Things aren't always as they seem.
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Please enjoy my take on "Females For Hire".

Hillary sat on the bench outside the courtroom that Monday morning. She tugged at her skirt, trying to make it appear longer. She tucked stray tendrils of hair back into her casual chignon. Hillary was nervous and it showed. Even though everyone told her that she had an absolute barracuda for a lawyer, she still had nightmares as to how this would all turn out. Yes, Will had verbally agreed to the settlement, but he had also verbally taken vows on their wedding day. Hillary's trust level was at an all-time low.

She thought back to that horrible afternoon. Will told her he had an appointment with a prospective vendor. There was no traffic at their printing shop; that was just the way the business went. Hillary decided to close up an hour and a half early, head home and fix a really nice dinner for the two of them. It was sort of a celebratory dinner, because their shop was finally running in the black, allowing them to receive regular paychecks.

“That's odd,” she thought, seeing Will's car in the driveway. “I could have sworn he said he would be home before me, but not until five o' clock.” Thinking that he may have chosen to take a nap, she quietly let herself into their small two-story home, took off her shoes and tip-toed upstairs.

In her wildest dreams, she never thought she would witness her best friend, Krystal, leaning over her husband, sucking his cock. Will's hands were in Krystal's hair as she bobbed up and down, completely naked in Hillary's bed.

Will's eyes were closed as he panted, “God, yeah babe....just like that. Shit, Krystal, no one has ever sucked me off like you. close....get ready....”

Krystal increased her pace and then suddenly took Will deep into her throat and became still. Will's hips rose, as if to force more of himself into her mouth, while he held her head down on him. Hillary could hear Krystal gag as she swallowed his cum. When Will removed his hand from her hair and Krystal released his deflating cock, he pulled her into his arms so that she was straddling him and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I love our afternoons, babe,” Will said, looking into her eyes and squeezing her round ass. “These rendezvous are too few and far between. We really have to make some more time for each other.”

Hillary steadied her voice and said, “I don't think that'll be an issue.”

She turned around, calmly walked down the stairs and went to the company van. As she got in, she noticed Krystal’s Honda parked on the opposite side of the street. Hillary later testified that as she was backing out of her driveway, a young child on a bike came out of nowhere, forcing her to back into Krystal's car. Krystal never said a word.

Hillary drove to her brother's house, barely managing to tell him what happened before becoming hysterical. Jerry called Will and told him he had until seven o'clock the next morning to get all of his shit out of their house, or he would find himself in a wheelchair.

What little sleep Hillary got that night was interrupted by dreams. In some of them she saw herself dressed up like a hunter in the woods, tracking Will and putting his head on the wall like a trophy. In others she was making love to her husband. She dreamed he was sucking her nipples; she could feel his hot breath on her skin. Her hands ran up and down his rock hard body, while her hips began to move. There was no mistaking the wetness caused by his cock pressing against her hole and his need for her. Will raised up his body to push inside. Hillary felt him entering her and she welcomed the intrusion. Will's eyes were closed and he called her name, “Krystal.”

When she woke up the next morning, Hillary felt like she had been hit by a truck. Her eyes were puffy with dark circles underneath. She leaned forward to look in the mirror, searching for any sign of white in her eyes, which were red from crying. Her broken heart caused her chest to physically ache. She had loved Will with everything she was, but obviously it wasn't enough. The other Hillary may have stood by her Bill after finding out about his affair with Monica, but this Hillary would never forgive Will and Krystal for what they had done. It was over, and she would have to move on.

Still waiting for her lawyer, Hillary tried not to remember when she and Will first met and fell in love. Hillary was working as a paralegal in an up and coming law firm. Will had come in to drop off some papers from his parents. There was immediate chemistry between the two, and in a very short time they were living together.

It was Will who came up with the idea to start the business, Iron Press. Women were still considered a minority, so obtaining government support for being a minority business owner was easy. Hillary's background as a paralegal, combined with her studies in business administration, made her the brains behind the brawn. Will had an art background and had worked in a print shop from the time he was sixteen. Their strengths made them a winning combination and soon they were ready for their maiden voyage as the new business in town.

