This next installment is at the same time as the last one. Please read the last one before this one. if you are a gay hater, or are against teenage boys having sex, stop reading now. not my fault if you decide to keep reading. Also, i apologize in advance for a couple things. First, the constantly changing viewpoint can get confusing. dont worry. its not that long. second, i am very sorry that i dropped a new character in suddenly. couldnt come up with a better way. third, i am sorry for the length, but i decided that there was no good place to split this story up without infuriating readers. finally, i know the ending is rushed,i wrote it at 430 in the morning. that is all. Enjoy!
John stood by himself as he saw his hot friend Wyatt approach him in his skater outfit. John had often jacked off to the image of Wyatt showering himself after gym class, with his hairless body and long blonde hair.

"Hey John what's up?" Wyatt asked. The sound of his voice and the piercing look Wyatt gave him almost made John lick his lips right on the spot.

John quickly made up something on the spot: "Hey, I need to borrrow your English homework."

Wyatt let out a sigh and bent down to his bag in front of him, leaving John to wish that Wyatt had put his bag behind him. He saw out of the corner of his eye that the large and muscular Tommy jogged over. Before Tommy officially arrived at the place that Wyatt and John were standing, John could swear that Tommy took a brief glance at the exposed ass of Wyatt. John smiled inwardly as Tommy finally made it to the duo.

"Hey guys," said Tommy, flashing a beautiful smile. Wyatt visibly gulped and rapidly blinked.

"Hey Tommy," Wyatt managed to get out. John suspected that Wyatt had barely repressed a stutter as the name "Tommy" passed through his lips.

"Listen guys, we have that big-ass history test tomorrow, so I say we all get together tonight and study," Tommy said.

Wyatt smiled, then said "Sure, I'm game."

Despite his attraction to both boys, John quickly made up a fake excuse on the spot. "Damn it to hell, I probably won't make it. I've got to watch my little brother Paul tonight."

Tommy winked as he said, "John, you overuse 'damn it to hell' you know that?"

John laughed, while simultaneously seeing Wyatt's eyes glaze over and a bulge in his pants began to form. John was turned on, but he knew that it was time to go.

John didn't have to look after his brother Paul; John would return home in a couple hours and his little brother would still be jacking off in the room he shared with John. No, John already had plans.

John had known he was gay ever since he was six. His brother had come home from the military after willfully being his entire platoon's fuck boy. After a heavy night of drinking, his brother came home and saw John sitting on a stool having a snack in the kitchen late at night. Hornier than ever, his brother ripped John's clothes off and stuck his nearly foot long cock into his young brother, fucking him on the kitchen counter. Although he was in tremendous pain from the immense dick penetrating his bowels, he could feel pleasure from it, and after long he began to enjoy and beg for more. After cumming in his ass, John's mother walked into the kitchen. John's brother was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to life in prison after it was discovered that he had also killed a jogger during his drunken drive home.

Since then John longed for men, despite having many girls lusting after to him due to his handsome looks and fantastic body. In tribute to the brother that made him discover who he was, John cut his formerly long blonde hair short.

At age ten, John met Andrew, a quiet young boy in his grade. John quickly became friends with him, as it was Andrew's looks that drew him at first. Andrew was quite slim, although not necessarily skinny. Andrew had a smooth chest and a butt that stuck out ever so slightly. Andrew had hair that was of medium length, neither a long mop top like that of Wyatt nor a military cut like that of John. Andrew had a round face with soft features, and equally soft hazel eyes. Andrew was slightly shorter than Wyatt, making him about six inches shorter than John. In short, John found him to be delicious.

Three years later, John and Andrew had grown very close as friends, and Andrew reluctantly disclosed that he was gay after his dad would rape him before he similarily jailed. As expected, Andrew was fully surprised when he found out that John was also gay and "suffered" from a similar experience. These made the two boys even closer as friends. A year later, Andrew and John began dating, although they never had sex. This was due to the fact that Andrew was still traumitized by his experience, where John was not.

A couple of months before, the two boys were in John's room watching a horror movie. After a man leaped out at the screen, Andrew screamed in terror and accidentally fell into John's arms. John then passionately kissed him. Andrew was surprised, but gave in to his lust for John as felt John's tongue penatrate his mouth. His tongue tasted fresh, like mints. John stood up, lifting Andrew with him, and he slowly backed into John's bed. John then layed Andrew down on the bed, and during the entire process their kiss was never broken.

