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Miss Reynolds gets new breasts, four of them
Ms Reynolds new breasts

Part One.

"They come from the state corrective institutions, mainly," He said.

Rows of them, each in an individual cage, identical, flat chested Orientals only the feet gave the former gender away, each naked, the skin taut and smooth from waist to the gap between their legs, a sexless expanse of pure hairless skin, strangely erotic in a bizarre sort of way.

"Lifers, or from death row, mainly drug dealers these days," he continued, standing there in his pin striped suit looking more like a stockbroker than a medical doctor, " This batch have been used as doners and they will now do mine clearance work for the local government" he continued.

"It's inhuman." I muttered.

"I prefer sub human," he said, "but come see the finished product."

He opened a door, I stopped stock still in surprise.

A pink animal with a once pretty human face lay on its back, its three rows of breasts exposed to view. It's legs splayed wide to allow the lowest breasts to occupy its crotch, An animal more pig-like than human, a pig with a girls head.

"This is Daisy forty three," He continued, "a triple udder milker, obviously the top two breasts are originals, and the others came from doners, you can see that all six teats are fully operational indeed it was I myself who personally developed the technique." He beamed as if he expected some form of adulation in place of the revulsion I felt.

He continued, "We are world leaders in nerve grafts here, we splice the nerves together, you see that is the beauty of this, by careful tissue matching the udders are real milk producing organs not just cosmetic."

Two like sagging DD breasts, two more high on the abdomen and two low down, a human cow, which looked like a human pig.

"She doesn't actually produce milk does she?" I asked horrified.

"But of course, I shall show you later," he replied proudly.

My gaze went down to her groin, the lowest breasts hung where I expected pubic hair and a vaginal opening.

"Where is her," I could not get the word "Cunt" out.

"Sex, oh she has none," he explained, "She has been hysterectomised and the waterworks plumbed into the anus, I moved her clitoris there as well so she can derive pleasure from sodomy."

I threw up, the contents of my stomach boiling from me to pool on the damp floor in a stinking brown mess.

"Bulliminoids, we have Bulliminoids, they evacuate their digestive system by vomiting, they have no arses or penis or waterworks of any kind, another speciality of mine, he said proudly.

My guts ached, perhaps he was already planning how I should become a Bulliminoid.

"So, that is the milker option, forty three is still on a mixed diet, but fully operational milkers have their own diet and lifestyle, come and see."

He led me to a large low modern factory building, he unlocked a red painted door and showed me inside, I found myself standing on a viewing gallery, the floor was some ten feet or so below, looking down on a herd of what appeared to be largely six breasted hybrid woman / beast / milkers, they were at one end of the building kneeling in line, apparently eating a great mound of wood chips which filled the whole width of that end of the building.

I gasped as I saw the one nearest me had its upper and lower legs bound together so the feet were beside the hips and each walked on it's knees, which were encased in long black coloured thigh length boots., I saw it had just two grotesquely enlarged breasts but the one next to it had the full six breast treatment and its legs were splayed hideously the thighs almost horizontally splayed to the sides to clear the lowest set of breasts, the lower leg only holding it off the ground.

"They eat sixteen hours a day, turning wet wood chips into milk, they try to resist initially but the hunger takes over," he seemed quite serious.

"What," I asked incredulously.

"Oh yes," he said "there is so little nutrition that all they can do is eat continually, except when they go for milking."


"Yes come and meet Helga." he suggested, "our shift milkmaid."

He led along the walkway, I saw an area of dry straw and troughs of dirty water set into the floor, every now and again a disgusting jet of liquid shit blasted from the rear end of a beast while they ate on oblivious to everything.

The walkway ended at the end wall of the building and we passed through a door leading to a vertical ladder, "Beast proof" he said. "Helga," he shouted as we descended, to the lower level.

"Yes Doctor," she replied, "I'm here Doctor Richards."

"I have Ms Reynolds, can you give her the tour please, I'll be in my office."

"Certainly," she said looking at me curiously and as I looked round, Helga followed my gaze, "A low level walkway leads to the beast area, a low one barely five feet high, in fact two, one each side of the building,leading to the milking station." she pointed and under one end of what I had supposed was the mound of wood chips was a white glazed area with metal barred pens.

