An Anniversary to remember
Have you ever had one of those days where when you think back on it years later, you think to yourself, “There is no way that happened to me.” I am pretty sure that today is one of those days. I just had what could very well be one of the best days of my entire life.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself, I am 30 years old, 6 feet tall and have a somewhere between chunky and fat body, certainty no “Brad Pitt” I am married and have 2 kids. My wife Alice, is awesome about 5 foot 5, with flaming red hair, and 135 pounds of tits and ass.

We got married pretty young and just celebrated our 13 th anniversary, in fact, that is the day I am talking about.
It started like any other day, we got up got the kids off to school then settled in front of the television to relax together before starting our day, we had both taken the day off to spend time with each other on our “special day”.

We were watching some morning talk show, not even really paying attention and chatting about what we were going to do to celebrate, then she smiled at me and said “I know what I wanna do.”
Then promptly took her shirt off and let her magnificent breast fall, I was delighted and proceeded to feast on them while struggling to get my pajama bottoms off.

Her soft moans only turned me on more, and my already rock hard cock was throbbing. She laid me back and slowly, almost torture like slow, took my pajama bottoms down, my cock sprang to attention almost slapping her in the face.

She then took my cock into her mouth and inch by inch swallowed the entire shaft, something she hadn’t done in years, I laid there enjoying every minute and just as I was about to explode there was a knock at the door.

“Fuck!” I said as I put my pajama bottoms back on to go see who it was. I got to the door, took a deep breath to make my boner calm down, and opened the door. To my surprise it was my wife’s sister Anna and her husband Tommy, from Oklahoma.

“What are you doing here?” I said while hugging them and inviting them in.

“To see you and Alice for your anniversary, of course.” Anna said.

“You should have called I would have prepared better.” I said.

“That would’ve ruined the surprise” Anna giggled.

They came in and put their bags in the guest room and then joined Alice and I in the kitchen to get some coffee. We chit-chatted for awhile then decided to get dressed and go out for lunch. After the kids got home we sent them to my mom and dads so the “adults” could have the night alone.

My sister-in-law, whose name is Anna by the way, suggested that we go to a night club. “To get our drink on!” Anna is barley 21 and her husband, Tommy, is 25. So I said..."What the hell!" Then got dressed in my nicest non-work clothes I could find when I came out of the bedroom Alice and Anna were standing side by side in the sexiest dresses I had ever seen.

Anna is shorter than my wife, around 5’ 2” and has the most perfect heart-shaped ass you have even gazed upon. If there is one knock on her its that she only has C-cup titties, while Alice’s are a full double D. “Are you gonna drool all night?” Anna asked smiling at me.

“I just might, ya’ll look amazing!” I said trying to hide the erection I just got. They laughed and batted their eyes in that, kind of way. Tommy came in and said “Whoa, shall we go?”

At the club we danced and drank for what seemed like hours. All the while I couldn’t get the blow-job I had in the morning out of my head. I just couldn’t wait to get back home and finish what Alice and I started, before Anna and Tommy got here.

We got home a little after midnight and Anna and Alice were giggling and whispering to each other. Tommy and I when in the kitchen and got a beer then sat down on the couch. Anna turned on the stereo to some hip-hop song and was dancing really dirty, every time she “Got low.’ I could see that she was not wearing panties.

Seeing my sister-in-law’s shaved pussy gave me a rock hard erection and she could see me trying to hide it. Then she stopped dancing and came over by me and said, “Did I do that?” Pointing at my crotch. I almost died in embarrassment. I looked over at my wife who just smirked at me.

Anna then lifted her skirt and said “Do you like it? Tommy makes me shave it.” all I could do was stutter a yes and nervously look at Alice and Tommy. They started laughing and Tommy came over to Anna and took her top and skirt all the way off. There she was my hot ass sister-in-law buck naked in front of me.

Alice then did something that completely shocked me and Tommy she got up and planted a passionate kiss on her own sister. My jaw dropped, my arousal went to new heights, I just couldn’t believe it. Anna and Alice kissed for a few minutes then Alice laid her down on the rug and started caressing her all over.

