and the live show in right in front of them. More than a few of the participants shift their legs as dicks grow and pussies moisten. But Mary is oblivious to the effect she has on the others around her.

Unable to see, she continues her examination along the shaft of the enormous stallion. Her fingers trace the hard length heading back towards his rump. She drops down to her knees and crawls forward using her grip on the rod to keep her balance. She slides the meat between her fingers inch by inch seeking any tactile clue she can find.

Her fingertips hover over one of the pulsing veins threading the giant phallus. She sighs audibly as the blood courses underneath her skin. She abruptly pulls her face to the throbbing flesh and holds it to her tongue. The audience explodes. The cheering nearly reaches her muffled ears. And fully half the attendees whistle rather than clap because their hands are too busy adjusting their crotches.

Mary waits for several beats of the stallion's heart and enjoys the blood pulsing right beneath her tongue. But she knows that her time is limited and moves away before continuing her journey with her hands.

She reaches the base of his cock and slides her hands over his sheath. She can feel the different textured skin shift under her fingers. So she grasps the skin and caresses it with her fingertips. The lengthy love muscle twitches in obvious pleasure at her touch. Her fingers pull gently at the loose flesh. She pulls it taught against the animal's member and rubs it against his hard organ.

Finally she moves on to the hanging testicles just beyond the sheath. She weighs the heavy balls in both hands gently stroking them through the fleshy sack. Unable to contain herself she licks the large orbs. The taste flows over her tongue enhanced by her lack of sight and sound. The thick scent of the barnyard fills her nostrils.

The crowd holds their breath as her masterful tongue pulls a ball to her lips. Even the host is unable to continue any commentary. He is too enrapt in staring at this sexy redhead sucking on a swinging horse sack. She tests the size of the hidden sperm generator with her lips and tongue, and calculates the possibilities.

She gives the testicles one last gentle nip of her teeth before letting them fall back into place. But now that she has a real taste for the rod on her tongue she keeps the contact. Her tongue plays across the stallion's dick as she slowly crawls back towards its head.

Her tongue, lips, and fingers ply and press the flesh amongst them as her whole body sensuously slides along the floor. She eventually runs out of meat as her hands grace the flared head of the horse's cock. She retreats slightly and holds the position of the flared head in her mind's eye. She slowly licks her lips in anticipation. Her head bobs down to bestow a kiss on the bulbous tip.

Just then a bell goes off. The two minutes are up. But not a single person on the set takes notice. The host, cameramen, and audience are all ogling Mary as her tongue eases out and licks the cockhead staring her in the face. Some stagehand with more willpower then the rest manages to break his concentration long enough to kill the buzzer, but his eyes are quickly absorbed once more with the action of beauty and the beast.

Mary wraps her lips around the engorged head and pulls it hard against her teeth. The foreplay is over for her and she needs to taste his goods. She opens her jaw as wide as her training allowed and sucked the tip into her wet maw. She held the cock tightly between her hands as her tongue roams over the trapped member.

She licks every inch of the inserted tip seeking out every available crevice for her scrutiny. A drop of precum drips softly onto her exploring muscle. Her joyful moan vibrates the mighty pole as the precursor soaks into her taste buds. She sticks the tip of her tongue into the horse's piss slit trying to pull another drop out for her perusal.

But the few and far between precum isn't enough. She starts bobbing her head on the immense tool. The head pops wetly in and out of her strong lips. The sound is loud enough to reach the audience as she works the head in and out of her mouth. No one takes a breath as they all try to listen to the sloppy sounds.

She grips the shaft between her hands like a vice and pumps it as she slides him between her teeth. The hot meat practically flies between her hands as she sucks it deeper into her gullet. The horny stallion helps her by thrusting his dick into her face. Mary relegates her hands to holding the member steady as it stabs at her mouth.

Her moans start growing louder. Even with the horse flesh embedded in her teeth they burst out louder than the wet suckling sound of the pole piercing her orifice. Out of experience she knows what's coming and her body shakes in anticipation. Her tongue wraps around the rod as it pulls in and out of her opening.