She pointed to a beast in one corner, "This is seventy two." It was on its knees with its filthy shit streaked backside towards me, and the suction cups on its six nipples were pulsating to the milking machines rhythm.

"Forty Four is ready, I just hosed her off, you can lead her through if you like, Helga led me through to a wet zone where a beast waited, this one was different, its dark hair neatly coiffured, lips reddened, it's green eyes showing vague interest, I even thought I recognised her from somewhere.

"She's prime fuck cow at the moment," Helga said as she handed me the end of the leash attached to the beast's collar. "The Lip treatment is a tattoo," she explained. "And we had a gentleman so I did her hair, I mean it's hair." she corrected herself, "Pull her round to station three."

The middle pen was numbered three, I saw there were huge breast enveloping cups connected to the machine by long lengths of tubing, instead of tiny nipple diameter cups of the other stations.

"We'e still expanding her titties so she has suction twice each day, guide her in." Helga ordered, she handed me a broomstick, making sure I grasped the clean end . "You'll need this to calm her."

The beast held back. "Use the stick" Helga ordered.

I went to hit the beast with the stick but Helga shouted. "No, you don't hit her with it, it goes up her bum."

I changed tack and placed it against her anus and started to push, but to my surprise the shaft slid neatly and easily within her. "Move it around, Ms Reynolds, get her in the mood."

"Ooh that's nice." The beast spoke. "Quiet forty four, have they fed you chocolate again?"

"Yes mistress." Forty four nodded. "Sorry Mistress."

Helga sighed "They get eating high calorie food on fuck duty and it stimulates brain activity, it really is a nuisance," she told and then she asked me to attach the cups, they were already sucking lightly so it was just a case of making her comfortable.

Helga flicked a computer screen on, "Ah, you two may have met, she was Dolores at the Blue Flamingo, in Paradise Ohio."

My legs buckled, the hair was no longer blonde, and her figure was destroyed but I realised that she was indeed like an older version of the Dolores who was shift manager at the Flamingo when I had uncovered their re use of tickets racket.

"Hello Dolores." I greeted her weakly.

"Forty Four, Prime Fuck Cow." she announced proudly like some two year old.

"Yes Prime, Prime Fuck Cow," Helga repeated. "It's the chocolate." she explained to me, "they are fine on the low calorie high bulk diet but suddenly someone gives them chocolate and the endorphines kick in and wham the get vocal and dissatisfied.

"How do you start this process," I asked naively "Surely the girls resist?"

"The procedure is well tested" she said, "in fact I can demonstrate if you like, come through to the reception chamber."

I followed meekly,through a door and down a long corridor or was it tunnel paralell to the main building, the sound of my heels clopping on the solid concrete floor, echoed around the confined space,and I felt the cool air on my bare legs as my knee length skirt swished arond in the confined space.

Helga said she would show me the process but first we must take off our shoes and wash our bare feet in disinfectant, "Just step through the trough" she said "leave your hand bag on the Table with your shoes and hose with it will be fine there." she said.

The trough was under the door between the room and the main building, placed in the doorway so ensuring that everyone washed their feet before entering,

I placed my Hand bag and stylish black open toes high heels on the table as indicated and as Helga struggled with her thigh boots she said "Just a moment these are being a pain." she finally managed to pry them off, pulled up her Trousers to the knee and pushed a button on the wall, an aerator churned the white liquid in the trough and she walked through the shallow trough to the other room.

The aerator stopped and Helga invited me to, "Come through," so I stepped into the trough, it just never occurred to me that the thick milky opaque substance was anything more than a few inches deep,

"Miss Reynolds." Helga distracted me at the crucial moment, I stepped down, suddenly the liquid was up to my knee, and the hem of my skirt was submerging, I was falling forward, then in a rush of bubbles I was falling, face down in a water filled grave, the chemical stung my eyes.

"No, not that one Miss Reynolds that is the body dip. Oh god." I heard Helga panic. she appeared before me as I surfaced gasping, I was in the room with the human cows, "Oh my god" she panicked as she dragged me from the pit. "I'm so sorry. that is the body dip."

