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Brian gets some more jailhouse cock
Jail Force

Parts 16-18

By: Jimmy T Seay

(m+/t oral forced enema jail)


Bruno was about to fuck the prettiest boy he had ever layed with. His cock
was buried all the way inside the most handsome punk it had ever filled. His
pubes rested against the private area of this sensual fuck boy's body.

Bruno had nailed his first girl when he was 12. At 14, he discovered what
fucking boys felt like when he was in juvie. His first attempt at a fuck
boy, had left the kid needing stitches. Even though the kid had covered his
dick with blood and feces, Bruno learned that he loved boy ass.

Bruno also learned that given a little time, most ass holes would stretch to
take him. Bruno was fascinated by butts and the moist puckers they
contained. Every jail and prison contains homosexuals of all types. Some are
free world queens, some are jail house turn outs. A lot of them love dicks
the size of what Bruno packed. Bruno never had trouble getting jail house

That wasn't what Bruno liked, he didn't like the queens or fuck boys that
desired his endowment. Oh, he would fuck them, it was a nut, after all.
Years ago, Bruno discovered his real like, the like of taking what wasn't

It was more than a quick fuck, it was conquering another male. Take Brian,
for example. Brian McKee didn't want to suck dick, he didn't want to get
fucked. Brian McKee was totally heterosexual. He wasn't some dick loving
queen. Brian McKee had entered this tank as a straight man. That's what made
boys like Brian special to Bruno.

The kid was pretty, but he was all male. His build, his walk, his voice,
every mannerism, total male and masculine. And that is what pushed Bruno's
buttons. When he made a kid like this take his dick, he had forced more then
his dick into their lives, he had forced his will inside them to.

Brian's type made the best punks, in Bruno's mind. You could go to the gym
and work out with them. You could play sports with them. You could walk side
by side down a prison hall with them. And you could make them spread their
masculine legs and take 10 inches of your body inside their unwilling asses.

Brian was all that and more. Brian was a man's man, and a real convicts
perfect idea of a punk. Bruno preferred his punks young, short, masculine,
and built. He also liked them handsome and white. Brian met everyone of
those needs.

Bruno found his dick twitching inside the punk of his dreams. As Bruno
stared into the pain filled blue eyes, Bruno wanted to keep this punk with
him forever. Bruno felt a strange stirring inside, something he had never
felt before. Bruno was experiencing a 'crush', maybe 'puppy love'.

Bruno began to move. He moved slow, gently. This smaller man beneath him
wasn't up to a strong fuck yet.

Bruno was made to fuck, his body moved gracefully over the boy. Even the
slow movements sent pain through Brian. Brian didn't realized that he was
being made loved to, the man wasn't just fucking him, the man was making

It was just as well that Brian didn't know, Brian would have found Bruno's
lovemaking even more disgusting then the out and out rapes he had already
been forced to endure.

Bruno lowered his face to the boy's neck and begin to suck the boy's sweet
smelling skin. He slowly fucked his massive cock in and out of the heaven
the boy surrounded it with.

Brian did not realize his new lover was leaving hickeys on his neck, those
hickeys would soon be blue black, and proof that Bruno had been there.

Will watched as the handsome Latino screwed the kid. Will had never realized
that men could fuck face to face. But, then Will had never realized he had
homosexual cravings hidden inside his mind. Will begin to pretend it was him
on top of Brian, he wished that Brian's feet were on his shoulders, and that
his cock was feeling what Bruno's was.

Steve continued to laugh, the most popular stud in school had a big spic
dick inside his ass! What a fucking joke.

Ortez got a few more shots, he was down to the last package of film. He
glanced towards Ricky. Ortez decided to use the rest of the film on Bruno
and Brian. Ricky wouldn't be able to fill Bruno's shoes. Ortez wished his
cock was the size of the convict stud plowing Brian McKee.

Bruno did know how to fuck, even though he wanted to royally screw the kid,
he forced his body to make long, slow strokes, he covered the blonde boys
neck with signs of his affection. Bruno's piss slit had continued to ooze
lubrication. It had coated Brian's ass walls. Bruno's dick stroked the
tight, velvety hole with a gliding motion. Brian was very warm inside, the
huge cock had done it's work and made Brian's once small ass cavity into a
hole that a big dicked man could enjoy. Indeed, Bruno was enjoying it!

As Brian's body had adapted and changed to take Bruno, his prostate had
fallen victim to the oversized man organ rubbing into it. Once again,
Brian's testicles had kicked in, producing sperm, sperm intended to blast
out and search for eggs to fertilize.

Brian felt his cock begin to wake up, it was betraying him once again. Brian
forgot about the huge cock that was raping him. He continued to stare in the
man's eyes, but his thoughts were of cold showers.

