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Admit knew this had to be coming...
This is my first posted poem here that is neither erotic or a love poem...if there is interest, I may post more...thanks...

The Facebook Poem

I’d heard about social networking,
And how it was the next big thing,
So I just had to take a look,
And ended up on Facebook.

It only took me a little while,
To fill out most of my profile,
But I have spent many a night,
Figuring out the rest of the site.

I never realized I had so many friends,
The friend requests never end,
All the people I can’t stand at work,
And now the biggest high school jerk.

I have to admit I’ve learned a bunch,
I know what all my friends eat for lunch,
And it really helps me that I know,
Everyone’s favorite TV show.

The work on Facebook never stops,
I have to water my imaginary crops,
Send get-well wishes to Farmville quick,
My friend’s imaginary cow got sick.

I now realize my chances are dire,
Of ever building a Mafia empire,
And perhaps it is a bit of a shame,
My It Girl will never go on to fame.

My kids' statuses tell me of their life,
At dinner time I get poked by the wife,
I try to keep my friend count nice and fat,
So, I even signed up the dog and cat.

I guess you can say my life’s complete,
I have more friends than I’ll ever meet,
On Facebook I can roam far and wide,
And I never have to go outside.


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2013-03-06 13:40:43
LoL this Poem was so Funny I swear LMFAO

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2013-01-13 17:00:54
Pam, Janet is right you do have exquisitely crtfead sentences. Alas, I do not recall which book or which semi-colon you are referring to. But I have read everything of yours And I really do admire correct punctuation.


2011-10-30 11:28:02
like i said, not sex but I'll fuck with it anyways. :o)

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2011-10-30 11:15:03
not sex but i'll fuck with it anyways. :o)

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2011-10-10 19:01:49
Ummm, I think this poem is in the wrong site.....

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