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I'm only just getting into writing fiction, this being the 1st proper one I wrote. An uhealthy vampire obsession lead me to writing this...
Today has been a strange day. Firstly it’s my “birthday”. I don’t mean my normal birthday, I don’t exactly have those anymore, today is my Vampire Birthday. 121 years of being a vampire, 121 years of being stuck at 22, 121 years of drinking nothing but blood for breakfast, lunch and tea. Not that I mind being a vampire, I can do whatever I want, when I want , fuck all the guys I want, even if they don’t want to fuck me, I always manage to get my way with them.

I am going off track here, anyway, so it’s my birthday, but also today a new girl started at work. Her name was Ally; it’s been annoying me all day, every time someone shouted “Ally”, not knowing who they were trying to talk to. I have never seen anyone like her before; she is about my height, likes all the same stuff as me...and has a vampire obsession.

As she walked through the door this morning, the fan blowing her dyed pink and purple, straightened hair so it spread out around her face, flowing down her back hiding whatever detail was on the rear of her black tank top and stopping at the waist of her tiny black red mini skirt, her eyes dark with what I suspect was lack of sleep and a sheer look of nervousness all over her face, I couldn’t look away from her. I felt something I have never felt with a woman before, last time I had this feeling it was a guy, and the fact that I accidently killed him because I was craving his blood...yeah we won’t go there.

I’ve had crushes on women before, but never as bad as this one, the scent of her blood was driving me crazy, the blood of people I was most attracted to was always the most fragrant, and it was always hard to push away the bloodlust that wanted to overtake me. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to work with her sat in the same office, the rich smell of hot spices mixed with a hint of rose making my teeth ache.

The morning dragged by inch by inch, the lack of work making it worse, what was I suppose to concentrate on to take my mind off Ally. I could hear her typing away in the corner, knowing she was on Facebook even without turning to look; we both had nothing to do, so she couldn’t be working either. 9am slowly dragged into 10am and then 11, my hunger steadily growing. I hadn’t fed since yesterday lunch, I was glad no one else was in the room, if anyone saw my eyes they would get suspicious. No one knows I’m dead, seeing my eyes turn slowly from their natural brilliant blue into the colour of my favourite drink, my canines elongating ever so slightly every minute and the veiny, drawn appearance my face took on when I was hungry was sure to grab their attention. I could hide my face from Ally for another hour I was sure, then I could take off and grab a quick snack.

Finally I saw the tiny clock on my computer turn to 12, locking the computer, I moved as fast as I could, well, as fast as I could without giving away my vampire speed movements, snatching up my bag, pushing away my chair so hard it hurtled into the wall. As I turned I caught sight of myself in the mirror, shit, I looked worse than I thought. I couldn’t help it, being as vain as I am, I lingered in front of the mirror, checking out my vile appearance that I knew would dissipate one I got some of that warm wet stuff inside of me. Unfortunately I lingered to long. “Ally, your face...” What could I say? I just stared at her, looking into her gorgeous steel blue eyes, eyes that should be scared of me, but they weren’t they were just questioning, not caring what I was, more like wondering how I had gotten like that.

“You’re a vampire?” I mumbled out some kind of incoherent reply and made a dash to the door. Hungry. I couldn’t deal with her now. I needed blood urgently. “I have to go” I hissed out as I lurched for the door, I didn’t even bother to control my speed, but still I didn’t make it to the door, she was stood right in front of me, blocking my only exit.

She reached her hand back and turned the key that was hanging in the lock on the office door, removed it and put it down her bra. So I wasn’t the only one that used that hiding spot. Now I was trapped. Trapped in this room with a human while I was so thirsty. This couldn’t end well, she smelt so good, I wanted her, and no one would see, there was no window in here, door was locked. It would just be disposing of the body that would be the problem.

“Thirsty...need to feed...” I saw her consider this, watching my face, as my already crimson eyes changed to an even deeper shade and the veins on my face became more prominent. With no fear in her eyes, she moved her hair back so her neck was exposed. Saliva was building in my mouth at the thought of piercing the vein in her neck and drawing her blood out into me. The hunger was overwhelming, I leaped forward, grabbing her arm and swinging her round so her back was pushed against my body. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked into my eyes, surely she must be showing fear of me now, but no, she was actually smiling, how could she be enjoying the prospect of me sucking the life out of her? My fangs were now so long I couldn’t put my lips together, the sharp point digging into my swollen lip, desperate to greet nourishment.