Finally, the stallion buries his head in the back of her throat and releases his sperm. The copious fluids fill her mouth as she fights to drink it down. Shot after shot of burning cum pours down her throat as she tastes her fill. She knows that she can take the full load after measuring the source containers, but she is also cognizant of being on camera and the responsibilities that entails.

She allows the sperm to back up until her cheeks are bursting. And with the final spurt, she pulls her head back so it splashes wetly against her face. She swirls the accumulated cum with her tongue before slipping out from underneath the giant horse. And once she is relatively sure the cameras are fully on her she lets the thick goo slip from her lips.

She feels the liquid love pour down her chin and drip onto her heaving breasts. The fluid glistens as it pours into her cleavage leaving a shimmering trail along her skin. Finally she gives the audience her widest smile and takes a bow.

The crowd gives her a standing ovation which she still cannot hear. But Larry comes over to the satisfied lass and pulls an earplug from her ear. The sound is deafening as it switches from nothing to a joyful roar. After a few minutes, Larry regains control and turns to the contestant.

"You look like you enjoyed yourself, but did you come to a decision?"

"Yes I have Larry."

She licks her lips to collect a wayward dollop of cream.

"If I'm not mistaken that is a stallion, most likely a Shire Draft horse."

Larry gapes at the contestant stunned into silence. But he quickly regains his composure.

"We were only looking for the species, but you are correct on both counts. How about a round of applause for Mary?"

The audience bursts into cheers again at the astounding accuracy of Mary's ability. Mary pulls the cum covered blindfold off and waves to the adoring populace. Larry turns to the nearest camera and pulls his mike in tight.

"We'll be back with round two after these short messages," he looks over to the messy contestant, "and a few wet wipes."


Chapter 2 - Upping the Ante

"Welcome back to Name That Cock! We are once again joined by contestant Mary. She has unfortunately cleaned the sum from her cleavage, but she is ready for the second round."

Mary, playing the part of the enthusiastic contestant spins for the crowd. Her short skirt slowly lifts with the wind showing off a glimpse of her upper thigh. Before the audience can see her panties though she stops and blows them a kiss.

"You certainly are quite the showwoman. Now how about picking yourself another door for round number two?"

"I'll go with door number two again Larry."

"You got it. Door number two did wonders for you in the first round, so let's hope you succeed this time around."

The audience cheers for the dancing woman as she eagerly approaches a fresh blindfold and earplugs for her.

"Before you sequester your senses my dear, I do have one thing to tell you. In case you or the audience at home has forgotten, the rules change slightly with the new round. With each added round, we add another specimen for your inspection. If you ever want to have me move you to the second animal just call out to me. In addition, you have a full five minutes for this round. Then again you did run over a little last time so this time limit might be just as flexible."

With a smile, Mary pulls the blindfold over her eyes and slips the earplugs into her ears. With her senses stunted, the numbered doors once more open. But this time, the magnificent stallion is no longer behind the stage door. Instead two prize pigs snuffle around inside a small pen.

"These massive swine are both over five feet long and weigh around 650 pounds," the announcer explains. "And just to make sure our fine contestant has a chance at identifying them by their members we have taken the liberty of dousing their sensitive noses with the scent of a sow in estrus."

The crowd cheers for the horny hogs. Larry leads the contestant by the hand into the confined pen. The cameras hover over the fence providing an unobstructed angle of the action. He helps her kneel on the cool floor and brings her hand down to the erect pig dig underneath one of the snorting animals.

She latches on instantly and he returns to the studio floor. She can feel the hard flesh of the pigs leg against her wrist, so she knows that her hands are at the base. She loops her fingers around the pliable flesh just like in the last round, but she can easily touch her fingers together so she realizes that this animal is nowhere near as large as last round's horse.

One fact tallied, she continues her exploration. She toys with the base of the phallus searching for the testicles but they aren't readily apparent. This leaves a few options open in her mind, but she doesn't want to be disqualified for searching and continues in the other direction. Her hands slowly caress the thin reed of flesh as they move along its length.

Every meticulous inch of smooth meat that slides between her fingers allows the entire tool to pull towards her body. She thinks about the pliability as her fingers continue to roam. In her mind she counts the inches of the thin shaft. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen. When she reaches fifteen she feels the rod change direction. The pig's penis now points directly towards her and she bends over out of habit seeking a better look.