They had worked hard to transform a small storefront on Main Street. It had a modern loft appearance, but Hillary's feminine touches kept it from feeling cold and unwelcoming. On the day of their grand opening, most of the shop owners on the street came down to meet the couple and to encourage them. It was while the shop was filled with well-wishers that Will got down on one knee and asked Hillary to marry him. A small ceremony, for just family, followed shortly.

Hillary had a very good feeling about being accepted into this small business community. With hard work, she hoped they would be turning a respectable profit in less than three years. To help off-set their lack of income, she continued to free-lance as a paralegal. That was how she met her barracuda, Maureen.

Looking down at her watch again, Hillary wondered if something had delayed the proceedings. Jerry wanted to come with her today, but she had told him it probably wouldn't take too long. The sound of the elevator stopping and footsteps on the marble floor caused her to look up.

With his hips swaying and his hands waving, Dale came walking toward her.

“Girl, why didn't you call and tell me you would be here alone? I ran into your brother at Starbucks and he told me you would be here,” Dale said, planting a kiss on each of Hillary's cheeks.

She smiled as she looked at her flamboyantly gay friend and hair stylist. “I didn't think it would take long and I didn't want to bother anyone.”

“Honey, you know I don't work on Mondays. Lord child, who did your hair this morning?” Dale's southern diva was coming out now.

At six feet tall, this large, mocha-colored man looked like he should be playing football. Instead, he was one of the most popular hair and make-up stylists in town. 'Every girl should have at least one gay friend', Hillary thought. They didn't mind shopping and had impeccable taste, although you couldn't tell that by Dale's outfit. He wore tight gold pants, a tangerine colored net top and a white denim jacket. He completed his look with black heels and diamond earrings. There was nothing masculine about him at all, but that didn't matter to Hillary; he had a heart of gold and arms that gave great hugs.

“I wish I knew what was holding things up,” Hillary said.

“You are so lucky you walked in on him and that slutty friend of yours,” Dale responded. “Can you imagine how horrible your life would have been if this affair had continued without you knowing it?”

The courtroom doors opened and Maureen, the barracuda, came out. With a big smile on her face, she handed Hillary the signed papers she had been hoping to receive.

“Signed, sealed and delivered, Hillary. This is the kind of outcome I wish for all of my clients. Thank goodness you found out about them. Your ex-husband didn't dare put up a fight. Too many times wives have no proof of their husbands' infidelities. Now, this check will be held until it clears, but you are free to start your new life with a nice little nest egg,” the lawyer boasted. “Any ideas?”

Hillary's hands trembled as she looked at the papers. “I don't know. Keep doing paralegal work, I guess. I really don't know which way to turn.”

“Well, if you'd like to set up shop in my office, I'd love to have you. I think we worked well together these past few months and it would be a pleasure to add you to our practice,” Maureen said, earnestly.

Hillary began to rebuild her life. Part of her agreement with Will was that he would change the name of the business. Still, it hurt to see the little shop on Main Street every day when she went to work. She enjoyed working in Maureen's office. Everyone got along well and no one was afraid of working long hours to help a client. Maureen had quite a reputation for getting wives what they deserved, so it seemed that the cases were never-ending.

Hillary was shocked to hear one of Maureen's clients crying out as she left the office. “It's not fair! I know he's cheating and you tell me there's nothing I can do! I can't live like this!”

Hillary's heart went out to the young woman she watched going to her car and fumbling with her keys. She went out to see if she could help her; that's when the flood-gates really opened. In a matter of minutes, she was filled in on the suspicions Lynne had about her husband.

“I don't know what to do. I don't know where to turn. I can't afford a private detective, so how can I get proof he's fooling around on me? If I follow him, he'll see me,” Lynne cried.

That's how it started. Maybe it wasn't the most logical thing Hillary had ever come up with, but she was the sort of person who was always watching out for the underdog. Without thinking things through, she offered to follow Lynne's husband and take pictures, supplying the proof Lynne so desperately needed.

“Are you crazy?” Dale yelled at Hillary when she told him of her plans over dinner. “Do you have any idea how to take pictures and not be seen? And what if he catches you? Is he a violent man?”