I couldn’t resist, before I sunk my teeth in I had to kiss her. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen, I had to kiss those pretty pink lips in case I accidentally killed her and I never got the chance to do it again. I run my tongue down the length of the vein in her neck tasting the salty sweat beads beginning to form, my fangs just scraping the skin before I moved to her open mouth and placed mine on hers, my fangs making it difficult but not impossible. I pulled back, but she reached behind me, her back arching away from my body slightly as she put her hands behind my head, pushing her lips up to meet mine. Her heartbeat picked up, and I could sense her arousal, but before I could do anything I needed to feed.
I forced her hands from around my neck, placing them on my hips, hoping she would keep still. I looked in to her eyes once more, still no fear; if she felt it then she wasn’t showing it. My teeth were throbbing I couldn’t wait any longer, I moved so my fangs were over the vein and prayed I could stop feeding before I sucked all the life out of her. Two beestings on the side of her neck, and her blood was being drawn into me, feeding never felt so good, this hot sticky nectar flowing down my throat, numbing the burning the thirst always created. I was careful not to let the liquid run down on to her top, if she survived it wouldn’t be a good idea to have blood stains everywhere.

I could feel her sinking down in my arms, the life draining away from her, I had to stop now, before it killed her, her pulse was slowing. The human part of me was telling me to stop, the vampire part needed more. But I wanted her, and not just her blood, I couldn’t have her if the beast in me killed her first. I somehow found the willpower to retract my fangs. She was barely conscious but I knew she would be fine. I sat her down in her chair and licked the two wounds I had made, my venom healing the holes as I watched.
As I waited for her to regain consciousness fully I went to the mirror to check that my looks were back to how they should. My eyes were now sky blue, my lips slightly red but that could be passed off as lipstick, my cheeks now rosy instead of veiny, and my teeth back to normal size.

I heard her moan, and in a flash was kneeling by her side. I took her hand, it was still cool from the blood loss but warming, she was fully alert, her heart back to beating normally sending more of the intoxicating liquor though her body. “I’ve always wanted that done to me, I love vampires”, her words were slightly slurred, but I smiled, here was a woman after my own heart, it was vampire obsession that got me into this position to start with. “There’s one other thing I’ve always wanted to do with a vampire.” I knew what that something was going to be without her saying, it’s what most humans wanted vampires for and after all it was how I had ended up like this. It was only 12.15, plenty of time for what she wanted, and since she had satisfied my craving...

I didn’t let her say any more, I put my hand on her thigh and pushed it under her skirt, she looked down at me kneeling at her feet and I just lifted my eyebrows at her, she knew then that I already knew what she meant. My hand under her skirt, I shuffled it round so it was nearer her ass but not quite touching it, my fingertips barely touching the edge of the lace on her underwear. My other hand was still holding her hand and I felt her clench it, hoping I would do what I knew she wanted. I pushed my hand slightly further under her skirt, and felt the elastic of her underwear slide over my fingers, twisting my hand round I grabbed hold and pulled it down, the other side sliding down over her narrow, slim hips without me even having to move it. She bucked her ass up into the air to release the pink lace thong and I pulled so they dropped to the floor, tangling up around her high heeled boots.

I lifted her to her feet and she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to join her underwear. If my heart could beat, it would have been beating fast; I was getting horny at seeing her naked and I could feel the wetness starting between my legs. Now hungry for her instead of her blood, I ripped the top from her, the seams tearing apart under my force; I didn’t even think what she would do later when she had no top to wear. I tossed the pieces across the room, the massacred remains landing neatly on my monitor, her double D cerise pink bra landing on top of them just seconds later.

Still light headed from lack of blood, I could see her losing balance on her feet, I didn’t want her stood up anyway, so I swept her feet from under her, this beautiful naked woman lying in my arms, I forgot what we were doing for a few seconds, but she quickly reminded me by wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my blood stained lips, unlike earlier she kissed me properly, her tongue now exploring my mouth and gently probing the canines that were now completely normal. Once she released her lips from mine, I put her down on her desk, moving aside a pile of paperwork and letting it crash to the floor, not caring about what was being messed up; we could deal with that later.

Her naked body was now lying in front of me, ready to take whatever I wanted to do with it, her nipples just begging to be played with, her pussy waiting to be fingered. I tore off my clothes, tossing them at random across the room, and climbed onto the desk, straddling Ally with my legs touching either side of her torso. I brushed my fingers along her jaw and placed my hand either side of her head, I gently kissed her lips and shuffled back, my arms stretching out in front of me, my stomach rubbing against her hipbone. My tongue sought out her erect nipples, I run my tongue round each one and gently bit and pulled them with my teeth, I heard her moan and pulled slightly harder, her hips bucking under me, I could feel her orgasm already building.

I sat back, my pussy touching hers, and proceeded to play with her boobs, my hands squeezing her breasts until they were red and swollen. I could feel her getting wet, her juices mingling with the fluids seeping from my soaked pussy.

I jumped off the desk, landing cat like at the edge of the desk. “I want you” she whispered” I smirked at her. Not bothering to speak my reply, I sank down so my head became level with her dripping pussy, grabbing her sopping clit in my teeth I pulled, teasing her to begin with, and then changing to run my pointy tongue down her clit repeatedly licking the liquid off. She sighed and moaned, her hips jutting into the air, trying to get closer to my tongue, I obeyed and ran my tongue down her throbbing, swollen clit.