She helped me out and had me sit down, there was a towel for drying feet and she started to clean and dry my face, "You better get out of those clothes, quickly before it burns."

I helped her with my soggy skirt and the tiny buttons on my now ruined blouse, and she loosened the bra strap and helped me with my panties.

"Stay there, I'll get some things, dry yourself quickly, God, I'm so sorry" she lied.

"I'll get these washed and find something fresh." she lied again as she scooped up my clothes and rushed away.

It took maybe half an hour before I realised I had been processed, no one was going to come back for me, I was naked, in a room with twenty or more freaks and hybrids, many with two extra rows of breasts, one or two with merely obscenely enlarged standard breasts but all intent on eating,

I looked around, "Helga," I called. My voice echoed around, I saw the surveillance camera turn towards me, but nothing happened.

I checked the doorway and I saw the liquid was now clear, and there was a metal grille folded neatly to one side of the deep trough, the large actuator mechanism clearly visible. I realised Helga had walked on the grille then retracted it to trap me.

I could see I would simply drown if I tried to escape. The doors to the milking chamber seemed the next logical place to try, but the return doors had nothing to grab on to to open them and a queue of girls/beasts what ever waited along the tunnel beneath the walk which led to the milking stalls, I tried jumping up to the upper walkway but it was too high.

I was too angry to cry, how on earth could I have been so stupid?

I noticed the Girls, were they girls? sometimes left their eating to drink from the troughs set into the floor. troughs, drains, surely their waste fouled the water? then I realised there was a slight depression in the floor a fouled area between the clean trough area and the eating area.

Inevitably I wanted a wee and I hid in the corner under the walkway and tried.

"No, Use the foul Area." the Tannoy boomed.

A small Asian man carrying a huge whip appeared on the walkway, he expertly slashed it across my side, the pain was unbearable, I realised it was not just leather but it was giving me electric shocks as well.

"Foul, Foul." he screamed. I stood up. "Fours Fours." he screamed, and as the pain seared again across my other side, I dropped to my knees and crawled to the foul area behind the other beasts.

I couldn't do it. I decided to wait for darkness.

I woke hours later, I was face down in a mess of fouled wood shavings, the tranquillser dart still protruded from my hip, my throat was parched, and my stomach ached, I had never known such hunger, it was as if I had not eaten for weeks..

"Legs up" the little Asian was a few feet away, stun gun at the ready.

"What?" I asked groggily.

"Feet by Bum like others."

I tried but it hurt and my knees grazed on the floor.

"You want boot. make easy?"

"Yes please." I replied hopefully.

"Then I must put collar, do you agree?" he asked.

"Yes, Collar ok." My fuddled brain saw a chance of escape.

He produced a wide leather collar and clamped it around my throat then he attached a leash.

"Walk feet this once." he said and led me towards the door through which I had entered.

A steel plate now covered the trough through the doorway, and two Asian women awaited me, both middle aged, both dark haired both wearing white smocks.

"You want boots?" the older one asked.


"Fifty Dollars American, you sign please." she added.

I signed my name, on the Visa slip. I barely felt the injection, but the sensation of my legs buckling was real enough, and the three of them lifted me onto the low table.

I felt them manipulate my legs as I lay face down, lashing my ankles to my upper thigh.then the cool feel of the leather as they slid the new boots over my knees.

I felt a buzzing and realised with surpise that an electric stitching machine was actually stitching the boots together around me, and then the younger girl covered my hands in talcum powder and slid gloves on my hands, mittens, my fingers did nor reach anywhere near the end of the fingers but when she said "Make a fist" they pulled the fingers right back and stitched them to a flap of leather on the palm so I could not straighten my fingers.

"Make walk on knuckles easy." she said, "Dip hand in bucket, put lot rubber on, cushion it for you."

She indicated a bucket full of bubbling foul smelling warm liquid rubber and helped me to dip my fists into it.

The rubber dripped and then started to solidify, she made me dip them again and again until the rubber built up to a thick crust.