"Dale, if he were violent, Lynne would have cause to divorce him. It'll be fine. Besides, how hard can it be to take pictures? I'll blend in to the woodwork," she said, not very convincingly.

“Then let me come with you,” he pleaded.

“Dale, seriously, do you really think you would blend into the woodwork?” Hillary smiled at her rhetorical question.

Later that night, Hillary did a Google search of “taking pictures in low lighting” and found the exact the information she needed. She wrote down the best digital cameras that would also be easy for her to operate. She learned how the ISO factors into the quality of the picture. The last thing she needed was for a flash to go off while she was trying to get proof that Lynne's husband was seeing another woman. After a quick stop at Best Buy, she would be all ready to go that weekend.

Late Saturday night, Dale guessed what had happened when he opened his door that night and saw Hillary standing there. The tear stains were visible on her face, her hair was disheveled and she looked like she had slept in her clothes. When she walked through the door and into his arms, Dale saw she was limping, due to a broken heel on her shoe. He was smart enough not to talk until she had stopped crying.

If Hillary had been worried about Dale blending into the woodwork, she should have taken a good look at herself. In a tough bar like the Tumble Inn, she had dressed too professionally. Lynne’s husband, Roy, had kept an eye on Hillary as soon as he saw her car following him. He was at the bar with one of the many girls that hung out there, looking very cozy, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Hillary’s camera.

Roy hadn’t exactly struck Hillary but when he walked up to her, she moved away, ending up with her back against the wall. Her new camera was smashed on the floor and then he began to yell. Besides having to endure the noise and the odor of beer and cigarettes on his breath, Hillary was acutely aware that Roy was being urged on by the gathering crowd. Afraid he would get physical with her, Hillary gave him a mighty shove and raced out to her car, breaking her heel in the process. She didn’t know where she was heading, until she ended up at Dale’s.

“I don’t want to do the I Told You So Dance, but you know you deserve to see it. Hill, you’re no private eye. You may be very intelligent, but you don’t have any street-smarts,” Dale said quietly.

“I need to help her; he’s a mean man who is out with other women! I know what it’s like to have been cheated on and there should be a way for woman to get help without it costing an arm and a leg!” she exclaimed.

Dale thought for a minute and then asked, “Are you sure this is something you want to do? After the roughing up you’ve had? And if you’re going to charge for this service, you’re going to need training and help. Tell you what, if you run the business, I’ll help you.”

That was the one thing that made Hillary smile. She loved Dale for his offer, but still couldn’t help but think that she stood a better chance at spying than he did.

“I know what you’re thinking, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’ve got some people that can help you out. Trust me; these girls won’t take crap from anyone. Some of them have been cheated on, so I think they'll jump at the chance to help out another,” Dale got up and began posing. “Just like Charlie’s Angels, girlfriend!”

Hillary agreed to meet Dale at his hair salon a few nights later. She waited for him to unlock the door and usher her inside. Sitting at some of the stations were three of the most beautiful women Hillary had ever seen. Dale introduced her to each one of them.

Anita was a petite woman with a breathy voice. In Hillary’s opinion she sounded a bit like Charo, and looked just as flashy in a red sequined jump suit. Her hair was dyed blonde and piled high on her head. She had big brown eyes, incredible eye lashes and full, red lips.

“Eet’s so nice to meet chu,” she said, giving Hillary a kiss on the cheek.

Wylene was next. She was every bit as tall as Dale, and then her stilettos added another four inches. She was the color of creamy hot chocolate, with black hair cut about an inch long all over, styled in a very short Afro. Hillary felt like a midget next to the woman whose legs seemed to stretch up to her armpits. Her voice was smooth as silk, low and sensual, and her green eyes reminded Hillary of a cat.

“How do you do?” she asked Hillary, not really needing an answer.

The last woman was named Kathy. She was a few inches taller than Hillary, but a whole lot curvier. Her red hair hung loose around her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled with excitement. Hillary wasn’t quite expecting the low husky voice that came out of the pretty woman’s mouth.

“Mmmm, you are a sweetheart, aren’t you?” Kathy said. “Just like Dale told us.”