The kiss was broken for the first time when John lifted his t-shirt over his head exposing his slightly bulging bully and very slight breasts with rock hard pink nipples, having a very sexy tight chest. John resumed his kiss, making it a little less loving, and a little more agressive. At the same time, John unbuttoned Andrew's shirt, then pulled it off, so that Andrew was wearing a white tank top. John unbuttoned his belt, then unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, exposing his blue and black plaid boxers.

John began making humping motions as he knelt back, lifting Andrew to a seated position. John pulled off Andrew's shirt. Underneath lay a completely smooth chest with small pink nipples. Andrew's chest was as flat as a plain with only his nipples and navel causing any changes.

John's lust went to a maximum mode, as he shoved Andrew back down and took off his pants then starting thrusting like an animal while at the same time pinning Andrew's arms behind his head.

All of a sudden, Andrew shouted out, "Daddy, please no! Stop, Daddy please!"

This stopped John in his tracks as Andrew started sobbing and apologizing profusely. The rest of the night was Andrew falling asleep wrapped in John's arms under the covers. This was both of the boys' first kiss.

Andrew later revealed that a bedroom was always where his father would rape him, and thus would usually bring back bad memories. Many months later, Andrew wanted to try to have sex with John again, but didnt want to have sex in a bedroom, fearing that the terrors that plagued him would return once more.

John scrambled to find a secluded spot that was unlikely to bring back Andrew's repressed memories. He finally decided on the school's locker rooms, as Andrew's dad had never been in sports, as well as being a spot that John had regularly been turned on by. John only had to wait for a day when no teams would be using the locker rooms. Today was that day as all sports had been cancelled due to the absolutely unbearable heat. These were the plans that John had made. The plans seemed perfect except for a rather large wrench being thrown into the works.

During John's meeting with his two friends shortly before school, they were being observed by another freshman.

At 6'4, Jackson could hardly be missed. He was the tallest person in the grade with no competition. He also had the distinction of bearing a striking resemblance to the actor Jason Earles, who played Jackson Stewart on the show Hannah Montana. He had long blonde hair, a face that always seemed to be laughing, and devilish brown eyes that always seemed to planning something. He also bore a resemblance to the character, as Jackson was always the class clown and well liked by the entire grade. This was also due to the fact that Jackson was the pitcher at the school's state winning baseball team, which had won two years in a row, temporarily making him "top jock."

Jackson had gone through his entire life believing he was straight. This had changed the previous year. During a particularily boring English class, a well known manwhore by the name of Anthony Murphy was full on pantsed by his old best friend Matt Carter in front of everyone. Jackson was one of those that caught a brief glance of Anthony's seven inch flaccid penis, the first dick he had seen other than his own.

Jackson was instantly horny, and he ached to relieve himself. The bell rang, and he bolted out the door, though not before high fiving Matt for unintentionally making him hornier than he had ever been in his entire life.

Jackson nearly ran to the bathroom and locked himself into the nearest stall. In his eagerness, he accidentally ripped off the button and broke the zipper of his jeans as he pulled his throbbing cock out of his pants. He started out with his eyes closed, but opened them and saw a couple drops of cum nearly hidden on the toilet seat. They seemed relatively fresh. This turned on Jackson even more as he violently pumped his dick before releasing a massive load all over the walls and onto the floor. This was the hardest that Jackson had ever came in his life. He then quickly cleaned up his mess, and in his haste he forgot the button of his jeans on the floor.

Ever since this moment, Jackson began noticing guys in a more sexual way. Three boys by the names of John Baxter, Wyatt Spencer, and Tommy Quinn replaced his old fantasy of Anthony, which had been retired after Anthony had for unexplained reasonx killed himself in the summer between eighth and ninth grade. Jackson's abandoning of his former five month fantasy was merely out of respect for Anthony, although it didnt take long to find new boys to lust after.

Jackson often fantasized about Tommy, John, and Wyatt having a threesome together. He was honestly unable to decide which one of them turned him om the most. Seeing them all together let Jackson's imagination wander.

