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Two couples, first time meet up, swinging sexiness.
Switch up

Dear Readers,

I wanted to write about a night my Wife and I had awhile back. It was during a point in our marriage that we were wanting to have some extra fun, spice things up, explore and see where it lead to. So, we joined an online sex site, figured we would see what it was all about.

After we got our profile set up, we browsed awhile. Seeing some interesting people, as well as some very sexy ones, we decided on emailing a couple we had found to be pretty hot, as well as interesting. It wasn't even a matter of a day and we had gotten a response.

We had posted a pic of Rachel on our profile as the profile pic. It was of her tied with her hands behind her back, a purple ball gag in her mouth, her hair in my hand, her beautiful tits pushed out from the open front pvc bra, with the matching crotch less panties. Fuck she looked hot. First message from the couple was about how hot the pic was. Rachel liked this of course, what woman doesn't like compliments.

As we got to know the couple, who we knew to be Laura and Terry, we exchanged pics, talked about fantasies, complimented each other on pics and so on. One night we were all chatting online and the discussion of meeting up came into the topic. Being nervous of course, we went ahead and decided on having some dinner, a couple drinks and a camp fire at our place in the woods. Once we all had agreed on when and where, Rachel and I were turned on knowing they would be coming to our home and the possibility of swinging with them was good.

Rachel, being a petite brunette, nice C cup tits, natural, with a beautiful ass. I love it. She also has the sweetest, smoothest pink pussy, so tight all the time and after seeing pics of Terry's cock, I knew she wanted it.

Terry was a little older then us, but he was in good shape. Him and I had about the same size cocks, but he was somewhat thicker then me. I couldn't wait to see Rachel fuck him, suck him, just enjoy herself with some other cock, fingers and tongue. Laura, was about the same build as Rachel, also very sexy, but with darker shorter hair. I couldn't wait to see her and Rachel as well, but also remembered, I got to play with her as well.

So the night came, we went out and met with Laura and Terry, bringing them back to our place. When we found them and introduced ourselves, flirted some and then headed back to the house. Rachel and I discussed the situation on the way to the house and she said she was turned on. Agreeing with her, I held her hand as we pulled into the driveway.

Laura and Terry were great company, bringing wine and fresh blackberries with them. Laura and Rachel chatted, as well as Terry and I chatting, about guns, motorcycles, etc, just getting to know more about each other. The night was supposed to be about hanging out, seeing if we all clicked or not. So, conversation continued.

At one point, Laura asked about guns, she said she had grown up in a family with lots of guns, and asked if she could see some. Taking her into the other room, we looked over some rifles, shotguns, she liked the shotgun a lot, then some pistols. Remembering Rachel was hanging out with Terry, I wondered if he had tried to get closer to her. Then to my surprise, they both came into the room. Terry was into guns as well, so we chatted about that, had some more wine and decided to head out to the camp fire.

I asked if anyone wanted something stronger then wine, since I am not much of a wine drinker and offered some makers mark bourbon. Good stuff, so Terry and I had some while Rachel and Laura drank wine. As we kicked back by the fire, we lit a joint, passing it around, getting more and more buzzed, I told Laura we had went out and gotten her and Rachel a surprise, a new friendship gift. Rachel told Laura to go inside with her and they would get it for her. Laura liked this and went off with Rachel into the house. Knowing that the surprise was a matching lace thong for her and Rachel, I figured the night was going to now get really interesting.

As Terry and I kicked back by the fire, about fifteen minutes went by, then that turned into about thirty minutes. I knew how women are when dressing, but I knew they were up to something. Next thing I know, I see them walk by the den windows, naked, headed to the bedroom. All I could do was smile. Terry kept talking, but at that moment my mind was on the fact that my gorgeous wife and her now super sexy friend were naked and headed hand in hand to our bedroom.

As Terry continued talking, I offered another drink. He accepted and I told him I would be right back. I headed in and when I rounded the corner of the back door, I could see Rachel on the bed, laying on her stomach, then I could see Laura, sitting in front of her, legs spread, hands on Rachel's head as she ate Laura's pussy. I walked in slowly, enjoying the view. Then Rachel saw me and shook her ass some, inviting me in.. I walked up and leaned in, kissing Rachel, tasting the pussy juice on her tongue and lips, then I kissed Laura. Mm, they looked so fucking hot with each other, both naked, both so horny. I reached down, slipping my fingers over Rachel's pussy and oh my, she was soaking wet. I slipped two, then three fingers into her wet pussy, finger fucking her as I told her to eat Laura and eat her pussy good. She did as she was told. I fingered her for a minute or so, then kissed them again, walking out, leaving them to enjoy some more.