I still felt groggy but they lifted me down to the ground. there were already rubber pads on my knees but the Asian man tipped the liquid rubber into a shallow bowl and helped me to dip my knees in it as well.

They lay me on my back as the rubber hardened.

"You want gum shield, protect teeth, or you want false when others wear down?" the younger woman asked. "Lots of eating."

"Gum shield, yes." I muttered.

She must have been a dentist, she made me clamp my teeth together, and I watched her check through a drawer of shields until she found something the right size, top and bottom components fitted easily and then she smeared paste over them.

"Close together tight and hold." she ordered. as the glue hardened permanently encasing my pearly white teeth in a plastic protector, "And open."

Her tiny hands caved away the surplus glue and she did something to my tongue, I realised to my horror that something was trapping my tongue to the floor of my mouth.

"Very sharp, must not chop tongue off," she explained.

I became aware someone else had entered the room.

"Is it ready, Aisa?"

"Yes Miss Helga, Stage One." the woman replied.

"Then mark her up as 68P" Helga suggested.

"With Brand" she asked.

"No, P provisional, In Ink." Helga ordered, and she took her felt tip pen and marked me on both buttocks 68P

"So Ms Reynolds, How are you enjoying your stay."

"Scchhwanobobflkat" I stated firmly but unintelligably through my gum shield.

"Good," Helga said, "Now eat well, in fact the food is so low in calories I suggest that you just eat all day."

I stared at her.

"We'll give your tits a little vacuum suck later then make a decision on them but welcome to Thailin." She nodded to the Asian man and he dragged me away.

Walking on all fours was much easier now, the rubber had a lovely spring to it. and the man dragged me to a space between two other girls at the mound of food.

I dipped my head, it was like sawdust, wood shavings, my jaw began to ache, I heard saw and smelt the girl next to me shit herself, she just kept eating, I realised she was one with no sex, just one hole left to shit and piss through, her three sets of breasts looked uncongurous but I realised she did not walk on her knees, instead she was one of the ones with the legs splayed out almost horizontally from her pelvis and her feet were actually in knee length boots. it looked horribly painful, but her lowest breasts filled the area of her crotch so the legs needed to splay wide to get around them.

I felt a real sense of fear, fear was good, it made doing a wee easier.

The girl the other side of me. seemed to be trussed up like me, except her breasts, just the two, hung almost to the floor, bound with wide leather straps along their upper parts it was as if they were trying to stretch them down as much as possible,clearly they were indeed trying to make the boobs droop.

"Miss Reynolds.Twenty Four Hours." Helga informed me.

I had been at Thailin for one day, I arrived in a chauffeur driven car for a routine inspection, a car from my Hotel by the airport where I landed in the Company's far east division's Lear Jet after changing from a scheduled 747 at Singapore, I was supposed to be having a fitting for my new ball gown tomorrow and yet I was condemned to a life as a sub-human animal and I did not know why.

I felt hungry, the food was confusing my metabolic system, so much food, so little energy, so I ate just driving my face into the pile and chewing as fast as I could.

My belly swelled visibly and my stomach ached, Helga singled me out on one of her inspections, "Cramps." she asked.

I nodded,

"On your back." she ordered and as I rolled over she pushed a large syringe full of foul smelling liquid in my mouth and pushed the plunger down forcing it down my throat.

I felt worse, so much worse, I just lay curled in a ball.

I tried to scream, but instead I farted, not just a fart, I heard the splash of liquid, I was shitting liquid shit, but I felt better, hungry but better, I started eating again, eat furiously then as the pains started the shit flew, I just kept eating, in one end out the other, the wood chips were just moist enough for me not to need to keep drinking.

Helga took me to Milking Station Three, I would say next day but the lights stayed on all the time so I don't know, she pushed me down and ran the suction on my breasts for a while, I was too hungry to care, but then they bound my breasts with rope to make them hang more awkwardly and obscenely, with a clothes pin on each nipple.

I don't know when they came for me, but the little Asian led me through the reception room and into a horse box, I lay naked and hungry on the floor as I was driven away but nothing could have prepared me for my destination, a field, full of lush grass.