Jackson snapped out of his stupor as the girl sitting next to him by the name of Anna told a joke. Jackson forced out a laugh in order to cover what he thought was a very obvious gaze.

His day was going quite well until gym class rolled around. The teacher, a hell bent outdoorsman, insisted on bringing the class outside for baseball. It was the one day that Jackson had no wish to play baseball. Within mere minutes the entire class was sweating profusely. Jackson could barely grip the ball as he threw it to the catcher, striking out every player that stepped up. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw John whisper something into another boy named Andrew's ear. Andrew smiled, then subconciously grabbed at his crotch.

From that moment on, Jackson could no longer concentrate. After walking three people in a row, he moved out to left field where hundreds of fantasies were simultaneously rushing through his head. He ached to fuck himself, and nearly pulled his cock out right there in front of everyone and jacked it like there was no tomorrow.

Thankfully, the coach blew the whistle, signalling for the class to go inside, and afterwards go home as it was the last class of the day.

The male population of the class quickly ripped off all of their clothes as quickly as possible once they reached the locker room and jumped in the shower, eager to get under the cold water. As the boys had nearly twenty minutes to shower after class, they took showers in turns. Today however, every guy piled into the shower, making it rather crowded. Jackson felt a couple a nearly rock hard dicks press against his ass as the boys jostled around for a position under the showerhead. This was not helping Jackson's horniness, as he was completely hard, with precum flowing freely from his tip, though no one seemed to noticed.

Once everyone had colled down, several boys left the shower and grabbed a couple bottles of shampoo and body wash each as everyone else turned the temperature of the showers up to warm in order to wash. One bold jock snatched a bottle and freely squirted it on everyone in sight, soaping up everyone. A couple other jocks got the idea, and within moments the entire shower was soapy. Boys were laughing as they attempted to rinse the suds, the large amount of them made everything very slippery. A couple boys fell down, and in the process, pulled down several other boys. Within seconds, the boys in the shower tried their best to stand up, grabbing whatever they could. One boy grabbed onto Jackson's cock and used it to push himself up before quickly falling down again.

Boys near the small entrance of the also relatively small shower area managed to crawl out, with many following after them. Those left in the shower rinsed off their suds, then swapped with those on the outside.

The day could not get any hornier for Jackson. Being one of the ones left in the shower, he rinsed off, then literally ran into the bathroom stall enclosure part of the locker room and jacked himself off harder then he ever had.

As Jackson was tremendously tall, he had a dick to match. It was about ten inches long when fully hard that was also massively thick. He had a well groomed patch of blonde pubic hair that extended just up to his circumcised dick and low hanging soft floppy balls. He had no hair on his legs, arms, or armpits, as he shaved it all off, along with no hair on his chest or ass as no hair grew there. He did not have a six pack or noticable abs, but he was quite built and his chest was solid.

It was during this that Jackson had a true gay fantasy. For the first time ever, Jackson involved himself in the fantasy. He imagined that the luscious Tommy Quinn fucked him with what Jackson assumed to be heroically massive cock. He stuck a finger in his ass and gasped as he felt pleasure coarse through him at top speed. He imagined fucking Wyatt's sweet little round ass that he had seen that earlier that day when he had bent down to grab something out of his bag. For the first time he imagined taking Andrew's cock into his mouth as John's fucked him from behind. His fantasy changed as John rode his cock and was screaming in pleasure as he bounced furiously on top of it while Wyatt sucked John off. Jackson imagined himself tongue fucking Wyatt at the same time, as John came into Wyatt's mouth, tightening his ass around Jackson's cock. He imagined that John's load was too much, so that it spurted all over Wyatt's face and into his hair before spilling onto Jackson's stomach.

While Jackson was in the middle of sticking a second finger in his ass while fantasizing that he was in a 69 position being facefucked by Tommy whilst Tommy took Jackson's own massive cock into his mouth, the entire locker room had emptied out as soon as the bell rang, which Jackson did not hear. Jackson, who had jacked off in many bathroom stalls since the previous year, instinctively drew his legs up into a cross legged position on the toilet to avoid being caught.

