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I knew it was wrong but i couldn't help but focus on my cousin Joannes tight nipples that poked out of her silk white top.
It was christmas eve and everyone was round my house . Elders in the kitchen and children in the living room. The fire crackled as me my sister Ann and my cousin Joanne were talking and joking like we normally did every christmas. There was not really an age gap between us all, i was 15, my cousin 14 and my sister 16. As we were talking i couldn't help but focus on Joannes tight nipples that poked out of her silk white top. I knew it was wrong but she and my sister were so hot. Both with long blonde hair, the only diffrence was my sister Ann's more developed tits and her hight where as Joanne was quite small with small but firm tits. I was daydreaming thinking of them two rubbing each other with soap up and down each others thighs and licking each overs neck hearing only the faint sound of the elders laughing when i felt a pinch on my arm.
It was my sister,
'wake up sleepy head' she said gigeling.
'Whats so funny' i said laughing
They gigled some more and then pointed to my trousers. I had a huge hard on. It was boulging through my jeans. I blushed and tried to pretend it wasn't there by pulling my t-shirt down over it. They then started teasing me trying to pull my top of. I struggled and went for theres but just then my mum came through, we all quickly sat down pretending we were talking.
'Go and say bye to everybody and be polite, im gonna take nan home.'
Ann spoke out
'Can Joanne stay the night mum?'
'Ok but i want you two to have a shower and be in your pj's by the time im back, have you got any pj's with you Joanne.
'No aunt caroline but i'll be alright.'
'Ok, i'll be a cuple of hours, be good!'
After all that chatter my erect cock had settled down and i got up to say goodbye to all the guests. While i did so Joanne and Ann went upstairs to have a shower.

After all the guests had left i sat dow, put my feet up and stuck the tv on. When i was sure no one was looking i reached into my jeans and started to stroke my penis i was so horny that i was sure i would cum soon and hard and wanked harder and harder until i heard Joannes voice from the shower
'could you fetch us a couple of towels'
I got up and walked to the laundry room and standed there for a few moments till my cock slowly softened. I then walked upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door and as i did so it opened slowly.

'Hello' i said curiously
No one answered i walked into the shower when suddenly fully naked Joanne and my sister grabbed me and started spraying water on me. I slipped and Joanne fell on top of me. She looked into my eyes as my cock pressed against her pussy.
'Ok thats anough' Ann said laughing and grabbed Joanne's waist and lifted her up. I got up took one more glimpse of there sexy bodys and Ann through me out. Still shocked from my experience i stood there for a moment or two and just staired at the door. When the door opened, out came Joanne with her tight black thong and bra on. She slapped me on my ass and I watched her cute little ass go up and down as she walked into Ann's room and closed the door. Just as she did so Ann came out in her a towel wrapped round her chest and pussy showing the whole length of her sexy tanned legs. And as she walked to her room she singnaled with here hand for me to follow her. I did and as i walked into the room they were laying on the bed rubbing each over. I pulledmy trousers down and took my t-shirt and boxers of. My fully erect cock stood upright and i walked over to the bed and got on. Joanne turned over as Ann stuck her pussy in her face. I got on top of Joanne ticked her pussy with my cock and then shoved it in her anus. I pushed harder and harder as she licked Ann's juicy pussy out.
'ahhhh aahh oh yeah fuck me oh yeah!! ' Ann shouted out screaming. I kept on pushing with all my strength till my sticky oozing cum splirted out in her anus. I pulled my cok out and felt her small hard tits while my cum oozed out on her back. She carried on licking Ann's pussy out but now with her whole mouth. Ann let out a scream and layed back as Joanne crawled over to me and stuck my sticky hard cock in her clit. I grabbed a firm grip of her ass and pushed it harder and harder into me. My cock was throbbing but i didn't care i sqeased her bumcheeks as Ann made her way over. Ann layed down facing Joannes anus and started to lick it out. Joanne started to push harder against my cock and harder when suddenly the door opened and there stood in complete horror and shock my mum.

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2015-08-29 22:26:25
Ever heard of spell checker?

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2012-02-12 10:48:12
mZAzAm Youth rock band "Ranetki" says thank you for such a wonderful blog..!


2006-09-14 00:19:36
All I can say is make it longer and a number 2 and oh what did ur mom say haha


2006-01-19 23:27:15
Joanne crawled over to me and stuck my sticky hard cock in her clit. LOL =)

Grammar sucked, sorry, the start of the story was good.


2005-11-26 18:01:24
beginning of the story wsa good end terrible grammar prolbems 1/10 for efort

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