My little Asian man led me down the horsebox ramp and showed me my new home, a field surrounded by a razor wire fence ten feet high "You eat grass,"he said, "Very tasty very nutritious" normally I would hae attacked him and escaped but I was so hungry that the grass looked lovely and soft and green and within seconds I was ripping great tufts and chewing it ravenously, he was right it tasted lovely.

I had no cover, I would freeze at night, roast in the day and get wet when it rains.

I stopped thinking, I was too hungry to think.

It grew dark, but I ate by moonlight, eating shitting everything like a blur.

Four days and nights, constantly hungry always eating, then I heard voices.

"Here sixty eight, want chocolate." a mans voice.

Sixty eight that was me and I was so hungry I would do anything for a bar.

I nodded.

"Lie on your back and spread your legs, then I give you half a Yorkie bar" the voice said. s I rolled over, I really needed that chocolate.

"Or for a for a Fuck up the ass it's a whole chocolate bar ok." the voice continued.

I never allowed anyone access to my bottom, indeed I had not really had a boyfriend since I joined the company after university two years before, but I really wanted that Chocolate.

I nodded, and struggled to get the right way up again so he could get at my bottom.

"Stephens you bastard." another voice said.

"You made the bet Mortimer, ten thousand dollars that I could not get Ms Reynolds to let me fuck her ass for a Yorkie Bar within twenty eight days."

"You've not done it yet." Mortimer insisted.

"Details," Stehens complained but I was incensed.

"Chokut fust" Chocolate first, I managed to grunt through my gum shield and imprisoned tongue.

It tasted like nectar from the gods as he fed it to me, a Far east clone Cadbury's Yorkie Bar, not as good as the ones I used to eat when at Cambridge university possibly but after wood chips and grass it was glorious, but but the flood of endorphins brought realisation of my situation, Stephens a low grade manager from Florida, about to fuck my ass, a guy I would never have even eaten lunch with, I was incensed.

"Wipe the shit off, oh christ its got its period." Stephens insisted.

I never realised, I just cried my eyes out in shame and humilliation, then I felt them wiping me roughly with coarse rags then his warmth and then his cry of agony as I kneed him right in his erection, I swing round and charged him ur heads clashed and it was dark when I woke.

I was sore, he had taken my backside, that was obvious from the pain, and I guessed my sex as well, judging from the dull ache, I lay looking at the stars, but found myself wishing they would come back again.

The small Asian came for me, he dragged me away, I was too hungry to go but he kept whipping my backside until it bled, left buttock then right in sequence breaking me down.

This time it was an open truck with slatted sides, he dragged me up the ramp and tied the leash to a bolt on the frame then he drove like a lunatic.throwing me around the back of the truck as my rubber pads scrabbled for grip.

The Village was the worst, he slowed right down so every native could see me, there was no hiding place, the menstrual blood and shit told it's own tale of humilliation, I just stared right back at them.

The truck drove straight in through the main gate and stopped outside the reception, was it barely a week ago that I had stepped elegantly form the car to meet Dr Richards and the other company employees? Now they dragged me down the ramp on a leash, naked and filthy while native employees looked on giggling.

The Asian man dragged me through the side entrance avoiding the plush carpeted foyer, so I did not stain it with excretions, then together with the two white coated women they took me to the room where my boots had been fitted, they sent me down in a goods lift while they walked down the stairs. The lift door swung open and there they all were.

Dr Richards was waiting, he checked me with a skin one chart and then one of the Asian women I saw before brought a gagged and bound woman in, her features oriental, her arms bound behind her, her legs shackled so she could barely hobble more than six inches per step, and they held me up off the floor and pushed her against me, "Not a bad colour match, how do you like your new middle tits?" he asked quite seriously.

"hwungee." I tried to say, Hungry, I wanted to eat, needed to eat, this stuff was all rubbish.

"She needs to be stretched a bit first, maybe give it a few weeks."

I tried to tell them I was hungry, but they would not listen, "better try a splint on her." Dr Richards suggested.

Helga stepped forward with a huge razor sharp knife and started cutting the boots, cutting down the raised seam where they had been machine stitched until they fell to the floor with a rubbery plop and when the boots were gone then they made me lie on my front while I did the splits.