Her fingers replace her eyes as she fiddles with the unusual tip of the boar. It curls around her finger in a corkscrew before reaching a final pointed tip. She has it now, though she still wants the opportunity to have her fun. She bends over farther sniffing the twisted meat in her hands. Her ass sways provocatively as she reaches out her tongue to lick the tip.

The producers face a conundrum. With her supine position, Mary's skirt has slid up onto her back. This has also exposed the fact that she neglected to put on panties this morning. Her moist vaginal lips are practically dripping fluid down her abdomen. And her lurid shaking forces the petals of her vulva to spread and close again and again as her ass flexes.

The cameramen are catching it all in HD along with her lascivious licks of her porcine lollipop. They finally decide on a split-screen of both views and congratulate themselves on a job well done before gluing their eyes once more to their screens.

Mary licks the swirling dick gently careful not to apply to much pressure. She knows that boars are stimulated into orgasm by the tight clasping of a sow's cervix on their tip, and she wants to get her monies worth. She opens her mouth wide and sucks the skinny stick into her warm mouth. She swirls it lightly around on her tongue before sucking in a gulp of air and letting it slide down her throat.

The whirling shape tickles on the way down. But she can still breathe since it is narrow. She slowly inches her whole body forward slipping the meat down her outstretched neck. After a foot and a half of bacon in her gullet her forehead bumps against the owner. For a moment she lays nestled against the porker. The rod twitches happily behind her breasts. She mewls affectionately to the rutting hog.

After a few moments, she withdraws from the animal pulling the long phallus out of her throat. She keeps shaking her ass deliberately with every movement of her knees. Finally she gets the desired response from the remaining hog.

No sooner does the swirled tip slip from her lips then she feels the second pig's snout sniffing her cunt. Keeping her head in the game she calls out, "This is the best American Yorkshire pig I've ever tasted."

With the earplugs in she is once again deaf to the explosion of cheers from the stands. But she has other things on her mind. Reacting to previous experience she slides her knee backwards lowering her ass towards the floor. While she waits on the snuffling male, she sucks the other's cock back into her mouth.

Now that she has the intended interest of the other male, she wraps her lips tightly around the tip of the inserted penis. She sucks and pulls on the curved head. Her lips press down on the trapped meat coaxing out his cum.

The other pig advances over her prone body pressing down on her firm back. His full 650 pounds settle roughly over her slender frame. Her ardent efforts on her blowjob become more strident as she becomes desperate for pig cum. Her tongue flicks the inserted tip rapidly as she tightens her wet lips around the corkscrew.

At long last, the twitching member betwixt her teeth erupts with a fresh spurt over her tongue. Simultaneously, she feels the eager prodding of the other boar's prick jabbing her moist cunt. The pig swirls his hips driving the twisted pole into her crevice. She moans around the inserted firehouse filling her mouth with sperm. The viscous liquid dribbles from the corner of her lips before she redoubles her effort to suck it down her throat.

The non-cumming pig is still shoving his bulk forward piercing the young lady. Her ass bounces and jiggles denying the boar the full copulation. She can feel the tip pressing and scraping against her cervix. It tries in vain to penetrate her womb, but the skilled lass keeps the goal just out of reach.

Instead she cries out at the singular sensation of an agile prick circling in her pussy. The long thin rod slides against her walls roiling in her juices. The frantic humping of the horny hog forces his pole to caress every inch of her cave.

Her cries force more fresh sperm from her lips as the dick in her mouth continues to spew. Her eyes cross as she revels in the feel of the two rutting pigs. With her focus slipping, she finally allows the poor striving animal on her back to perforate her uterus. She clenches down roughly on his invading member and immediately feels it release into her waiting womb.

Mary pulls the spraying cock from her mouth and pauses as she lets the semen pour over her face. Then she bellows out to the breathless studio, "I'm going to be a minute here, so you might want to go to commercial."

With the copious cum coursing down her cheeks she chomps on the cock once more. The dick trapped in her pussy is already filling her womb with its hot fluid and she wants her stomach to share the same fate.

