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Makayla is raped by an alien entity and impregnated.
The Darkness is Calling
by Cheltenham

Makayla glanced back and forth outside of her house, standing on the sidewalk. She scanned up one side of the street and down the other to ensure she hadn't been followed. Her ponytailed dark hair swung to and fro as her head turned. A shadow appeared in her periphery and disappeared through the opened front door without so much as ruffling the curtains.

"It's probably nothing."

She reassured herself and experienced a nagging feeling of fear, chills ran along her spine and her conscience warned her not to go inside. As Makayla entered the house, double locked the door and turned around, something shoved her against the heavy oak door. Its touch of her ankles adhered to her flesh like snakeskin, a dry slimy slickness that worried her. The hands inched further upward, caressed her bare shins and stopped at her knees. Reluctantly, she spread them apart in response to his guidance.

The sixteen year old struggled to keep herself upright and sensed he was growing a bit more daring. His fingers drew up her inner thighs and down the outer sides, teasing the hem of her velvety pink panties under her matching flowing skirt. The thumb of his hand delicately caressed her clit through the fabric in a strict, laborious motion, working his wrist to stimulate her. The smoothness of her slutty underwear and the underlying sand papery sensation of his solitary finger excited and scared her. Every breath seemed to inflate her plentiful chest.

He appeared to be licking the outside of the material which triggered an outpouring of juices down her inner thighs. It matted the triangular patch to her vulnerable slit. She suddenly trembled as a warm tongue collected the creamy cum before it had a chance to accumulate on the floor beneath them. His agile extension swirled around her clit, stoking the embers of her already rampant teenage libido. She sucked in a breath and made an effort to push him away. Her hand swam through an ocean of air in its attempt to negate the smoldering tingle that emanated from her toes and crept upward.

There was nothing she could do except enjoy it while it persisted. He reached behind her back and tangled his fingers in the elastic waist, tugging them sensuously to the floor. Instinctively, she stepped out of them and trained her beautiful brown eyes on the kitchen. A finger smoothed over her untouched slit and eased inside, into her inner sanctum. They both sensed her barrier would block penetration. He pawed at her pert ass and massaged its squinting asshole.

His tongue returned and slurped her clit soundlessly. She shuddered and a scream caught in her throat. Slowly, her holes were poked digitally. Makayla whimpered once and stopped herself. The mouth that busily pleasured her was accompanied by hands that pulled her down to the floor. She obeyed its wordless instructions and positioned herself on all fours, with her face on the hardwood floor and both palms flat. The sixteen year old sensed something round, leaking and pressed against her virginal labia. Prying them apart, it inched further. Her hymen was bumped and prodded by this careless form as he pounded himself roughly into the blockage. Her asshole clenched and clamped itself shut, unsure as to what else he might have in mind.

The membrane split and a trickle of heat escaped down her thigh. She whimpered loudly as his prick slipped entirely inside, expanding her pouch and came short of banging her cervix. It pulled back, stroked deep, nearly left her and rammed deeply. Her creamy cum served as a lubricant, dribbled down his shaft and tempted his huge wrinkled balls to unleash their fertile load.

"Please sir! Don't cum in me! I don't wanna make babies with you!"

His pace increased, pulling her labia outward with every motion of his hips. She sensed his fingers were toying with her clit as he barreled himself inside. Makayla whimpered uncomfortably and tensed around him. He twitched several dozen times. Her pussy walls were smeared by his hot waxy seed. It burned to receive it but there was nothing she could do to stop him. Her sixteen year old pussy ached, burned and was scalded for five minutes during which she cried helplessly.

She rose once he'd slipped out, grabbed her clothes and fled upstairs.

Her insides were on fire from the alien cum deeply lodged within. Makayla hid herself in the covers and sobbed. When she woke the next morning, A dirty feeling bothered her and she walked to the bathroom down the hall. The lukewarm water cascaded out of the shower head, a heavenly liquid as it poured over every youthful curve, between the valley of her breasts and lower to her bare mound. She dangled a finger inside her moisture. Her juices and the water mingled like a stirred pot. Nothing could distract her voracious sexual craving since she dreamed...was it a dream? Were there beings that sojourned her womanly wiles and left the teen creature millions of light years across the galaxy with an incomparable libido?


Makayla stepped out of the shower without a towel and strutted proudly back to her room. She rummaged through an end table's contents and discovered a vibrator. It had been her sister's not too long ago. Before she moved out, it was given as a parting gift with extra batteries and a handwritten note explaining how to properly use and clean it. She spread her thighs wide with her butt on the mattress. The plastic phallus teased her opening, grazing her favorite little nub and encouraging it to harden. Nervously, her dainty sixteen year old fingers turned the toy on as it inched inside.


She whispered. The sensations made her clench around the cock she imagined was a boy from school.

He wanted to last since this was his first time. She gripped his ass and guided him through the motions. In, out and in, over and over. Makayla stopped him when his cock went all the way and raised her legs above hr head. They hooked into the rounded slats of her headboard. She gazed down at herself and began the ritual again. In and out, deeper, deeper still, out, deeper.

Her breath came in gasps. A tingle dwelt at the base of her spine and didn't let up. She unconsciously switched to a higher setting and whimpered as her wrist pumped. Though she immobilized herself to a degree with her ankles trapped in the solid wood headboard, the rest of her flailed as the vibe slipped past where she wanted it to travel. The thing passed underneath her womb and settled inside. Helplessly, her legs tensed. She tried to reach the toy and lost its endmost piece, where the speed control was located. It had to be four or five inches in length so there wasn't a way to retrieve it now.

"Cummm! Oooh Fuck!"

Her pussy clenched and fired the object into her closet door twenty feet ahead of her splayed legs. Juices squirted messily on her bed's sheets, the floor and on her lower body. She smelled the sweetness of herself and gasped for breath. Her cunt clenched emptily, creaming internally too for a few minutes. Makayla unhooked her feet from the wood, sighed and didn't move for an hour. The wetness of her sheets and the floor was impressive. A lake of cum created a path to where her vibrator ended up. She crawled over and fished it from beneath her clothes on the closet floor. Her pussy's scent filled the room with its pungent perfume. She got dressed in a new outfit, jeans and a tee shirt, walked down the hall and cleaned her toy thoroughly. Makayla grabbed a towel and brought it back with her. Several splotches needed to be absorbed before anything was going into the laundry. Her fat, pert little ass wiggled in the air as she crawled around and checked the area near her bed. The sheets were pulled and changed. She tossed the dirty ones into a washer right outside her door.

A scaly blue eyed lizard man stood by her doorway. Not having seen him on the way through the door, she jumped a foot in the air.

"What the fu--!"

He stopped her and spoke.

"Did you enjoy your sssleep?"

She saw the clock in her room and knew today would be another explanation as to why she was tardy.

"I need to be at school and I'm sure that late doesn't even cover what I am now."

"What time do you usually need it to be?"

"Half past seven is first bell."

"As you wish."

He snapped his scale ridden fingers and she was riding on the bus, with her bookbag and friends on the route. She looked at her iPod and saw the time. 7:10.

"Fuck me!"

She huffed and sat back in her seat. The driver adjusted his mirror and beamed a cheerful smile back at her.

"That can be arranged. Be careful what you wish for."

His voice slithered.

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2011-07-11 05:02:00
KingCrazy here and let me say the revised is much better but i still liked the original quite a bit. ;)

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KingCrazy here and let me say the revised is much better but i still liked the original quite a bit. ;)

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