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First ever erotic story so go easy on me okay!
It was the summer before my 18th and my parents were facing a diffcult patch in their marraige andwithout any thought they decided to ship me off to live with my Uncle Andy, who lived in the LA, what they didn't know, was this, was a very, very bad idea.
I remember the first time seeing my Uncle, after at least 10 years, he stood at 6ft 3 and weighed about 11 stone, he was well built for a 43 year old middle-aged man. I remember looking over the crowds in LAX airport, waiting to spot him, and then, I did, it was like nothing I had felt before, the fact that he was my Uncle was totally oblivious to me as I fancied him straight away. Big mistake.
As we greeted eachother after all these years he reached out for a hug, what he didn't know was that I just wanted to fuck his brains out right there and then, but a English girl like myself has decorum and class and so I pushed aside my dark fantasy and gave him a polite hug. We set off back to his huge LA beach house where we caught up on the last 10 years, I questioned him about his wife, he told me they were recently divorced as feelings changed,
I couldn't help but smile inside as he told me, after we caught up he gave me a tour of his house. We explored every room, and I'm sure, when we were walking upstairs I could feel his eyes on my tight 17 year old ass but maybe that was just my imagination running away with me. He showed me to the guest room where I would be staying, I smiled and thanked him politely as he left me to sleep my jet lag off.. I did not sleep, hell no did I sleep, I let my fingers have a little play as my mind wondered about my sex God of a Uncle.

The next morning I longed to wake up with him between my sweet, tanned thighs, but this was reality, not Ava's world. My Uncle was a prestigous Photographer, shooting all kinds of celebrites and events, this meant that he would work most days, and today, was unfortunately one of them. As he worked away in his office based in the centre of LA I took a chance to explore my surroundings, taking a hot shower in the en suite, I imagined the hot water was my Uncle's tongue, gliding over every CM of skin that was on my tight body, I purred at the thought and then again, I found myself stroking my little pink nub.

In the evening Uncle Andy came home from work and explained how he was taking me out for dinner, I thought to myself.. ''This is it girl, get on your shortest dress and highest heels and blow his mind''.. I wandered upstairs and did as my mind told me, picking out the shortest, tightest dress I had and my sky high stilettos. As I approached downstairs I could feel Uncle Andy's eyes burning through my skin, his eyes undressing me as I walked into the hallway.. ''All ready Avs?'' he asked with a nervous tone.. ''Yes Uncle, all ready''. I flashed him a cheeky wink as I walked down the hallway, my tight, huge ass swaying from side to side as I walked out of the front door into the drive. We set off into the city of LA in his Audi, my little clitty pulsating underneath my red dress.
We soon arrived at the restuarant where we were greeted by a young waitor, around 21, I took this as a oppurtunity to make Uncle Andy jealous, so with every chance I had, I'd flash a smile at the waitor, or wink at him. I could see Uncle's face falling with jealousy, his fists clenching as the waitor winked back at me and offered us a rose wine on the house. We soon left after as Uncle Andy could not handle my flirtation. I smiled the whole car journey back, knowing I had achieved what I set out to do.

DAY 2.
My second day in LA was not going to be wasted in bed, so, with the approval of my Uncles permission I joined him at work, dressed in a little flowery skirt and white boob tube I could see Uncle Andy's bulge the whole way there, I opened my thighs slightly, discreetly looking upwards as I see Uncle Andy's eyes glaring over at my slender pins.
We soon arrived where I grabbed Uncle Andy's hand, walking through reception with our hands and fingers locked, his employees looked over with curiostity to who I was, I just strutted my stuff as we made our way up to his office.
His PA, Molly stopped us before we stepped in.. ''Good morning Sir, would you and your...'' Her voice would trail off as I interupted.. ''Girlfriend'' I'd say, smiling at my Uncle Andy..
''Oh, girlfriend like a coffee?'' Molly would finish her sentence that I interupted in.
Confusion would appear on Uncle Andy's face.. ''Girlf-Erm, yes please Molly, that would be great''. As Molly left to fetch our coffees Uncle Andy and I stepped into his huge office, a desk with a iMac, a huge oak wooden desk with a leather chair, he made his way over to the chair, sitting in it as he got out his laptop. He looked up at me with lust filled eyes as I slowly walked over, leaning against the edge of the oak desk, his rough hands finding my smooth thigh, making their way over to my curvacious hips, gripping them hard as he pulled me before him. I remember just standing there, letting my lust take over, he turnt me around with force, my hands flat on some irrelavant paperwork, his rough finger tip trailing the inside of my slender thigh, the tip of his finger would hit my warm, damp, lace covered mound, he prodded my suculant pink pussy lips with his finger once, before he spoke.. ''You're wearing panties, you naughty girl, you know Uncle Andy doesn't like his favourite little niece wearing panties''.. I just giggled as he stood up, outside the office crowded withn work employees slaving away.. ''I'm ever so sorry Uncle'' I pleaded with seduction in my voice, his hand raised upwards as he lowered it again, gliding it up from the back of my knee, just under my lower thigh where my skirt started, he lifted my little skirt up as he raised his hand, SMACK.. A loud clap woudl echo the room as he spanked my huge, latina ass.. ''Uhhhh Uncle Andy, I-I-I-m s-s-sorry!'' I pleaded as he let another smack hit my tight butt... ''I don't care'' he proclaimed.. ''Naughty girls need to be taught a lesson!''... SMACK.. Another blow to my tanned cheek, leaving it red raw with his finger prints, I gasped as the pain tore through my young body.
After what felt like a life-time, he stopped, his hand running up my back, pausing as he pushed me flat on his oak desk, his other rough hand would find my thigh again, teasing me as he trailed his finger back and forth against my smooth skin, I suddenly felt a jolt of pain, yet pleausre, he had thrusted two long, rough fingers into my moist fuck hole, I gasped with surprise.. ''UHHHH, O-O-OH GOD!!'' I moaned as he took his fingers out, ramming them back in again, his fingers deep in my pink cunt, swirling about in their as my tight little kitty adjusted to the motions, I mean, come on, I'm 17, I'm a virgin who's untouched, apart from my little fingers, obviously I'm going to be tight as a nun.
Uncle Andy stood up-right, bringing me up with his as I felt his prick twitch against the warm crease of my ass.. ''Grind on it girl'' he ordered as his hands fell to my hips. Without hast I started to gyrate my tanned hips, each movement causing his member to pulsate underneath me. Hips lips found the soft skin of my neck, kissing into it repeatdly as his fingers wandered to the front of my skirt, sliding slowly down into my white, sheer, lace panties, his thumb carressing my little swollen nub, his index finger sliding through my wet slit, my high-pitched frustrated moans echoing the office.. Then, all we heard was a knock, followed by a ''Sir, I have your coffee''.. Woops

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2011-07-11 10:43:21
Great story babe. How I wish to be Uncle Andy. Naughty girls like you should be bent over and their asses licked. Hopefully there's a facial in the second part. 9/10 and positive rating from me. - James.

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2011-07-10 20:57:24
very good sweethart. keep them coming.910

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