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I had already been fucked by my classmates on the school bus. Now it is the turn of the public in Public bus
I am Deepika, a 16 year old girl and I live in Kolkata, India. As you read my last story about how I was fucked by Rajiv and his friends in the school bus. In the days that went by I underwent a sea change as did my reputation in the school, Of course amongst select circles.
It had all started with that gangbang in the bus. As I cam home I realized that I had bled, as my hymen was ruptured. I cleaned out my pussy so that I wont be pregnant. But I realized that as I had been fucked for atleast an hour I was sore and exhausted but I was also feeling heavenly. I vividly remember, that As I slept that night I was very anxious and afraid that almost the entire bus had now fucked me and had taken pictures which will be finding their way around the school and locality. But at the same time I was not able to forget the feeling that I got for the last holf an hour as I was being banged. In my deepest desires I was perhaps longing to experience that feeling of somebody’s hands on my plump pussy lips, my naked ass , my big boobs. I wanted to experience those nipples being pinched slightly as my pussy is filled, one more time. I had gone to sleep very uickly dreaming. I woke up the next morning due to my cell phone ring. As I drowsily picked up the phone I heard Rajiv’s voice on the other side.
“Hey Deepika, I hope you are fine. Did you enjoy the ride?”
I shot back instinctively “You bastard, why did you do this to me? ”
Rajiv “Don’t blame me. You were the one who were always eager to spread your legs in class. Moreover I know you enjoyed the bus ride. You had that look on your face”
I was silent for a minute
Rajiv continued “I called to remind you that your MMS and picture clips are now available in our entire circle, So you better not be wearing any panties or bra in school from today onwards. We don’t like to have any obstacles nor like to do too much work to access your pussy. And by the way, I will come to pick you up, give the school bus a miss”
He just hung up the phone without waiting for an answer. I was absolutely stunned that how did he expect me to agree to those demands. I started to prepare for the day ahead silently vowing to fight against Rajiv. As I was getting dressed somehow I just gave my undergarments a complete miss. I don’t remember whther it was voluntary or involuntary, but I chose to wear one of my short skirt and white shirt without anything underneath. So if anybody wanted to access my cunt or boob he would be about one step away from doing it.

As I came down the stairs with my 2 older brothers standing below I saw their eyes fixed somewhere around the hem of my skirt and their mouth gaping open. I hurried down the stairs hoping they were only ogling at my milky white and smooth thighs. As I sat down at the table to eat along with my parents and my 2 brothers, both of them older than me but in college, I saw them dropping their spoons more than once and then going under the table to find them and spending about a minute under the table each time. I was quite certain now what they were trying to find. As usual I never sat cross legged and hence I thought they must have found what they were looking for.
I ate quickly and excused myself and left my house with my heart pounding a million beats per second or no apparent reason. As I neared the bus stop, I saw my school bus stop, pick all the students and go, but I just stood at a distance. I knew then my sub conscious wanted me to follow Rajiv’s instructions. I waited for Rajiv, then suddenly my phone rang
Rajiv” Hey baby, sorry I could not come to pick you up, I am ending an SMS with the location where you have to go. Just take the route specified and get down at the designated place and we will meet you there ”
So now I knew at least one thing for sure, there were more than one persons I was going to meet. Anyway I received the SMS and waited for the bus to arrive. As it arrived I saw that it was jam packed. As I had to get on it I somehow managed to cling on. As it started speeding away with me hanging on the door and my skirt flaying in the wind I was now in a very embarrassing position. I was uite sure the conductor who was below me on the stairs was getting a free butt and pussy show as I was not wearing anything underneath while the passengers who wear above me were smiling as they could easily guess the good luck of the conductor, although they did not know that I was completely nude underneath. Anyway after 5or so minutes one gentle man relieved me by providing me an opening to get inside to the ladies section of the bus. As I started to inch into the bus, the conductor very thoughfully put a hand up my skirt, grabbed my butt and pushed me inside to help me get in. I was stunned at his audacity but said nothing so as not to draw any attention to me scantily clad self. I felt a good amount of his large rough hand on my pussy and butt. But before I could understand what the conductor did I was sandwiched in a sea of men. Those who have travelled in the Kolkata buses during peak hours would know how crowded they are. I was being pushed around and as far as I could see I could only see lungi clad men and some low class loafers. Before long I was standing in the middle of the bus with some labourers surrounding me. They were looking at me with lustful eyes. Perhaps they had never seen a girl in such attire at such close distance or rather touching distance. It was hot and humid and I was seating like anything. The bus was also filled with the body odours of these labourers.
