A man that didnt get reformed in pen goes back to his old ways with a young girl.
Everyone knew Glen’s history. It’s a small community so everyone knew he had been to pen for what he done with a young girl. Even I’ve drank with him and heard his banter about little girls when he got to drunk. But no one could have expected that he’d actually try something at church.

It was clean up day at church. While the faithful few were mowin the grass or other things. He was nowhere around. I guess they were to busy to notice he wasn’t there and guess I wasn’t busy enough cuz I did notice. I also noticed the kids playing about but didn’t see the little eight year old girl who was playing earlier. We were all downhill a little ways from the church cleaning up the cemetery, so I took a walk back to the church cuz automatically I was thinking that he must be with her.

Theres a few camp houses around the church so I walked to the furthest one away. I kept in the wooded area around the camp house cuz I wanted to bust him red handed if he were doing anything. As I got closer I heard them talking, and as I suspected he was up to his old tricks. I hid behind a tree cuz for now it didn’t look like much to get him in trouble. They were on the porch talkin but she was on his lap.

Guess I should tell more about her. Her name is jaycee. I’ll admit she is a cute little girl. Always cheerful but she doesn’t have the greatest parents so she knows a little more about life than she should. You can tell by the way she dresses. Always dressin to impress. If I was like glen this would be a girl I’d go for to. She’s half white half native american so she has a light colored brown skin. Very creamy lookin. Beautiful hazel eyes that she got from her mother. Not much in the chest considering her age, but a cute little bubble butt. Wavy shoulder length auburn hair. And cute little feet with toenails always painted. And she has such a sensuous voice like she knows she’s sexy. Anyhow back to the story.

I was thinking maybe nothing would happen considering she was his great niece. But that changed once I saw his hand that was on her knee slip down to her feet and remove her blue flipflops she was wearing. He started to rub her little feet and I could hear him complimenting her on her polish. And continually he’d rub slowly rub from her toes up to the little white shorts she had caressing her thighs. She seemed to not notice wat he was really doing. And with his other hand he was rubbin her shoulders around the spaghetti straps of her black blue shirt. At this point even if she didn’t know wat he was doing, I knew wat he was up to. And I wanted to burst out of the woods and save this pretty little girl. But I wasn’t thinking right cuz the blood in my head done swelled up my other head if you know wat I mean. So instead of pulling a john wayne move, I just pulled my john son.

As he kept talkin to her he repositioned her right on top of his dick facing away from him with his hands on her thighs. And then he started to bounce her on his lap. She giggled but it was purely for his enjoyment. He stopped and pulled his shorts down enough to pull his cock out. And when she noticed and tried to get up he hugged her tightly to his chest with one arm and with the other hand he slid his hand down the front of her shorts. At this time I done spit in my hand and was stroking my dick. I couldn’t believe how wat I was watching was completely exciting me.

I could tell he was rubbing her little puss. Then he took his hand out and licked his fingers and told her how sweet she tasted then put his hand back in her shorts. She said she was gonna tell but he said who you gonna tell I know your daddy touches you to. And he asked doesn’t he touch you. And she nodded her head yes. At this point, with his other hand he pulled her spaghetti straps off her shoulders and down her arms and he was fondling her little nipples. Then he pushed her shorts down to her feet and took them off. And he spread her legs so that they were on the outside of his legs. From wer I was I had a clear view of her hairless snatch. He had his dick between her legs rubbin it on her puss.

After a few minutes of this fondling he grabbed her hair and stood her up in front of him and for a little bit he caressed her ass then he turned her around and put her face to his dick. He told her to open her mouth and he inserted his dick in her mouth. I could hear her makin gaggin sounds but it didn’t phase him none he just shoved her head down more. Now from this view I didn’t get to see much of the dick sucking action except for her head bobbing up and down. But I got a nice view of her ass. And it wasn’t fuckin beautiful. Even I wanted to get behind her and lick it. But I just held my position and continued gratifying myself.
After a little time passed he stood her back up and sat her back on his lap and spread her legs again with her facing away. From there it heated up quickly. He raised her up enough to get his cock in her pussy then slapped her down forcin it in. She let out a scream that I was sure people would hear but with the mowers still goin no one heard anything. He didn’t try to quiet her he just let her scream and he kept bouncing her up and down on his cock. I could see his long cock goin in and out of her like a piston. And with her face turned toward his he kept kissing her and shoving his tongue in her mouth. At this point I was near my own climactic explosion I didn’t try to hold back cuz I knew he wouldn’t last long at the rate he was going. He just kept pumping her up and down. And he put her feet on his legs so he could touch them while he fucked her and he kept telling her how bad he’s been wanting to fuck her and how pretty she was, just rambling on and on with incessant filthy talk. For a second I thought he was gonna start speaking in tongues.

Then after what seemed like forever he said he was gonna cum. And after a few more thrusts he pulled out and came on her legs. He took off his shirt and used it to clean her off and slapped her ass hard and told her not to tell. Then he dressed her back up. And walked her back down to where the others were.

The End.

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2011-07-27 12:03:51
although i was disgusted, this was kinda hot:P

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2011-07-11 05:16:10
not a bad story. keep it up.

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