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this is my first attempt at writing, so please give feedback . also this story has pot, incest, and pedophilia, so if you don't like that, turn around now.
Mrs. Jenkins had such an incredible body. Those huge double D tits. That incredible ass. Every guy in the room wanted to fuck her brains out. She could never understand why we were all failing, when we paid such great attention.

I couldn't wait to use my little magic pill on her. I remembered Brandons words perfectly.

“If someone takes this pill they will go into the perfect state of consciousness for hypnosis, but only for twenty seconds. You have those twenty seconds to give whatever command you want”

he then gave me the pill to test for him. When I asked why he didn't test it himself he said simply.

“I don't trust myself not to get into trouble”

so when the bell rang I slipped the pill into a bottle of water and walked over to Mrs. Jenkins desk and swapped her bottle with my drugged one and started walking away, but then my mother and little sister walked into the room.

My mother was a gorgeous southern bell. She was born in Texas but moved to Pennsylvania because she hated the heat. She had a bit of an accent, but it was her body that kept guys around the house. She had tits almost as big as Mrs. Jenkins and her ass was just as gorgeous. She had long blonde hair that hung down to her ass and was wearing a simple red T-shirt and skinny jeans.

You could tell my little sister would grow up to be just as gorgeous as my mom. She was nine years old. She had light brown hair that hung as low as my mothers, and wore a black T-shirt with a red skull on it that covered her tiny developing mounds and a pair of gray skinny jeans that hugged her pert ass.

“Hey Chris!” my mom said happily. “We decided to pick you up today”

“great!” I lied

I saw my sister walking towards Mrs. Jenkins and ask

“mam may I have a drink of water? I'm really thirsty”

I watched horrified hoping she would say no, but she said cheerily

“well of course you polite little thing!”

as she reached for the bottle and almost chugged the whole thing along with the pill I thought to myself

Shit! What do I do? Well shit I may as well just test the damn thing for Brandon

And when she finished drinking and I saw the glazed look in her eyes I kneeled down and whispered in her ear

“I am now you master. You will obey my every command without question”

I heard her whisper

“yes master”

just low enough so I could hear. Then I stood up and saw her eyes return to normal and say cheerily

“Thanks Mrs. Jenkins”

Before we went out I thought about the fact that she had just chugged a whole bottle of water and we lived half an hour away from the school and issued my first command

“Ashly go use the restroom before we leave”

After a second she replied “okay” and ran to the restroom.

On the way home I thought about what Brandon told me

“Now for these test to give proper results you need to give the subject all sorts of commands. Stuff she would normally do anyway, stuff she would hate to do, and stuff she would never even think about doing. And make sure you record all of the results”

Now that the subject had changed I had to decide what commands to give. I had already proven she would do normal stuff like use the restroom. But what about the other stuff? I couldn't make her do the things I was planning with Mrs. Jenkins... could I?No this is my little sister. My innocent cute little sister... who would grow up to look like my hot sexy mom...

As soon as we got home I ran to my room and called Brandon


“theirs been a complication”

I heard his voice tighten “What happened?”

I told him

“So whats the problem?” he sounded relieved

“I don't know what to make her do!”

“Make her do what you were gonna make Mrs. Jenkins do”

“Shes my sister dude!”

“Your problem not mine. But I paid you fifty bucks for this and if you cant follow through I want my money back.”

I had already spent my money on pot so I couldn't pay him back

“Fine, fine, I'll figure something out”

“Good. Maybe you can make her smoke some of that pot you bought” CLICK

Well that WAS a good idea, so I pulled out a journal and wrote

Commanded subject to use restroom. Obeyed without question.

I then opened the door and yelled

“hey Ashly come here”

When she was in my room I closed and locked the door in case mom came back home early. Then I asked

“hey what do you think of pot?”

“Pot? You mean that junk that you smoke and it makes you fat and lazy?” she said in a disgusted voice, which was answer enough for me. I pulled my bag of pot out from under my bed and said

“I am going to roll us a joint and I command you to smoke it with me.”

she opened her mouth to say no but she froze for a moment and answered with a shaky

“y-yes master”

she then sat on my bed and waited patiently with a confused look on her face as I rolled the joint

Maybe she's trying to figure out why she's going to do this I thought to myself as I light our thick joint and took a big drag then handed it to Ashly.