John was excited beyond belief that he would finally get to have sex with his boyfriend, which he had whispered into his ear during gym class. After an amazing encounter in which the two boys had groped eachother as often as they could, which included Andrew accidentally using another boy's cock, which was huge, to get up. Neither boy could see the parts that they were grabbing as everything was fully covered in suds.

Andrew appeared from behind a locker with a towel wrapped around his waist with a nervous smile on his face. John was wrapped in the same, sitting on a bench, hunched forward while putting on a cross necklace that he had taken off before getting in the shower. John was beaming at Andrew as he sat down next to him. The two began to kiss, slowly at first, but more passionately. John began to move his tongue towards Andrew's mouth, but Andrew beat him to it. He then started gently moving John onto the bench laying down. Andrew mounted him, taking care to rub his ass onto John's throbbing dick between the two towels. John let out a moan of pleasure accompanied by a shudder that caused his foot to fly out uncontrollably and hit the locker, causing a loud clang.

Jackson felt himself about to climax as he imagined himself being fucked by Tommy when he heard a loud clang that woke him up from his stupor. He felt his climax fading fast, though his erection. Jackson felt severe disappointment as he caught his breath then walked out of the stall, fully nude, to investigate the disturbance.

Both boys giggled when theu heard the clang. Andrew bent down and aggressively kissed John, his hands pressing against John's chest, with John's hands wrapped around Andrew's head.

Jackson peered around the corner of some lockers and saw the hottest sight he had ever seen. Andrew and John were making out in towels on the bench. Jackson became horny so fast he became dizzy and he tripped over his own feet and fell into the lockers.

The very loud clang Jackson made when he hit the lockers made John and Andrew turn to look at a nude Jackson.

John felt cold terror creep up his spine as he almost threw his boyfriend off of his chest. Andrew also sat up and became so scared he actually began trembling.

John struggled to catch his breath, and Andrew was taking deep breaths. Time seemed to stand still as the two boys waited for Jackson to say something. Anything.

Jackson looked at the terrified expressions of the two boys and felt crushed. He had broken up something beautiful. When it became apparent that both John and Andrew were waiting for him to begin speaking he gathered up his wits before doing so.

"... hey guys..." he said.

John immeadiately jumped in. "Jackson, uh, what you just saw was, uh, a, um, bet! Yea, a bet!" John said unconvincingly.

"Yeah, a bet!" Andrew chimed in. "We, um, bet, um, Tommy and Wyatt, um, that the Twins would lose their first game! And we lost, so, um, this is our, um, punishment."

John looked impressed by Andrew's lying skills. He had brought baseball and the Twins into the story, which were Jackson's favorite sport and team.

Jackson just looked at them both, then sat down on the bench, and hung his head.

"Look, you guys dont have to lie to me. I'm not gonna tell anyone. I promise. And I'm sorry that i broke up whatever it was that you were doing," Jackson mumbled, before sighing.

Both John and Andrew were finding that the terror was quickly evaporating in favor of something else. In front of them was a large boy with a very large cock. John remembered the feel of his brother penetrating him, how amazing he had felt. John felt his dick rising underneath the towel, as did Andrew, although he simply found Jackson to be hot as opposed to his dad that made him gay in the first place.

Jackson continued on. "Guys... I think I'm gay. I was just in that bathroom stall about to have the best orgasm of my life while imagining that Tommy Quinn was fucking me..."

John scooted closer to Jackson. "Yeah, we're gay too."

Jackson quickly retorted, "No shit."

The three boys laughed. John suddenly grabbed Jackson's head and fiercely kissed him, fully aware that his boyfriend was right behind him.

John broke the kiss unexpectedly, and Jackson unvoluntarily leaned forward as John leaned back. Jackson smiled, then undid John's towel.

John was as hard as a rock. His circumcised cock had reached its complete seven inch glory. The entire pubic area was completely shaved, along with legs and arms. John was hairless everywhere else, leaving him with no body hair.

"So tell me..." Jackson asked. "How many times have you two fucked?"

"Actually..." John started.

"We've never fucked in any way before," Andrew finished. "We never see eachother naked. We dont look at eachother in the shower so we dont bring up suspicion."

"Well, theres a first time for everything," Jackson responded with a smile.

