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Umm - I might have gone a little ballistic writing this chapter, but it was all in great fun, so I had a hard time stopping. For those of you that haven't read Chapter I and II, Robert has learned this thing callet "The Routine" to hypnotize women, and .... well, you really should read Chapters I and II.
Chapter III

There had really been something surreal about his wife sitting on her knees in front of him, her face streaked with cum and her hands massaging the sticky goo into her tits while she addressed their daughter Christine. The girl had obviously been woken by the noise they'd been making and come downstairs to check out what was happening. She'd apparently been shocked by what she saw when her mother greeted her and had run back upstairs like a bolt of lightning.

Damn, Robert thought. This is going to be a problem. Having their teenage daughter around in the house would definitively have an effect on the amount of fucking he had planned to do with his wife in the future.


He sat down on the side of the bed, stroking his daughters hair.

“Are you awake, sweetheart?”

She only stirred and kept her eyes closed, but he could tell that she wasn't sleeping. He figured that she didn't want to talk to him and that there was too much going on in her head for her to sleep, so he kept stroking her hair.

“Look at me honey.”

She opened her eyes, and he quickly did “The Routine” on her; The short string of words, the rapid eye movements combined with physical touch. At least that was what he hoped he did, because he still wasn't sure he'd be able to do it right every single time he tried it. He had to make sure. A little question, an easy one? That would settle it, but what?

“Could you sit up for me while we talk, please?”

She sat up, putting her pillow behind her back and pulling the covers up even though she was wearing a night shirt.

“Anything else, dad?”


“What you saw just now was me and your mother having sex. You will be seeing a lot of that in the future, and I want you to realize that this is a natural thing. That is why I don't want you feeling ashamed of what you saw.”

Chrissy nodded.

“But nevertheless I don't want you bringing any friends over unannounced. If you're going to bring friends over, give us a call first so that we will know, ok?”

“Yes daddy. Is there anything else?”

Chrissy's blanket had slipped down again, and he could clearly see her tiny tits and nipples standing out against her night shirt. He felt his cock stir momentarily, but repressed the feeling almost as once. She was his daughter for Gods sake.

“Nothing sweetheart. Now go back to sleep.”

She just turned around and fell asleep instantly.

Robert felt spent when he went downstairs again to his cum drenched wife sitting on the sofa having a drink and spooning up come with her fingers, putting it in her mouth and rolling it around a little before swallowing, all the time throwing seductive glances at the camera he had left running on the table before her.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, my dear stallion?” she purred and pushed a few fingers up her glistening cunt. He knew he wanted to see her red lips around his cock again, but being totally exhausted from the evenings wild fucking, he just asked her to make him a drink and sat down to enjoy a smoke.

“No smoking inside the house!” she shouted from the kitchen. She actually sounded a little angry, and he just realized that even though she was under his influence, he couldn't do just what he pleased without telling her first that it was ok. He wondered if he should tell her that he could smoke inside the house if he wanted to, but realized there was a good reason for it, so instead he told he to bring his drink out to the back yard.

Just as Joanna handed him his drink, his phone rang. He looked at the display and saw that it was his boss calling. The time was 11:00 so he wondered what he wanted at this hour.

“Why don't you undress and take a swim while I answer this,” he told his wife and took the call.


“Robert. How is your weekend coming along?”

“It's coming along just fine thanks to you, Mr. North. I'm having a nice drink out on the patio right now, and my wife is having a swim.”

“And your project?”

“Nearly finished. Just testing it right now.”

Robert smiled as he watched his wife climb into the pool, completely naked and not a worry in the world about whether the neighbors could see her or not.

“That was fast,” his boss answered. “You have really been working hard, but I'm not surprised. Listen. The reason I'm calling. I wondered whether you were coming in tomorrow or if you needed a few more days off?”

Robert thought about this. It would really be nice to have a few more days to practice his new found skill, but then again his wife would be at work tomorrow. He felt his cock stir as he thought about maybe testing it on some complete stranger.

“I can come in tomorrow if you need me,” he answered, leaving the decision to his boss. There was a short silence while Mr. North considered what to answer.

“Why don't I come over so that we could discuss it over a drink or two,” Mr. North answered and Robert sort of knew what his intentions were. His mind worked furiously as images of his wife fucking Mr. North went through his head, and he decided he liked the thought. He himself was totally spent, but he still wanted to watch his wife being slutty and what better way. Besides, he owed Mr. North a big one after the incredible gift he had gotten from him.