Hillary looked up at Dale, wondering just what he had told these women. Why would he think that these women would be any better at fighting off a bully like Roy than she had been? Within minutes, she found out exactly why.

Dale stood off to the side and did a Vanna White impression with his arms. “Hillary, these females are for hire,” he said as he turned to the three. “Girls?”

While Hillary watched, her mouth opened in utter shock as shoes were kicked off and wigs, dresses and lingerie suddenly began flying around the room. When the frenzy of clothes stopped, she stood looking at three shirtless men, all of whom were grinning at her. She couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Anita started to laugh and then said, in perfect English, “Dale, I believe she’s a bit surprised!”

Wylene and Kathy high-fived each other and Dale stood back and giggled like a girl.

“I…..what……Dale?” Hillary stuttered. “I don’t understand.”

Dale calmed down enough to explain, “These are my friends Andy, Wayne and Kurt. They’re performers at the Purple Haze. When I told them about you and your idea, they thought they could be the ones to help you.”

“Purple Haze? Isn’t that the …...” Hillary started to question.

“It’s not a gay club, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he answered. “Even though it is a show of female impersonators they aren’t all gay. Wayne is married and a teacher. Andy’s a flight attendant and performs here when he’s in town and Kurt….”

“Kurt is just at normal guy,” Kurt said. He put out his had to shake Hillary’s and continued, “I’m a purchasing agent nine to five; this I just do for fun. And before you ask, I don’t have a wife to tell and yes, my family knows about my love for entertaining. It’s not exactly what they would have chosen, but they deal with it.”

When he wasn’t wearing the long red-wig, Kurt’s sandy-blonde hair was cut close to his head. Without women’s clothing, she could now see that he was trim with a bit of muscle. Hillary felt her heart pick up the pace a bit.

The group moved their meeting to Dale’s condo. Over drinks, Hillary told the story of Lynne, and of Hillary’s encounter with Roy. Everyone started talking at once, tossing ideas around, until Hillary couldn’t process anymore.

“Would you all wait?” she exclaimed, standing up to make herself heard. “I don’t know when this became a business with paychecks, and fees, and insurances. I wanted to help out a woman who needed it. I never planned on following husbands on a regular basis. I have a full-time job, you know.”

Wayne spoke first, “We all have full-time jobs, but each one of us has had something happen that makes us want to help these women. For me, my sister-in-law was dominated by a man who cheated. She couldn’t prove it and when he divorced her, she lost almost everything.”

“My reasons are completely different,” Andy offered. “I’ve been hit on by more men when I’m in drag, and they don’t realize I’m a man. When they talk about their wives, you realize they don’t deserve a partner in life, they need a housekeeper and a whore.”

Kurt lowered his eyes and spoke quietly, “My father used to beat my mother, then go out every weekend and sleep around. She was tied to him for life....his life. One night he got drunk when he was out and crashed the car into a tree. The woman he was with sued the estate and my mom ended up paying all of the woman’s medical bills. She’s still trying to recover financially, as well as mentally. As for me, a friend spotted my wife with another man at the local bar. I paid an arm and a leg to get the proof I needed to divorce her.”

Each of these men had their own reasons for wanting to help, but Hillary wasn’t sure it was enough. This was not something that you undertook on a whim. She knew she hadn’t been prepared. What made them think that they were?

Dale offered up more incentive, saying “I can’t begin to tell you about all the women who sit in my salon, crying. It’s a cruel world out there, and they really don’t know where to turn. They’d talk to a woman or me before some guy behind a desk smoking a cigar. If we can help them and not charge an unrealistic fee, why shouldn’t we?”

“Why? Do you remember what happened to me? That’s why! I refuse to be responsible for anyone ending up in the hospital,” Hillary cried out.

“What you don’t know about us is that we were all in the Army together,” Wayne said. “Trust me when I tell you that we’ll be fine.”

This was the beginning for Hillary and the boys, sitting around discussing how they could test out the new business. She had her doubts, but they didn’t. She looked at the three friends, so different, yet so much alike. Hillary decided she would talk to Maureen about it, as soon as possible.

