A kid's filipino mom is a milf. She goes into the woods and finds wood, meaning he watches his mom being taken.
M.I.L.F. in the Woods

It was a bright sunny day in July, my relatives and me just arrived around noontime at a state park in New York. Our plan was to have a nice Filipino style family picnic. We set up quickly and people started eating and drinking. It was getting boring for me after awhile, I only had my little cousins around. I am in junior high and wouldn’t mind drinking to let time fly by, but I was with family. So I was bored out of my mind and was hanging around my mom. Then I noticed a Spanish family walking by and in the group was two kids from my school. These two guys I didn’t know personally, but they were walking around with two “Super Soakers” and spraying everyone in sight. Their water guns were huge and delivered big loads to their victims. It looked like so much fun. One of them turned to me and grinned, then continued with his family. I wonder why he grinned, was he going to spray me? I guess not because I was sitting next to my mom.
At two in the afternoon my mom had a request to use the bathroom and asked where the restroom was. She was drinking some wine at a quick pace and had to go. My uncle heard her request and jokingly said ”Go anywhere you would like, this is Mother Nature…the woods.” She laughed briefly, but brushed me off quickly with her. I was her guide to the nearest bathroom facility. It was a long walk and my mom was impatient and she said, “I can’t wait any longer, come lets go here.” She guided me deep into the woods, away from other people to get some privacy. I was walking behind her; I saw her walk being unsteady from time to time. I think the liquor got to her because the trail was even and not challenging. I couldn’t help but notice my mom’s ass as she walked in front of me. She actual has a good figure overall. In the summer time she would wear more clothes that showed more skin. She has a tan complexion and is about 5’5 in height, nice C size tits, thick thighs and nice legs. She looked like a hot Filipino milf, because she wore black short shorts that came up to her mid thighs. She also had on a white tank top that was tucked into her shorts. Her hair was down to her shoulders, and she would always remind me of a particular porn star. My mom almost looks like and body type of a porn star named “Kitty Langdon”. Look it up to get an idea of how my mom looks.
So now we stopped in the middle of the woods, my mom goes behind a tree and pees. She was trying to hide from me, but I could make out her ass check as she squat to pee. She finished and we began our walk out of the woods. Halfway thru the woods, all of sudden from behind we get attacked with water guns. In matter of seconds my mom and me get soaked from head to toe. We turned around and got wet more. It felt nice for me, but when the two guys from before stopped spraying us, my mom looked fumed. The two guys my age were laughing, but my mom had an angry face. She spoke “You guys think this is funny? I am soaking wet, how can I go back like this?” My mom then asked me if I knew these guys, I replied they are from my school. The guys stopped laughing, my mom looked down at her top, it was transparent now. You could clearly see her black bra. She shook her head in disbelief and pulled her tank top from her shorts. In one quick motion she pulled her tank top up over her head and tossed the garment to one of the kids. He caught it and grinned like he did before with me. By now my mom was bitching “You made it wet, now you have to make it dry. Oh while you’re at it, dry my shorts too!” In the heat of the moment, my mom unbuttons her black shorts and tugged them down. She kicked them of her feet and threw it to the guys. I looked over and saw my mom standing wearing a black bra and a red G-string! She wasn’t wearing a thong, but a red thread, which usually is called a G-string. Her appearance got my dick twitching. My mom caught me looking and blushed. She said “Oh I forgot I was wearing a G-string today.” The two guys heard this. The grinning guy’s name is Hector and his friend’s name is Freddy. Hector was the cocky one and was more vocal. After my mom announced about her underwear situation, Hector pleaded for my mom to turn around. My mom shouted back “No, I am old enough to be your mother. Just dry my clothes so I could go back.” Hector’s response was “Hey lady we have your clothes, so if you want them back just turn around for us. We need something to look at while we dry them.” My mom had distorted face and then thought for a minute. She then complied with his demand and turned around. Her G-string ass was in full display now. I could see the tents forming from their basketball shorts. I guess my mom had to go along to get her clothes back, but the price was to show her barely covered tanned ass. My mom stood motionless and looking away from the guys. Hector squeezed his cock through his shorts and said “Wow miss, you look good from the front and back. How old are you?” He asked as he stepped up behind her. She whispered 42. He said “Not bad at all. Do you work out your ass?” He said that by patting her bare ass cheek gently. My mom turned her head back to say “Hey no touching! Where are my clothes?” Hector told her to relax and that his friend was taking care of it. Actually Freddy was just holding her shorts and not drying it at all, Hector had her top in his left hand. He whispered in her ear to play fair and then she could leave quickly.
