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Husband wants the swinging life.
Setting there in the bar, my husband beside me, waiting for his friends to show.

"Baby if you do not like it, I promise never again." He told me. In my heart my morality was sinking. The Beer was taking it away. He was buying one after another.

When they showed up, my mind was on another day. Him and I in the kitchen. Him with his hands on me...pressing me against the wall. "You have to try it to know weather you like it or not. You will do it!" He said in his drunken slur. Having been trying for years to get me to do a threesome. A foursome, a girl, so he could watch.

Looking into his eyes I feel fear as he holds me there. "Fine. If that is what you want." I say, as he slides his fingers inside me. First he finds I am wet.

"See you already want to...your body is saying yes." He said as he shoved another inside me.

"Whimpering I shake my head as he presses the third inside followed by the fourth. My body awakening to the feel of his fingers with in me as he kisses me roughly.

"God why am I feeling like this? Why am I wet at the thought?" I cry silently.

He pulls his fingers from me and pulls me upstairs.

"Hello. My name is Scotty." A voice brought me out of my memory with a start. Looking into his eyes...I smell his cologne. "Hmmm Hello. I say in a purr." His Scottish burr called to me. His scent called to me.

"This is my wife, Blossom." He said as he lay his hand on her shoulder. I looked at her. Big and Beautiful, came to me as I saw her.

She smiled at me and hugged me. Setting at a table we talked about many things. With them came a man named Wolf. I never caught his real name.

Setting there I drank several more beers as we talked. Blossom confided in me that Scotty and Wolf took her panties from her as she was there with out them. Her dress was very sheer. But enough to not show her body.

Soon we are playing pool. Scotty came up behind me and kissed my cheek. His cologne filling my nose and making my body tingle. Blossom is watching as she is standing next to John. Her hand on his thigh where he is setting. She is smiling as I see his hand on her breast.

Closing my eyes. I make my shot and the cue ball knocks several in. last one theirs.

Stepping away from the table I wabble to the bathroom. I am feeling the beer now.

As I come back they have decided to go to their place. Getting my jacket Scotty takes it in his hands and slips it over my shoulders.

Stepping out the door I feel a warm hand on my lower back. "You guys follow us." Scotty said as he lay my hand in John's and he took me back to our van.

Settling me in my seat I look at him with a smile. "I am having fun." I laugh.

He smiles and slips his hand to my thigh. Rubbing it as he drives. I feel his hand slide between my legs and rub my pussy softly. My jeans are sopping.

I see his smile, he knows I am ready. Rubbing me harder I am gasping in pleasure. Pulling into their drive we walk up. As we enter John and I settle on the couch.

As we are talking Blossom walks out of her room dressed in a short lacy nightgown. Walking over to Scotty she stands before him as he ducks in and begins licking her pussy right there in front of us.

I am staring as she moans, grabbing his head. My breath is fast as John reaches over and free's my breasts. soon he is sucking and licking them as he is also rubbing me through my jeans.

Moaning my eyes flutter shut. Feeling my pants being removed, I gasp and there in front of me is Wolf. Slipping in between my legs. Gasping i shake my head as John kisses me. I feel the man begin to lick me. Moaning he looks up and says..."Delicious." Then dives back in. My senses are on over load.

Gasping as I cum for his feasting. Moaning John pulls my shirt up over my head and I am now finally naked before them all. Taking my hand Scotty leads me to their room. I shiver as I feel their eyes on me. Still feeling the alcohol in my system, I stumble a bit as I lay on the bed. John lay beside me as he took my breast in his hand. Pinching my nipple he kissed me.

As I lay there I felt hands on my thighs opening them as I saw Wolf dive back in as Scotty stepped up by my head and there was his cock before me. John whispered in my ear..."There baby suck know you want to."

Opening my mouth I take it. It is soft as I start to suck it. Moaning as it begins to grow in my mouth. My mind is on the man between my legs as I feel his fingers inside me.

Taking my hand in his, John lay mine on his cock. As I begin to stroke it he moans. His eyes on my lips at I suck Scotty's cock. My pussy is so very wet, as Wolf sucks my juices from me. All I cn do at this point is feel. Orgasms coming so fast, I hold my breath as they explode. Wolf is working hard between my legs, as I cum again for him. Scotty is brushing his fingers over my nipples as I gasp around his cock.

My hand is brushed away as John is now kissing Blossom. She is kneeling between his legs. Slowly she works her way down his body, Moaning he pushes her head slowly down...till her lips meet his cock, where it stands tall for her.

By this time Scotty and Wolf have changed positions and Wolf offers me his cock. My thoughts are only now for the next orgasm. The feel the sensations are all I live for, as the night progressed it seemed like hands everywhere.

Soon Scotty is up and between my legs, sliding his cock with in me. My eyes closed to it all as I have orgasmed so many times they are now counting. I hear 16....17....18! with a shout. "Man your wife is awesome." I here Scotty say.

I am so wet and gasping with every touch. I open my eyes and Blossom is there before me. Kissing me she slowly works her way own my body. Kissing each nipple an then my belly button. Soon she is where the men have been. Licking me softly then sliding her fingers inside me.

My Body is so on fire now, I forget I never wanted this. I forget she is a woman, I forget everything but the feeling in my pussy. Gushing all over her fingers, she is soon drinking my cum, once I am clean, she then works for another. "John you were right about her. She does taste sweet!" Blossom said as she licked her fingers.

Looking down between my knee's I see her looking up at me. Reaching down I pull her up to me. Kissing her lips I taste my cum all over her.

Looking in her eyes...I feel drugged, as I reach for her...I feel John's hands on me, urging me forward. "She tasted you. Your turn." I whimper...looking at all their faces. My head spinning I kneel before her. Looking into John's eyes, I feel a hand on my back, pushing me forward.

Then I am there, looking at her pussy, smelling it, moving forward I kiss her softly. I taste john on her. I lick her pussy lips as she arches for me." John is encouraging me, "That's it baby, lick her, suck her lips. There do you like it? She is sweet isn't she?" I hear as I dive in.

She is sweet, so very sweet, her hands are in my hair as I feel her pussy get wetter for me. I feel hands on my ass as a cock is slid with in my pussy.

Gasping I feast on her as my body is kicked back into sensation and exploding orgasms. Soon I am pulled away and Wolf and Scotty are taking turns eating me, as I reach orgasm 31....32....33.

As my body rocks into another orgasm I feel John kiss my lips. "Baby, breath." I hear him talking to me. but notlistening I feel Orgasms 35...36...37, blast through me.

Laying there breathing heavy, my eyes fluttering opened and then closed. I hear the birds tweeting outside the window. As Wolf pulls me into another orgasm.

Moaning I look down, there is Blossom once more. Breathing fast I moan, exhaustion hitting me. As she rips anoter hard orgasm out of me. Laying there I hear them about me.

The total was 39.

As we got dressed I heard John talking of another playdate. Shaking my head I moan.

As i wake hours later, my head feels big. Looking down at my sleeping husband..I wonder, did that really happen?

Stool PigeonReport

2011-10-23 15:34:43
I call bullshit on that 39 orgasm stuff.

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-18 10:56:48
I'm not easily impreessd. . . but that's impressing me! :)

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