“Sure. Come on over.”

Joanna was still naked, laying on her sunbed with her towel beneath her when the doorbell rang. Robert had also taken a swim to cool off in the hot summer night, but he was wearing a t-shirt and bathing trunks when he opened the door.

Mr. North wasn't alone. With him were two women, one that Robert recognized as Mr. North's busty secretary and another, a tiny Asian woman, that he didn't recognize. She was carrying a bottle of wine.

“You've met Miss Ranger,” Mr. North said as he presented his secretary. “And this is Mrs. Jacobs whom we just picked up outside a liquor store downtown. Say hello to Mr. White, Mrs. Jacobs.”

“Hello.” Mrs. Jacobs took his hand and smiled as Robert lifted an eyebrow and looked questioningly at his boss. “Nice to know you. Will there be anything else, Mr. North?”

“Yes. Please step inside.”

Robert took a step aside to let the guests in and proceeded to show them out on the patio in the back where his wife was waiting. She got up and walked over to greet them all, smiling and not showing a sign of shyness despite of her nakedness. Only Mr. North seemed to pay any attention to her beautiful figure.

“Can I get you anything,” she smiled at her male guest. “A drink maybe, or a blowjob.” This was just what Robert had instructed her to say. He had also told her to do anything that Mr. North asked her to do. If not instructed to do anything she would just sit on her knees in front of his boss.

“A drink would be nice. And maybe some glasses for Mrs. Jacobs wine. The blowjob can wait.” he smiled.

“Certainly,” Joanna answered and went into the house.

“Why don't you girls get your clothes off too? Wouldn't want Mrs. White to be the only one naked here, would we?” he said addressing the women.

“Of course not, Mr. North,” the women answered in unison, followed by a: “Will there be anything else?” after they had shed their clothing on the ground.

The secretary, Miss Ranger, had a set of enormous tits that floated out of her bra as she took it off. She was a curvy woman with a nice shaped ass, blonde hair, and long legs that seemed to go on forever, especially when she was wearing high heels.

Mrs. Jacobs was the quite opposite, a small, slender woman with barely no tits at all, but a face like an angel. Robert couldn't decide whether she was 15 or 35. Probably somewhere right in the middle, he thought. At least she was old enough to buy wine.

Mr. North just matter-of-factly told them to eat each other out, and as Joanna returned with his drink and sat down in front of him, the other two women climbed into a 69 position and started to work on each others pussies. Robert just sat back and enjoyed the show, and Mr. North did the same.

The busty, blonde secretary was on the ground, her milky white skin a contrast to the darker Asian with her black hair, framing the doll like face before it dug itself in between the white thighs of the larger woman. Robert noticed that both women were hairless down there, and again he made a mental note to ask his wife to follow their example. The women were soon starting to moan and rub their sexy bodies against each other while their breathing got heavier.

“I think I will be needing that blowjob now Mrs. White,” Mr. North said after just a couple of minutes. Robert could see that he had started to sport a boner, and had to adjust it.

“Certainly. And please call me Joanna.”

Robert picked up the camera and asked if Mr. White would mind if he taped this. He said that he didn't just as long as it was for personal use only. “Discretion, remember?”

Joanna started by unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning the trousers and pulling the zipper down. She fished out a decent, rock hard 6 inch cock from Mr. North's underwear and instantly gulped it down, resting her lips against his pubic hair as Robert could see her tongue working and her cheeks making sucking movements.

“Wow woman... Careful not to make me come immediately. I need to enjoy this a little longer.”

Joanna released the cock from her hungry mouth, smiled and started licking it slowly instead while Mr. North lifted his glass to Robert and congratulated him on his wonderful wife, and of course in succeeding in learning “The Routine” so quickly.

“You know, there are a number of things this can be useful for. Not only sex,” he stated and pushed Joanna's head down on his cock again. He's just using her as a fuck doll, Robert thought, but he didn't mind. He actually enjoyed the thought of her being used as a thing to fuck for anyone that wanted to drop by. Little Mrs. Decency herself turning sex slave over night. The thought made his cock grow in his pants.

“Mrs. Jacobs?”

Mr. North had obviously noticed the growth in Roberts bathing shorts, because he motioned for the tiny woman to do something about it.

“You can lick Mrs. Jacobs pussy from behind while she sucks on Mr. White's cock,” Mr. North said to his secretary.