Larry manages to pull his eyes away from the spectacle long enough to turn to the camera. Besides, he knows that he is going to be able to see the tapes once the show is over.

"She isn't lying. A little known fact about these two little piggies is that their orgasms can last up to half an hour. Considering that they are both occupying our young contestant at the moment we will have to go to break until she is decent."

"So to all you out there in TV land, don't you wish you were in the studio?"

Mary, still unaware of the sounds around her, simply focuses on swallowing every ounce of semen that passes her lips. She rubs her ass affectionately against the pig above her and sucks deeply on the straw between her teeth.

After the first ten minutes, her mouth becomes raw so she pulls the dick free and lets it erupt over her face again. Unsatisfied, she pulls it underneath her to splatter its offering against her exposed breasts. Once her jaw is rested and her shirt and tits are soaked, she pulls it back into her mouth for another round.

All the while, the implanted dick is filling her womb with its own gift. And after another fifteen minutes, the two pigs finally peter out. Their balls empty, they lumber away from the used woman.

Mary pulls the blindfold off and rolls over to the gate. She walks unsteadily out to the floor of the studio careful to hold her kegel muscles tight. She pulls the earplugs out and is immediately deafened by the standing ovation of the live audience.

"So," she asks calmly, "was I right?"

Larry is completely flabbergasted and can barely manage to nod as the stands erupt with a new wave of cheers. In celebration, the saucy minx turns her ass to the crowd, flips up her dress, and releases her muscles.

The accumulated pig juice that was slowly trickling down her thigh quickly becomes a torrent that gushes from her snatch. The crowd goes silent as all eyes stare at the fluid dripping down her tender flesh. Every guy there and several of the women have to fight the urge to rush the stage and clean her off with their tongue.

But before the sight can overwhelm their willpower, she drops her skirt and twirls to another roaring cheer. She blows them several kisses before bounding off backstage to clean up.


Chapter 3 - Doubling Down

"Welcome back. I know you folks at home would have loved to see the full coupling from our last round, but I'm afraid you'll just have to find some way into the studio next week. Or you could buy the box set for volume one of Name That Cock! Soon to be on sale at your local retailer. But we have a limited time left on the show, so let's get back to our darling contestant."

The crowd bursts into applause as the camera pans over to the giddy girl. Larry waits for them to settle before continuing.

"I'm glad you got yourself cleaned up my dear. Are you ready for round three?"

"Ready as I'll ever be Larry."

"Good, good. Now I know the last round was exhausting."

"And exhilarating," Mary interjected to the amusement of the crowd.

With a smile, the host continued, "So which door do you want this time?"

"I'll go with door number three this time Larry."

"All righty, we have your customary blindfold and earplugs right over here. So once you're ready we'll unleash your next rounds entertainment. In fact you don't even have to move from that spot."

She promptly applies the blindfold and earplugs once more and shivers in anticipation. The doors slide silently sideways exposing a dark hole in the set. The audience waits with bated breath for the next round to start.

Three white blurs streak out from the darkened hole quicker than the spectators can follow. They gasp in amazement as the blurs resolve into three separate canines. The attendants stare quizzically at the forms as they circle the maiden in the middle of the set. The animals look like dogs, but leaner and stronger. And the way they pad around the set sniffing the air is more predatory than most domesticated dogs.

The host cuts the speculation short by announcing, "These, my friends, are wolves from our own Yellowstone Park."

The audience gasps in both fear and lust as they stare transfixed at the stalking brutes.

"Now now, no need to be afraid. These fine fellows have received the same implants we give serial killers the option of taking. It cuts off any violent impulses, so Mary is perfectly safe. At least from being eaten. You see while most wolves mate for life these handsome specimens are what some biologists refer to as Casanova wolves. They never paired with a female so they wander in search of willing companions. And wouldn't you know it, when one of our stagehands helped young Mary clean herself up he accidently used the scent of a wolf bitch in heat instead of water."

He gives the audience his best attempt at mock contrition, and they go wild.

"I'm sure he'll get a stern talking to, but the show must go on. Let's see what happens."

