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Feeling Ann’s Little Pussy

…..I met Ann in school. She had the most beautiful smooth skin, hot lips, beautiful eyes, big tits and hot body. Long brown hair that she always kept piled up on top of her head. She was not friendly and kept to herself. She always had a neutral look on her face. I wondered how can I get next to her. I had to get her to smile and notice me was my first plan. I had one class with her, so I passed her a note that said: “Nobody likes you except me.” I watched her read it and watched a smile appear on her face. She turned and looked at me and continued to smile.

.....I did nothing further. She went back to her neutral look. After class I saw her at her wall locker. I walked up and she saw me and turned her back to me. I quietly stood right behind her. Soon she started looking around to see where I was. I moved to keep out of her line of sight. I tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped big and whipped around to see me standing there. Her face turned pink but no smile. I said: “Just because your beautiful, doesn’t mean you can push me around!” That got her and a big smile appeared and a big chuckle.

….That was how we first met. It didn’t take much to make her smile and giggle from then on. She just got dumped by her boyfriend. She said her dad pretty much ran him off. She said she wasn’t into the guy, but sad that her dad didn’t like him. I found out from another girl that Ann had a problem. She was born with a real small pussy, but a big clit. Her clit stuck out and was easily touched from the outside. It didn’t sound like a problem to me, a tight pussy with a big clit sounded hot. I wanted to find out for myself. Now to get a hand in her panties and feel for myself.

….I drove her home one day after school. She had a hot looking mom who warned be about the dad. No boys allowed in the house. He was working in his garage on a vintage car. I went in the big open door and showed a big interest in the old car. He liked that and we talked cool for a while. Ann and her mom were all smiles as they brought us out some ice tea.

…..Night after night I went and helped her dad work on the old car. Ann now came out in short shorts and she looked hot. I ignored her when dad was looking, but snuck looks to a smiling Ann. Soon I went in the house to have a cold drink and dad was cool with it. Ann’s mom like to rub up against me and whisper that she was happy for Ann to have a boyfriend like me. She hugged me as we were alone in the living room. A frontal hug. I put my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. Her knees buckled and she gasp real big. Her hands trembled. She laid her head on my chest and was breathing hard. She slightly rubbed her pussy on my dick, then whispered: (“…oh my god”). She then turned and ran for the bathroom.

…I was to find out later that she had the small pussy / big clit build also. When I hugged her tight, my dick pressed her clit hard and she had an orgasm. The first time I hugged Ann, the same thing happened. Now my trips into the house for a drink were filled with quick pussy hugs from both of them as they both orgasmed.

….Ann’s mom was now helping me make it with Ann. She told me all about Ann, what she liked, she was on the pill, she liked her nipples played with, and what all Ann liked and didn’t like. She told me when dad would be gone and where to park out of sight. She showed me the back way into their house and Ann’s bedroom.

…. The price for all this help….she wanted pussy hugs so she could orgasm. She was fast at it and we would sneak one in all the time now. Ann knew it and just smiled. Mom told me I was her ’in-between-er for when she had sex with dad. Now I had Ann and her mom hot for me.

….. Next, mom was setting it up a time for Ann and I to have sex. She coached me all the way….but there was a little problem. Mom wanted more than a pussy hug now. She first called to let me know that is was safe to come over. When I got there, Ann wasn’t home. She said she got called away for something, but she wanted me to stay anyway. She had on a long house dress with nothing on under it. Of course she wanted a pussy hug, but this time she started feeling me up.

.....Two orgasms later she was real hot and started kissing my neck. She walked us over to the couch and laid on her back. Between taking breaths, she said: “I need to explain some things to you.” She told me about her and Ann’s ’medical’ problem. Small pussy, big clits. She said dad had a small penis and they fit, but I was bigger and she didn’t want her ’little girl’ to have a problem. She lifted her long dress up and showed me her pussy. Damn, her clit was big. She had me put a finger in her pussy and yep, it was tight. She explained: “What you’ll need to do is…suck on Ann’s clit, good and strong. This will make her pussy expand and all should be ok. A…try it …a…on me, ok?”