She took it with a shaky hand and asked “what do I do?”

I sighed and said “Put the not-lit end in your mouth and breath in deeply”

She did as she was told and took a bigger drag than I did and began coughing loudly as I patted her back and took another drag. I looked into her eyes and saw dark red veins that showed that she was blown.

As I wrote in my journal;

commanded subject to smoke pot. Subject smoked, but had to be told how.

she began to giggle highly and repeatedly say “tent teehee tent”

When I finished writing I asked what she was laughing at and she simply pointed at my crotch and said “tent!”

I looked down to see my hard dick creating a 'tent' in my pants

“oh” I chuckled “yea that happens when I get high”

She poked the head of my dick through my jeans and I groaned softly from the feeling that gave my oversensitive dick as she asked “How do you do that?”

I took another drag and replied simply

“The pole of my 'tent' is what boys have instead of a vagina”

She looked amazed and asked “can I see it?”

My dick reacted to this by pressing harder against my jeans making me groan softly, and in my high state I replied “Only if I can see your pussy.”

At her confused look I said “Your vagina sis”

“Oh” She said and shakily stood up and began trying to take her pants off while giggling

I smirked, pushed her on the bed and yanked her pants off then as I reached for her hello kitty panties she grabbed them and said “Nope not till your pants come off”

I was confused until I realized that I hadn't given her a direct command and I pulled my pants down revealing yet another 'tent' in my black boxers “Well?” I said teasingly “You don't see mine till I see yours

She blushed and pulled her panties down to her ankles relieving her beautiful bald pussy, that looked a little wet, which I blamed on the pot

There’s no way a nine year old is actually getting turned on I rationalized as I slowly pulled my boxers down letting my hard six inch dick bounce free

“wow” she breathed as we stared at each others crotches

I stepped forward so I was standing between her lags and told her “grab it”

She did as she was told and lightly squeezed my dick making me groan. Pot always made me extra sensitive

I debated for a moment whether or not to to further then took another large drag and said “put it in your mouth and lick it

“y-yes master” she replied shakily then sat up and put just the tip of my dick in her mouth and licked it once causing me to moan softly, but kept my dick in her mouth awaiting my next command

I rolled my eyes and said “keep licking” she then slowly licked the head of my dick over and over, even wiggling her tongue in the slit, though how she knew to do that I have no idea.

I groaned loudly and grabbed the back of her hair , pushing her until the entire head and a bit of the shaft was in her mouth and commanded “now suck on it like an ice-pop and keep licking”

it felt incredible! she sucked like a vacuum and licked every inch of my dick as I pulled her hand to my balls and told her to rub them, she did so and I was soon past the point of no return as I griped the back of her hair and yelled “swallow every drop!”

She looked confused until a huge load of cum began to fill her mouth, and I moaned in ecstasy as she swallowed most of my cum, but some of it she couldn't get at and it dripped down my shaft. As soon as she swallowed what I shot into her mouth she began to lick my dick clean.

I continued to moan as I lay down in my bed and let her finish as I finished my joint. When she finished she crawled beside me and curled close, and I felt something warm and wet on my side. I looked down to see her rubbing her pussy against my hip.

“wow” I breathed and reached a hand between my sisters legs and started to rub her pussy, but I heard the door open downstairs and I quickly told Ashly “get dressed now! And don't tell mom any of what happened!”

she did as she was told while I put my pants on and unlocked the door, and quickly thought of an idea which I told Ashly and when mom came upstairs and yelled “kids?” I yelled “were in my room mom, can we talk to you?”when she came to my room and asked

“whats up?”
I explained

“well.. Ashlys been having nightmares the past few nights and has been coming in here to sleep with me.”

Mom looked hurt that Ashly hadn't come to her.

“and she asked me a kind of important question that I thought we should discuss with you”

“well you kids can talk to me about anything. You know that.”

“well” ashly cut in, just like I had told her to “I've been sleeping with Chris lately anyway, and I was wondering if I could just move my stuff in here and we could share a room, but Chris said we had to talk about it with you”

we then had a long winded conversation which eventually ended with mom agreeing when I pointed out that it would free up a room for her to use as an office, but she gave me a glare that warned me not to do what I had already done.

“what are we going to do with my bed?” Ashly asked as mom was about to leave the room, bu at this she turned and said

“well bring it in here of course!”