Maureen had her own reservations about the venture, mainly because of the legalities. Although no fees had been discussed, she liked the idea of being able to offer this type of assistance from her office. She held a meeting for her staff, along with Hillary's group, and reviewed the definition of entrapment.

“In many jurisdictions, entrapment is a possible defense against criminal liability. However, there is no entrapment where a person is ready and willing to break the law. In no way, shape or form are you to induce these men into doing something they would not normally do. Do not solicit them; let them come to you," Maureen instructed.

She also wasn't sure these "females" would be able to fool the average man until she saw their pictures. Andy, Wayne and Kurt then discussed strategies and additional tools they felt would be beneficial. The practice agreed to purchase a mini spy-cam in a watch, a car key that contained a hidden camera that had both video and still photo capabilities, and a mini digital voice recorder. Hillary couldn't believe that Maureen was willing to front the thousand dollars needed to supply recorded proof of indiscretions.

When the "spy" equipment arrived, Hillary invited everyone over to her small apartment for a night of training. She had every intention of being a part of any job they accepted. She watched as Wayne and Kurt practiced surveillance on Andy and Dale. She could see that Andy would be very convincing as a femme fatale.

Hillary called Lynne's cell phone and left a message asking her to call, without leaving any details. Dale called Hillary a couple of days later and asked if he could send one of his clients over to talk to her. Hillary had been thinking about taking a break for lunch, so she agreed to meet with the woman. She was surprised when a very smartly-dressed businesswoman arrived at the offices.

“Normally,” Gwen explained, after introductions were exchanged, “I would hire a private investigator, but that’s exactly what Bradley will be expecting. He’s going to be very careful to make sure no man is following him around as he meets these women. When Dale and I talked, he suggested that I come see you. He said that you have something that the others don’t.”

Gwen leaned against the back of the office chair and crossed her very long legs. The cool gray-eyed blonde was in her mid-forties and obviously fed-up with the actions of her husband. This woman meant business.

“Well, I’m not sure about that,” Hillary said. “But I will tell you what we have to offer. We are a team of females who place ourselves in the same vicinity as the men we are asked to observe. We will not approach, we will not solicit and we will not do anything to break the law. Only after we are approached will we make contact. What we will offer you is pictures and vocal recordings of his public indiscretions. If you’re expecting pictures of him in sexual acts, then I think you need to go elsewhere.”

“Will it be enough?” Gwen asked. “I want to make the bastard squirm.”

“A lot of that depends on the actions of your husband, and how long it takes him to make a move on one of our operatives. I’m no lawyer, but I believe we will at least be able to provide evidence of intent. That may go a long way in your negotiations.”

Hillary took careful notes on the information Gwen supplied. There were names of bars and clubs he frequented, as well as copies of credit card bills she had obtained, giving a profile of his activities. After Gwen left, Hillary sent e-mails out to the guys and asked if they could meet with her the next night.

Each man quickly reviewed the dossier Hillary had compiled and then they all started talking at once. The three “girls” and Dale started making plans, leaving Hillary out of the conversation entirely.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hellooooo….it's me, the leader of the pack, so to speak. Don’t any of you think that this is going to happen without me,” Hillary yelled in frustration.

There was a stunned silence as four sets of eyes looked at the woman who had stood up and pounded her fist on the table. In her pink blouse, gray shirt and sensible shoes, wearing next to no make-up and her dark hair put up in a loose bun at the nape of her neck, Hillary more closely resembled a young, sweet kindergarten teacher than a businesswoman. Andy and Wayne just sort of looked away while Kurt discreetly cleared his throat. Dale had never been shy about speaking his mind.

"Sweetie, would you look at yourself? I would fit in better than you," he said, standing up and putting his hand on his hip. "Girl, I can sashay with the best of them."

That evoked a couple of "uh huh's" and an "amen" from the rest of the guys. Dale almost regretted what he said when he saw Hillary's forlorn look. He never meant to hurt his friend. He walked over and put his big linebacker arms around her.

"If you insist on being a part of this, sweetie, you'll have to put yourself in our hands and let us help you look the part, okay? You just come by the salon after work tomorrow night; we'll begin then."