The blood started to return to my tortured legs, I howled in agony but they took no notice.

The splint was a length of springy, laminated wood encased in rubber, and they wrapped a binding around my left knee and secured the end of the splint to it then they bound it to my upper thigh, they forced my poor legs into a doing the splits position, and when I howled in agony Helga jabbed me with a syringe and mercifully the area went numb, "Best to get used to it, you have to walk legs splayed when you get extra titties" the younger Asian woman suggested.

They tugged and forced my unwilling lower limbs into a straight line, A straight line from knee to knee , through upper thigh to upper thigh all the way to the other knee, and after a short period after the pain killer wore off the pain became unbearable.

The splint allowed me to close my lags to maybe forty five degrees, but the springiness pulled them wide as I relaxed, They brought shiny knee length boots, they looked like rubberised leather, and Helga slid them on my feet and then I was ready and the three of them helped to put me down on the floor where I had to learn to walk again, to learn the waddling gait of the milker. the lips of my sex now slightly parted as the skin stretched and my knees spread wider than the average door.

I waddled slowly and inelegantly to the pile of wood chips and started to eat. The hunger pangs subsided and after a while I started to forget the pain from my hips and legs.

Helga took me to milking station three, the Asian man followed with his electric whip to encourage me and I found I could scuttle along quite briskly if I ignored the pain, there were specially shaped breast cups and as I lay the vacuum eased my breast tissue until they filled the vacuum cup.

The Asian asked, "You need relieve?"

I mis understood and nodded, but then his whip handle was sliding between my already parted vaginal lips and it felt good, far too good, I realised there was a slight ridge on the apparatus and as he manipulated the whip as lay face down it pressed my clit against it, sending me wild, I screamed in ecstasy and unfortunately shit myself violently all over his feet.

"Filthy cow pig," he swore dragging the whip from my unsatisfied cunt.

"Bitch" he said wiping my juices from it, "Never do gen" he ordered as he started slashing my back and buttocks.

The sensation was too much I completely lost control. "Yes Yes!" I squealed as fluids of all sorts poured from me,"AArrrggghhh."

The Asian washed my backside with a hose pipe.

"Did you like that?" Someone asked, of course I liked it, it was the best orgasm I ever had.

I nodded.

"You looked so happy, a happy contented little cow, you'll like it here, I know." Helga came into view as she spoke. "The first time I saw you I saw your potential," she said " I thought I know how to make that frigid cow very happy."

"Kildren, want" I explained, as best I could, I wanted kids, two, girl and boy.

"You'll love it when you get your new titties, but come." she suggested and as the vacuum pump slowed down she dragged me away to the food pile once more.

Helga slotted me in between 35 and 87P, the gap was narrow and we all squeezed up together, my knees getting in the way, then as I ate the Asian man came up to me, and I felt something cold and hard at my anus, firm pressure, a plopping sound and suddenly my anus was plugged. "Stop you shit on my feet." he added, as he reached down and started to masturbate me.

I liked it, especially as I could keep on eating as the warm glow spread through my body and gradually I started to rock and set my own rhythm, he laughed and pulled the whip handle from me making me cry in frustration as he walked away..

The plug was agony, my gut swelled, swelled visibly, I realised they wanted my skin stretched but after a while I forced the plug out, It emerged with a plop and a huge fart and jet of liquid shit but the sensation of relief was overwhelming, it felt so good, I don't think I ever felt so good in my entire life before.

I was losing track of time, it was supposed to be a working holiday, I had nagged my boss Norm Veitmann to allow me to do something outside the US but he was a typical male chauvinist and insisted the far east operation was no place for a woman, how right he was and how easily I had been tricked, but as my thoughts wandered the familiar hunger pangs returned.

There was a room beyond the milking area, Helga took me there one morning, like a hospital operating theatre but filthy, two operating tables, their metal frames red with rust where the paint had peeled, Dr Richards waited with the two Asian women and they made me lay down while Dr Richards gave me an injection.