As he spoke, the wolves were gradually closing their circle around Mary to the point where she frequently felt their long tails brush against her bare legs. But they stop their movements as Larry approaches. They sit on their haunches and wait to see what happens. Their cocks stand out from their sheaths demanding attention.

Larry guides the contestant to kneel down in front of one of the wolves and pulls her hand to the erect dick. As soon as her fingers wrap around the pointed member he retreats swiftly to give the cameras the best angle possible.

Mar coils her warm fingers around the jutting dick. She plays with the beveled tip for a few moments weighing options in her racing mind. She slides her pinky across the opening at the end trying to gauge the size of everything involved. The appreciative whimper is lost on the deafened woman. But the prick under her touch is all that matters.

She caresses and cradles the veiny flesh teasing out any useful information. She flicks and toys with the tip mapping out the unusual shape with her well trained fingers. The eager pole twitches under her warm caresses, but the well trained animal remains seated for inspection.

The other two wolves in the wings are not as patient. They circle the occupied woman searching for the treasure their noses tell them is there. She knows that there are additional animals out in the studio now that she is on round three, so she provides the opportunity.

She lifts her ass from the ground to lean into the rod and give it an experimental sniff. The wolves zero in on her rising flesh. A fresh waft of pheromones titillates their senses as it fills their nostrils.

She slides her fingers down the generous length in front of her. The reach the knot already formed from her careful ministrations. She groans in anticipation of canine cock as her lips get closer and closer. Her rump lifts into the air with every moment she spends getting closer to the dick at hand.

The other wolves focus on the wiggling rear like sharks finding on injured seal. Just as she extends her tongue to obtain her first taste of her mystery animal, two tongues rasp along her ass cheeks. This time it is Mary that releases a whimper of pleasure.

The two competing wolves fervently lave over the woman's ass covering it with their saliva. Their swift assault lifts the girl's skirt over her posterior and flips it onto her back. Devoid of this hindrance, the canines redouble their efforts. Their bobbing heads swerve towards the crack in an inevitable collision course. The repeated coarse lickings temporarily distract Mary from the game at hand. Her tongue lolls out of her moaning lips barely brushing the tip of the third's cock. Her gyrations against the attacking muzzles become more pronounced as the two tongues dip into her crack.

Eventually one of the wolves wins the day and nudges the other aside. He poses his snout over her cunt sniffing the bounty before taking his treasure. The momentary pause allows Mary to remember the task at hand. The ravenous tongues and the studio air cooling her wet rump excite her even more than the pigs in the previous round. Her body aches to be filled.

With the momentary reprieve she takes the chance to inhale the offered prick up into her mouth. In one fell swoop she sucks the member down to the knot and licks the large protuberance through her open lips.

As if on cue, the winning wolf swipes his tongue across her steaming snatch. Her moan vibrates through the cock in her teeth. The already primed puppy cannot hold back its excitement and fills her mouth with his semen. She pulls her head off the spurting member and fills her cavity with his ball juice. She swallows it bit by bit savoring the wild flavor.

Once done, the wolf retreats to lick himself clean leaving the horny woman to the other two. Throughout Mary's drink, the other wolf licks her labia again and again spreading her wide with his muscular tongue. But now that she is free he moves back a step. Mary lifts herself up to her hands so she is on all fours. Mary knows what's coming , but before he can mount her she calls out to the studio.

"Tricky, tricky. You almost had me for a minute," she mocks with cum dribbling down her chin. "But Gray Wolf semen tastes nothing like . . ."

Her retort at the game's attempt to make her think she was nursing a domesticated canine cock is cut short by the third wolf ramming his erect cock down her throat. She momentarily fights for breath as the thick member slides into her wet cavity. His paws settle heavily on her shoulder blades as he forces himself deeper. But years of practice aid her in regaining her composure and steady breathing despite the insertion.

No sooner has she taken her first breath, than the second wolf mounts her shaking ass and impales her previously prepared pussy. His powerful forelegs grip her wide hips and pull him balls deep into her quivering flesh. Mary's moaning reaches a crescendo as the two powerful canines pump their engorged bratwursts into her body. Her cries barely eke by the massive tool in her mouth to fall on the audience's ears.