I sighed and said “there's no room mom. Ashly has to sleep in my bed”

I watched as mom debated in her mind whether or not she trusted me enough to agree to this and eventually decide that she did

“well we'll just give it to charity” mom said and left the room.

Later when Ashly and I were moving her stuff she said “I still taste your stuff” in a very conversational voice, which made me laugh and ask

“and how does my 'stuff' taste?”

she thought for a moment and replied “really salty but still yummy” these words gave me an instant erection, and I said

“well there's plenty more where that came from”

she looked quizzically at my crotch and asked

“how does it all fit in there?”

This made me burst out laughing and I almost dropped her mirror

as I sobered up I thought to myself

oh god what did I just do? What am I doing?!

But I didn't stop. I couldn't stop thinking about my young sisters lips around my hard dick

later when mom was cooking I began to notice her gorgeous ass for the hundredth time and got a funny idea and whispered something to Ashly a few moments later she exclaimed “mommy you have a really pretty butt!” Mom blinked in surprise as a blush spread across her face and she asked

“why do you say that honey?”

Ashly replied cheerily “I dunno, It's just pretty. Sometimes when I look at it, or your titties I get tingly and itchy-”

“Ashly!” mom Interrupted as she saw my fake surprised face “maybe we should discuss this later”

Ashly looked sullen because she thought she would get in trouble when I said “well she is right mom” mom looked at me wide eyed as I said “you do have a very 'pretty' butt. And 'titties' too” I laughed loudly at Moms bright red face as I walked up to my- no mine and Ashlys room.

I was laying in bed listening to music when Ashly came up and layed down with me. She cuddles close and whispered.

“how do you do it?”

alarmed I asked

“d-do what?”

“make me do what you want” she whispered and buried her face in my chest in with a red face, as though she didn't really believe what she was saying.

I had stupidly assumed that she didn't know what was going on, that she did'nt realize that she was obeying my every command.

I was debating whether or not to lie when she whimpered and said

“please just tell me the truth. You know I can't tell anyone anyway”

I sighed and told her everything, but I didn't tell her who made the pill, or what I had planned to do with Mrs. Jenkins

“why did your friend make something I don't know what to call it” she said with a furious face.

I pulled her into a close hug and replied “he told me that he wants to give it to psychiatrists, so they can help crazy people get better”

this made her calm down and but she was still shaking from the realization that I had complete control over her.

“don't worry...please” I added so it wouldn't be a command “as soon as my friend tells me the results from the test are 'complete' I'll try not to command you to do stuff”

“r-really?” she sounded like she was close to tears

“I promise” I replied honestly and kissed her nose

“t-thanks” she replied with a small smile.“hey... can I have some more of that stuff?”

this gave me an instant boner which she noticed and giggled

“no not that stuff” she said as she pointed under my bed “that pot stuff”

“oh” I said with a nervous laugh “when mom goes to bed we can have another joint”

“yay!” she said happily then began to rub my hard dick through my pants “can I have some of this stuff too?”

I moaned softly and replied “just make sure that the door is locked first”

She happily jumped up and locked the door then came back and pulled my pants and boxers just low enough that she could get to my dick. She then grabbed the bottom of my shaft with her tiny fingers and slowly slid her tongue up the length of my dick and put the head in her mouth causing me to moan aloud,as she began sucking hard and pulling more and more of my dick into her mouth. Soon about half the shaft was in her tiny mouth as she sucked and licked furiously, and I was sure that mom would hear my moans of ecstasy

when I felt I would come soon she pulled her head up and asked impatiently “when are you gonna-” I interrupted her by grabbing here by the hair and pushing her back down on my dick as I filled her mouth with my hot cum. Some was beginning to come out of her mouth so I commanded

“swallow all of it!”

She once again began furiously licking and sucking, trying to pull all of my cum into her mouth, as I moaned loudly.

Soon I was spent but my dick remained in her mouth and she continued to suck lightly as though hoping more would come out

“no more is gonna come out” I informed her with a moan

looking dissapointed she let my dick drop from her mouth and crawled up beside me. There she once again began absentmindedly rubbing her soaking wet pussy against my hip.

“I think you deserve a bit of a reward” I said teasingly, then got on my knees beside the bed and told her to sit in front of me. Then I began to slowly lick I sweet little slit causing her to moan in pleasure.