Hillary looked up at Dale with her chestnut-colored eyes and nodded.

Nothing could ever have prepared Hillary for her visit to Dale's salon the next night. She almost felt violated while she was waxed, plucked, washed, cut, colored, glued, curled and polished. Andy literally squealed when he saw the finished product, then took her hand and led her to the back of the shop to change, before she could even peek at herself.

"Trust me; I know this dress will fit you. We're just about the same size, well, when I'm wearing my bra," he said, helping her with the zipper.

Hillary was transformed from an attractive, but plain young lady, to a modern, sassy woman. When Andy led her back to the others, they stared in silence, with their mouths opened. He stood behind her, with his hands on her shoulders, and turned her to face the full length mirror. Hillary had the same expression on her face as did the others. She was shocked to see the woman looking back at her.

The woman in the mirror had short brunette hair, with red high-lights. It been precision cut so that the new style was short, soft, with lots of movement. It framed her face which had also been transformed. Hillary’s eyes were accented by some false eyelashes, almost giving her a “Twiggy” look. Her pouty lips were stained with a natural coral color and shined with gloss. She wore a bronze-colored strapless dress, short enough to make her shapely legs appear to go on forever in her stilettos. Hillary was stunning.

“Oh my,” she whispered.

“Dale,” Wayne began, “do you think you have time in your schedule to see my wife?”

Hillary was smiling warmly at Wayne, when Kurt came to stand before her. “You, my dear, are breathtaking,” he said.

“I don’t know what to say,” Hillary said to Dale. “You make me feel like Cinderella.”

“Just call me Fairy Godmother, girl! I have to say, I have outdone myself,” Dale said proudly.

Andy chimed in, “All I can say is that we had better step up our games, if we’re going to look anywhere near as good as Hillary tomorrow night.”

The plan was set. Dale wasn’t able to join them, so “Kathy” and Hillary would sit together on one side of the bar, while “Anita” sat opposite them and “Wylene” on the third side of the bar. Bradley Weston had a reputation for preferring women of color. The rumor was that Latinas or African-Americans were his first choices, and tonight he would have options.

Anita was all glammed up, wearing a shimmery gold sequined dress with little spaghetti straps. Her hair was tied high on her head and flowed down her back. She giggled and flirted with any man who stopped by to talk to her.

Wylene, on the other hand, was smoldering in a tight, knee-length black dress, slit almost all the way up to her waist. Her red shoes caught the light as she crossed her legs, while sitting on the bar stool. She was alone, rejecting any attempts by admirers to get to know her better. Only one man would be successful, if he chose her. Her green eyes scoured the bar, looking for her mark.

Kathy and Hillary sat together, chatting and sipping their pink Tequila Rose drinks. The alcohol content was low enough and, because they intended to nurse those same drinks all night, there was no threat of intoxication. Kathy wore her hair up and her blue dress matched her eyes, perfectly. Her slender fingers toyed with the car keys, sitting on the bar in front of them. She was poised to turn the camera on as soon as Bradley arrived.

The bass of the music vibrated the bar, while dancers gyrated on the lighted floor. Kathy and Hillary were almost hypnotized by the dancers’ movements when they saw Bradley walk in front of them. He walked past Wylene, but not without admiring her exposed leg. He appeared to be on a mission, and Anita was definitely the target.

Bradley may have disappointed his wife most of the time, but not tonight. He was completely predictable when he moved in on Anita. To her credit, her purrs immediately had him swarming her, like a moth to a flame. Kathy was intent on catching every move on film when this big bruiser of a man came up beside her and asked to buy her a drink.

“No thank you,” she said. “As you can see, I still have a drink.”

“If you drink that right down, you’ll need another. Come on you sweet thing, loosen up some and have a drink on me.”

“I don’t believe you heard me,” Kathy said, trying to keep her voice soft. “No thank you.”

This guy was determined. “Little lady, I could show you things your mama never told you about,” he said, running one finger down Kathy’s arm, only to have it slapped away by the person who came up behind him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing with my wife?” Hillary asked in a firm tone, and then faced Kathy. “For God’s sake, what were you thinking? I thought we were celebrating our anniversary, and this is how you act?”