My shirt being completely wet was sticking to my body like second skin and the skirt had already gone haywire. Being sandwiched it had ridden quite high and was stuck so that almost my entire thighs were visible and were touching the labourers lungi. From the back I felt like I was not wearing anything from below my butt as it had bunched up around my butt. I saw a few of them staring at ny chest. As I looked down I was horrified. My sweaty shirt was just sticking to my large breasts and my nipples were sticking out through the fabric. The entire outline of my breasts were visible. And I felt really embarrassed. Suddenly I felt 2 hands on my 2 naked buttocks. As I turned around I saw a huge dark man with a tshirt and a lungi was standing behind me and they were his hands. He was smiling and massaging my buttocks. It was still sore with the spanking the day before and his hands were like ice on a wound. I did not say anything as I knew that the clothes I was wearing were telling more about me than I could spell out.
Expert hands now moved my skirt up such that now my pussy could be seen. My skirt was now around my waist with my shirt sticking to my body with sweat. The hands were massaging my buttocks while now my big plump, fleshy pussy lips were swollen with excitement. The large rough hands massaging my butt were creating an electric current and were very soothing . It was very exciting although I was afraid being engulfed in a sea of ugly big men. The worst part was I was not able o decide whether to scream or to provide free access to my booty. That decision was made easier when suddenly the man in front o me placed his two hands on my boobs and began to squeeze them mercilessly. I let out a muffled moan of agony and pleasure involuntarily. That was the signal they needed. The lungi clad workers around me moved closer separating me from the rest of the crowd. One of them just pushed the skirt high up to just below my boobs. Now my entire lower abdomen was theirs to ravage. Somebody from behinf held back my hands. I was struggling but I knew it was delaying the inevitable. They realized I had succumbed to their wishes and so one of them ujust put his palms on my wollen pussy lips and began to massage them. The person who had my hands held back suddenly handed me a big lump of what appeared to be uuuuvery fleshy. I quickly realized what it was and what the person wanted. I began to stroke the big 2 inch flesy lump in my hands meanwhile expert hands were massaging my boobs, butt and pussy.. My legs were spread wide and I was in a trance. The other passengers cud easily guess what was happening to the girl who had disappeared in the middle of the workers, from the muffled noises which I was making.
But I was just oblivious to everything and was in a trance. Suddenly the palm massaging my pussy inserted 2 fingers forcibly into my wet and dripping pussy. They jut entered me like knife cuts a butter. Someone said “The whore wants to get fucked” and everyone laughed. On hearing that I was just amazed that everyone in the bus would have heard that but nobody came forward to help me. It was because I wasn’t screaming. People were looking from over there shoulders as I was being bent over and fingered with my skirt upto my breasts. My smooth legs were wide apart and my 2 hands were on a seat in front of me. My mouth was agape, eyes wide shut as I did not want to look at the people who were wondering at the events.
Suddenly the bus ground to a halt. It was the last stop. People streamed out of the bus. I was shaken out of the trance as the fingers and hands were removed from my pussy and boobs. As I opened my eyes I saw the workers smiling and someone asked or my phone number, which I blurted out without much thought. Perhaps I had enjoyed too much. They took some pictures of me half naked and got down. I quickly adjusted my clothes and as I got down I saw Rajesh and his friends standing at the stop having a chat with the same group of workers and laughing loudly.
I realized then Rajesh had set up the whole bus journey and and hoped that somehow I might get exploited on this crowded bus ride because of the flimsy clothes I was ordered to wear. His hopes had come true and I had also enjoyed it.

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