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Sister helps brother
I know, I know! You have heard it all before, right? Well, I am going to tell you my story anyway. It happened the year I turned 17, my family had just moved to a small town in Texas and my sister was my only friend in the world, so I found it difficult to imagine her ever leaving. But sadly that wasn’t the case she was headed off to college in a mere two weeks. The depression I felt was heart-breaking.

Let me describe us, I was 6 ft even, weighed around 200-210, but was extremely shy. My sister was a knockout standing about 5’ 8” with a sexy athletes body, until recently I would have never even thought of her in a sexual way. Anyway, I was alone in my room sulking about not having anyone to hang out with or talk to anymore, when Tana (that’s her name) gently knocked on my door.

“Come in.” I said.

“Are you ok? I am getting worried.” Tana said.

“I’m fine, I just don’t understand why you cant go to college closer to here.”

“I need to go where my scholarship says I have to go.”She said as she lay her hand on his arm.

“Well it sucks, you are the only friend I have since moving to this shit hole.” I said, looking down at her hand.

“You will find friends, you just need to gain some confidence in yourself.” She said.

“How do I do that?” I asked as I looked up.

“I have got an idea.” She said.

I cant lie was intrigued she always had such confidence I wanted to know how she did it. She left the room and came back quickly dressed in her nightgown and in the back of my mind I thought why did she change clothes.

Little did I know I would soon find out. She sat down beside the bed and spoke softly telling me that when she was 13 and 14 she was shy and didn’t have much self-confidence, but then she had sex and everything changed.

I was shocked that she had started so young, but I didn’t say anything I just kept listening. She went on about telling me that our next door neighbor had taken her virginity and after that she was hooked on sex, and that it boosted her self-esteem knowing that she could please guys with her sexual wiles.

I cut her off and said “How does that help me? I don’t have a neighbor girl to take my virginity.”
After a moment or two of silence she said. “You don’t need a neighbor girl, thats why I’m here.”

To say I was surprised to hear that would be the understatement of the decade. I said “WHAT?”

“I am going to take your virginity and hopefully boost your self confidence." She said as she smiled at me.

My mind was swimming, I cant tell you what I was thinking because my head was think too may thoughts at once, it calmed down though when she took my face in her hands and kissed me softly and passionately, our tongues swirled together and I seemed to melt in her hands, it wasn’t my first kiss but it was the best so far.

She took off my shirt and kissed my well toned chest all the while telling me everything would be fine, at that point I didn’t care my dick was so hard I bet you could have cut glass with it.

She took off my jeans and underwear and my cock sprang out, there I was naked as the day I was born about to have my first sexual experience with my 20 year old sister.

When she took off her nightgown I marveled at her sexy body, her perky breasts seemed to glow as I touched them lowering my mouth onto the nipples, I was enjoying every minute, she pulled me off her tits and layed me on my back.

I cant say I was prepared for what happened next, she started by kissing the head of my cock, then licking and then sucking gently. I have been masturbating since I was 11 so I knew the feeling of the moment of ejaculation and let me tell you she sucked my cock so well that I was at that moment almost instantly.

She seemed to know that, however, she didn’t stop she just went on licking and sucking, fondling my balls, when I told her that I was going to cum she sucked harder on the tip of my penis and I shot what seemed like gallons of man juice all down her throat.

I lay there breathless, and I honestly thought that was it, but she told me to rest for a few minutes and the real fun would begin.

Tana came back into my room a few minutes later and said...“Are you ready for the real fun to start?”. I just nodded and she kissed me again, more aggressively this time and she pulled on my rod until it started to get hard again.

I thought I was gonna get another wonderful blow-job, but, she stopped and climbed over my face and said...“Stick your tongue out.”

I did and she said...“Lick it.” Again I did as I was told and I licked up and down her pussy, it tasted so good her juices flowed and I lapped it up like a dog drinking out of a water dish. “You see this?” She asked pointing at her clit.

I said yes and she told me to lick and nibble on it, I did and she started to moan louder and louder, I must have been doing it right because she started to scream and grind on my face until I couldn’t hardly breathe.

“That's IT! JUST LIKE THAT! MMMMMMMMMMMM LICK IT! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” She cried out. Then a ton of juice almost drowned me, in a good way though I loved every second of it.

She climbed off of my face and kissed me once more then got down on her back and spread her legs I climbed up on top of her and she guided my cock in to her soaking wet pussy, It was so hot and wet I could’ve died right there and died happy.

But I started pumping slow at first to get the hang of it then faster. She was moaning and telling me I was doing great I sat up and put my hands on each of her hips, then slammed my dick in her wet hole as hard as I could, she started screaming, “FUCK ME!” And so I did harder and harder, when I started to get that feeling again she stopped me and got on all fours I took my cock and slid it in her honey pot.

It seemed to go deeper it was soooooo good, I reached under and played with her titties as I fucked her, we fucked for what seemed like an hour when she said “I’m gonna cum Johnny here it cums…..OH FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!" She started to shake and her screams were so loud it was almost deafening.

Then I said I was going to cum. “Pull out and jerk it on my ass!” She said.
I did and came all over her creamy heart shaped ass streams and streams of white sticky stuff.

I fell over exhausted, out of breath and happier than I had been in my whole life. She then told me...“See if that helps."

The next two weeks was more of the same and sure enough it gave me the confidence I needed and I made a lot of new friends (mostly girls), I even joined the football team. It started me on a journey I would’ve never been on if it wasn’t for the love of my sexy sister.


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very hot babe, incest is best

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very nice 8/10. sister fucking is great!

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