He continued speaking in her ear seductively “You’re a Chinese m.i.l.f.” He asked if she knew what that was? In the meantime he playfully patted and occasionally squeezed her ass cheeks. My mom was fired up and was too busy replying to his question “First of all, I am not Chinese, I am Filipino. And what the hell is a m.i.l.f.?” He told her to listen carefully, so she had her head turned looking over her shoulder at him. He began telling her while he dropped her top to the ground and reached over her, he then placed his hands over her pussy mound. His hands began to rub her pussy through the outside of her silk panty front! My mom almost buckled her knees from the contact. He asked her slowly “You’re a mother right?” Her reply with somewhat heavy breathing was yes. He continued saying “Then you are a M for mother, I for I would, L for like to, and F is for fuck.” By now Hector has been openly rubbing away at my mom’s pussy and created a damp patch in her panties. My mom took a moment to realize what he said. She then broke away from him and turns 180 to face him. My mom had a halfheartedly laugh and with tease said “Please your too young to know about that. You wouldn’t even know what to do.” Hector fought back “Don’t let my age fool you, I know what to do with this.” With that comment he pulled down his shorts and wagged his pecker at my mom. He asked her isn’t that a nice size for his age. My mom replied by staring at it “Ok wow, not bad. Almost the size of my husband.” It was six inch uncut cock in front of her. My Filipino mom was in her undergarments in front of two Spanish teenagers, and one of them was half naked exposing his cock to her. Where was this situation going, or better yet how far would it go.
Hector broke of my mom’s stares at his cock by saying “You know it gets bigger.” My mom response was “Oh really, how?” She had a playfully tone now. Hector showed her by grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to knees. She was now eye level with his cock. His cock was two or three inches away from my mom’s face. He told her “Why don’t you kiss it, then it will get bigger.” My mom shook her head in frustration and looked up at Hector. I thought she would scold at him and push him away. Instead she said, “You are really persistent and annoying. If this what it takes to get you guys off my back…. so be it.” With that my mom took her right hand and grabbed the base of Hector’s cock! She stroked his shaft three or four times before she leaned forward. My heart skipped a beat as she kissed the head of his prick and licked all around. The next thing was her lips opening and her mouth engulfing his cock. Hector moaned in pleasure because he could feel my mom’s moisture from her mouth. Her head was diving in more; she took it almost to the base of his cock. My mom then slowly worked back and forth on his member, saliva was drooling down her chin. She was purposely spitting on it and making his cock super wet. It was a sloppy blowjob, which made it easier for her to bop her head and stroke his meat. She would also lick and suck his balls while she jerked his length. She was committed on making him bust. I guess she was trying to prove that he couldn’t handle all the attention she was giving him. Hector loved the new found attention on his cock; he was busy ranting about how it felt. He had both hands on her head and had a rhythm of moving his hips back and forth. He turned to me and said, “Oh man, your mom could really suck a dick. I think she is gonna make me cum.” My mom heard that and intensified her dick sucking. My mom started to gag on his meat constantly, each time making him moan louder. Hector all of sudden closed his eyes and clutched my mom’s hair. The only words he said was “Oh shit, oh shit” and he spewed his sperm into my mom’s throat. My mom’s reflex was to gag, but her instinct was to swallow to prevent from choking. I saw his balls tense up and saw my mom’s throat gulping down his man juice. Once he finished his business in her mouth, he pulled away with salvia and cum trailing from my mom’s mouth. My mom was breathing hard and trying to regain her breath. She wiped the excessive cum off her lips and rubbed it on her bare thigh. She said “Wasn’t that too much for you, I think you got no more left.” She was mentioning his cum. Hector responded, “Yeah yeah, I am good. Why don’t you take care of my friend also.” He motioned Freddy to come over and offer his cock to my mom. Freddy the quiet one, with no hesitation came over with his naked cock and fed my mom. Before my mom took it in her mouth, she said “Wow, all this work to get my clothes back. You guys are too much.” My mom was back to work, which was to blow another cock. She had two cocks in her mouth in the same day. She was now acting careless and seemed to show no adult supervision. The two teenagers that she is engaging with are in control and above her. She looked like a wanton slut for these two boys. I think the alcohol and lack of attention she gets from my dad was being displayed. She now has two admirers that complimented her and giving her attention, and she just went with it. I was just shocked, horny, excited, and jealous. My jealousy was that I needed the relief they were receiving from my mom.
