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This all happened before I knew if I liked men, and was a turning point in my life
This happened to me in 1974, and was the first time I had sex with another man. I was twenty, fresh out of the Army and having some troubling thoughts about my sexuality. I had been with women and had fucked them, eaten their pussy and gotten blow jobs, but there always seemed to be something lacking. I decided to experiment and when I had a day off from work I went downtown to a gay porno theater and went in to watch a film to see how I felt about it. At that time of the morning there wasn’t many people around, which was fine with me. I bought my ticket and stepped inside, waiting for my eyes to adjust. On the screen two men were having sex, one sucking the other off to some cheesy music. In the front row were two men who were kissing and probably fondling each other, though I couldn’t see for sure. I sat just in two seats from the aisle in the back and started watching both shows. I pulled my cock out and started to stroke myself and sprang to an erection in no time at all. It was only six inches or so, but rock hard. One of the guys up front moved out of sight onto his knees in front of his friend, who turned and grinned at me, then turned back. I thought I would come then and there! Maybe this was something I wanted? I was so engrossed in what was going on up front that I didn’t realize two others had come in and were almost at the end of the aisle where I was sitting with my cock out! I grabbed my windbreaker and dragged it over my lap, making a tent but at least not exposing myself, but I couldn’t put it away. I just froze. As their eyes adjusted they watched me for a moment smiling, then the smaller, older one said something to his friend and they came into my row and sat one on each side of me. I felt trapped and panicky, not knowing what to do. They both undid their zippers and pulled out their cocks, not caring that I was sitting there! I thought I had better leave, and got up to walk past the first one, who stood up facing me and said, “ You ain’t going no where. We’re all here for the same thing! Today is your lucky day, bitch!” I had dropped my windbreaker and he grabbed my cock firmly and led me into the aisle. As soon as we had cleared the seats his friend, who was younger and larger pinned my arms behind my back and pushed his knees into the backs of mine, forcing me to kneel in the aisle, sitting back against him. I yelled to the guys in front, “Please! Help me!”, but they just looked and went back to what they were doing and ignored my plight. I tried to yell again, but the older man clamped his hand over my mouth and nose, while the one behind held my arms with one hand and reached around to my chest with his other. Finding one of my hardened nipples, he squeezed and twisted it. It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t breathe! It seemed like a long time but was probably less than a minute when the guy pinning my arms snarled in my ear, “You’re gonna do what we want, or your going to get hurt and do what we want! Which will it be, Sissy?” I was beaten, and knew it. The older man pulled his hand off me and I gasped, “Alright! You win! Please don’t hurt me and I will do what you want.” As I heard myself say it, I hated myself. What kind of man was I? I felt a hand grab my hair and pull my face up, and was looking at the first man’s cock, not six inches from my face, held in his other hand. He moved forward, jerking my hair so I opened my mouth and shoved himself into me until his sweaty, hairy crotch was smashed into my face! I gagged, but he didn’t care, he just took hold of my ears and raped me, grunting as he pumped into my mouth. It was all happening so fast, I seemed to go into shock, just held there while he did whatever he wanted, unable to stop him. As he was fucking me his friend had his mouth to my ear and was telling me what an easy little slut I was, and if enough people showed up they would make me pull a train. All the while his cock was rubbing against my ass through my gym shorts. Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth and slapped me across the head, then again on my cheek. “Bitch, you start sucking me or we’ll do this all day, understood?” He grabbed my hair, lifting my head till my eyes were looking at his and said, “Understood, Pus?” And I did understand, that something was changing for me. “Yes,” I gasped. He brought his cock back to my lips and I didn’t just take it into my mouth, but began to suck on it. “Oh, that’s better! Ronny, wait till you try this one!” In all it probably lasted a few minutes, though it seemed much longer. I felt his penis start to convulse, and he arched his back and moaned as he began to pump stream after stream of hot salty cum into my mouth. To this day, I have never seen anyone come that hard or much. I began reflexively to swallow but I couldn’t keep up, and had rivlets of his spunk dripping down my face, onto my shirt. He finally was sated, and I numbly thought it was over, but the big man behind me said ‘don’t move’ and stood up so they could trade places. My efforts to resist were pretty feeble, and I was mostly numb, but when he stood in front of me with his cock in hand, I tried to get away again. It was the biggest cock I had seen in my limited experience, including up on the screen that day. It must have been 8 inches and thick! I tried to back away but was held in place by his partner. He grabbed the back of my head with his free hand and said “My turn, honey! Show Daddy how much you love him!” Then his cock was at my lips, stretching my mouth open as wide as it could go, as I moaned and stared up at him as he kept slowly sliding more into me until I gagged. He pulled back, but it was only to get a good run at me and he lunged forward to the hilt. I thought I was going to pass out, couldn’t breathe with that huge thing in me, but he didn’t care. He pumped into me at a ruthless pace, and I just went numb again, my mind trying to find a place to hide. He was already worked up from dry humping my ass and watching his friend take me so it was mercifully quick to when he shot his load. The first, biggest stream he dumped into my throat, choking me. The rest he shot onto my face, in my eyes, on my clothes. Then he rubbed that big prick all over my face, slapping me with it. I just looked down, so ashamed, yet excited too. My cock was still hard, and would have exploded if anyone touched it. They both stood before me then, cocks still out, and I was aware one of the men from the front row was standing off to the side, watching. Then the bigger one, ‘Ronny’ said, “Come over here and suck us good bye, sweetie.” Something had changed in me. I found myself slowly crawling towards them on my knees, looking at them as I did so. When I reached them, I took each cock in a hand and sucked on them in turn, not taking my eyes from them. I kept sucking each for ten or fifteen seconds at a time until the older man said “That’s enough for today. Kiss me good bye, and stay on your knees until we’re gone whore. Understand?” I kissed the pee hole of his cock, then knelt there while they walked away without so much as a glance back. The man from the front row came slowly towards me and I saw his cock was out. “Do you want to suck mine too?” he asked. Even as I heard my answer, I couldn’t believe it. “Yes,” I said, and crawled over to him. I didn’t care if any one saw, or who he was. I didn’t just suck his cock, I made love to it, and had him moaning in a matter of seconds. When he started to come I took his cock as deep and tight into my mouth as I could and held him there while he moaned and pumped streams of jism into my throat. Then I gave him his good bye suck and watched him as he smiled, put his cock away and said ’Thanks lover!’ as he walked out too. I cleaned up as best I could, then sat down in my seat and wondered if I should wait for any more of them?
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