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Getting Fucked

The sun coming in my window wakes me of my sound sleep. Before I can focus on anything, I get a knock on my door.
Casey? Are you up?
Yeah Shane. What do you want?
I want to talk to you. Can I come in? My body is very sore. My pussy feels like I had a baseball bat shoved in it. My asshole on the other hand only hurts a little bit. I have cum dried on my petite little body and a bruise on my right arm. Probably from Rick grabbing me.
Yes you can come in I say. Why is he even asking I wonder? Is he gonna fuck me so soon after raping me with his brother? Is he trying to be nice for some reason I cant fathom? Or maybe he thinks it may be a bad idea to go on double teaming his little sister?
Hey! How are you feeling he asks?
Im so sore and I have a fuckin bruise from you.. See!! I angrily respond.
Shit Im sorry Casey. Look, I dont want you to be mad at us. Let me make it up to you.
How? Are you gonna stop abusing me??
Let me take you out tonite. Im going to a party and it will be fun. We will play volleyball and horseshoes. They have a pool too. I will even let you have one drink if you want, just you cant tell dad.
I dont know Shane. I can hardly move. Let me see how I feel later today.
Ok he says. If you need anything, let me know ok?
Hmm... this seems fishy to me, but I love volleyball. And if he will let me have a fruity drink that would be cool.
Dad should be home tonite with Tommy. Im not sure what to tell Tommy. He is practically in love with me. I have to admit, the sex we had was so much more emotional than with rick and Shane. I would much rather lay with Tommy. Hell Id much rather if Id just been a good girl and kept my fuckin legs closed. I should of just let Tommy go play his stupid video games and watch tv than try to seduce him. Now Im in way deeper than I can fathom. But maybe Shane is genuine and wants to be nice. Hopefully he will never try to fuck me again.
I spend my day cleaning the house a bit before dad gets back. Shane has gone out, and Rick is just sitting there watching tv. To my surprise hes been kinda nice.
I decide I will go to the party. Rick and I chit chatted about it and he told me there would be other girls there I could hang with. So it seemed cool, and I made my way upstairs to shower. It felt great to wash off all the sperm that had dried on me. I just stood still and let the hot water run over my naked body.
It felt wonderful to rub the soap up and around my pert round tits. My nipples give in so easily as they stick out like stiff little nubs. My shoulder length blonde hair just sways back and forth across my back, gently massaging me. I rinse the soap off and step out of the shower. I look at myself in the mirror. I am very "hot" I guess as Shane said. My deep blue eyes really brighten my whole face. Im happy to have a flat tummy knowing that after having kids, it will probably get fatter.
I dry off and get my clothes out. I want to dress sexy, but I should be more conservative I guess, especially after what happened yesterday.
I put on a nice pink pair of silky thong panties. They have a little frilly lace along the edge. I love how they feel on my sex. I have a matching bra that really shows off my tits. I guess sexy tits isnt too much to show. I put on a nice red blouse and a pair of jeans.
I put on a little make-up and headed downstairs. Rick is on the phone, and Shane isnt around. Rick hangs up and tells me we should go and meet Shane. Supposedly hes at the guys house whos party it is helping out.
Rick has just gotten a car my dad bough himt. Its a piece of junk really, but it gets him around. As Rick drives, I paid no attention as to where we are going. Ten minutes later we pull up to a real shithole. Who is this that Shane knows I ask Rick?
I dont really know, someone he works with Rick told me.
To my surprise, the backyard was kinda nice. They even had the volleyball net up as Shane said they would. There were about 20 people there, all around Shanes age it looked. I saw 3 girls standing over by the pool. I made my way over and noticed as I got closer that the poo lwas empty. No big deal as i hadnt brought my suit to swim anyway.
So I introduce myself to the girls. They are nice and in their twenties.
So your Shanes sister right? the girl asked
Yeah. Rick is my brother too. Stepbrothers actually.
Oh. Well have fun. They have drinks inside, go get something. says the one girl.
I make my way into the house to see about my drink. Shane sees me and comes over. Hey Casey, come with me and sit down in here. He leads me into a nice big room where there are about 10 people hangin out drinking. Do you want a drink he asks? Yeah ok I say.
Shane went to get a drink for me when this big black guy comes over to me. Hello little one he says. This is my place here, Im Derrick.
Hello I shyly respond to him. As I look around I finally notice that all the people in the room are black men. Big black men at that. I start to feel very uneasy and go to get up, when Derrick stops me and tells me Shane is coming with my drink and I should relax. I notice in the corner of the room are cameras and film stuff i guess it is. What is all that stuff Derrick i ask? Oh that? Its what i do. Im a photographer.
Oh i see i reply.
Finally Shane shows up with what I hope is a real stiff drink, seeing as how Im now scared out of my mind. Shane sits next to me and says we are gettin a volleyball game together soon. Great i say as i swill down my glass of booze. Mmm.. this is good Shane. Great glad you like it.