My mom gave the same amount of effort to Freddy as she did with Hector. She was doing an encore performance to please the next boy. Hector in the meantime, went behind her and undid her bra. The bra got loose and was pushed past her shoulders. The material went pass her arms and Hector pulled it away from her. My mom’s C size boobs were now naked. They looked gorgeous, nice round tits with no sag; her nipples were poking out too. Hector put all her clothes and the bra to the side. I lost respect for my mom, as I saw the scene unfold. She was too busy giving head to notice Hector’s actions. I needed to step away. As I walked away, I heard Hector tell my mom to lie down. My mom fought back saying, “No way, I need to leave.” She then called out to me, but Hector broke her calls with “You have no choice miss. I have your bra and clothes. What you just gonna walk around in your G-string?” Hector had leverage and used it against my mom. My mom saw he had a point and didn’t say anything. I turned back and saw Hector push my mom onto her back. My mom was now sprawled on the floor, but was sitting up by resting on her elbows. She asked Hector “What do you want now?” He said, “Let me show what I could do with my tongue.” He then kneeled down and pulled aside her panties, he began to eat her pussy. My mom’s face was priceless; she looked deprived of oral sex. She bit her lower lip to prevent letting a moan out, but within seconds she was moaning away. Freddy moved over to my mom and kneeled near her shoulders. Freddy was fascinated with my mom’s tits and began playing with them. He tweaked her nipples and squeezed her big boobs. My mom turned her face towards Freddy’s groin. She was panting and Freddy that it was cue to offer his cock again. He pushed his hips forward and with no surprise, my mom took his penis in her mouth again. My mom’s moans were muffled with his prick. This oral sex action went for a good five minutes. My mom was being eaten and she was blowing Freddy. Hector pulled his mouth away from her pussy lips. My mom stopped her sucking and looked at Hector confused like a puppy. She didn’t want him to stop. Hector announced “Time to show you what my broomstick could do!”
My mom said “Oh my, your ready already?” Hector didn’t say a word and moved closer to her open legs. My mom quickly said, “Stop wait!” I was thinking my mom came to her senses and wanted save some dignity, but I was wrong. She only requested the guys to grab the towel near by and place it on the ground. She wanted to lie down on the towel. The guys did as told and they lifted my petite mom and placed her on top of the towel. You would think she would stop these guys, or ask for a condom, or bargain to jerk them off. But my mom didn’t, her only request was for a towel to get fucked on. Hector was quick on grabbing the elastic band of my mom’s panties and pulling it off her. He tossed it to the side and aligned his cock to my mom’s pussy. He rubbed the head a few times against her twat. Her juices were lubing his cock. My mom looked down to see his cock disappear inside of her. Once his cock was fully inside, my mom laid back. She soaked in his girth and he started to pound at her pussy. He was quick already, seemed like he just wanted to bust a nut. My mom was ready for any action and was looking very appreciative in Hector filling her neglected pussy. She was pulling him in closer; she clutched his skinny white ass as they fucked in the woods. They were busy having unprotected sex and Freddy jumped in the mix to get his dick sucked. My mom’s body was used to release the two boys’ sexual hormones. All I could her is balls slapping against my mom’s ass. My mom was moaning and saying “More, yeah give it to me. Fuck me good.” Hector loving the cheers from my mom and talking dirty back. Hector holding her hips tight and saying to me ”Dude your mom’s pussy is tight and wet. It’s soo good man and look she wants it too.” Freddy was all smiles as he received head from my mom in between.