Andrew got down on his knees and knelt in front of John and began taking his cock into his mouth. Andrew could feel the hot dick throb inside of his mouth. Andrew lusted for the taste: fresh cleaned meat, though he wished that John had the sweaty smell in the pubic area. Andrew took more of it into his mouth and felt it hit the back of his throat as he repressed a gag. Knowing from several porn sites that he had to relax his throat, Andrew did so, and allowed the remainder of John's dick to go down his throat. Once he had taken the entire thing, Andrew slowly slided it out of his mouth again.

Andrew looked up and saw that John's mouth was closed and his mouth was shaped in the form of silent pleasure. Andrew repeated the process, except faster, and didn't pull all of the way out, then once more even faster, taking the entire dick down in his mouth with ease.

Jackson stood up to leave the two alone, but John grabbed him by his cock. He then gently pulled Andrew off of his cock and kissed him, tasting his own cock in the process.

Jackson had an quizzical look on his face before John said, "I wanna try to eat that bad boy."

Jackson almost came into John's hand. He sat back down as John assumed Andrew's old position. John licked Jackson's cock from top to bottom. Jackson moaned out loud as John began the long process of stretching his mouth in order to accomodate the simply massive cock. Within moments John had the same level of proficiency that Andrew had, making Jackson moan even harder.

Andrew took position behind John's exposed ass as he knelt behind it. He then put both hands on John's bubble butt and squeezed and pulled every inch he could. Andrew could smell a slight delicious odor coming from the ass of John. Andrew leaned in closer to sniff it, then decided to taste it.

Andrew plunged his hot tongue into John's ass without warning. John pulled his head off of Jackson's dick and moaned loudly as Andrew continued to rim John with as much force as he could muster. John was moaning too loudly in order to blow Jackson, so instead gave him a rapid handjob. Jackson was also moaning loudly, then abruptly stopped. Both John and Andrew looked up at him.

"Hold on a second..." said Jackson with a devious smile. "Andrew hasnt taken off his towel yet."

Andrew stood up right away and held onto his towel. "No guys, I'm really small. Please guys."

Jackson slipped onto the floor and sat there. John stood up and faced Andrew.

"Dont worry about it Andrew. Please take off the towel," John said while looking deep into Andrew's eyes. The fight in him melted, and he relented, dropping his towel.

Andrew was right: he was small. He was only about 4 inches fully hard, possibly 5 on a good day. He was also hairless, but instead of shaving his circumcised dick, his pubic area, legs, arms, and chest were completely smooth.

"See. Now what do you think," Andrew said in shame.

Jackson's answer was to lean forward and take Andrew's entire cock in his mouth.

Jackson couldnt believe that he was actually sucking on a penis. He swirled the hot throbbing piece of meat in his mouth and played a little with it with his tongue. Not only did Jackson love the taste, but it was the best thing he had ever tasted.

Meanwhile John had gotten behind Andrew and began rimming him in the same way that his boyfriend had just tongue fucked his own ass.

Andrew began grunting and thrusting back and forth. "Uh, uh, yeah, dont stop, oh god dont stop, more, oh my god more! Please, harder!"

Jackson was face fucking Andrew's cock as hard as he could, while John tongued him deeper. Andrew felt the warm moist pressure around his dick increase in pleasure with every thrust while the wet penetration in his ass was becoming better with every passing second.

"Oh my god more, please more! John! Fuck me!" Andrew shouted.

John stood up. "Are you sure, Andrew?" John asked as Jackson continued to blow Andrew.

Andrew could only nod and smile.

John's cock was as hard as metal and sufficiently lubed from the water in the shower, precum, and sweat. He pushed Andrew's back forward gently so as to bend him over.

John gently pushed the head of his cock into Andrew's ass, both moaning as he did so. Andrew had a strained look on his face, and nodded, indicating that he wanted to continue. John pressed his shaft in, and he felt his cock pass through the sphincter as he continued in, with about four of the seven inches buried deep within the confines of Andrew's tight ass. John pushed harder, and Andrew yelled out. John eased off and paused before pushing the final inch and a half into Andrew. He gasped, feeling the cock inside of him, then felt a great feeling of emptiness when John pulled out.