I licked slowly at first then began to pick up the pace as I pushed my tongue into her tight pussy,. It tasted so sweet and delicious, I couldn't get enough of her sweet juice. I grabbed her legs and pulled them over my shoulders as I pulled her little button into my mouth and sucked on it hard, causing ashly to nearly scream from the great feelings stemming from her pussy.

I stopped long enough for her to calm down and dove right back into her delicious pussy making her cum over and over with my tongue. I then trailed kisses up her body until I reached her beautiful lips and kissed her deeply.

Then I layed her down beside me, so we could sleep. But she interrupted with a sleepy

“what about the -yawn- pot?”

oh god please tell me I havn't gotten her addicted

“sis, we only smoke pot to relax. If you smoke too much you get, as you put it, 'fat and lazy'. Now do you wanna ruin that cute body by getting fat?”

she hesitated for a moment then replied “no...” in a pouty voice

“good” I said and kissed her forehead “now let's get some sleep.”

We then fell asleep in each others arms

I woke up with the feeling of warm skin on my dick and looked down to see Ashly using my dick as a very hard pillow. I groaned in pleasure and annoyance as I began to pet her hair and try to ignore the feeling of her soft warm skin on my dick. When I couldn't take it anymore I shook her awake and said

“come on sis, get up I'm hungry”

she then kissed the tip of my dick and said “me too” making me groan aloud

“oh god, your addicted to my cum aren't you?”

“mmhmm” she mumbled as she pulled my hard dick into her mouth and began rubbing my balls as she sucked hard. I was soon cumming harder than ever, making her mouth over flow with my cum, some of it landing on my stomach and her face.

She quickly licked all the cum up then began trying to suck me some more, but I grabed her head and said “please, don't make me command you to stop blowing me. I'm really hungry”

wow I just asked a girl NOT to blow me I thought in amazement

She pouted and said “fine.” and started getting dressed. I did the same and before we left the room I gave her a big long kiss. We walked into the kitchen to see mom wearing nothing but a T-shirt that was way too small for her causing another 'tent' as Ashly put it, to form in my pants.

She turned around and screamed in surprise when she saw us, and tried to cover her beautiful pussy with her hands while screaming

“why aren't you kids in school!”

“It's saturday, mom” Ashley replied with a big smile while staring at moms barely covered tits

wow maybe she does like them as much as me

mom just stood there in humiliation as her kids stared at her nearly naked body. Maybe she expected us to turn around, but we just stared. Me with my tent and Ashley with her huge smile.

When she realized we weren't going to move mom ran up to her room, which left me to come up with a brilliant idea. “Ashley, I need you to do something for me.” I said, and explained my plan to her.

Ten minutes later I was in my closet while the web cam on my computer was pointed straight at my bed, soon my mom and ashly walked in and mom said “what's wrong baby?”

“well remember when I told you that you make me tingly?” she asked with a pained expression“well since I saw your jay-jay earlier” which was her little kid word for pussy “I've been feeling so tingly that it hurts, and I dunno what to do about it”

Moms face slowly turned scarlet as she listened to Ashly explain her problem.

“w-well honey.. um.. that is...” she was at a loss for words until ashly began to tear up. I don't know if it was the pill or just her but she was a great actress because mom said

“later when your alone just rub your will fell even more tingly but it will feel good.” moms face was still scarlet but she kept her voice calm for ashleys sake

“c-can you show me mommy?” ashley asked innocently

“er.. no baby” mom said nervously “that's something you need to do alone.”

Ashley began to tear up again and rubbed her legs together as she said “b-but I dunno what to do...”

mom sighed and said “okay baby, mommy will show you”she stood up and pulled her pants half way down then stopped and asked “wheres your brother?”

“at brandons” Ashley lied easily

relieved mom pulled her pants all the way off revieling that she wasn't wearing panties and said

“first take your oants and panties off” mom said , and Ashly did it.

Mom then laid out on my bed and started to rub the very top of her own pussy saying

“now rub your pu- er... jay-jay right here”

Ashley purposely did it wrong,by rubbing to high and groaned in irritation, forcing mom to reach over and rub her daughters pussy, saying “no, right here honey” ashley moaned in delight.

I couldn't take it any longer. I dropped my pants and began jacking off as I watched my mom rub my little sisters wet pussy

“then you go further down my mom said in a husky voice as she began to really get in the mood and ,she started really rubbing both of their pussies.

