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Kieron was a 16 year old, just finished school for the summer and needed the cash to enjoy himself. He was a 3ft 11" jock, spending many hours at the gym several days a week to keep up the toned body. He had bronzed skin and medium length jet black hair clicked to the side, he had started
This is my first story so help would be appreciated!

It was Kieron's first day of work, he had applied and succeded in securing a place at the local supermarket where his older brother and mother had worked for a few years. He was nervously awaiting 8am when he was due to start and as he left was wished good luck by his mum, dad and brother. As Kieron walked to the store he started to wonder if he would be able to charm a young or even older stunner that he could get a summers worth of satisfaction out of. He was no expert but knew his way around. He had heard the stories about one female worker called nicki, she was a 38 year old mum who was known to be attracted to younger men and he was hoping he might get lucky. She wasnt the best looking with a pointy chin and slight smirk which was frequently off putting but the dirty blone hair, 32DD boobs and sexy sway in the firm arse was good enough for him. As he walked in early he couldnt believe it when he saw who was supervior, nicki strolled into the staff room, hips swaying and as she walked past kieron noticed the outline of her sexy underwear underneath the skin tight trousers. She said she would show him around starting with the garage and warehouse, all he would be doing is stacking shelves but would need to know where everything was to do the job well. In the warehouse was the tins and boxes, filled with crisps. cleaning products and all the ordinary shopping items needed. As they walked into the garage a smirk grew across kKeron's face, in one corner was toilet paper and tissues stacked up and he couldnt help but remember what his brother had told him, his brother had always dreamt of building up the the tissues and paper around him and fucking one of the staff who would be willing to do so. Kieron realised what he wanted by the end of summer, to have fucked as many female workers as he could within the 2 months available. The rest of the day passed with Kieron getting on with the shelves and trying to make a good impression.

Later that night he couldnt focus on the english essay given over the holiday and his mind turned to his previous thoughts, fucking nicki behing the toilet paper and tissues. He decied that he had waiting long enough and slid down his shorts, it was only 9pm but the raging hard-on was almost unbearable. So with the image of his dick driving into nicki's pussy from behing it wasnt long until he was spraying his cum onto his stomach breathing heavily, this was when his mind started ticking and realised this plan was possible, by the end of the night he had set up a fool proof way of making nicki number one on his list of summer shag's.

Kieron bounced to work with a spring in his step the next week, his plan was set to go ahead he just needed to make sure it was just him and nicki stacking shelves. He walked into the supervisors office and spotted nicki sorting through stock lists in the draw, her shirt had ridden up showing off a lime green g-string being pulled between the firm cheeks he could feel the stiffy rising but cleared his throat and casualy said 'Nicki, i think i may need some help with the large fizzy drinks today, would you be able to help me at around 10am?' 'Yeah im sure that would be okay!' Nicki replied with a big grin on her face. He was stunned as he walked to the warehouse that the plan might actually work and in 2 hours he could actually be behind a milf enjoying the pleasure of an experienced lady. 10am was approaching fast and with 3 minutes to go he got into position, he leaned against the tissues and lowered his work pants and boxers, exposing his freshly trimmed black pubes and 8" dick. He slowly started rubbing his cock getting it up to a semi before closing his eyes and slowly carried on. He heard the garage door open and a few steps of heels on the concrete floor, this was followed by a gasp and a instant boner for kieron. Nicki had set eyes on Kieron slowly caressing his large cock and couldnt help but lick her lips, her heart was pounding and 'Do you need any help?' sliped out of her mouth. Kieron looked up and acting suprised hastily put his dick away, Nicki swayed up to him and slowly reached out for his long piece both of their hearts beating fast. As she touched it he felt electricity run through his body straight to his tip as she started to beat away faster with a frim but gentle grip, he moaned in delight as he brought her face to his and almost rammed his tongue into her mouth only to be met by her doing the same.The buttons of her shirt were soon undone revealing the magnificant tits, he quickly started kissing and sucking as if he was a baby wanting to get as much of these perfect orbs as he could. He slowly guided her head to the end of his prick and felt the warth of her mouth cover it. She was gently sucking while bobbing her head at a quick pace, slurping on his dick like she hadnt been near one in years, she was sucking like aprob making his body tingle when frequently running her toungue along the tip while still sucking. Kieron knew it wouldnt be long before he finished already so started quickly ripping at her trousers, they slipped off with ease as he started rubbing the tin layer of material covering her pussy until he felt dampness on the cloth, he pulled hard at the underwear as it snapped off and quickly bent her over the toilet rolls driving the whole length in at once, they groaned in unison as the pleasure was increased and he carried on beating away at a fast and hard pace. You could hear the smash of his balls striking her clit bringing a moan each time, the tightness of her pussy was suprising, she was 38 with 2 kids but still managed to frips every inch of him like it was her first time. Nicki was suprised at how quickly this had escelated but couldnt care less as she felt the bulging head of his cock slamming into her G spot 'Dont stop! Harder!' she demanded as they both felt her orgasm approaching. They could both feel the cilmax as she cummed over his dick the muscles in her pussy contracted almost sending him over the edge, he quickly pulled out and saw the tight puckered brown hole glistening from the mixture of her juices and cum and decided to go for it, he again slammed the 8 inch's in at once making a combined moan from both of them as he pushed hard battering away earning a long moan from Nicki who was halfway through her second orgasm. He quickly pulled out the tight hole and pushed her to face him when she greedily started sucking on his dick, he felt the cum building with the first blast hitting the back of her throat she pulled it out of her mouth and groaned as he squirted the rest on her amazing tits.

Kieron picked up the G string and put it away safely in his trousers as a type of trophy, when they were both dressed Kieron thought of a new plan, he hadnt expected her to be this good so soon started explaining his ideas. 'This is whats going to happen. Every Monday you will drive to applegreen park and pick me up, we will drive to a secluded part of town and i will fuck you however i want. If you don't then i will got to the manager and get you fired for sexually abuse. Are we clear?' he said with a slight grin. Nicki was shocked, she had 2 children so couldnt afford to lose her job but the chances of getting caught were high and prison was the most likely option. 'Okay' she replied stifly. 'Good, now get back out, people might start talking!' Kieron barked and with one last feel of her tight snatch she walked back out to the shop.

Kieron pulled out a list from his pocket. he ticked off the top name and looked down. 'One down, three to go....'

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2011-07-12 00:17:55
Yeah 3'11" is wicked short...

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2011-07-11 12:28:04
I think You meant 5'11"not 3'11".

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