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I got my student pregnant. What's her mom gonna do to me?
IHNC 7 Judy Gets Tough

I’m gonna be a father again! I expected my wife and I were probably going to have at least one more child in the future. But finding out my adulterous student who got me to teach her how to be a woman only about two months ago was now already pregnant was a shocker I was unprepared for.

“WHAT?!?” I almost yelled in total shock as Judy Whitmore, Becky’s mom, had confronted me with the news while Becky was at cheerleading practice. I had known she had been out sick from school the whole last week, and looked really nervous earlier today in class.

“I took her to the Doctor last week and was informed that not only was she pregnant, but the blood test showed she’d been off the birth control pills I’ve been buying for her,” Judy said a little more calmly. I’m glad that you didn’t know about it.”

I was still too flabbergasted to speak. Just the thought of all the loads of my sperm I’m deposited into her fertile womb for the last two months, it’s no wonder she was pregnant. I could already feel my cock hardening just thinking about it.

“She must have been all her little plan the whole time,” Judy continued. “Don’t let this worry you. I’ll take care of it.”

“What?” I reacted slowly, still a little stunned from the news.

Judy composed herself and tried to stay proper in this crazy situation, “I’ll schedule an appointment at Planned Parenthood and end her plan before it can break up your marriage.”

She said it so clinically that I couldn’t believe my ears. “What?” I repeated dumbly.

She sighed and explained clearly, “She’s still a minor, and I’m her guardian. I’ll make sure she has an abortion. It’s relatively easy right now still. All we have to do is…”

“NO!,” I said more firmly than I realized, stopping the conversation. “Um… No. That should be her choice. She chose this path. She knows I won’t leave my wife for her, and maybe I need to repeat that to her, but I don’t want you to force that on her.”

The silence lasted for a few moments before Judy smiled and said, “Ok,” softly but with relief. “You’re a better man than even I had hoped for,” she said smiling again as she walked over to me.

She placed her arms around me and hugged me tight pressing her apple breasts into my chest. Then she kissed my cheek and whispered, “Thank you,” before pulling back slightly and looked into my eyes. Her sent was intoxicating at this close a range, and while I don’t remember who started it we were soon beyond caring.

Our lips met and than our hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. She was still dressed in her red satin blouse and black knee skirt from her job, and my hands ruthlessly cupped her tight ass and ground her crotch into mine. Her hands pulled at my butt and back as we tried to devour each other’s tongues. Soon zippers and buttons were being undone in haste, just enough to loosen our clothes to let our eagerly exploring hands reach the destination they so eagerly desired. Her hands found my cock and stroked it through my briefs, while I had pulled her skirt up enough to allow me access to her panties.

We kissed franticly and groped voraciously. In no time her gushing pussy had my middle finger probing it deeply while my thumb pressed firmly onto her enlarged clit making her squirm in my hands. She had poked my cock through the folds of my underwear and had a firm grip on its base as she squeezed it against my pelvis more than stroke it. Meanwhile a few buttons on her blouse were either undone or ripped off to allow one breast to poke through. Her bra had been bushed underneath and I was now greedily sucking and slurping on her teat like one of my own hungry babies to their mother.

It was getting precarious standing so she pushed me back onto the couch and without anymore preamble mounted me and slid my full length into her snatch. While she has got to be almost fourty, easily ten years older than me, her pussy was tight and hot as I could ask for. She didn’t seem any different than any of my other lovers, other than more determined and forward with what she wanted. I’m surprised looking back now that we didn’t break that couch in half with the furious fucking that ensued then and there, but we sure tried to.

We had engaged in sex one time before, with my wife in the room, as her reward for me being an outstanding husband after she had given birth to our twin daughters. That threesome where Rachel had insisted that I use Judy’s pussy instead of her own was one of the most memorable nights I’d ever had. This was different from that. This was pure lust and raw fucking. We hadn’t even gotten undressed. We were in too much desire to wait for small things like that. I grabbed her skirt-clad hips and thrust up to meet her desperate bouncing on my cock with vigor and almost a sexual rage. Her one free breast was flailing about over my face, and instinctually I wanted to lick it more but there was no way of catching it.

She was more silent than I most other girls I’d had, just gasping with little starts and squeaks. Very similar to Becky as it happened, and my brain laughed a little, ‘Like daughter, like mother.’ All too soon the passion in the older version of my newly pregnant girlfriend shrieked and shuddered in orgasm, clamping hard on my cock and grinding into my pelvis with shuddering pleasure. That was all I needed as the whole thing had been so spontaneous it was a real turn on for me as well. I groaned as my malls exploded just after she did, sending a torrent of my swimmers through my groin before firing like a machine gun into the deepest depths of my lovers womb. Even after the first four or five big spurts we shook and convulsed as shot after shot continued to work its way from the core of my being and into hers.

We just huffed and puffed for several minutes before allowing ourselves to part. My softening member plopped from her surprisingly tight pussy with a plop, followed by a sticky trail of my cum onto the sofa cushion and my underwear. Judy smiled and whispered a “Thank you,” again than said, “excuse me,” and left for the bathroom. I cleaned up with a paper towel from the kitchen and fixed my clothes as if nothing had ever happened.

Judy came back in a few moments later, her hair a mess and two buttons missing from her blouse and said politely, “Well. Thank you very much for coming over and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Um… Tomorrow?,” I asked blankly.

She put her hands on her hips and then looked at me again like a teacher and not the man who had just rutted with her. “Tomorrow. Lisa is coming over to join Becky for SAT tutoring.”

“Right…” I remembered. It had slipped my mind with everything else going on.

I could tell she understood, but I think Judy just enjoyed saying what she said next. “Honestly. You don’t think you can get out of doing your job just because you knocked up your student and did your level best to knock up her mother, do you?” The Cheshire cat would have been envious of the grin she then gave me.


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To: Anonymous reader
2014-10-21 01:46:42

Becky was a virgin, has had sex with only ED and is supposed to be on the pill, Christine was a virgin, has had sex with only ED and is on the pill, Becky's mum is obviously clean so I really don't see any need for a condom so stop it with all the condoms give a story credibility

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-21 01:53:33
Can't wait for Ed to split lisa's tight virginal pussy in two. I'm so hot right now.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-21 01:50:24
I agree, the more condoms the merrier.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-21 01:46:42
Err(^_^)...Yeah let Ed spread Stds all around...seriously dude...Ed is on a fuckfest yet no condoms...that's the only thing that doesn't give credence to authenticity . When one read erotica one has this inner need for the written prose to be as authentic as possible.... You're like so engrossed the the story that you think to yourself "damn...this is real"...the characters fascinate you so much that you can almost picture yourself there...but the practice of unsafe sex brings you back to please atleast make an effort to include characterised Ed as an responsible, dependable, caring person so is participating in unsafe sex the actions of a caring responsible dependable person? Enjoyed the story though =D...

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2012-02-09 03:08:18
Good story. Mommy could have three or four children before metapause set's in so keep fucking her and giving her babies along with her daughter and your wife.

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