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What happened on Wednesday?
My stomach churns like a giddy schoolgirl.
My knees are weak as I lead you to my room. I barely notice you slipping off your shoes as we walk.
We enter my bedroom and my mind is a fog. You lean down and kiss me.
“Just you” echoes in my head.
I feel my robe fall to the floor as your arms envelope me. I reach up to remove your shirt and your arms leave me. Our embrace is broken as we pull your shirt over your head.
You look at me and smile. I am before you with nothing more to hide. I feel the touts of self-consciousness filling me.
“Do you like what you see?” wonders through my head.
You lower your lips to mine once again and I feel relieved. I press my hands down forcing your shorts to the floor. I want you as I am.
I feel you guiding me as we kiss. I feel the edge of my bed against my legs and you lower me down on to the mattress.
I shift myself to allow you room to join me. I am rewarded as I feel your weight lower on to me. Our kiss stops, and I look in to your eyes.
I see you lower your head and I close my eyes as I feel your lips kiss along my neck and down my shoulder.
I feel your body move and your hands slide along my torso.
I feel your hand cup and caress my right breast. I feel a slight embarrassment that they are not to the firmness of my youth. The feeling is quickly shattered a singe of pleasure erupts as your mouth encompasses my left breast. The warmth of your mouth and teasing of your tongue is answered with a pleasurable gasp from me.

