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Twins n best buds III

Ok, so I took paper and won, so its me Taylor on the keyboard with Tris sitting here next to me seeing what I write.

As twins growing up I remember us feeling each others dicks in the bathtub and I remember my mom or dad slapping our hands and telling us that wasn’t a proper thing to do. We had so many sword fights growing up one would have thought we belonged in the Musketeers.

Tris filled you all in on how we got started messing around for real. We both liked it then and still do even now when we have girlfriends and all. Im not sure about other twins but with us it is about being brothers and best buds and sharing the sexual feelings we have for each other. Maybe it was born out of curiosity or convenience but it has continued because we both totally enjoy how good it feels to get each other off.

It kind of blows me away when we are both naked because our bodies are exactly the same everywhere. Standing and facing each other is weird because its like we are looking in a mirror. We both have ok builds. We aren’t buff or anything but we are in good shape. We have played soccer since we were 6 so maybe thats why we have ok builds.

Our dicks and balls are exactly alike to. Whether hanging flaccid or all boned up they look the same. Our dicks are point straight up and out a little when we are hard. They don’t have a curve or a bend in them at all and our balls hang low compared to some of the guys I have seen. We both have mushroom shaped heads and when we get boned they get red and kind of glisten. And we both have some fine fuzz like hair on our asses and now we are both getting some around our holes. I was hoping we wouldnt get it there but I guess all guys do from what I have seen.

When we shoot we shoot about the same amount of cum and our stuff tastes the same. (Yep, we compared it to see.) We both tasted our own and then each others and decided they tasted exactly alike lol. We weren’t surprised since we eat the same kind of foods and all.

The 1st time we had real dates was when we were 16 (after we got our licenses) and we doubled. We took the girls to a movie and then to get some food. On the way home we drove to park so we could park and do some making out. Tris drove going and I drove coming home so it was me and Carey, my date in the front seat leaving the back seat to Tris and his date, Riahn. We were probably parked there for about an hour and then it was time to get home and not miss curfew. We dropped our dates off and then compared notes all the way home. You know the typical guy talk about how it was to kiss. And the typical questions like” So did you get to get a feel?” “Did she feel you down there?” As it turned out we both got to feel some tit but I was the only one whose dick got felt. It was typical guy talk I guess. The difference with us was as we talked I reached over and grabbed Tris’s crotch and told him I would feel him since Riahn didn’t.. Once I had a hold of his boner he reached over and played with mine. We knew right then what we were going to do when we got home.

After we got home and filled our parents in on how the dates went. (You know how it is having to tell mom every detail. Well, not every one I guess) Once mom was satisfied and couldn’t think of any more questions Tris and I said good night and went to bed.

We closed our door and did the thing we did nearly every night. Shirts off and thrown on the floor in the corner followed by our shoes getting kicked off and ending up in the same corner followed by taking off our jeans leaving them on the floor right where we took them off. Tristan always brushed 1st so he did that and I turned on our TV and then brushed mine. By the time I got done Tris was sitting on the bed surfing channels but he stopped when I stood in front of him shaking my boner in my boxers. As soon as I did that he decided any channel would do and he set the remote down and grabbed at the outline of my dick and started stroking it up and down. He made a comment about how the making out had made both of us horny and then he pulled the front of my boxers down and wrapped his mouth around my dick and he sucked me. I could tell that making out had him going big time. He swallowed my dick and worked it good until I stopped him by pulling away. We pulled down the covers on my bed and stripped our underwear off and got in and laid facing each other grinding our boners hard. We were both leaking precum which is something we hadn’t done a lot of in the past

That night we both seemed to get more into it than in the times past. It felt more like we were making love than just having sex. We took turns kissing and licking each others nipples and when I got down to Tristan’s dick I held it and kissed it and teased it with my tongue and lips before taking it in my mouth and working it up and down with my lips.

I slid lower in the bed and licked his balls all over and sucked them. Tris laid there moaning lightly putting his hands on the top of my head as if he was directing me to keep doing it. One his balls were soaked with my saliva I lifted my head and held his dick up and kissed it and before I could wrap my lips around it again Tris stopped me and told me it was his turn.

I laid back and Tris got over me holding himself up with his hands so his dick was right over mine and rubbing on it ever so lightly. We kissed a few times and then Tris kissed my nipples and tickled them with his tongue. I played with his hair and he kissed down my chest and stomach. I could feel his chin on the head of my dick when he stopped long enough to lick my belly button. Then he moved down lower and he held my dick at the base and licked it like it was a sucked. He kissed the head and out his tongue in my piss slit and then he opened his mouth and closed it after he had all of my dick in it. Then he sucked me moving his head up and down. I told him to squeeze my balls a little because I liked how that felt.

Tris sucked me a long time before letting my dick out of his mouth and sliding lower to lick my balls. I jumped when he took one of my balls in his mouth. It felt like a combination of tickle and hurt all at once. I told him not to do that so he stopped and went back to licking both balls.

I told Tris I was getting ready to cum so he twisted around and laid next to me so we could 69. He both grabbed the others dick and stroke them while sucking them and pumping our mouths on them and before I knew it Tris whispered, “Im gonna cum” and then he lets shots of sperm shoot in my mouth. I gagged a little but kept sucking and then wrapping my leg over Tris’s head I shot my load before I could warn him. He choked and laughed when he felt my spurts of cum but he didn’t let me dick out of his mouth. After we were done we laid there just like we were breathing hard and playing with each others dicks as they started to get soft. We crawled in Tris’s bed to sleep since there was some wet spots on mine from us shooting

Next time if Tris lets me write, I’ll tell you about the guy we hung out with when we went to Great Wolf Lodge. Im sure I can tell it better than Tris. I must have done ok with this since Tris got a boner reading it haha.

Thanks for reading

peace & out Taylor

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Age: 15, i wish we were triplets, all these are so good

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