….I wasn’t about to turn this down and I scooted down between her legs. She spread them wide for me and started feeling her own big tits. I worked over her clit real good and licked her pussy also. “Try it now, I think it will work ok, but put your penis in me to make sure.” she said. I dropped my shorts and crawled op on her. She held my dick and rubbed it around her pussy. She started to moan slightly. She started the head in her pussy and slowly put more in her. I grabbed two handfuls of her big tits. It was a wonderful tight pussy as I began to fuck her. She rubbed her clit and now moaned out of breath. It was like fucking a young girl. So tight and wet. She began to get all excited and wrapped her legs around me. “’s working…oh Yes…OH YES!” Now we were fucking at full speed as she groaned with the pleasure. “Yes baby yes! Deeper baby…take it home…Oh God…YES!”

She was not use to having a dick go that deep and she was going wild fucking me deep. She squeezed her tight pussy down on me as I shot a hot load in her. She yelled “OH BABY!”…and we fucked fast and deep. She squirmed and twisted her body. She kept fucking and squeezing her pussy on my dick. It was awesome as I got weak with all the mega shots I put in her tight pussy……

…..She lay there moaning and squirming for a long time. When she finally caught her breath she whispered: “…oh my god….Ann will love this..” Now my thoughts went to Ann and how good it was going to be…

…..Time passed as Ann and I began feeling each other when it was safe. Mom stood guard as we got in quickies. I wanted to get my hand in Ann’s panties and feel her clit, real bad. When no one but mom was home, I would get a call to hurry over there. Mom and I would go 69 quickie and as I sucked her clit she started sucking me till I came big in her mouth. Her clit would get so big as I sucked it firm. She would orgasm right while I suck it.

……The risk, the sneaking around was awesome. I wanted Ann more and more to fuck her tight pussy, I wanted to feel and suck on her sweet clit.

….. I got a call one day to come over for a quickie. Mom said she heard talk about dad going hunting on a weekend soon, as we all waited.

….. I took mom in Ann’s bed and fucked her right there. That’s when she told me about finding out about dad fucking Ann in the shower. Mom got home early from shopping and heard noises from the bathroom. She slowly opened the door a little. They were standing up and fucking away. Mom quietly closed the door and never said anything about it. His small penis must have fit ok, along with the warm soapy water. Now that I was on the scene, she was getting all the sex she felt she deserved.

….I got a call. Mom whispered: (“..this weekend, after 6pm Friday”) and hung up. My fantasy’s kept me up late that night.

…..I hid my car out back and walked towards the back door. I see 4 big bare tits pressed up against the back door window. Two naked women escorted me to Ann’s bedroom. Ann and I were finally going to get it on. We went into Ann’s room and we undressed each other. She said: “I understand mom told you about our little ’medical’ condition. Would you mind if she comes in to help us?”

….A threesome?…I thought, hell, bring it on.

….She went and got mom and we ’three’ began in for the best threesome I could ever imagine. Those two worked me over good. Sucking my dick, 4 big tits to feel, two tight pussy’s and two big clits to lick and play with. I eventually got Ann so hot she scrambled to get my dick in her. Mom’s hands were all over me feeling my body. I had Ann lay her head next to mom’s pussy so I could suck mom’s clit as I fucked Ann finally. The loud moans were awesome and Ann fucked me hard and fast. Ann and I both rubbed her clit as she began to tremble and pull me in her pussy deep.

..... I gave mom a strong clit suck as I had to cum. We all thrashed and moaned as I flooded Ann’s tight little pussy. Ann squealed and Mom had a big orgasm as I sucked her clit. Ann had her legs wrapped around me and kept pulling me in deep in her pussy, moaning and kissing me.

….We were 3 spent people, but all quietly squirming still. All weekend was almost non stop fucking and licking. The girls got sore, I got sore…but no one complained at all.
…..I rent a room now from Ann’s parents. I work off the rent by working on the old car and chores. I also make mom and Ann both smile….

when dad’s not around…..
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