Brian used what will power he had left, and tried to make his cock return to
a soft state.

Like most males, Brian McKee had no control over his erections. A man's body
reacts to stimulation, and a very large Latino dick was stimulating Brian's
prostate at his very moment.

Part 17 - Erecting Causes

As Bruno fucked the boy slowly and gently, he felt Brian's growing erection.
Bruno knew that the straight boy he was actually raping had no control over
what his body was being made to feel.

Already, Brian's dick had betrayed him,, men had raped him and made him cum.
As his dick reacted to this man, Brian's eyes begin to tear up again.

The first tear rolled out of Brian's right eye. It wasn't from the pain of
the man that had impaled his body, it was from his own body betraying him.
Brian's tears were from inside, here he was getting fucked in the ass by the
third man, and he was boning up!

Brian didn't really understand the causes of his erection. All he knew was a
huge cock was fucking him and he was getting hard! Imagine what the straight
golden boy was feeling!

Bruno moved his mouth to the kids mouth, he felt the lips that had been
chapped from the face fuckings, he could taste the seed that Brian had been
made to swallow. Bruno licked this fuck boys lips, cleansing them of the men
that had used his boy!

As Bruno slowly fucked the boy, he decided then and there, the boy was his!
He would fight the others, all three of them, but this was his punk!

Bruno used his tongue to part the boy's lips, his tongue entered the boy's
mouth. Bruno used his tongue to remove the taste of the other men. He fucked
his kid, and made sure the kid's dick continued to grow.

Bruno used his mouth to wash the boy's face. He licked the salty tears the
boy's eyes were producing, and continued to fuck the boy, he felt Brian's
dick growing and growing underneath him.

Bruno felt the stiffness of the rod Brian was throwing press against him.
Bruno moved his mouth back to Brian's lips, he proudly kissed his fuck boy
over and over again. His kid had a big dick for a small white boy, and that
made the Latino man proud!

Men behind bars often have sexual identity issues. Men do or are made to do
things that they never thought possible. Bruno wasn't one of those men. He
didn't think in those terms. Bruno didn't give a fuck what others thought of

Will was watching Bruno kiss Brian. Will's erection begin to fade, he wanted
to be the one kissing Brian. Will felt jealousy as he watched the Latino's
thick tongue licking the boy's face.

Part 18 - Unwanted Love

Bruno continued to fuck Brian, he continued to kiss the boy. Bruno was an
expert at fucking straight boys, he knew the secrets of the male ass, he
knew how to make sweet love. Bruno knew the ways of making his huge cock an
instrument, an instrument to make even a boy like Brian get hard.

A dick the size of Bruno's could destroy, it could injure, but used right,
it could overcome! Bruno had indeed used his large dick, his wet mouth, his
body, to make Brian's body react. Brian may not have liked the big Latino
cock that moved in and out of his body, but Brian's eight inch cock had
responded to the fucking.

Bruno watched the boy's dick flex as he pumped, the boy's balls were full,
they were slowly moving higher, they would fire the kid's juice soon. That's
what this sexing was about, making Brian McKee's body climax from a good,
intense fucking.

Steve's eyes moved from Brian's face, to Brian's dick. The faggot had a
boner from this ass fucking! McKee was getting fucked by the biggest cock
Steve had ever seen and his fag dick was as stiff as wood!

Don watched the extended forced mating. Bruno would be riding this kid for a
while. Don looked over to where Ricky was anxiously waiting his turn for a
go at Brian's ass. Don decided it would be Ricky's turn, but not with Brian.

Don motioned Keith over. The two men talked in very low voices that no one
else could hear. Don then stood up beside Keith, "Hey Smith, come here!" Don

Keith walked over to his so called friends, it would be the last walk he
took with his 'manhood' intact. Ricky was about to be turned out.

As Bruno fucked, he sped up just slightly. Brian groaned, "It hurts, sir!"
Bruno looked down at Brian's now drooling cock, and kept the pace up. The
boy would get used to it, he hadn't felt Bruno's real fuck power yet.

Will looked directly into Brian's eyes. Will wondered what this boy was
feeling as the hard rod pistoned in and out. Will begin to think what
McKee's fat cock would feel like inside of him! Brian somehow felt the
stare, Brian met Will's eyes. Their eye's were locked as Bruno fucked,
picking up the speed a bit more.

Steve sensed the commotion where the other three stood in the tank. He
nudged Ortez and nodded for Ortez to look. Keith held the big muscle stud,
Ricky, while Don had a deep grip on the big guys nuts. As they watched,
Ricky slowly sank to the floor, being led by his own aching nuts. Ricky's
mouth was at the same level of Don's dick.

Steve grinned, eager to see this new rape! He never knew jails could be this



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