Kathy was startled, “Baby, no….he wouldn’t leave me alone. Please, come here.”

Hillary moved between the two of them and was surprised when Kathy pulled her in for a kiss. The night was almost forgotten as the two allowed themselves to explore the each other's mouth. Their passion was interrupted by the large man next to them exhaling.

“Wow,” he said, barely audible above the music. “Hey, would you ladies be up for a threesome? I know I am!”

The girls looked at him in disbelief, glanced at his pants and burst into laughter. He chose to walk away, feeling a little less than adequate.

Hillary turned back to Kathy and asked, “What just happened?”

“You found a reason to kiss me, that’s what happened,” she replied.

“But what does that mean?” Hillary questioned.

The straight-faced reply was, “You’re a lesbian.”

Wylene came up to the pair and asked, “What happened to Anita? She was talking to Bradley when I left for the bathroom and now they’re both gone!”

“What the hell? Come on, they have to be around here some place,” Kathy said, leaping to her feet.

The three split up and were able to cover the club in a matter of minutes. Anita and Bradley were nowhere in sight. Wylene stopped to talk to the bouncer who thought he saw them head to the parking lot. The three girls rushed out to see if they could find them.

They stepped lightly, not wanting the click, click, click of their heels to give them away. It was Kathy who heard Anita before she saw her.

“Oh Chico, you taste so good,” Anita’s muffled voice sounded from behind the Escalade parked in the far corner of the lot. “Come on, chu beeg strong man; let mama have your hot love juice.”

The trio tip-toed around the side of the SUV to see Anita on her knees sucking Bradley’s half-hard cock and massaging his balls. With his pants down to his knees and his head back, Bradley was concentrating so hard on feeling good, he never saw the girls with their hidden cameras.

Hillary, Kathy and Wylene waited inside the club for Anita to finish up and join them. There was no mistaking the message the smile on her face was giving; that and her licking her lips as she approached them.

“I think we’re done, girls. I trust you got the pics you needed,” Anita said.

“I’m not very comfortable with what just happened. I didn’t want us to have to get pictures like that,” said Hillary.

“It’s not my fault,” Anita insisted while trying to look wide-eyed and innocent. “He wanted to show me his car and then he whipped out his cock. What kind of guy would I be if I didn’t take full advantage of the situation? Besides, his wife got more than she’ll need to take him to the cleaners.”

Kathy drove Hillary home that night. They sat under the street light, trying to make small talk, deftly avoiding the subject of the kiss.

“Look,” they both said at once.

“You go,” Hillary said.

“No, you go,” Kurt said, removing Kathy’s wig and leaving her behind.

“Look, Kurt,” Hillary began to explain, “I’m really attracted to you. I even like your taste in women's clothing, but I’m not sure I’m ready to start anything. I just got out of a marriage where I found my husband with my best friend. I’m not sure if I’m ready to trust again.”

Kurt cupped Hillary’s face in his hands and gently kissed her lips.

“No pressure, no demands, but would you consider going out with me?” he asked, looking hopeful.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’d like that.”

A chaste kiss good-night and Hillary went into her apartment to upload the pictures into her client’s file.

A few weeks later, Gwen stopped by to see Hillary and report on the meeting she had with her husband. Bradley did his best to deny ever having been with a woman, and Gwen accepted what he said. Then she showed him proof that he had been with a man. Suddenly, he began to see things her way. Gwen showed her generosity by giving Hillary’s team a bonus, and hiring Maureen as her lawyer.

Hillary had never forgotten the young wife whose plight initiated the idea of this new venture. Nor had she forgotten her embarrassing run-in with Lynne's husband, Roy. She knew she had to make things right.

Roy never recognized Hillary, the next time they met. Dale and Wayne kept a close eye on her while she let Roy try to pick her up. Hillary assumed they had enough proof when he asked her how much she charged. She gave him a throaty laugh and stood up to leave.

“Baby, you're not going to be able to afford me,” she said over her shoulder.

It just goes to show; you can’t always judge a book by its cover.
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