Now I could really no longer take the pressure and I burst out of my closet with my dick in hand saying “wow, your a great teacher mom!”

She screamed in surprise and began trying to cover herself and Ashly up and was about to start telling at me when I said “shut up! You see that web-cam?” I pointed at my computer and my mom face looked horrified. “It has been streaming a video into five different E-mail accounts that I set up. Now If you don't do as I say, the entire family will see how much you truly love your daughter.”

mom looked on the verge of tears, but she nodded her head and said. “o-okay, what do you want?”

I smiled wickedly and said “ how bout the same lesson you were just giving my dear sister”

She hesitated for moment then got on her knees beside the bed and started weakly rubbing my dick.

“well your gonna have to do better than that if you don't wanna be a porn star” I said in an innocent voice.

Mom then gripped my dick firmly and started pumping it hard, causing me to moan aloud.

As mom jacked me off Ashly started to rub her pussy and she said

“what about me?” in a whiny voice

“yea mom” I said “I think we both deserve a good lesson don't you?”

Mom then reached over to where Ashly was sitting on the bed and began rubbing her soaking wet pussy as she pumped my hard cock and we were both moaning loudly.

“I think you should teach Ashly to give a blow-job mom”

Ashly rolled her eyes, but mom didn't see this. She just gasped and then said “o-okay” in a shaky voice and said “y-you start by jacking the guy off like I'm doing”

wow I thought Shes actualy giving a full on lesson

“then you roll your tongue all over his dick and balls like this” She then began to lick all over my dick, focusing mainly on tickling my balls with her tongue, while she continued to rub ashlys little slit.

“then you put the head, wich is the part at the end, in your mouth an suck like your trying to get soda out of a straw, but make sure you keep licking” Then she did just as she had just told Ashly. She pulled my dick into her mouth and sucked even harder than Ashly.

I soon felt that I would cum, but I wanted to have some more fun so I pulled my mom off of my dick and shoved her onto the bed. “mom your tubes are tied right?”

“mom looked at me horrified as she realized what I was really asking.

“y-yes, they a-are”she looked once again on the verge of tears as I, pressed my dick to her soaking wet pussy.

“don't act like your not enjoying this mom. Just look how wet you are” I then slapped my dick against moms pussy causing some of her juices to splash onto mine and her bellies. The I slowly pressed the head of my dick into her pussy, causing her to moan and whimper quietly.

Ashly then asked “um.. what are you doing?”

“this is sex little sis” I told her lustfully as I slowly pushed more of my dick into my mother

three inches. Four. Five. As I pushed the last bit in, I lurched forward making a loud smack as my mother mewled loudly.

“hey sis. If you want mom to lick your jay-jay, put iyt up to her mouth” I said as I began to pump in and out of my mothers hot pussy slowly going faster and pumping harder.

“okay!” Ashly said happily then she straddled our mothers face and almost immediately mom began to shove her tongue in and out of her daughters sweet little pussy.

“wow you really are enjoying this!” I exclaimed as I squeezed one of my mothers luscious tits and pumped harder into my mother causing her to moan loudly into Ashlys pussy. Soon I heard Ashly moaning in pleasure as she came on moms face, which brought both me and my mother over the edge and I filled her clenching pussy with my hot cum.

Soon we were all laying in my bed breathing heavily from exertion and holding each other close. Mom couldn't look eather of us in the eyes, but me and Ashly sighed happily.

“I don't know whether to be mad at you kids or kiss you both” my mom said with a slight smile in her voice

“I vote for a kiss!” Ashly said with a giggle

“me too!” I agreed happily

so mom kissed us both deeply then laid back with a happy sigh

I then sat up and said “any one want some pot?”

“I do!” Ashly exclaimed as mom screamed “WHAT!?”

I simply looked at mom “you got a problem with it porn star?”

mom looked away with a sad sigh and replied “no...”