Tommy and I just sat there flabbergasted. As my wife of 13 years was kissing and rubbing all over her sister, I started to undress and fondle myself. It seemed like a dream when Alice lowered her face onto Anna’s dripping wet pussy and started to lick, she licked her pussy, focusing on her clit. Tommy and I were now all the way naked still sitting and watching the amazing show.

After a few minutes a loud scream emerged from Anna as she came, and came hard. That was our cue to join. I got on my knees behind my wife and dove right in eating her sweet pussy. Tommy put his cock in Anna’s freshly eaten pussy. Tommy’s dick was bigger than mine, if I had to guess I would say 8 or maybe 9 inches and her wet cunt swallowed it in one fell swoop.

I was under Alice licking and nibbling her clit when I felt a wet mouth wrap around my cock, “so wet, so warm” I thought as my wife started shaking in climax, her juices flowing all over my face. I rested my tongue for a minute and Alice climbed off, when she got up I thought my blow-job would end, but I looked to to see Anna’s young eyes staring up at me.

Alice joined Anna, and I was in ecstasy as these 2 gorgeous sisters feasted on my cock and balls. Tommy was fucking Anna “doggie-style” and every time he banged into her pussy her throat took more of my dick.

Then Anna slipped his cock out of her pussy and climbed on top of me and slipped mine in. “Mmmmmm so tight!” I said as she grinded her sopping wet cunt on me. I looked up in my sexual haze to see Alice sucking Tommy’s huge cock, his hands gently pulling her hair.

I was trying my best to hold my cum back, but her pussy was so tight and wet that I told her...“If you don’t stop for a minute I am gonna fill your cunt up!” She just smiled down at me and clamped down and worked her pussy muscles.

I shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum into her quivering pussy. I sat up and kissed her softly, we looked over at Tommy and Alice, she was on her back and he was pounding her cunt for all he was worth, she was screaming. “I am gonna cum!” With that they came at the same time she shook, and moaned he pulled out and shot his cum on her big tits.

We just sat there quiet for a few minutes. “That was the best anniversary present we ever got” All four of us roared in laughter. Still naked we went in the kitchen to get something to drink, basking in our sexual glow.

That was 3 days ago and I still can’t believe it happened. Alice told me later that she and Anna have been lovers since they were teens and when Anna met me she wanted to fuck me but she was to young so when she turned 21 this year she wanted to make her fantasy come true and Tommy said it was cool.

So last night Anna came into our bedroom while we were sleeping and woke me up gently and took me into the bathroom and said. "A foursome with Alice and Tommy isn’t enough.” Then she took her clothes off and kissed me and pulled my pants down, my cock sprang to attention when she took it in her mouth and sucked hard then soft, cupping my balls, I pulled her hair so I could see her pretty green eyes looking at me while my cock slid in and out of her inviting mouth.

I pulled her up and put her on the bathroom counter and licked Alice's sweet tasting pussy to the best of my ability with soft strokes of my tongue on the outer lips and sucking gently on her clit. “I’m cumming!” She cried. I sucked real hard on her clit and she clamped her legs around my head and shook violently as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her. When she calmed down I bent her over the counter and put my cock into her wanting pussy.

I pounded Alice's tight pussy for what seemed like hours and then I pulled my cock out and put her on her knees and jerked my cock until I came all over her face and titties. Out of breath we sat on the floor and cleaned up before quietly going back to the bedroom and I slept better than I had in 10 years.

They left today and as I write this I think years from now when I am old and cant get it up any more I will just think of those two nights and my dick will grow like a flower in spring.

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i have an incest fetish now:[


2011-07-28 04:01:23
Ok, its a great story but you need to work on your grammar and punctuation, as for making them a prenant, i dont see how that would be sexy. Dont listen to the negative people who take shit too seriously, it was a great storyline and hot sex so you get a positive rating!

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