The moans mingle with the wet suckling sounds of her mouth and twat being savaged by the pair of pooches to provide an intoxicating melody. The crowd is rapt with awed silence as they view the amazing spectacle before them. Mary is just along for the ride.

The furious humping of two bestial wolves is almost too much for her tender frame to handle. Not physically of course, she has previously taken far more abuse at her own behest. But the pure bliss of being trapped between the two amorous wolves is enough to make her whole body explode with joy.

The strong paws gripping her waist tightens her belly in all the right places. The firm paws on her back along with the occasional light scratch of nails sends shivers down her spine. The suffocating intrusion of meat down her throat thrills her mind. The thick pole spreading her vaginal walls with every thrust cause her eyes to glaze over behind the mask. And the testicles slapping rhythmically against her chin and clit bring her higher with every connection.

With the massive overstimulation it took her a moment to recognize the fabric of her t-shirt pulling against her nipples. The material is becoming wet and warm as it rubs against her aching areoles. The first wolf is finished with cleaning himself and returned to the party. His rough tongue digs at her hanging mammaries like a newborn pup. Without missing a beat, she reaches up and pulls her top over her heaving breasts allowing the wolf full access.

The fresh assault on her titflesh only adds to the raging fire burning through her body. She can feel the coming orgasm and knows that it will debilitate her for hours like all good orgasms do. Concurrently, the two humping brutes' knots inflate. One locks tightly behind her incisors and the other expands her pussy creating an initial burst of orgasmic wonder.

Her body vibrates under the care of the three canines. It shakes uncontrollably as endorphins flood her body. The engorged knot pushing in and out of her canal intensifies the tremors. Her labium spreads wide before the bulbous invader. But Mary knows this is just a precursor.

Before she loses complete control, she contracts her quivering muscles trapping the second knot inside her cunt. The locked position forces the wolf deeper into her cave and his pointed tip pierces her cervix. Not wanting to leave anyone out, she reaches out using his fur for guidance until she can grasp the first wolf's member once again.

With the game won she no longer needs to explore scientifically. Her hand flies along the mottled shaft quickly expanding the knot between her fingers. The horny dog losses his concentration on her breasts thanks to her adept technique. He dances slowly forward humping her hand, but with the two others skewering her body she can't move to accommodate his distance. Eventually she drops her arm defeated.

The wolf, undeterred, simply jumps over her back and continues thrusting. His erect phallus rubs along her body. The friction of cock on skin is electric to them both as it jabs rapidly along her side and supple breast. His previous tonguing provides more than adequate lubrication to fuel his lust. His soft fur caresses her back as he lays over her.

The novel stimulation finally shoves her full force over the edge. Her body explodes with fire and quakes against the three ravenous wolves. One after another the wolves let loose an ear-splitting howl as they fill her with their cum. The wolves at her face and back turn around pumping their fill backwards into their willing hostess. The first continues to lie over her back adding his juices to the saliva already coating her breasts.

Mary is barely cognizant of the warm cum filling and covering her as her earth rending orgasm rips through her body. Her musculature spasms uncontrollably, letting the twat filler free. A final jet of sticky fluid splatters her ass before flopping back between his legs.

The wolf sperm trails thickly down her gullet to mix with the pig spunk she previously drank. Luckily Mary swallows reflexively as the fluids fill her mouth because her mind is too far gone to react. Her limbs finally release and she slips to the ground. Her teeth wrapped around the third wolf's knot pull him down to the ground as well with a yelp.

The first and last to cum turns his body to lick his jizz off her heaving breasts. His rough tongue pulls against her flesh sending sweet aftershocks through her overused flesh. The audience and host both stare speechless at the spectacle winding down. The first few cheers spawn more as the stands quickly erupt in uproarious ecstasy.

Larry snaps to his usual self and turns to the camera.

"It looks like our poor contestant is all pooped out. We'll have to wait until she wakes up, and probably until she no longer has a dick in her mouth, before we can tell her what she's won. But I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today. So until next time ladies and gents on Name That Cock!"

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