"John, put it back in, please, put it back in," Andrew pleaded. John smiled and obliged, thrusting his cock as fast as he could all the way back in, his large balls bouncing against Andrew's ass. Andrew screamed, and both John and Jackson froze. After a long pause, Andrew said, "Again. Faster."

John pulled out, and plunged it back in, then immeadiately pulled out, and pushed it back in harder and faster.

"Fuck me John!," Andrew yelled out in pleasure. "HARDER!"

John did this again, and continued hammering into Andrew with as much speed as he could. Jackson also picked up speed, fucking Andrew's dick his neck was starting to hurt.

"Yes, oh my god yes!" John yelled out, with Andrew's screams of pleasure agreeing with him. John went faster still, and his hard cock became a blur within Andrew. Jackson sucked in and out, in and out, in and out.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Andrew screamed as loud as he could. "I'M CUMMING!!!"""

Jackson knew this, as he felt Andrew's dick swell up in his mouth, before it pumped out load after load of Andrew's sweet tasting cum. Jackson could not get enough as he swallowed as much as he could, with some spilling out onto his chest.

John felt the squeezing pressure onto his own cock once Andrew blew his load into Jackson's mouth.

"FUCK!!!" John screamed. He gasped rapidly as he managed to squeak out: "IM CUMMING!!!"

Andrew felt John's hot seed fill his ass all the way to the brim as John pulled out at last, and fell onto the floor, with Andrew right in front of him.

Jackson walked over to John and kissed him, allowing John to taste his lover's sweet sweet love nectar. He licked it off of Jackson's chin and off of his chest.

Jackson, however, had been throbbing since the beginning of the day and was desperate to cum. He put his hand to his dick, but John pulled it away. Jackson looked at John with a look that was a mix of anger and confusion, which John responded with, "Put it in me."

John stood up and laid down at the edge of the bench, with his legs in the air; exactly how he first lost his virginity to his older brother.

Jackson was so horny, and his cock was so wet that he didnt take his time. He grabbed John's hairless legs and plunged his meat stick deep within John, all ten inches worth. John yelled out in pleasure and clenched the sides of the bench, his entire body sweating, his eyes wild, his legs moving uncontrollably. When John was first fucked, his brother was as dry as a bone, making it excruciatingly painful, but Jackson, who was wet and about the same length, made this the best experience John had ever had.

The sound of Jackson's massive balls slapping against his ass and the feeling of Jackson's massive cock filling him up, making him full, making him complete, made John instantly horny and hard, even though he knew he wouldnt be able to cum. John jerked off as he threw his head back and saw Andrew watching lustfully with a look of approvement.

Jackson wished he could have gone on for hours, but his horniness was too much. He gave in to climax, he gave in to the new best orgasm of his life. His hot seed quickly filled John up and poured out around the edges, spilling onto the floor. Both Jackson and John were panting hard, with John letting out the occasional moan as Jackson pulled out his limp cock.

Andrew had grabbed some toilet paper, and the three boys proceeded to clean up, giving eachother secretive looks every five seconds. The boys then got dressed, albeit reluctantly.

Still catching his breath, Jackson asked, "What time is it?"

Andrew answered, also regaining his breath, "4. If we leave right now we can still catch the late bus."

"Well, Tommy invited me over, I skipped out to do this, if you guys wanna go over there," said John.

Jackson jumped on the request, and Andrew also went along with it.

John smiled. "Great! Lets roll."

The three boys boarded the bus, and the four steps from the school to the bus were enough for them to sweat profusely.

They decided it would be best if they didn't share one seat, even though they wanted to, because it would look suspicious.

After a very long hot ride, the three boys arrived at Tommy's house. John led the way and walked up to the door and went to knock, but was surprised to learn that the door was already open. The three boys walked in and were surprised to find that no one was there. They walked into the living room and sat on the couches. They heard nothing except a constant creaking that seemed to be coming from the ceiling.

"Wait... do you hear that?" Andrew asked.

Suddenly, a voice screamed out: "WYATT!!! I'M GONNA BLOW!!!"

"You dont think..." Jackson started.

"I dont know... I'll go upstairs... maybe I'll scare 'em," John said with a wink and a laugh.

John crept up the stairs as quietly as he could, then flung open the door and shouted "Damn it to hell!"

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