I got back outside with Terry and handed him his drink. He was trying to tell me about some star and then I told him what the girls were up to. He smiled, laughed some and asked me what I walked in on. When I told him, first reaction was like mine, to get in there, but then we decided to give them some more time.

The next fifteen minutes seemed like forever. Terry and I went in and as we entered the room, Rachel was still eating Laura's pussy, fingering her, and talking dirty to her. Rachel had her ass in the air showing her pink wet pussy. I walked over next to Laura and she reached out for my cock, while Terry reached behind Rachel and slipped his fingers in her pussy. Rachel moaned into Laura's pussy, feeling another mans fingers in her pussy. What a dirty fuck, I loved seeing her be so naughty.

Laura pulled my cock out, saying she needed some dick, her and Rachel parted. Laura moved up, taking my cock into her mouth, sucking hard and deep, looking up at me, hungry for that cock. It felt so good feeling her mouth work down my shaft, then my balls, while her soft hand stroked me. I looked up and Terry was licking Rachel's pussy, her legs spread, his hands on her inner thighs as he tongue fucked her hole, then sucked on her clit. She was loving it, telling him how good it felt. As Terry ate Rachel's pussy, Laura sucked harder and harder on my cock. She pulled away briefly a couple times to look over. She said it was hot watching Terry eat pussy and that he was good at it too.. Rachel agreed, pulling Terry's head into her pussy.

At that point, I took Laura and had her lay down next to Rachel and I went down, kissing my way down her body, then slipping my tongue over clit, tasting her sweet pussy. Mm, she was so wet and she tasted good. I slipped a finger inside her and sucked her clit. Losing track of Rachel, I looked up and could see her sucking Terry's cock. She was fucking her mouth and throat with his dick, making his eyes roll back. Her ass was out and Laura was fingering Rachel's pussy.

I pulled Laura up and she sat next to Rachel, both taking turns sucking Terry's dick.

I grabbed the camera, taking some pics as they devoured his hard cock. Rachel sucking it deep, gagging on it some, but taking it down her throat like a pro.. I loved watching her suck cock, I knew how good she was so I knew Terry was loving it. Laura then slapped Rachel's ass, fingering her, then slapping her ass again, driving Rachel even more wild.

Next thing I knew, both girls were on me, sucking my cock, taking it into there mouths, one by one, while one played with my balls, one sucked my cock. Rachel was sucking me so hard, then moaned, I looked up to see Terry behind her. He had slowly started feeding his thick cock into Rachel's pussy. While he started fucking her, she could only hold on to my cock, lightly stroking it, overwhelmed with the new cock filling her tight hole. Laura moaned as well as Terry fingered her pussy, then her asshole, pleasuring both women while they moaned on my cock.

I wanted Laura, so I moved my attention to her and kissed her again, glancing over here and there to see Terry fucking Rachel's pussy hard while thumb fucking her ass. Rachel was telling Terry how good his cock felt inside her and to fuck her, fuck her fuck her hard. As I spread Laura's legs, I slipped my cock into her pussy. Being longer then Terry, she was only able to take so much, but she was loving my cock filling her pussy. Laura and I kissed some more as I fucked her pussy, her legs wrapping up behind me, pulling me in as deep as she could take it.

We all fucked like that for awhile, the girls kissing here and there as we all fucked all over the bed.

Next, the girls decided they wanted to try out a toy we had, Laura suggested it and when the double headed dildo came out, she was pleased. Having the girls get doggie style, Terry helped them both take there ends and work them into there pussies as I took pics. Rachel was so tight, but so wet, she took about seven inches, packing most of the rest into Laura. Laura was going crazy, being packed so deep as Rachel pushed back, packing her deeper, then pulling forward, pulling the dildo with her tight pussy, then packing it back into Laura, fucking her. Laura fucked back some, but Rachel was fucking her hard. I could see that Rachel had completely packed all of what was left of the dildo into Laura, leaving nothing to see between them, both girls were packed full. Terry leaned in, licked there asses and Rachel kept grinding back on the dildo.

Wanting more, Rachel pulled away, leaving a wet creamy dildo in Laura, she moved over, had Terry lay down as she straddled his cock. I loved seeing her fuck him, guiding his cock into her. In the dim light, you could see her pussy juice soak his cock, white cream dripping down on to his balls. So hot. While they fucked, Laura and I watched and played with each other, her stroking my cock while I fingered her pussy, taking my fingers from her hole and slipping them into her mouth, then kissing her again. Such naughty girls.