As people come and go I notice Derrick closing up a set of sliding doors that now make up a wall to the room we are in. The only way in and out is by the small door on my right. I cant help but feel a little horny but know I should be concerned. My drink is gone and i ask for another. Shane said no as one is all I can have. Cmon Shane... Please? I beg. No I told you!! Fuck it I think, I will get my own. I go to stand up and my legs just give out beneath me. Shane catches me and lays me down on the couch. See I told You! Only one drink Casey. Im on my back looking up at the ceiling. It seems to spin ever so slowly. I cant focus well but I can hear a lot of comotion going on in the room around me. The lights seem to dim, and one of the guys brings me a big glass of water.
I sit up and drink it down. thats when I notice a large pull out bed over on the other side of the room. Whats that for? Oh, just in case someone drinks too much they can crash there.
I lay back down and close my eyes. I feel dizzy, yet full of energy. my breathing is heavy as i can hear it in my head.
I guess I passed out for a while when Derrick comes over and wakes me. He helps me up and I can just walk.
Come over here Casey he says, as he sits me down on the bed. Lets take off you rblouse so you can get some air. He undoes the buttons for me and I slide my arms out of it. I flop back on the bed and half pass out. I feel myself being pulled up and onto the bed. I feel someone pulling down my zipper opening my jeans and pulling them down. It feels much better to have the cool air on my skin. I can feel my heart pounding away inside my chest just beneath my breasts which are now being set free from their confinement. The lights get pretty dark and I can hear a few people whispering I think. The bed sinks in next to me and I feel a hand rub my breasts. Nice and slow it goes around and around my nipples. I feel the heat building in my nipples which immediately sends a signal to my pussy to soak itself. NO.... I whimper. Please stop... drunk.
My pleas go unheard. I feel a wet tongue reach to my nipple and it feels wonderful. Slowly he works his hand down my tummy to my pussy. He rubs it through my silky panties nice and firm. Oh God Yeah I whisper! Oh What the hell did I whisper I ask myself? No... please stop I say. Dont touch me... leave me alone...
No matter what i say, the hand at my pussy is wet with my nectar, and it has begun to remove my last barrier. I feel someone else take hold of my panties and pull them off my legs. The guy rubbing me gets between my legs and pushes them apart. I have no will and just let him split me so he can get access to my soaking wet pussy. I feel a hand grab each of my ankles and what seemed like a loop of cloth wrapped around it. My ankles are let go and the loops around my ankles are pulled down towards me tight. I am now spread wide open with no willpower at all. I can feel the cool air on my asshole and now realize that it is very vulnerable. The light come on bright, and i notice many guys standing around me. Many Black, Naked guys at that. The guy between my legs lays down and starts to eat my pussy. Oh God please dont I beg. I know after just a few minutes I will not be able to resist. Please dont do that i beg him. Oh God please... please uhhh.. uhhhh..emmmmmm Oh God...ple....plea....uhhhh..uuhhhhh oh..Oh God ...Oh God Yes Please dont stop I beg as he drives his tongue up into my sopping wet pussy. Two mouths decend on my tits and suck greedily at my nipples. Im on fire. My body has an orgasm building and im getting close. The tongue in my pussy works it way down to my asshole and slowly begins pushing inside me. It feels incredible. Oh Yes, tongue my asshole I tell him. Oh Yeah, Thats it, oh yeah.. i moan. Using his finger on my clit with his tongue now buried up my ass and two mouths on my tits sucking feverishly, sends me into oblivion. I come hard as the guys continue to suck on me. my body becomes very sensitive and I beg them to stop, but they keep sucking at me. Oh God you have to stop as I buck uncontrollably. Please..Uhhh..Uhhh...Uhhh Oh God, your killing me. But they sucked on my tits and my asshole harder and harder sending my whole nervous system into chaos. I bucked hard and came again. UUUHHHHHHOHHHHHH GOD!! Oh God, Im Cumming again I scream. This time fluid again shoots out of my pussy. My asshole clenches down on the tongue massaging it. My whole body convulses like im possesed. Finally they let me come down from my high and the guy between my legs crawls up atop me and lines his cock up with my pussy. This is the first black cock Ive ever had. Slowly he rubs the head of his cock up and down my soaking pussy. Please fuck me I beg him. Im so hot i have to have his cock deep inside me. Deep inside is what i got when he pushed his way passed my sweet lips and into my body. I felt him ram up against my cervix just as rick had done. He wrapped his hands up under my ass and lifted me to be able to drive his whole cock way up inside me. Faster and faster he went. Oh yeah thats it, fuck me baby, I moan. Fuck me hard, fuck me as hard as you want I moan. As he pounded away at my pussy, two cocks were shoved into my face. i took one at a time, sucking them in as far as I could. The guy on my right pulled out and told me to