Tiny Mrs. Jacobs gasped as she pulled out Robert's cock from its confinement. She took it in her hands and just looked at it in awe as she stuttered something about that thing never being able to fit in her. Looking down at the little woman, Robert had to agree, but he sure as hell would like to try. Seeing that beautiful, small face next to his huge cock was quite a turn on, and he just had to capture it on film. So he turned the camera towards her even though he would also have liked to have more of his wife with another mans cock in her mouth on this memorable piece of movie history.

The tiny woman stuck her tongue out and started to lick on his head. She kissed it, let her tongue go around it, kissed it again and moved both her hands up and down his shaft slowly while licking her way down to his balls. She cupped one hand around them and sucked one of his balls into her mouth, moaning as Miss Ranger buried her face between her ass cheeks and started to lick.

“What a beautiful cock you have,” she said before kissing her way up along the shaft again and up to its head. Her beautiful, dark, brown eyes looked up into his as she said: “I surely hope it will fit in me.”

With that she opened her mouth and tried to fit as much of his cock as she could into it, but only a few inches disappeared beyond her lips.

“You need to go deeper than that, Mrs. Jacobs,” he heard Mr. North saying and the woman got up from her kneeling position and bent forward, trying to change the angle of the cock and plunge deeper down on it with her head. Half of it disappeared this time, and it felt and looked fabulous. What she didn't have in oral skills her hands surely made up for. Dribbling lots of saliva down his shaft, she jerked and milked him expertly.

Robert heard his boss grunting and looked over to see him pushing Joanna's head firmly into his crotch. He turned the camera in their direction and zoomed in as his wife clearly swallowed load after load before lifting her head and smiling up at the man that had just fed her his nectar.

“You have a wonderful wife, Robert. Thank you Joanna, that was perfect. Now go over there and help Mrs. Jacobs swallow all of your husbands cock.”

“Yes Mr. North. And thank you.”

The camera took in Joanna's sexy body as she walked over to Robert, grabbed the little Asian by the hair and put her hand on her throat. As she started to push, another inch slid into her mouth and a gurgling, surprised sound escaped Mrs. Jacobs before she started to struggle back. Joanna paid the struggling no attention and started to move the Asian's head up and down while Robert and Mr. North watched in awe as more inches disappeared, more saliva ran down the shaft and more choking sounds filled the patio.

“Stop struggling,” Mr. North said finally. “You love this, Mrs. Jacobs. Just make sure you don't puke on our friend here. Miss Ranger, grab her hands and hold them together on her back.”

Watching the video afterward, Robert was surprised that the woman had survived the ordeal. The camera had captured her widened eyes and her wide open mouth as Joanna was pushing her head down hard on his enormous cock with one hand and masturbating wildly with the other. Forcing the Asian like this obviously turned her on and the moment the lips touched Robert's pubic hairs, his cock buried deep in the tiny Asian's throat, the wife came in one of her frantic orgasms. She almost fell over, her body pinning the woman's head under her as Joanna's body jerked and shook with pleasure. Mrs. Jacobs body also shook, but that was because her air supply had been cut off by Robert's enormous cock and the struggling and the shock had made her urinate a big spray across Miss Ranger's body.

Joanna finally fell to the ground, still moaning from her orgasm, releasing Mrs. Jacobs who quickly lifted her head, finally being able to breath again.

“Wow, that was awesome,” she panted after finally regaining most of her breath. And then she plunged forward again, making the huge cock disappear impossibly into her face. The only reason Robert didn't come right away was probably due to the fact that he'd already cum twice in the last few hours. Nevertheless he started to feel a tingling sensation in his balls as the woman started to move her head up and down his shaft in an increasing tempo.

“Slow down,” he urged her. “Come sit on it instead.”

“Ride him!” Mr. North commanded, and Robert realized that she was of course not his to command. Mr. North had not told her to take orders from anyone but him, but thankfully the boss understood his need to fuck her before shooting his load. And he looked forward to fucking her hard.

Even though she was dripping wet, pussy juice running down the insides of her thighs, she had problems fitting Robert's cock in her. She struggled for a while, taking her time to get used to the size of it and Robert enjoyed every tight second. Her pussy was milking his head and his shaft, and her face was twisted in joyful agony. It was really obvious that she wanted to feel all of his gorgeous cock inside her, and when she finally made it, plunging down on him with all her might, she let out a long, loud scream that Robert had to stifle with his hands so that the neighbors wouldn't start to wonder. As she sat back, there was an obvious bulge on her flat tummy where his cock was, and as she started to move, they all watched with fascination as the bulge moved up and down with her.

