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Robert has learned something called "The Routine" - it is thorougly explained in Chapter I, so you should at least read that one first. Hope you like it, and for those of you who has voted for my previous chapters, thank you very much. Feel free to comment :)
Chapter IV

It hadn't been easy getting up at seven o clock the next morning after last nights adventures. They had kept it up until two in the morning before his boss had left with his secretary and the tiny Asian, and by then everybody had been satisfied. Still, here he was, awake and ready and having breakfast with his daughter Chrissy while his wife Joanna was under the table giving him another blowjob.

Even though he'd had more sex in the last twelve hours than he'd ever had in one night before, Robert was hornier than ever. Having this sort of power, the power to make any woman do whatever he wanted, seemed to spur his fantasies into new dimensions. It made him want more. It made him want to fuck every woman in this town before going on to the next, and the next one after that. But Robert was a man who could control his urges. And he hadn't forgotten the most important thing; “Discretion”.

So now he was sitting by the breakfast table in his robe, watching his daughter and her slender body, her small mounds protruding under her tank top, thinking thoughts about her that he had never thought before. The thought of “She's your daughter for Christ's sake,” fought with the thought “No one will ever know,” and as his wife let her silky smooth lips and velvety mouth slide up and down his shaft, he felt like the latter was winning. The fact that his daughter was sneaking glances under the table and watching the oral action with much more interest than he had ever hoped for didn't help much either.

Thoughts about it being his daughter, not his wife under the table popped into his head like incestuous images, and the way she now cleaned strawberry jam from her fingers, sticking one after the other into her mouth and sucking on them, was like pouring gasoline on flames. He thought he was about to come when Chrissy suddenly leaned down to look under the table again.


“Yes sweetheart?” Joanna took the cock out of her mouth while answering.

“Did you pack my lunch bag?”

“Yes sweetie. It's in the fridge. Are you leaving for school?”

Joanna ran her tongue along his shaft, playing a little with the head, making him moan silently as Chrissy went to the fridge and got the bag out.

“Don't forget to kiss your daddy and me goodbye then.”

Now this is going to get interesting, Robert thought as his daughter leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “No, kiss me deep,” he whispered. “Like you would kiss a boyfriend.”

There were no questions in her eyes as Chrissy pressed her lips to his and allowed his tongue to wander into her mouth. She ran her hand through his hair, pushing her slender body against him and he put a hand on her ass, giving it a little squeeze as they kissed. She moaned softly, and that was more than Robert's horny body could handle right now. With a grunt he deposited his semen into his wife's mouth and face, covering her cheeks an running down her chin. Then things really took a weird turn as Chrissy leaned down and kissed her mother on both cheeks. When she got up, Robert marveled at the sight of the cum smeared around his little daughter's mouth and he shot another big load into the cleavage of her mother's tits.

“Now hurry and don't be late,” Joanna said and got back to cleaning Robert's cock.

“And wipe your face before you go out,” Robert managed to shout before his daughter was out of ear shot, his heart racing in his chest.

“She really is an angel, don't you think?” Joanna said and got up to finish her cereal.

Robert had agreed with his boss to take another day off after last night, but his wife still had to go to work at the law firm where she was employed. To make sure no one would think anything odd was up with her, he told her to act her natural self, dress normally and not think of the sex they had been enjoying lately. She should however go out after work and buy some really sexy clothing.

He also explained to her during breakfast that he was going to have sex with lots of other women from now on and that it would be OK with her. As a matter of fact, if she walked in on him having sex, she were to start masturbating while watching him unless he told her otherwise.

“Of course honey. Will there be anything else?”

After his wife had left, Robert went down to his office in the basement again. He was a thorough man, and thought that more practice on the computer wouldn't hurt. So he opened the program that had helped him learn and practice “The Routine”, adjusted the web camera and turned on the microphone. He practiced for an hour.

Now what? Should he go out, pick up some random girl and fuck the hell out of her? Maybe do something about his fantasy of having a threesome with two sexy women? Or maybe three? He couldn't decide, so instead he just went for a drive and decided to act on his impulses.

First he went to the store to pick up some supplies. When he paid, the girl behind the register surprised him by uttering the same phrase that he now had gotten so familiar with hearing from his wife; “Will there be anything else, sir?”. He was a little confused at first, not having done “The Routine” on her, but then he realized that it was what all cashiers said. Still his cock stirred in his pants, and he wondered if he should try to get this cute woman to fuck him.

Instead he went for a walk in the park. It was a lovely day, and he could see beautiful girls everywhere. Jogging, laying on the grass reading, walking their dog or just relaxing in the sun. That was when Robert had his idea.

* * *

Roseanna Wilkinson felt her heart racing as she neared the park. What she was about to do was something she thought she'd never in her life would dream of doing, but still it excited her tremendously. She glanced at her wrist watch as she went through the gates. Still five minutes to go, so she had time to pick a nice spot. The lawn she found was occupied by more women, but there was still room for her by a small flower bed almost in the middle, so she sat down and waited for the minutes to go by.

She had been nervous ever since that man had stopped her in the street an hour ago. It had been strange how he had touched her arm and mumbled some words she didn't quite get, but when he had asked her if she knew the way to this park, she had felt it was important that she told him. He looked nice when he smiled at her and she really wanted to know if there would be anything else she could do for him to maybe make him smile some more.

“Yes, there is,” he had answered.

So now she was here and it was time. From far away she could hear a bell tower start to ring, and with trembling hands she started to undo the buttons in her trousers. From the corner of her eyes she could see the other women start to undress too, and in a way she was relieved that she wouldn't have to do this alone. Finally naked she let her hand find its way down to her red haired, trimmed crotch, already wet just from thinking about this the last hour. And she started masturbating.

Robert had a perfect view from where he was sitting on his bench. The sight of twenty-five women masturbating in public right before him was exhilarating, and he could feel his cock start to grow. A few other men had also stopped to watch the show, and he wondered if any of the men knew any of the women laying naked on the grass, twisting their bodies in pleasure and rubbing their pussies, squeezing their tits and – some even – fingering their asses.

He looked at the milky white redhead whom he had stopped first, and it looked like she had noticed him, because she was smiling at him, biting the nipple on one of her nice, big tits and throwing seductive glances as she pushed two fingers up her cunt.

Now a chorus of moaning started to rise up from the lawn, and Robert wished he could take his cock out and stroke it. But he knew there'd be plenty of time to satisfy his urges later on, and he knew just who would help him out. His eyes fell on the redhead again and he smiled as his cock made another twitch in his pants.

The first of the women orgasmed. Her face twisted as her legs lifted from the ground, stiff and spread for a moment before she clamped them together around her hand and fell back. And now more women started to thrash about and scream. It was like an avalanche. Some just stiffened silently, others almost rose from the ground, arching their backs or twisting their bodies in impossible angles. A few of them even squirted their juices in nice fountains on the grass. The redhead was the wildest of them all. Almost pushing her fist up her pussy, she went up on her knees, shouting wildly into the air as the other hand squeezed her tits hard. Then she went silent, thrashed about a couple of times and fell backwards.

Robert knew he had to have her.

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