Her hips kept bucking underneath me, provoking me more; I was getting enjoyment out of seeing her suffer. Twice I let her reach the point of fulfilling her orgasm, twice I pulled away before she could reach the point of no return. I knew what it was like to be tortured like this, but abusing this sexy chick like this was making me wetter than anything else ever had. I’d licked her wet pussy enough; I knew she was desperate to orgasm, her moans getting louder every time I brought her to the brink of unleashing her load, the need to come getting greater every time I forced her not to.

Knowing she couldn’t take much more of my teasing I slid two of my fingers into her drenched hole, some of the liquid overflowing, leaving a damp patch on top of the desk. Deciding to tease again, I playfully wiggled my fingers, but not enough it would cause her to orgasm. I smirked at her, “Fuck me” she whimpered, “fuck me hard”. So I did. I rammed my fingers in hard, my knuckles slapping against her flesh. “HARDER”. I put in another finger and with all my vampire force, pushed my fingers in again and again, building up tremendous speed, Ally breathing heavily, her pussy contracting around my fingers, still not quite at her breaking point. I knew she was going to come hard, and soon, wanting to make sure she got the best orgasm I squeezed my whole fist into her tiny pussy, she screeched, but not with pain from what I could tell. She was actually enjoying all the abuse I was putting her through.

I pushed my hand up as far as it would go, her cooch rubbing against the sides of my hand every time I moved it, her moaning getting louder and louder, I could feel my hand being drowned in liquid, she was going to come as soon as I withdrew my hand, I would pull out in 3...2...1. I wrenched my hand out of her tight hole, bringing with it a torrent of liquid, I moved with lightening speed, wanting to take the full force of her come in my face, the hot fluid hitting me, making it look like I had tears running down my face, the droplets running down over my lips, the taste of her blood replaced with the sweet taste of her pussy juice.

Letting her lie there on the desk to recover for a while, I went and sat at my desk, watching her lying naked, legs bent and open wide, hand over her face, breathing hard. Now she’d come, it was time to relieve myself, my pussy was dripping with sweet liquor and aching to be fucked. There was a reason I kept my bullet in my bag, always there in case of these types of emergency. Reaching over to retrieve my trusty shiny toy, I snatched it up, quickly switched the battery so it had more power, hitched my legs up so they hung over the arm rests on my swivel chair and shoved my bullet deep into my pussy. I let out a deep sigh, closing my eyes, engaged in the matter at hand.

Usually I would have heard her come over, but being so stuck in the moment, I never even felt the air stir around me. I jumped slightly as I felt her fingers grab the bullet out of my hand, pulling it out of my hole and slamming it against my clit, causing me to shiver with every vibration that went through me. I bit my lip, letting the feelings overtake my body, my pussy pulsing and retracting as she rubbed the bullet against my clit. Not happy with seeing me shiver and moan in deep satisfaction, she probed my sensitive pussy hole with her tongue, licking up the juice that was slowly seeping out, her prodding and rubbing bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

I wrenched the bullet out of her grasp and tossed it across the room, the vibrations no longer satisfying my craving. I grabbed her head, and forced her face into my pussy, making her suck my highly sensitive clit. Taking matters into her own hands again, she didn’t bother sticking fingers in my hole, knowing I wanted it rough, and seeing I was wet enough, she went straight in with her fist, shockwaves rolled all over my body, an orgasm just tearing straight though me, the pressure of it, forcing her hand to be retracted from my pussy, the liquid squirting all over her pink and purple hair, gluing it to her face, her makeup running down her perfect face, dripping down to leave smears all over her chest.

Vampires. We have everything better than humans. Even our orgasms are of such force they knock the weaklings off their feet. Getting my breath back I opened my eyes to see Ally lying on the floor, completely covered in my come, breathing hard again probably from the shock of the sheer force of my orgasm. I got off my chair, straddled her for the second time today, and licked off every ounce of my juice, damn I tasted good.

Rolling over onto my back after our busy lunch hour, I lay next to Ally, both of us naked in the office, maybe we will have a repeat performance tomorrow. Judging by the look on Ally’s face, I don’t need to hope to hard, looks like I might have something tasty for lunch everyday.

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2013-04-10 23:13:11
I'm so glad you have been allowed to have some lovley relax among all those troubles remember you're the best and you deserve always only the best I adore you so so so much, my Carol !!! sweet kisses and hot and sexy lol!!

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Mmmmm Vampires. My pussy is so wet after reading that and wanting a Vampire.

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oh god i want a vampire peferably ian yes i read your other stories that was great my pussy i sooo fucking!! weeet!!!

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2011-07-11 22:39:11
oh god i want a vampire peferably ian yes i read your other stories that was great my pussy i sooo fucking!! weeet!!!

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