I feel you move again and your lips continue their trek. I feel you moving down my chest to my ribs and down. “10 more, just 10 more sit-ups a day” I curse myself. “Why didn’t I do 10 more sit-ups a day?”
Your lips seem unaffected by the softness of my stomach as I feel your lips kiss over my pelvic area.
Pleasure erupts through my body as I feel your tongue slide along and part my labia. My gasp gives way to a moan as I grip the sheets with my hands. I look down to see you between my open thighs. Another ripple of pleasure rushes through my body. “How long has it been since anyone had been there?” I try to remember. Another rush wipes the thoughts from my mind. I grip the sheets harder now trying to concentrate on every move you are making. I rock my hips slightly to position your fabulous tongue. Moans escape my lips as I feel what must be your finger enter me. My hands react and reach down to hold the back of your head. More waves of pleasure run through me as I feel a building within me. My breathing quickens as the force inside of me builds greater. I am anxious for the release. My anxiety turns to fear. “Do I let myself go?”
“Do I move and lessen the intensity?”
“Do I…”
My thought is broken as I feel another move of your tongue and finger unleashes a torrent of spasms through my body.
My legs quiver and my muscles contract. I claw my fingers in to your skull as unfamiliar sounds stutter from my lips. My vision blurs as I feel tears in my eyes. My release is intense, emotional, and primal!
As I fight to gain my breath and hold the convulsions of pleasure that are rippling through my body I will my hands to push you back.
Contact is lost which allows my body to a reprieve. I shutter again and pant hard, straining to recover.
Two more breaths and I feel you move. My hands try to coax you to my lips. I need to feel this man on my lips!
You rise up to me and lower your head. I pull my lips to meet yours. We kiss, our tongues entwine.
I can taste me on your lips and I shutter again. I feel your body over me. I want to please you. I want to give you a hint of the pleasure you bestowed upon me.
I try to push you off of me and you relent by rolling on to your back.
I break off our kiss, still slightly panting. I want to pleasure you, taste you and feel you!
I kiss my way along your chest. The dark hairs on your chest tickle my nose. I quickly kiss my way down your stomach, hardly noticing the muscles of your abs. I have a goal a single mindset. I am aware of my nipples gliding a long your flesh. The sensation excites me further.
I feel you between my breasts as I kiss my way down.
I reach with my hand, taking your stiffness and stroking it. I look up on it for the first time. I enjoy in its size and firmness. I lower my head and slide my tongue along your shaft from bottom to tip. As I slide over your head I am greeted by a salty flavor of your pre-cum.
I look at you as you smile back at me. Then I lower my head and take you in my mouth.
I try my best to stroke and suck flesh that is now trapped in my mouth. I hear your gasp and groan as I slide my mouth and hand up and down your shaft. I reach up with my free hand and cup your balls. They feel tender yet full. I notice how your shaft has become slippery with my saliva and how you are moaning louder. I feel another ripple of pleasure run through my body and I know this is not how I want you to finish.
I pull you out of my mouth and slowly stroke you.
You open your eyes and look at me. You sense what I want and I feel your hand pulling me up. As you pull me toward you I feel you moving me on to my back. We kiss. I feel your body moving over mine. My hands hold on to your sides as you lower yourself down on me.
I feel you move and shift until I am aware of a presence between my thighs. I shift my hips slightly to align you with me. I can feel it perched at my entrance.
Our kiss stops as you look down along our bodies then back in to me eyes. My head moves to meet your lips as my hands pull you to me.
I feel your body shift forward and a rush of excitement as my body expands to let you in. I will my muscles to grip you. I want to feel every inch that is placed within me.
You slide forward then stop and retract. I try to grip tighter to prevent your exit. I am delighted as you switch direction again and enter me further. New waves of pleasure run through me with each thrust. You are inside of me, filling me with yourself. My hands grip at your back as my breathing becomes heavy again and moans once again escape my lips.
I can hear your moans in my ear as you thrust in to me. Your breathing is heavy also. I can feel beads of sweat forming along your back.
I rock my hips to meet yours allowing our joining to grind. Pleasures enshroud with passion as I feel another building within me.
My moans increase and works barely audible as you continue your drive.
Then I hear a change in your moans and a difference in your thrusts. I know you are close. My mind races with the thought of our union and my body starts to quiver.
I feel a hard thrust from you and a release of warmth within my cavern. My body shutters again as I let the waves of pleasure careen through my body. My fingers clinch and drive my nails along your back as I feel another thrust and release within me. My moans burst from my lips and spots hinder my vision as I give myself to you. I feel my thighs trembling as I try to hold you tighter.
Then I feel your thrusting soften and your body loosen. I hold you to me as the waves of pleasure ebb.
Your body drops to mine. Our breathing heavy and our bodies covered in sweat.
I lay there holding you and caressing your wet hair for what feels like only moments.
Then you shift and we both look over at the clock.
Your eyes look back at me as if apologizing.
“I have to go” you tell me.
“I know” I respond. There is sadness between us in the parting.
I feel a void within me as you remove yourself.
I want you back inside of me.
I sit up and gather my robe from the floor as I watch you put on your clothes.
We walk to the front room where you slide on your shoes and pull me back to you.
We both start to speak and the words never appear.
We kiss again.
“I’ll be running by on Friday if you want to have coffee or something” you say with a smile.
“I’ll have something ready for you” I reply.
With that, you open the door and start down the street.
I slowly close the door and rest my head along the frame. My eyes close and I relive the past events. I feel our kisses, your hands on my body, your tongue between my legs, you entering me and the feeling of your seed releasing inside of me.
I lean against the door with a smile on my face and become aware of dampness on my leg.
I reach down with my hand and feel the liquid leaking from me, your liquid.
I turn and head back to the bedroom, anxiously awaiting Friday.

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2015-04-23 04:11:16
Thank you. I have been living in sadness for many years. I know he cheats on me, but I just resume staying faithful. This is hell and you made me saw an angel.

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2015-04-11 13:09:41
very nice follow-up; just enough to make us wonder if it's just emotion sharing & support - OR ? maybe they meet each other's pouses, become friends, light partying, mixing to spice up their marriages w/o leading to fullscale destruction

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2014-01-30 20:50:17
4K8jSE Thanks a lot for the article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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2014-01-09 05:11:43
kVSO7k Appreciate you sharing, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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2013-10-24 17:38:08
2Xmikj Thanks again for the blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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