I am going to fast-forward this story because my head was spinning from what I was seeing. Basically Hector came and busted all over my mom’s belly, he jerked the remaining cum there, but I think he squirted the first two inside of her pussy. He got up and went to his clothes; the phone in his shorts has been vibrating. Freddy took Hector’s place and got in between my mom’s spread legs. Freddy was ready for his turn with my mom; his cock was glistening from my mom’s saliva. My mom was already worked up; she had beads of sweat on her lips and forehead. Hector told Freddy “Bro, hurry up with her and bust your nut. We gotta leave.” I guess their family called and they had to go home. Freddy inserted his cock with no problem, my mom’s juices and Hector’s cum made it wet. Freddy was kissing my mom and squeezing her titties as he fucked her. He also gave care to her nipples; by sucking on it and she loved that. Her tits would jiggle as he fucked her. My mom would kick her legs up and down from orgasms and curl her toes as well. She dug her nails in the towel from pure ecstasy. My mom was being loud with her grunts and moans. I was scared that other people would hear and come into the woods. Freddy was ready from seeing my mom’s reactions and how sexy she looked underneath him. He also got built up cum from her blowjobs. Hector requested again to hurry up and to fuck the shit out of her. Finally Freddy gripped my mom’s two ass cheeks from underneath, and with one big stroke yelled he was cumming. He busted inside my mom. He stayed still deep inside of her; her pussy was milking his cum. Their pubic mounds were touching each other. When Freddy finished dropping his load inside, he pulled out slow. All you see after the extraction was her pussy slowly leaking his cum. My mom had a creampie from some random teenager she just met. My mom was exhausted from the sex and regaining her breath. She closed her eyes while the boys got dressed. My mom opened her eyes again when the guys kissed her on the lip individually. They thanked her for the experience of being with an older woman and fucking in the woods. Hector last words before they left was “Maybe we could do this again, if you are ok with it?” The nerve of him to give such suggestion, plus he took advantage of her by blackmailing, so why ask now. My mom’s response was a smile and said “Maybe.” The two ran off with big smiles. My mom got up and used the towel to wipe cum from her belly and leaking cunt. She dried off her clothes at the end and put them on. As we walked back it was quiet, my mom knew I had thoughts in my head. She felt guilty and explained “Listen son, I had no choice at first, those boys were harassing us. But somewhere in between I got attention that your father doesn’t give me. He is too busy with his work and all. I guess you boys need sexual relief at this age and a woman my age needs that too. So it was a perfect match and I went along.” My mom was right about my dad; he is busy working long hours at the hospital. He is barely home and wasn’t at this picnic. But for my mom to cheat on him with some teenagers was low and I was upset about it. I asked with an annoyed tone “Are you going to do this whole thing again?” She replied with a sly smile “What mess around with your friends, I don’t know ahhhhh maybeeee.” I said, “There are not my friends mom, they just go to my school. You know we all have needs but it’s not right what you are doing.” She surprised me by saying “Well I think you should make new friends, and your friends will be my new friends. You said about needs, don’t worry hunny, I Know you have needs too. When we get home I will take care of them.” She finished the sentence with a wink. I was shocked and had a new wave of excitement. My mom is down to fuck me when we get home!
We got back to the picnic site and our family members asked about our delay coming back. My mom made an excuse we got lost in the woods. My stomach was in knots and my dick was hard during the car ride back, I was thinking about my mom riding me in my own bed. I now knew I could have my mom to myself for the next two months. But when September hits and school starts, I Know I would run into Hector and Freddy and they would bug me about my mom. My mom wouldn’t mind at her age, the more cock the merrier for her. It’s just annoying sharing her with the guys, but at the same time kinky seeing her act like a slut.

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