I was numb from the waist down, they put a strap around me just below my breasts to hold me and then Dr Richards started cutting, just a small incision, on my belly below my navel, and then he started to feed this silver material through the hole, I was helpless and suddenly it was all inside me, except a little stem of rubber.

The older Asian started to stitch my wound closed yet this stem remained protruding, like a tire valve. Suddenly I realised it was a tire valve, and Dr Richards had a tire pump.

He clipped on the connecter and started to pump. My tummy started to swell, he left it bulged like I was a few weeks pregnant then they carried me back to the Barn, it was agony when the injection wore off, but the hunger was more important than pain, but every few hours it seemed they appeared with the pump, and every time they fed me a spoon of medication and each time the injected the underside of my breasts, sometimes I fell asleep then woke again full of hunger and desperate to eat, but slowly and surely my belly swelled.

They started using water, filling the balloon with water, bulging my belly with water, it sloshed horribly as I walked, well crawled awkwardly around.

It seemed to go on for weeks, and then one day they took me to the operating theatre,

I screamed when I realised, There was a small cow on the other operating table, lying on its back, its udder cut wide open, I stopped screaming, as I lost consciousness from the injection in my backside administered by an unseen hand, I descended into a world of darkness and pain.

I woke to see a mass of tubes feeding into me, and from me, my breasts throbbed, a great weight pushed down on my pelvis, and I tried to sit up.

Helga came and soothed me. "Its all done, how do you feel.?"

"Awful" I admitted.

"We did it," Dr Richards announced, I didn't hysterectomise you because I ran out of time but I did the udders.

I tried to rise up to see but I was strapped down.

"We had to keep you sedated while the nerve splices bonded. he said, can you feel this?"

Something squeezed my nipple except there was no hands near my breast.

"Ahhh," I yelled "What is it."

"The nerves seem fine, can you feel this?" another squeeze but I felt the pressure on my abdomen as I felt the squeeze on the nipple.

"What have you done to me?" I asked groggily.

Suddenly I remembered waking before, seeing people in white coats prodding me asking questions, it seemed like months and months ago. I stretched my fingers and realised the the constricting gloves were gone.

"Feel for your self," Helga suggested.

I started to feel with the tips of my fingers, there was a huge scar from below my breasts towards my belly, then to my horror I felt the swell of my belly and then I felt something and as I touched it was as if my nipple was being brushed, then I touched something else and again it was as if my nipple was being brushed.

"W'what is it." I asked.

"Your new udders," Dr Richards said proudly, can you feel them?"

"Sort of, it feels like I am touching my breasts." I explained.

"It's the nerves splice," He explained "but the brain will soon work out which is which. what do you think,"

I think I started crying.

"Don't cry, the cow teats look lovely, and your milk is really creamy."

I must have reacted. I stared open mouthed.

"Yes, we have been milking you almost ever since the operation," Helga informed me. "But its time to rejoin the herd.

One by one the restraining tubes and tethers were removed and finally I was free to move around.

I couldn't stand up, the udders got in the way of my legs unless I splayed my knees apart.

"Oh Dr Richards, it's perfect." Helga trilled, suddenly I was aware that my tooth shields were gone, I could speak reasonably well.

"What do I do now?" I asked.

"Ah,"Doctor Richards muttered, "I don't really know what to do with you." he paused. "I had a role in mind for you, a customer, in Tokyo, so I didn't do your stomach which means that you need a high protein diet to produce adequate milk, I don't know why, but I guess you will have to eat meat, so you can't live in the barn, so I guess we will have to play it by ear."

I sat on a chair, it seemed a sensible thing to do, and everyone found things to do and came to ignore me.

To be continued?

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2011-11-26 13:09:33
needs a little more back story in the beginning rather than the middle but all in all it is very good

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2011-08-11 05:05:52
I'm not wothry to be in the same forum. ROTFL


2011-07-16 02:57:08
Paging Dr. Benway?

There's an impressive sense of verisimilitude, and very competent use of body horror and Kafka-esque institutional banality. There are a lot of basic errors though, you should be more careful about easy spelling and grammar errors, things like that can really bring down the overall quality of your work.

Edgy niche material is often poorly received, but don't let that discourage you from exploring whatever themes interest you.

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