Robert had a problem while this was going on. Even though the sigh of the bulge moving up and down on her belly was absolutely wild, what was even more so was the look on Mrs. Jacobs' face as this was going on. Her mouth was wide open in a silent scream and her eyes, big as saucers, were absolutely white, being rolled back into her head. It only took her about a minute of this to come.

And her orgasm was phenomenal! She started to shake from her crotch and out, and soon her whole body was trembling, the shaking just increasing in intensity until finally she was more or less jumping up and down, her juices gushing from her pussy and again she lost control of her bladder and shot a stream of urine across Robert's chest. Then she passed out.

Robert felt worry as the tiny body fell over, landing limp on his torso, but he noticed she was still breathing, so at least she was alive. The scene had obviously turned Mr. North on, because he was now standing there stroking a rock hard boner. Robert handed the camera to his wife and told her to keep on filming, because from where he was laying, he wouldn't be able to pick up any of the action.

“I really need to fuck this little vixen's ass,” he panted. “Because if I wait until you have had your monster up there, it would be like waving a base ball bat in a tunnel.” He grinned and positioned himself behind the limp body that was now only held up by Robert's deeply buried cock. Miss Ranger had obviously been trained to assist her boss not only in the daily routines at the office, but also in his sexual ordeals. She sucked on his cock to make it wet and slippery, spit in the crack of the little Asian's ass and pushed two fingers in to make sure she was nice and ready. As Mr. North pushed his cock against the anal rose, his secretary spread the woman's ass cheeks and he plunged in.

On Robert's chest, the little woman let out a satisfied moan and as her body started to rock back and forth on both Robert's and Mr. North's cock, her breathing started to get heavier yet again. Robert could clearly feel Mr. North's cock sliding in and out of her ass and the way her pussy walls milked his shaft almost made him go over the edge. He'd had his cock in this little thing for some time now, and it was a wonder he hadn't come already. Trying to think of something else to keep him lasting longer was almost impossible with these three sexy women around and he noticed his wife was still masturbating while watching and filming the show.

Luckily his boss came right then, burying his dick deep in the bowels of Asia, creaming the insides of her poop canal and the rocking stopped, giving Robert a moments pause to relax. And while his wife handed the camera to Mr. North so that she could clean his cock as per instructions, and Miss Ranger sucked the cum out of Mrs. Jacobs ass, Robert looked into the little woman's eyes and asked if she was looking forward to having her anus ripped by his enormous cock.

“I wouldn't miss it for the world,” she smiled and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

As Mr. North told her to lie down on the table, everybody gathered around to watch Robert slide his monster into her. Her legs were lifted and bent down towards her chest, her arms were held down by her sides and Joanna even bent forward to lick and bite on her nipples. The giant cock, now dripping with juice and glistening in the lights from the large living room windows, was pointed against her anal rose and slowly it began to penetrate her. It looked like an impossible task to fit that thing in this little woman, but even so inch by inch disappeared into her until eventually every 8 inches was buried inside her. Robert started to rock back and forth, slowly at first, but then he increased the tempo until his fucking was almost a blur.

That was when Mrs. Jacobs went totally ballistic. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth opened in a silent scream and her body started thrashing about wildly. Everybody had a hard time holding her down as every muscle in her little body tightened. She was spewing juices from her pussy, squirting all over and covering the congregation in the glistening fluids, and finally she started foaming at her mouth. Robert kept his tempo up, slamming his cock in and out of the trembling piece of woman before him, feeling the sensation rise up from his balls, up along the shaft and finally, as he pulled himself out of her shit hole with a loud pop, the huge amount of semen that had threaten to leave his body more than once during this last hour, finally was released.

It is a shame that this can't be be posted on the internet, Robert thought. Because this was the most perfect cumshot of all times. Line after line of hot, sticky, white cum streaked across the woman's torso, hitting her tits, her face, her mouth and even landing on Miss Ranger where she was sitting on the edge of the table, keeping the woman from taking off. The woman was drenched. Robert was exhausted and took a step back to allow room for the two cum hungry sluts who dug into his pools of goo.

“Great job, Robert!” his boss said patting him on the shoulder. I knew you had it in you.

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