“good. Now do you want to share a joint with your kids?”

as mom glared at me Ashly said “yea mom smoke with us! It's really fun!”

at moms sad look I said “fine soon your self, but take that shirt off. It would look better on the floor. You too Ashly.” they both did as I said while I rolled a fat joint and took a huge drag then passed it to Ashly. Ashly took a smaller drag than last time and barely coughed, to which I said

“atta girl! Your learning!”

she smiled broadley at my praise as I took the joint and held it toward mom asking, “you sure”

she replied with a stiff “yes”

I rolled my eyes took a deep hit then grabbed my mom by the hair and kissed her deeply while blowing the whole hit down her throat

“you little prick!” she exclaimed as I took another hit then passed it to Ashly who was giggling at my little stunt

“do that to me!” she begged cheerfully

“okay” I laughed and took the joint back then took another large hit and blew it down Ashlys throat, I then felt the joint leave my hand and I turned to see mom taking and even bigger hit than me and letting it out calmly like a pro. At my surprised look she said. “hey I used to do this as a kid too, and if your gonna make me get high, I might as well do it right”

“alright mom!” I exclaimed as I took the joint and took the last hit

Ashly then crowled over to me and took my once again hard dick into her mouth an started slowly licking and rubbing my dick making me moan aloud.

Mom watched in amazement as her daughter willingly blew her son

“hey chris?” Ashly said in between licks

“yea” I moaned

“can we do that sex thing you and momma did?”

“ but...”I wasn't sure how to answer. Getting a blow-job from her was one thing. Even eating her out. But fucking her?

Then Ashly craweld into my lap and began rubbing her pussy up and down against my dick as she begged “pleeease?”

I moaned aloud and breathed “okay, okay. But I don't wanna hurt you so you have to ride me.”

“ride you? Like a horsey?” she asked in that cute confused voice

“yea” I chuckled “sorta. Mom” I looked over and her deep red face to see her wide eyed with a mixture of anger, adoreation, and lust “help her out please?”

With out a word to me mom moved behind ashly and lifted her onto my dick saying

“it's just like what me and bubba were doing, except uou have to pump yourself up and down on his dick. Now im gonna put just the tip in your jay-jay, then you let yourself down on it at your own pace”

she then grabbed my dick and put just the tip, as she said, into Ashlys pussy, then mom let ashly go and began to quietly rub her pussy as she watched me and my sister

Ashly slowly let herself down on my dick, with a look of pain and pleasure on her face, as bit by bit my dick drove into her warm pussy, causing me to groan in ecstasy. Soon Ashly was half way down on my dick and a small bit of her virgin blood was dribbling down my hard shaft.

“I can't go any further” she groaned

“that's okay sis” I told her reassuringly “just pull back up and then down again. Just do that over and-” I interupted myself with a soft moan as I felt Ashlys warm pussy sliding up my dick then back down and I heard her mewl in pleasure as she pumped herself up and down on my rock hard cock. Soon I was holding her hips, making her go faster, as we both moaned louder.

I felt her pussy clenching around my dick, as she came screaming

“oh bubba I love you!”

I moaned back “oh I love you too sis!” as I felt her pussy clenching around my dick once again, and I shot a huge load of cum into her little pussy, making her scream even louder as we heard our mother moaning in ecstasy beside us as she rubbed her sweet slit furiously

Ashly then collapsed happily onto my chest with my pulsing dick still inside of her as our mother came loudly, then curled up beside us, and I was soon asleep.

I awoke to the sound of my mothers whispering voice saying “damn it Ashly cast you better tell me this instant”

“but I can't mommy” Ashly replied, sounding close to tears

“why not!?” mom asked furiously

“I can't tell you that either” Ashly replied, now actually crying

“Ashly” I said sleepily “tell her whatever you want. But only what YOU want to tell her”

Ashly thanked me happily and kissed me deeply, then explained everything to mom, but left out the pill.

Mom sat there for a moment, stunned over how her innocent nine year old daughter, is no longer so innocent.

I then leaned over and whispered in my mothers ear “look at her” mom looked confused

“does she look any different than the daughter you knew a few days ago?”

mom silently shook her head

“that's because she is the exact same girl. I taught her this stuff but I never said it was wrong in any way. She feels absolutely no guilt for the fun shes been having, as it should be. In her mind, shes just an innocent nine year old having fun with her family. Can we please keep it that way?”

moms eyes widened as she realized that I was right, and she said. “okay, your right.” she then leaned over and kissed Ashly deeply

As I sat there happily watching my mother make out with my sister, I couldn't help but think that life would be perfect from here on out, with my two willing slaves.


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Yes mom smoking with the kids

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