At one point, I said I wanted to see Terry fuck both girls while I take some pics and watch. So, both girls got doggie, putting those sweet asses in the air, Terry moved in behind them. First Rachel, he moved up, slipping his cock head over her pussy, her eyes rolled back as he filled her with cock. Fucking slut I told her and I took her pics. She agreed and pushed back for more dick. Laura was moaning while Terry fingered her pussy with three fingers, packing her pussy so good. Then it was Laura's turn, Terry slid his cock into her, fucking her harder then Rachel, pounding her pussy hard. She was screaming for more and Rachel was shaking. I moved around to take some more pics and I could now see Terry was balls deep in Laura and her pussy was creamy wet. Terry had four fingers inside Rachel's pussy, packing her so full. She is tight and tiny, so four fingers is a lot. He was close to fisting her. She was going nuts, loving the finger fucking she was getting while Laura was getting drilled. When I came back around, the girls were kissing, moaning into each others mouths. I moved up to them and they each took turns sucking my cock.

After about an hour into it, Laura needed to pee, so Terry continued fucking Rachel from behind, fingering her asshole at the same time. I took her by the hair and slipped my cock into her mouth. She was now being fucked in every hole by two men at the same time. I pushed my cock into Rachel's mouth, gagging her while she was fucked like a slut.

When Laura came out of the bathroom, she came up behind me, slipping her hand down to my ass, then to my balls, feeling them with her finger tips from behind as Rachel gagged my cock down. When Terry pulled out of Rachel, she went limp some, so Laura got in her place. Terry pulled her ass cheeks apart, slipping his cock into her, deep and hard, drilling her so deep, she took my cock and I forced it into her throat. I knew from one of there fantasies, Laura liked it rough, so I told her to fucking suck my cock, suck it good fucking bitch. As she gagged, I pushed my cock in deeper, feeling her throat push against the tip of my cock.

Terry was loving seeing her treated like this as fingered her asshole while pushing his cock as deep into her as possible, leaving it deep, packed inside, not moving, she shook hard.
Laura looked so hot being treated like such a slut. Rachel said that was hot when she came back into the room. She had went to the bathroom and when she came back, Terry pulled out of Laura, pulling Rachel over to him on the bed, he guided his cock into her mouth. Rachel sucked it deep, licking it, sucking all of Laura's juices from his shaft and balls. Terry then had Rachel lay on her back, spread her legs and slid his cock into her. Rachel loved it, being fucked and fucked. Terry drilled her pussy and I couldn't help but want to see how her pussy looked being packed. Laura straddled my cock as we both watched, Laura grinding deep on my dick. I could hear her pussy fucking my cock she was so wet.

Suddenly, Terry said he was going to cum and pulled out of Rachel, cumming all over her tits, and stomach. Laura moved over to clean it up, tasting her mans cum off of my gorgeous wife's soft skin.

We all laid on the bed awhile, the girls kissing, everyone relaxed and enjoying the moment.

It was a super hot night, one Rachel and I still talk about when were having sex, makes the moment hotter knowing we did something so hot with such a hot couple.

I ended up finding out later what had happened when the girls had went into the house together. Rachel told me they had went into the bathroom and when she showed Laura the panties we had bought for them, she kissed Rachel, pulling her close to her. Rachel said Laura undressed her, kneeling in front of her, licking her pussy and feeling her tits, pinching her hard nipples. She said it felt so good having her eat her pussy, feeling her tongue on her clit, then her fingers inside her. Rachel then took Laura's clothes off and took her into the bedroom, "which is when I had noticed them walk by the windows."

Rachel told Laura it was her turn now and forced her on to the bed, spreading her legs and kissing her way up her legs, then licking her pussy, sucking her clit and finger fucking Laura. This is when I had found them on the bed.

To this day, when Rachel wears those panties, we think about that night..

Such a hot memory and a hot night.


2018-01-29 08:03:00
I enjoyed it. Posted some time ago, hope to see more new stuff from you like this.


2018-01-29 08:01:23
I enjoyed it. Posted some time ago, hope to see more new stuff from you like this.

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2011-11-22 04:22:43
Good story I enjoyed it sounds like a fantastic time congrats to you. To those who called it boaring and care about grammer. Post your own storys fools and we shall judge you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2011-08-22 17:56:09
When you said packing the pussy I gave up so boring

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2011-08-15 01:02:04
Im sorry, but I thought this was sorta boring:-/ no offense

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