open my mouth, I did as he aimed his dick down at my mouth. My head is being pushed up, over and over again as the guy fucking me pounds his weight into me. I put out my tongue and my first taste of black cum flows out into my mouth. He keeps cuming and cuming. Soon I have a whole mouth full of black seed. I swallow it down as the next guy gets ready to come in my mouth. His shoots out hard right to the back of my throat. The guy fucking me tenses up and deposits his load deep inside me. It felt good to feel his cum wash down my burning pussy. He climbed off as I swallowed my second load of the night. Another guy climbs on the bed and lines his cock up and just pounds away at my pussy hole. His dick is wider than than the last, but not as long. he is fucking the shit out of me, taking my breath away when another cock is pressed to my lips and shoots all over my face. I open my mouth and catch a stream of his cum as my pussy gets flooded again with sperm.
I feel my legs being let go as Derrick lays down on the bed. Im helped up and onto his cock. He grabs my hips and fucks himself with me. He is strong and just lifts me with ease. I feel a hand at my back pushing me foward. Im pushed all the way down onto Derrick and I feel a finger jam a glob of lube in my asshole. Next I feel a large cock head press against my ass. Derrick stops tossing me as the guy behind my just pushes his fat cock way up into my ass. It hurt like hell as he started fucking me hard not givivng me a chance to relax. Derrick started thrusting and then they both fucked me hard together. Another guy stood up next to me and fed me his cock. It was the smallest one yet. I was able to suck him all the way in. I started to buck back against the large cock that was stretching my tight asshole to its limit. I pushed hard and got all of his cock way up inside me. I was building to another orgasm when the guy up my ass came hard. I could feel his cum just coat my guts. He pulled out and was replaced by another. This went on for more than an hour as these black guys fucked the hell out of me. I drank a gallon of cum it seemed and my pussy and ass just ran with cum. Finally I was done. i lay there wasted. My pussy was wrecked, and my asshole was gapping open. Cum leaked out of me as if I was a leaky faucet. Most all the guys left but 3 or 4. They were busy with the equipment so it seemed. I guess they filmed my rape. But They werent done as I thought. I was picked up and tied over a padded desk or something. My kness were on the floor, tied way apart to the desk legs. My hands were tied around under me to my knees.
I felt a finger press into my asshole. It pushed in and out rather fast. Then another. Two fingers working into my ass. When they seemed to fit another finger was pushed into me. Three fingers working into my ass fast and deep. Soon a fourth and then his hand were pushing into me. He reached around my waist to hold me as he pressed and twisted his hand driving it deeper into my rectum. It began to really hurt and I cried out. Oh God your splitting me open, please stop... Stop it hurts so bad. But he kept pushing into me, with more force and more desire than I had to stop him. I felt my asshole stretch far beyond its limit as his fist finally was swallowed up by my body. The feeling was so intense. I was on the verge of cumming and passing out from the pain. He kept pushing into me. Farther than Shanes cock had gone as I feel the need to pee badly. Finally he stops and starts to pull out. Thank God I think as I feel his fist again pulling out and stretching my little asshole way open. Just as he is almost out, he punches it into me again. I shake in the terrible pain and cry uncontrollably. Oh God please stop.. I beg. Im crying and begging as he pushes his hand further up into me. He pulls back again and punches it back into me. Faster he goes as he keeps fist fucking me. Im in massive agony as he pushes into me and I feel my guts move inside my tummy. I feel him reach very far up into my body. I can feel pressure on my stomach from the inside. I think he has most of his arm in my asshole. I hear snapping noises and flashes. He pulls back out a little and pushes in even more. I feel my asshole being stretched again, which means he must be up to his elbow in my asshole. He keeps pushing and thats when the pain was too great and I passed out.
I awoke some time later. I had no feeling at all in my asshole. Was it even still atatched I wondered. I was still tied to the desk when I heard some talking.
Someone came over to me as I saw a shadow. He reached out and slapped my upturned ass really hard. OOOWWW... I screamed.
Yup shes back I hear him say.
He stands behind me and shoves his cock right up my ass. The pain was terrible. I knew begging would do no good so I just took it. My asshole was on fire. He pumped into me fast and came quickly.
I hoped it was over when I heard a clickity sound kinda like a dog walking on the wood floor....



2016-03-16 10:13:38
This is a great story but sould it really be tagged as true?

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2012-01-25 04:43:40
Eh. Had its strong points and weak points. Cant wait for part four though

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2011-07-22 08:28:24
U wrote dis already

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best part so far keep it up(.)(.)

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